DOJ Battle Against Chinese Regime Reaches Historic Scale
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DOJ Battle Against Chinese Regime Reaches Historic Scale

The Justice Department (DOJ) campaign to counter
the Chinese Communist Party’s multifaceted onslaught on U.S. interests has ramped up
to an unprecedented level, according to government officials and documents. As of last month, the FBI was conducting roughly
1,000 investigations into China’s attempted theft of trade secrets, just one of many fronts
in the communist regime’s wide-ranging campaign against the United States. According to FBI Director Christopher Wray,
Every FBI field office was working on trade secrets theft cases involving China with potential
victims spanning almost every sector and industry. With the DOJ and the FBI under relentless
partisan fire over politically charged domestic investigations dating back to the 2016 presidential
election, the initiative to counteract the offensive by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
has ramped up to a historic scale while going largely unnoticed. According to a review of DOJ press releases,
the department has brought more indictments related to Chinese infiltration since 2019
than during the entire eight years of the Obama administration. John Brown, an assistant director at the FBI,
said at a February 6th conference. “We believe that no country poses a greater
threat than communist China,” “From our vantage point the United States has not faced
a similar threat like this since the Soviet Union and the Cold War.” “Today investigations related to the government
of China make up a greater percentage of our counterintelligence workload than at any other
time in the FBI’s history.” In November 2018, then-Attorney General Jeff
Sessions launched the effort—formally known as the China Initiative—shortly before he
submitted his resignation. The Trump administration’s efforts in the
matter had already ramped up prior to the formal launch. Sessions noted that no one was charged with
spying for China during the last four years of the Obama administration and that the Trump
administration indicted four alleged spies in 2017 alone. Sessions directed the DOJ to focus on a range
of priorities related to Chinese infiltration, including identifying key trade secrets theft
cases, developing a strategy to go after non-traditional intelligence collectors being co-opted by
the communist regime, and to applying the Foreign Agents Registration Act against unregistered
agents advancing the Chinese regime’s interests. Since then, federal law enforcement authorities
have brought charges on a number of landmark cases. The most recent indictments as part of the
initiative provide a glimpse into the variety of methods the communist regime is using to
steal from the United States. On Jan. 28, the DOJ charged a senior Harvard
professor, a Chinese student at Boston University, and a Chinese researcher working at a medical
center in Boston. The indictments exemplified how the Chinese
regime is using a variety of approaches to target U.S. academic and research facilities. The Harvard professor, Charles Lieber, was
charged with lying to federal authorities about being paid $50,000 a month through China’s
Thousand Talents program. The Boston University student allegedly lied
about being a member of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The researcher allegedly stole vials containing
cancer research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and attempted to smuggle them
into China. Wray said on Feb. 6. “The Chinese government is taking an all-tools
and all-sectors approach—and that demands our own all-tools and all-sectors approach
in response,” “To be clear: This threat is not about the
Chinese people as a whole, and certainly not about Chinese-Americans as a group. But it is about the Chinese government and
the Chinese Communist Party.” The Chinese Communist Party made its ambitions
public five years ago upon the announcement of the “Made in China 2025” plan, a whole-of-society
push to make China the world leader in information technology, robotics, green energy, aerospace,
and other industries. According to senior U.S. officials, China’s
progress toward the goal has primarily relied on theft of innovation from the United States. Wray also added: “The Chinese government
is fighting a generational fight to surpass our country in economic and technological
leadership. But not through legitimate innovation, not
through fair and lawful competition, and not by giving their citizens the freedom of thought
and speech and creativity we treasure here in the United States,” “Instead, they’ve
shown that they’re willing to steal their way up the economic ladder at our expense.” Since the 2015 announcement of the Made in
China 2025 plan, the DOJ has brought trade-secret theft cases in 8 of the 10 technology sectors
China is aspiring to dominate. The central planning under the communist regime
stifles innovation, making the rapid advances called for by the China 2025 plan impossible
without the systematic theft of trade secrets. The DOJ’s focus on the issue thus cuts to
the core of the Chinese regime’s central plan for global domination. While the number of FBI technology theft cases
involving China has been on the rise since 2003, the investigations yielded just nine
prosecutions during the eight years of the Obama administration, according to a review
of DOJ indictments. In comparison, the Trump administration has
already brought charges in twelve trade secrets theft cases. Attorney General Bill Barr said on Feb. 6
“In the past, prior administrations and many in the private sector have too often
been willing to countenance China’s hardball tactics,”. “It has been this administration that has
finally moved to confront and counteract China’s playbook.” China is implicated in about 80 percent of
all economic espionage charges brought by the DOJ and is connected to 60 percent of
all trade secret theft cases. While the number of total prosecutions is
relatively small, the FBI and DOJ see the cases as a tool to motivate the private sector
to take action. According to Andrew Lelling, of the five U.S.
attorneys assigned to the China Initiative, the recent prosecutions in the academic field
are meant to jolt private-sector universities to wake up to the threat from China and tighten
internal measures. The China Initiative has ramped up alongside
the Trump administration’s other efforts to counteract China, including the trade war
and the escalation in the struggle against Chinese counterfeits. Many of the cases the FBI is investigating
are based on leads from companies in the private sector. According to senior law enforcement officials,
private companies are reluctant to state publicly that they have been victimized by the Chinese
regime fearing repercussions to their business in China. Retaliation tactics include trumped-up antitrust
charges against U.S. companies in China. According to Trevor Loudon, an expert on communist
infiltration of the United States, the DOJ’s campaign to counteract the China threat is
unprecedented, even in comparison to the investigative activity during the Cold War with the Soviet
Union. The FBI caseload against Soviet agents and
so-called fellow travelers was spread out over many years and consisted largely of surveillance
which rarely resulted in formal charges. Loudon said. “This is pretty unprecedented. Even at the height of the Cold War there were
never more than a few dozen cases,” Marc Ruskin, a former FBI special agent, pointed
out that 1,000 cases spread across 56 FBI field offices is no staggering number. But he suggested that the total number may
be higher considering the FBI’s need to protect the integrity of investigations and
to avoid tipping off suspects. Ruskin said. “There might be 5,000 cases. The public statements [Wray] is going to be
able to make are influenced by security and strategic considerations,”
The prosecutions since 2018 suggest that the DOJ has broadened the range of charges it
is willing to bring in cases related to Chinese infiltration. Espionage and trade secrets cases are relatively
difficult to prove and the U.S. government has shown it is willing to work around the
issue by bringing white-collar charges. Lieber, the Harvard professor, was charged
with lying about his affiliation with a Chinese university. Last year, an associate professor at the University
of Kansas was charged with wire fraud and program fraud for allegedly hiding the fact
he was working for a Chinese university. Ruskin added “The bureau has shifted to
using non-traditional tools in investigating and mitigating the activities of hostile intelligence
services,” Diana West, an expert on communist sabotage
of the United States, said that while the increase in investigations and prosecutions
is great, much more needs to be done to counteract China from the perspective of policy. In an interview West said “I think the proof
is always in the indictments, the arrests, which never really seem to address the problem
at the scale that is ongoing,”, referring to the many investigations of atomic espionage
dating back decades which have gone unprosecuted. West added. “When you actually see government policy
changing or cases going to court this becomes more of a measure of the government taking
things seriously,” According to U.S. Attorney Jay Town, one of
the legislative changes the DOJ may benefit from is an amendment to the Foreign Agents
Registration Act that would expand the definition of a foreign agent beyond political activity
to include research on behalf of a foreign government. Town said on Feb. 6. “I do think it would be important to at
least have sort of a point one where it does apply not just to political activity but perhaps
would apply to research activity and some other things and give some real teeth to what
the president and what this Justice Department is trying to accomplish with prosecuting these
individuals who are taking these grant moneys and perhaps using them for a nefarious purpose,”


  • Joseph Chatitup

    For years I have made public comments about Bill Clinton allowing the Chinese unaccompanied access to Lawrence Livermore Labs. Two hard drives went missing according to local news reports. NOTHING WAS DONE way back then. Then recently Senator Dianne Feinstein road around allowing a Chinese driver to listen to how many conversations that included secrets?
    I do not blame the Chinese Government but our government for the many years of intrusion. Iran was no different, our university's were flooded with Iranian students, lost refused to return home. This was before JimmyCarter allowed that country to be taken over by radicals. Who taught their scientists to build their Nuclear program, USA University's that is who!
    It pleases me to learn that our FBI is on this journey but how about the money grabbing politicians!? When will the very short arm of the law grasp them?

  • Neil Cutten

    We don't have this problem in Australia…our governments (state and federal) just sell the Chinese anything they want.

  • Garry Rands

    The democratic party are so corrupt if they get back in government in the next 20 years you will lose this war with the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Ric Hochulski

    how many of the left leaning college's are helping the communist Chinese steal out secrets, time to come down hard on these organizations like stop federal funding until the mess is exposed and cleaned up, stop the money train and they will start to sweat, I think what is being done is treason and should be dealt with, throw one of these people in prison, then you will get their attention

  • The Dudester Dude

    There all skipping away with there crimes civil war is coming soon people get ready these people have to all be held accountable and none of them are at all look at bruce ore and nelly ore, comey hildabeast, brennon clapper obamma there all getting away with there crimes as time progresses they are trying to make us forget about it so we go soft with there crimes, this is total BS bar and duram better get them all or civil was will come to america!

  • David Kushner

    Obama did very little to prevent this from happening. Too many like him have gotten us to this point. We finally have a president that is willing to take back our country from those that would let it die, and those that want to see it fail.

  • Mr. Skipper

    It's time to cut all ties with China and show the dictators all around the world that your not going to steal from American citizens and get away with it

  • Jennifer Gudmundson

    Yeah, and DEMON-RAT HRC sold 24/7 access to her illegal server to CHINA!!!!! They did not hack her, she sold access!!!

  • Ken Chow

    The biggest threat in the world today is not global warming. It's communism from China and Russia corrupting countries all over the world. EVEN IN the United State of America, through the Democratic Party.

  • Roger Rodgersen

    This virus and China’s actions will push people away from buying their products. I will now never buy anything made in China. 🤬🤬🤬🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  • Rick Sautner

    What I speculate should be done about the REDS is have a extremely hard block put on our government computers making break into by.our enemies Includeing China and make.a.binding rule that.anyone caught.or suspected of.passing.our secrets to China or any of our enemies be subject to the death penalty not prison time ..Only death is sufficient for spys n traitors…if I could and had the authority would be death by either a pit of hungry crocodiles. Or death by shark..

  • Mike Marley

    This is how Obama and his brood became multimillionairs,M.Waters,Pelousey,Feinstien,Biden,have all been in bed with the dragon.Our President does not buy dragon tickets.

  • Jerry Miller

    These efforts by the DOJ are too little, too late. Look at the severe economic damage that has already been done to US society since the 1970s by the wholesale transfer of manufacturing from the US to China. All for cheap labor. They try to counteract China's theft of trade secrets and research products, meanwhile US companies have been allowed to destroy towns, devastate US industry, poison our economic well-being and rip the middle class apart, with impunity. Does the DOJ know that American companies manufacture everything over there and every product you buy here, from paper clips to televisions, is made in China? And why has American policy allowed hundreds of thousands of Chinese agents (I mean "students") to come here in the first place? I think China is already declaring itself as the victor. American individualism, greed, liberalism and political toxicity are destroying this country, not China.

  • stanley crites

    Left keeps complaining the justice department is only doing what Trump wants them to do. Right! We elected President Trump therefore the justice department should do what he wants. It isn't the other way around.

  • Daniel Burdick

    J.D. Rockefeller harvested 850 million dollars from Americans between 1870 and 1900. Crafting the Flexner Report they saw 85 percent of Medical schools closed from 1910 to 1919, and made all Allopathic and under control by the AMA/Rockefeller since. Took our money and took over our Medicine. (Said they themselves were modern, scientific, philanthropic and altruistic. Yeah, Right.) Harvard, Stanford and St. Johns Hopkins being among their syndicate University top dogs — multi million dollar backing, with Rockefeller agents on the board of directors, etc. Harvard is especially noted for its taking of money, support for Allopathy, suppression of Complementary, Innovative and Advanced Medicne , support and leadership for our Fraudulent label-and-drug Ersatz Medical Psychiatry. Harvard University professors taking money from foreign communists is the same thing as Harvard Professors taking monbey from and being part of the Medicopharmaceutical Syndicates Ersatz, Bogus Medical Psychiaty that gives terribly wrong treatment to our toddlers, children and teens and intentionally blociks access to legitimate, modern scientific therapies. Same source. Same thing. Infiltation and slow destruction. Completely amoral sociopaths – Harvard, Veritas.

    Biederman Harvard Grassley

    Vera Sharav and Harvard toxicity and its fraud scholarship and altruism

    One Boring Old Man

  • Frederick Warner

    die your hair or die your eyebrows…one or the other. The two don't work well together. On another note, I do appreciate very much all you and your company do to provide good trustworthy news.

  • rick miller

    The DOJ battle against Americans their President and the constitution are even more epic. Not one coup plotter has even been charged.

  • Liette Bonneville

    YOU KNOW SOMETHING GINA ?! I, for one, believe that the chinese communist party did it on purpose to hide the discovery of corona virus and threatened those doctors. WHY ? Let see !
    In December 2019, negociations between China and USA where on a very active process. Announcing the corona virus would have stop the process.
    In January 2020, although knowned infection process on course and, hundred peoples dying in Huwan, an incredible decision been made to lock down millions of people, condamning them to a certain contamination. That was to much of too little. China then created a time bomb contamination by thinking they could controlled forty five millions peoples (45 M) in welding their doors ! Really, chinese government lacked imagination. Many peoples cross the line and disseminated around, bringning the infection at large. No surprise that the neighbors started to see cases while the bearers did not know it. For them, what was different of a simple cold ?!, and here we go !
    In February 2020, cases increased, more sicks, more deads, more dissemination ( volontary and involontary), culminating to the pandemic announced by OMS.
    In March 2020, the pandemic recognised, the markets panicked and fluctuated. Panick don't need reasons, it just need confusions and, there was plenty.
    NOW, what should have been the case, right at the beginning of the eclosion, is questioning the chinese government on the purpose of their announcing of a gigantic contamination. Some bright thinkers of CCP toughted that it was time to use the situation for equalizing the losts. It was like everybody loosing something, they woul not be the only one in the drain. In a sense, it works but, if the global market could be fooled for a while, it's reacting fast in the absence of reasons and, the market did. China made a lot of ennemies in the process, locally and abroad. Their golden years are on a path of severe recovery. Gerry

  • Kathleen Hillock

    If you think cutting all ties with China is going to bring back our jobs and our economy, you are sadly mistaken. Trump has already started crawling up India's bung. India already has a massive presence in our universities and medical centers. Those universities you call communist. Those medical centers that submit fraudulent claims to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. The IT techs that monopolize our communications industry.

  • Kathleen Hillock

    What I think would be truly hilarious karma is China refusing to sell anything to the USA or its allies. Just cut us off with sanctions, true to our form. Let's watch the roaches come flying out of their nests. 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Rivera

    Isn’t it great when the FBI/DOJ concentrate on threats to the republic rather than attacking innocent American citizens…

  • Danny Thomas

    We have too many politicians in our country taking payoffs and could care less as long as they get richer just like Obama did !!!

  • Yolo4ever777 King

    Place Microscope on California, the reason why, is because California is one of the Top State's in the World with the best Economy. Import's and Export's. California 5th biggest in the World 1 Year ago.

  • Raymond Burden

    <3 <3 <3 , Good day Angel . China is the enemy of America with an agenda to bring us down any way they can. I also believe they are at the heart of the covd 19 outbreak.

  • Glenn Heiselman

    Session's was dumped on Trump by ass hole RINOs.. Sessions was over his head on day one but being a good RINO he stayed in.. Now Wrat Wray needs to go too before he destroys all the evidence….

  • Glenn Heiselman

    That's because half of our government is involved in the espionage….The other half is protecting them…..

  • rusty nuts

    Could be a tough slog. The deep state (Democrat party) and their media buddies have made a lot of money selling out their country to a foreign, communist power (a political philosophy that those on the left obviously have much in common with)! They have already tried smearing barr ever since he was hired, just as they did with trump. Durham too. Who would have ever thought that the enemy would be not only sitting across the aisle, but actually being the majority in the house of Congress?


    Thank you GINA great Work hope it will be all over with the Deep STATE Cabal GLOBALLY as ALWAYS GREAT NEWS THANK YOU GINA GOD BLESS YOU and your Family and all the great people at EPOCH TIMES i watch GLOBALLY 💖💖💖💖

  • Talbot Lindström

    All this has been known since 1960s – semi-official policy was to ignore – thank Gen. Marshall and those who backed him.

  • Stephen Quirke

    "Whenever there has been a great disaster…there has always been a Harvard man in the middle of it." Thomas Sowell

  • Russell K. Bonney

    One might ask how much involvement did Bloomberg have in selling out US commercial secrets and tech to China.

  • Dennis Alexander

    I wish the MSM would provide real news. Thank you, The Epoch Times, for presenting real news. Your work is greatly appreciated!!

  • Jim

    romney ignored china as a threat and now has jumped on the bandwagon trying to protect barisma and ukraine from corruption investigations. Want to guess where romney is getting his corrupt funding?

  • Concerned1

    One correction please Gina: the ramp-up of Communist actions was not going unnoticed by patriotic American citizens (and military), but was treated that way by the criminal globalist "elites" and their counterpart self-serving politicians in the US government in the past 4 administrations. (We know them as Clinton/Obama/Biden/Holder and a whole host of betrayers in Justice, FBI and CIA… )

    Great reporting on the whole….

  • Karl K

    How US citizens and government officials handle the Chinese coronavirus domestically and whether or not we hold the CCP responsible will determine a great deal.

  • Jim's Inkspot

    Does the DOJ/FBI have the time to secure our Country from Communist Spying and Persecute and Spy on the President of the United States at the same time, while avoiding their own indictments?

  • Mig Mo

    The most efficient and effective use of resources to protect our Sovereignty would be go after the longest running senior politicians who have amassed the most money in office. Think Biden, Feinstein, Pelosi, etc then install graduates with the highest grades and voted by their classmates as those most capable of leadership from Westpoint, Annapolis, Top Flight educational institutions based on merit to replace the Pentagon Swampers. Reevaluate All Prime Contracts based on performance and shut down K-Street special access. Maybe quit all Pork Sales to China and offer them with market access incentives to our merit based allied/partners. Ramp up Manufacturing with performance and hiring based contracts stateside. Cancel International Student Visas and HB1b visas. Fast track Nuclear power innovation research and get rid of common core. It all makes sense to those of us that had to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Grade School evey morning. KAG and God Bless Us.

  • Richard McLaughlin

    It's many decades over due… And of course the politicians in Washington need to be prosecuted as well. Does the Biden family ring any bells or the Clintons….

  • Judah Samaria

    The FBI should investigate Chinese infiltration in the Veterans Administration hospitals across the USA and the Caribbean.

  • Skip Pallo

    After watching this video we hope that you are personally Ok … we pray that these subjects aren't taking it toll and that you remain strong in the fight against adversity. You seem to be dark we know it is hard to continue in the face of adversity we need your reporting..

  • Fred Faith

    You need to uncover how many of our long term Congress people have been working with these Chinese. That's where you should start. Let's get real.

  • Jenn Mills

    And for some ungodly reason we hire Chinese as research scientist on green cardsh1b1-2 handling the most dangerous diseases while holding back Americans for these jobs. Most of them are infiltrated thru combined state university hospitalsmedical school and research centers. Send them back and give Americans these jobs! This infilteration started during Clinton and continued thru Bama.

  • Jenn Mills

    Think we should hold back on 5G. China needs global 5g for their Face++ profiling software profiling every human globally. Hhmm…. could this be what the Bidens were investing in?

  • John Wesley

    Bravo DOJ: Identify all Traitors, Indict, Prosecute, Incarcerate 20-year minimum sentences without probation, subject to substantive cooperation.

  • Lupe Gutierrez

    China is evil. My personal boycott is not to support Chinese National's restaurants. They only take ca$$h. They only hire Chinese. They only speak limited English, but only speak Chinese to each other. They hardly smile to customers. Who knows what they say to each other in Chinese? They aren't immigrants, they are here on work visas to rake in American dollars.

  • Omnia

    This is just another reason US companies need to leave China and I hope the DOJ do everything they can to counteract China.

  • frankie schroeder

    It's pretty clear America WAS for sale, to authoritarian Despots. I think some people need to be tried and Hung. Thank GOD for "Equality" of the sexes. Let's just see how it plays out.

  • Noble man Raised in a better time

    This is more than simple bribery the sell out of the usa is Treason clear simple Treason. Sentence commensurate with crime. Stop the “so called student loopholes”. Spies are spies in industry research etc. Stop this immediately! No further visas! Remove those here at the end if their school or fiscal year no renewals

  • John Doe

    China has already stolen or was given (by greedy American companies) billions of dollars worth of intellectual property over the past 30 years with little effort by the U.S. to stop them. China is a major threat to the U.S.'s economy and future. Once again it took Trump to start doing something about it.

  • GiGi W.

    The CCP has been planning a takeover from the inside of the US since the 1980s! It's about time our government took the threat seriously. 😡 It's also time to roll back "Born in the US" citizen status for nations hostile to the US.

  • MrRadioGypsy

    What do I think? I think that the US gov't needs to create an inventory of suspects AND ASSOCIATES. Think that the FBI must be weeded out first. That's all I am willing to say until I get the FBI job – lol.

  • Shane Humphrey

    Just pass a bill on anti American valued and or US law breaking practice engaging countries!! This will cover any stoppage in any deals or trade.

  • Mick Psyphon

    The rest of the planet needs to give their collective heads a massive shake; and wake up to the fact that by being silent, they're putting their heads in a noose; and China is ready to pull the lever.

    By opening up with the truth, they can collectively fight the bullshit that the Chinese Communist Party has been using to bully the world with.

    China is a massive paper tiger, folks; and the sooner that everyone accepts that, the sooner the planet can get in with true coexistence. (Except for the muslims… because they have zero plans of coexisting with anyone. They just want total World domination.)

  • Ken Steffens

    Great report Gina. This is clearly, long overdue. The fact that the Obama administration hated America. At every place possible, they opened our country to every enemy we have in the world. Our CIA was working for the people who want to destroy us. Have faith, Trump is ahead of them. We the people want and will see justice. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

  • John Luther

    God bless doj crack down on China infiltration that seeks to destroy us from within give them success in Jesus name I as this.

  • John Luther

    Nice job Gina just do not cover for coup actors rosienstien you are excellent just don't let them make you present incorrect reports 99 percent of your reports are accurate thank you Gina.

  • Gods Watching

    This video.should air on main stream media. Cnn dosnt talk much of this because there worried it will give credit towards trump on going against china. Its sad that there agenda is so narrow and they dont care about there country inless it helps there plans.

  • CjPiper

    It’s not China”s fault , it’s United States .when caught hang them in front of the camera. It will stop!!! But I don’t know whether to believe this coming from a government search is ours, how they could let this happen, how did it happen right up under their nose ? I guess they were spying on the wrong people

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