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DBA Attorney Will Call You ASAP

Hi this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz,
I’m in the Maitland Florida office today. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach Florida. But I travel all across the country wherever
clients may be. That’s just part of the business that I’m in. We pride ourselves
on traveling and going to wherever the client is and being there in person for depositions
and litigation and things like that so that the client is as comfortable as that they
know who their lawyer is. That they’ve met them in person. I just met a gentlemen in Buffalo New York
and I’m back in town now. And just as I came in my paralegal Doreen who’s sitting
here with me brought up a situation that she thought that’s not really legal in nature
but it’s something that has to do with our phones. They’re on 24 hours and I thought that Doreen
might be able to better explain how she forwards our phones and access that we have that you
would have to our cell phones and things like that. So why don’t you take it away Doreen. OK, when you first call the 800 number during
normal business hours it is of course answered by myself. But then at night the calls do get forwarded
to a answering service that is on 24-7. And Brian and I both get contacted via e-mail
from the answering service to make us aware of your call that came into the office after
hours. And if Brian or myself could contact you almost
immediately to respond to your call. So there’s someone always available to speak to you if
you call the 800 number you can leave the number with the answering service and just
be assured that someone will get back to you within 24 hours I would say. And just to add to that, the answering service
they’re very professional people. Please just bear with them I mean they go through
a litany and ask you about your email address just a short little something about what’s
going on with you. Please don’t hesitate, that’s confidential
as well. Don’t hesitate to let them fill in the blanks because when we get alerted
automatically as soon as you hang up the phone. And the more information that we have the
better it is for us so we can properly analyze and figure out what we’re going to say and
be more prepared for your phone call later that day or maybe that night. Just bear with them because they do ask a
bunch of background questions. Also understand that they’re not lawyers
and so they can’t help you right away. So it’s important to give them enough information
for us to email you or to and to setup a phone conference with you. What we really like what we like to do is
Doreen have Doreen screen your claim and ask you some questions about it and then set a
time certain we think that helps the most. Setting a time certain on my calendar that’s
convenient to you so that when I come in each day I have a set time that I’m going to
be calling potential new clients. It’s worked out well since we’ve gotten this answering
service and they do actually contact us immediately upon you hanging up the phone. So I appreciate you bringing that up to potential
clients Doreen. And after that initial phone call you’ll
have access to our private e-mails and I give everyone my cell phone. So we’re pretty easy to contact and we follow
up with our clients unlike some lawyers out there that don’t and we understand all about
that. So we strive to get the best possible customer
service that we can knowing that you’re in a situation where you’re injured or there’s
something really bad going on in your life and we do feel that pain with you. So we don’t
want to be the cause of strife or anxiety when we’re trying to help you and that’s
kind of how we help up here. Again, Brian and Doreen signing off from the
Maitland office of Garfinkel Schwartz. I hope you have a good weekend and I should be doing
some videos upcoming in the near future. Thanks for your time.

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