[eng] 20160526 – CN Law of the Jungle trailer 2
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[eng] 20160526 – CN Law of the Jungle trailer 2

Anhui TV’s major show of the year The jungle family sets out to conquer the world 60,000 km of exploration and adventure Right now we’re heading over there The tough but glorious legendary adventure It’s a tree that only exists in fairytales The jungle is a treasure, full of many things that we have never seen before 7 jungle warriors taking on the wilderness Jungle Family! The Jungle Family keeps fighting on despite of setbacks 30 days of trudging through the rain and wind This is the way to survive Rules of survival: Helping and understanding each other then what shall we do? Can we make it back? Can you hear us??? A team of 300 professional crew 10 tons of shooting equipment Can we go back?


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