Couple of Mistakes Season 2 REWIND | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta
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Couple of Mistakes Season 2 REWIND | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

I am not able to sleep I’ve cut the nails. Still can’t sleep Alright baby!
I’ll hear old songs How did you come so suddenly? You said you’ll tell me once you come It’s ok. We have whole week to talk If there’s any issue then I can shift to the next hotel No! Why would you stay in the hotel when we have our 2BHK house! You can stay here with your friend What happened?
You just did something like this Ya so?
So, are you thinking anything? No! How is it possible? You saw up and the rolled you eyes There was one viral video Boyfriend was looking at the wall and girfriend was like.. what are thinking? What are thinking? He was my frequency can be off looking at the wall. Was thinking nothing And in that same video girlfriend hit the boyfriend, remember? Hey Jatin!
I had a request Ya tell me.
Actually your car is standing right behind mine Actually your car is again standing right behind mine Sorry I wake you up everyday but Actually your car Is again standing right behind mine Sorry I am disturbing you again. your car is again standing right behind mine Hey Ashwin Hey Jatin, you did not wake me up today! I thought I disturb you everyday so went on the scooty today Baby what are you doing? Can’t you see? Baby I am saying you I LOVE YOU I received mom’s friend request on facebook All that is fine! But what is this Instagram? This Kapoor surname is lucky Ranveer Kapoor, Kareen Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor Anil Kapoor and now Shahid Kapoor He is not even Kapoor. He is Kapur These auto rickshawala, Cleaners, Etc. all are hard working. And see who’s sitting inside the AC room! What!
I mean me You shall sow what you reap.
You came naked, what will you take back! If there as some random stupid donkey guy Who was lucky So I could have married him too? Shayri (Poem) She’s Meera and I am Ashwin Shayri (Poem again) Chu Chu your brother is so irritating! I can bet you. If I lose I’ll cut of my mustache.
Bet with me I’ll cut of my mustache if I lose.
On which topic? Any topic.
Bet with me. I’ll cut of my mustache if I lose. Let’s bet. Cut of your mustache if you lose. Can I keep these type of mustache>Hey Sameer how is your 1st karwachauth going on? She is also eating?
Baby did the moon come? You kept fast for me so I am saying you to eat Nothing will happen to me I broke it Baby I am very hungry lets order butter chicken You saw how badly he spoke with me? Lady? Who lady?
Me. Stupid What happened sir? I’ll hit you now I can tell you how this fattu became fighter Like this.
Deviprasad Sir Why would you have a family group in which I am not there Chu chu has a made a new whatsapp group Our family 2 Me, Mom, Dad, Chu Chu. You are not there. What did he say?
Come in in Portugese


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