COVID-Quarantine? U.S. Law Gives Broad Powers To Stem Infectious Disease | MSNBC
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COVID-Quarantine? U.S. Law Gives Broad Powers To Stem Infectious Disease | MSNBC


  • Dave Schultz

    CNN and MSLSD praised the Chinese on how they have been dealing with the Wuhan Virus. Dragging people out of their homes and pulling them out of their cars through the window. The left loves China❤

  • Ken Shaw

    42 USC 264 is not in the Constitution. There is a lot of doubt whether draconian travel restrictions and the like could survive constitutional review. Typhoid Mary was only locked up permanently after being found working in a restaurant, for the second or third time after being banned from doing so and refusing to wash her hands after using the toilet.

  • Martin Czarnecki

    Snowflakes the World is coming to an END. CNN, MSNBC PLEASE tell us what to do. Don't you have the answer to ALL the World's problems

  • Grim Reefer

    Traitor Trump will demand a quarantine or a national emergency around November and mostly in blues states. Don't think he won't!

  • Ralph Boyd

    The issue isn't Trump's incompetence, we've known be about that for years. The issue is China.

    They aren't admitting fault and they will not change their culture of catching/farming and eating Wild Animals that caused this and the last two SARS contagions. Their Communist Government covered up the Pandemic until one Doctor, (now dead) bucked the system and alerted the World.

    After we bury our dead, (which will number in the millions) we can face the same thing all over again. Can we endure this again.

    Either China has to change or the World has to change our relationship with China.

  • sugarmilk28

    CHINA is NOT a good example of what to do. No country should do what they did. Taiwan and s Korea are better models

  • Elaine Johnson

    Has the President been tested yet?!? I don't want him to be a CARRIER. He put himself and everyone he shook hands with in crowds at HIGH RISK. I don't think they would tell us if he had it!!! He has been travelling with people at risk. I want to LITERALLY see the test being done on him by a qualified doctor UNDER OATH!!! We have a right to know if he has it!!!

  • Anthony D

    The number of tests taken in the US and Bahrain is about the same. The number of tests taken per capita in the US and Vietnam is also about the same.

  • Debbie Nina Boc

    Manila is on community quarantine and it involves military control. Not lockdown. And the rest of the country have to follow precautions including taking alcohol and body temperature

  • Misty Nights

    This will cause a chain of bad reactions globally. Schools shut down and that starts it, How many other businesses are here because of sports? When do hospitals close for fear of the virus? staff won't want to work they just human.

  • southernantman

    This virus might be the wake up call this world needs. Watching everyone laugh at it for weeks as it ransacked country's and now most laugh here until there basketball game gets cancelled or they lose money in the stock market crashing. Nobody cares about humanity anymore no one cares about the future it's time we all opened out eyes to what's important.

  • Pati Pena

    Well Copper has antiseptic properties- it might be worth a try- but of course stay home and avoid the risk all together..

  • feodoric

    China has succeeded in containing the epidemic in the country, and the number of cases has even started to decrease. But hardly any other country could apply the Chinese solution. Yet the US Constitution confers almost as strong a control as in China. It will all depend on how severe the epidemic progresses to become..

  • Google Knows me

    Wait a second here. This is saying that surgeon general has the authorization to make decisions. So why is the VP taking his job.

  • Bee Jay Stankavich

    WTF IS OUR SCREWED UP LEADER DOING TO US ? is he killing his people by stalling tactics for test kits? Pence said 4milliion kits to go out to public this week .. not one has arived we the people should protest. Thank god he wont be re-elected

  • Dark Star

    But…but…but His Orange Holy Flatulence said covid-19 and everything associated with it is a HOAX…… remember?!

  • Valerie From Oregon

    Today a man at the grocery store wouldn’t stay 5-6ft away from me on the self checkout he got mad and yelled at me when I said please don’t come in my space. He says he didn’t have to listen to me .. people are evil .. the grocery store worker care over and told him to stop yelling . I quickly ran out after checking my groceries. People are losing it .. what gives someone the right to say I don’t have to listen to you .. isn’t common curtesy.. I’m 51 with autoimmune disease and asthma.. next time I’ll wear a mask for sure .

  • Water Trine Muse

    Neil Katyal, you rock!!! Ari Melber, you rock!!! Thanks, guys for bringing to light the true issues surrounding the spread of the virus and for playing Gov. Inslee's video clip. It should be played at every school in the nation.

  • Jim Battersbee

    The USA: Deaths from CoVID-19: 29
    Deaths from gun violence: 2,865 including 200 children under the age of 18.
    (*not* including suicides)
    America is one sick puppy.

  • Botak Bishop

    The reporter shaved his upper left lip and then he gave up. And we're supposed to listen to him and this Obama hack talk about how they think the President is only going to make one ethnic group vaccinate. Funny.

  • barb moody

    You don’t think we have an authoritarian government? Look again at our would be dictator -trump. He is going to over react to his failure in do everything right from the beginning and he is going to go full Trumptator! Again republicans – this is all your fault. Had you not acquitted him we might have competent leadership. And now we have a very scary psychopath in charge of making the rules

  • Zezhu Jin

    Come on! Anywhere outside Wuhan is not locked down by the CCP government. Youtube only shows what they want you to watch, so biased!!! And I just got back from the states to China. BTW, most of us are self-quarantine not forced by gov because we know how serious this virus is. The solution for covid-19 is just require everyone stay at home for two weeks, then we good to go. Everything is getting back to normal here, but the media like BBC is still showing we are in a struggle…. If you dont believe it, just go check out some China Coronavirus vlogs that are recorded by foreigners from different countries. If you interest, I can even record one for you guys to show what is a normal working day like after a two-weeks self-quarantine. Media neither in U.S. or China are not trustworthy at all… One last word, over 99.9% of Chinese did not eat any wild animals such as disgusting bats

  • Selahpause

    The surgeon general is Jerome Adams. I saw him on an interview recently. Trust me, he’s not going to do anything against Trump… he said not to panic 😤.

  • Abigail Andino

    This is gonna get real in 14 days. It's gonna get seriously scary in 21 days. And people will be cleaning out the stores and beating each other in 28 days. The only way to make a dent is to stomp out the panic, educate the public (major challenge: no trust in government or healthcare) and push hygiene like we want to make a global impression. Everyone does their part to prevent the spread. Cleaning cleaning cleaning and more cleaning.

  • PreMeditatED Noise

    Ummm how exactly do you quarantine 500,000 homeless people??
    Are they being told to contain themselves under the sky?!

  • Jennie Kreiner

    I understand and for the most part agree. If I get sick I will stay home because I don't want anyone's death on my shoulders. But as an American if I looked out my door and saw military surround my house I would have a problem with that. Again not because I would want to break the law but because as Americans we are tought that this is wrong. I would also want to sit in my swing in the front yard and seeing as the closest house 1/4 mi away I would resent anyone saying I couldn't

  • Clash

    "The penalties are, you might be killing your granddad if you don't do it. And I'm serious about this." #StraightLikeThat #TawkToEm

  • Edward Ong

    Now the whole world realize that US Govt only take care of themselves !!! That's what makes America Great Again !!!

  • Lorraine MosbyLo

    CAN WE "SUE" 45 for ENDANGERING the U.S.public??????Just what powers do the U.S.public have??????????????????

  • 马克


  • fei sui

    I hope this epidemic will come to an end soon, and call on people of all countries to do a good job in self-protection!
    People who need masks can come to this website to purchase.

  • Michael Kasal

    Please someone tell trump he has the virus and must quarantine for eight months. Give him a toy phone and a toy tv.

  • Najadea Jay

    The way they talk about China makes me wonder why Americans even go?? I see people working there and visiting. I would be terrified. I might do something wrong and end up in jail for the rest of my life. I’m good. I will see the sights of China from my computer



  • Carole Trudeau

    So DT should be jailed by the surgeon general. That would be a clear message to the people! To make up for his jumbo jumbo.

  • Zane N

    There’s a brand new Royal running around
    He’s not very big but he wears the Crown
    As well as any villain from History
    He infects his subjects with COVID-19

    The New Corona King will change things up
    From the way we all work to the way we all sup
    Isolation, cancellation and quarantine
    Decontamination, Social Distancing
    The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19
    Four out of five good doctors may say
    The mostly-mild sickness will go away
    When one in five needs urgent care
    Most of us will start to wonder where
    We’ll find the extra money to make up
    For closing all of our workplaces up
    Will we partake of our last offered cup?
    When we all have COVID-19.

  • Brad Gaulin

    COVID19 SOLUTION FOCUSED – Its time to focus on listening to the experts, focus on the solutions, avoid the fear mongers, lets be smart and get through this together. Here are some expert resources you may find useful:
    • World Health Organization –

    • Canadian Government – –

    • Alberta Government –

    • British Medical Journal –

    • MIT Coronavirus Resources –

  • Aaronchoi88

    so im confused, does he think its right to track people and contain them like china "evily" did or not? First he said we are a democratic country with lots of liberty but at the end he is saying it is fortunate that the government has the power to do that?

  • Ginsengpills

    Imagine if we had Medicare for all right now, most people live paycheck to paycheck, yeah let the news anchor millionaires tell you, take time off, stay home if you feel sick. What country do these people live in? Biden represents the current system, complete failure.

  • Truth Seeker

    Quarantine lol……CORONAVIRUS IS AIRBORNE can live in the air for 42 hours and lives on surfaces for 9 to 28 depending on temp and humidity. I wonder what really is going on……we lost all privacy after 9/11 and are surveilled 24/7 through our "smart" devices…..what's next no cash, no stores, no contact with others smh.

  • Elizabeth Nash

    This pandemic has been spreading willy-nilly in large part because of individuals that KNEW they'd been exposed to or had been around people that DID have the coronavirus, and they chose to 'go home', 'get on a commercial aircraft', 'go to a party/wedding/gathering' etc…etc…. anyways! We have a spastic lack of leadership on the one hand, and simple human selfishness on the other . . . both doing their damndest to ensure as many people suffer from this virus as possible.

  • Godspeed

    Why isn’t the billionaires honey pot Las Vegas on complete shut down?😡 . Ya notice there’s no virus in Vegas ? Hmm? And none in Colorado ?

  • A Cool Million

    Well what do you know? Ends up Independent, Democratic and RapePublicKKKlan boogers can "getcha" just the same. That said, heard the report that one party washes their hands WAY less often than the other? If you are a trumpian, you gotta "Wash that man right outta your hair." And wash the rest of you, too.

  • Nicky Santora

    Someone I know said they have multiple relatives that work for pentagon and that WE WILL be going on lockdown in the whole USA withing the week for a month

  • J'Nette Bowling

    This is the wake up call for America, America needs to bring their souls back to GOD. We sing GOD bless America!!!! GOD wants to bless America, but America don't want to bless HIM in adoration and acknowledgement of HIM(GOD). When we bless GOD, HE will bless America in this epidemic!!!!!

  • Frank Zappa

    Great idea. Put a person in jail for violating the quarantine order, along with how many others? Great place for an infection to spread. I guess someone didn't think that idea through.

  • Clifford Roebuck

    Moscow mitch McConnell has been at racist war with the American people since America voted in Obama. Twice!

  • Wanda Pease

    I wonder what the infection rate is in prisons. How about the Camps on the Southern Border. What is the death rate, we aren’t hearing any longer.

  • Ignez Maciel

    How Americans allowed that jerk to become president??? Let's see if they will do the right thing now. BERNIE SANDERS would be taking a completely different approach on this very serious matter. 🤔🤔

  • Stuart nevins

    You know what network that would have the best ratings? The news network that is still reporting news and not pushing fear and panic, obviously that's not MSNBC. I guess all the other panic, mass shooting,etc. Stories are on hold right now

  • Robert Rezo

    Listen to yourself sit in luxury while you mock the very people who are trying to protect you.
    What have you done for the greater good of the human race today?

  • Ganiscol

    Watch out for a curfew at or around election day in specific places or everywhere…
    And should that actually happen, then you might imagine why trump is mishandling the situation right now, allowing it to spiral out of control.

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