Crush Law School & Bar Exam | Bar Prep

Crushendo helps you crush law school exams and the bar. Crushendo’s audio outlines give you more rubber-hits-the-road,
easy-to-understand, informational gold in five minutes, than other places do in sixty. And when it’s done, you don’t have to freak out about how to memorize it all. Crushendo is short enough that you can listen to over and over again, and engaging enough that you’ll want to. Plus, you can listen to Crushendo anywhere, even on the back of a gorilla. Let’s break it down in true Crushendo fashion. Crushendo’s outlines BOOM! B’s for brief. A semester worth of critical
content in an hour. O – Organized into digestible, repeatable, memorable chunks. O – Options. Stream or download. Look or listen. Listen with or without classical Bach-ground music. M – Memory hooks. Have you ever heard of method of loci or memory palaces? Memory palaces leverage powerful spatial memory by visualizing places and things that cement key concepts. Crushendo’s got palaces and plenty of more familiar mnemonics, like BOOM! Want to know the difference between assault and battery? Assault! Battery. But like anything that makes you feel unstoppable, it does have some side-effects, like washboard abs, improved vision… No more twitchy eyes! Hahahahaha! You can study like you, like how I used to, or you can treat yourself right and Crushendo like me.

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