Couple of Mistakes | S02E13 | What is He Thinking?| Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta
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Couple of Mistakes | S02E13 | What is He Thinking?| Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

Delhi’s air quality has still not improved Baby can you please give me a cup of tea? Yes in sometime What happened?
Nothing Were you thinking anything?
No You just did this… Ya so?
Were you thinking anything? No How is it possible? There was a viral video Boyfriend was looking at the wall and his girlfriend asked what are you thinking? He said my brain’s frequency can go off looking at the wall I wasn’t thinking anything And in the same video Girlfriend smashed her Boyfriend’s head You remember? Seriously I wasn’t thinking of anything How is it possible? You just saw upwards, rolled you eyes And I think you are normal as per what I have seen so far Ofcourse I am normal Can’t remember? It just happened Concentrate. You’ll remember I was…..thinking of the cricket score That who will bat today This was yesterday. Which match happened today? You were watching the match?
No Update from Times of India Ohhh So. Now you faking it Till you don’t tell me No tea No coffee What Why are you seeing me like this? Here my life is in danger and you are simply enjoying? Are you sharing it? Liking it? Subscribing it? Doing it? Thanks You are doing so much then tell me how do I cross this situation Actually men brains are like compartments A box in every compartment. One box is a family car One box is of salary. One box is for sports And one box is empty. Seriously nothing Maybe I was there Unlike brains of girls.
We can take a break from our past present and future. But they… Can’t But now I have to think of something thoughtful and sweet That what I was thinking at that time You know I can live without coffee and tea But the person there.. Can’t live without her I’ve got the idea…let’s go Baby we have to go at your uncle’s place day after. So? So I was thinking what gift should we take for him I was thinking that Why didn’t you tell me before? Uncle will also get happy if we take something better You want tea? But baby…my uncle always says Then why did you think?
Baby, people who say don’t bring gifts They only expect it I should also do the same with your family


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