Delegation and supervision of a medical trainee
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Delegation and supervision of a medical trainee

OK, I’d like to get
Mr. White’s cardiac cath done as soon as possible. Yeah? Yeah, I figured you’d want
to get that out of the way. Luckily the last patient
on the elective list cancelled, so we can get
his cath done this afternoon. I already spoke with him
about the procedure and he signed his consent. That’s great. Maybe we’ll get out of
here on time for once. Actually, I was hoping the
cath would be done later on so I could do it. But
it’s Wednesday, it’s my academic half day. When I was a resident, we
didn’t have academic half days, we didn’t need to,
we saw everything, and there was none of this going-home
at the end of a call stuff. These days, you
have to have fellowship in order to get enough
clinical exposure. Don’t worry, there’ll
be other cases. Yeah, don’t worry; there
will be lots of opportunities. It’s an hour till noon,
why don’t you take off early, you can get some
lunch before you go. Make sure you don’t fall asleep
during yet another PowerPoint. OK, great. I’ll get going. I’m back tonight. I’m on call;
after my half day. OK, we’ll see
you later, then. I’ll see you tomorrow.
I’m not on call tonight. Thank God. You know, I
had him in cath labs last week. It was all I could do
not to rip the catheter out of his hands. I know you have him in
skills lab and you teach him things, but it’s like
he’d never seen a catheter before, let
alone put one in. I don’t think it’d be
safe for him to catheterize a real patient! I know what you mean,
he’s a nice resident; he’s really nice with
the nurses and patients. He isn’t any good
with his hands. Everything he does is so awkward
and it takes him forever. Well, that’s an
understatement. You know I’d rather
supervise the medical student here, have
him put the cath in.

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