Confusing Google Survey Part 1 YouTube Studies
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Confusing Google Survey Part 1 YouTube Studies

okay so I’m going to do this survey and
I’m going to share it with you hopefully it will be done in ten minutes it says
ten to twenty five five minutes just depending on your personal speed whether
or not you create videos with a large family group okay we’re we’re a team
dedicated to improving and developing YouTube services by gathering feedback
during our research studies we’re presenting you with a special
participation opportunity for teens and families who watch create and want to
create videos on YouTube please sign up to participate in our research studies
by telling us about yourself and your household on this registration survey we
greatly appreciate your patience while you provide us with these helpful
details we will need to match you to the best upcoming studies please do your
best to complete this survey at once this may take 10 to 25 minutes depending
on your personal speed and whether or not you create videos with a large
family group so this survey and all of our studies are in accordance with the
Google privacy policy for the privacy of your household by default data collected
in this survey will be deleted after six months unless you choose to renew your
enrollment you may also cancel your enrollment at any time by sending your
request to create a research at Google now I actually have fun doing and I
learn a lot from creator research so yeah I do and so sometimes you know I
just disappear annoy about things that’s very strange but it actually teaches
about independent one topic only so by selecting this to begin with this survey
you agree that you are at least 13 years of age or older
and are one of these 13 to 17 years old who creates on their own YouTube channel
and/or watches YouTube videos multiple times a week an 18 pleasure adult with
legal guardianship or at least one child between the ages of 5 to 17 who is
either featured on your channel watches YouTube videos or on a weekly basis or
has an interest in creating YouTube videos so actually my dog I am I am the
guardian of my dog who is 4 years old and so I give him permission
to be on my channel if you are a YouTube creator who is over the age of 18 and do
not have children you may sign up to participate in YouTube research here if
you are 18 so I might do both I’m probably going to do both let’s see what
this is if I can open it in a new tab without okay that’s a different one so
I’ll sign up for that one too in a little bit if you are a teen who is part
of a channel owned by an adult guardian please ask them to take this survey
instead this survey is intended to be completed only once for each family
group or a dependent teen creator repeat submissions will not increase your
likelihood to be contacted for our studies please do not use the back
button on your web browser or you may need to start all over if you need to
make a correction please use the arrow buttons on this survey itself or email
us at create a research at how long would you like us to keep this
survey 6 months I don’t want to renew my enrollment afterwards 6 months and I
would like to be contacted to renew my Reno enrollment efforts 12 months and I
don’t want to renew my enrollment 12 months and I would like to be contacted
to renew my enrollment okay so let’s pick that one do you agree to the terms
above and wish to begin this survey this is a reminder set aside 15 minutes in
order to complete this survey yes I agree okay and this section is for you
an adult or teen to answer about yourself okay Theresa this this is your
first name what is your last name um family name okay I messed up okay so
Teresa Richardson what is your preferred full name Teresa is the name I like to
use Teresa Richardson please fill in your email address
okay so 1953 at whoopsy at gmail dot-com okay so I can I can blur my
email out or I can just leave it at gmail and actually I would like to use
my that as my phone number because I know phone numbers and they’re the N
phone numbers are email are you connected to Google in any of these ways
none of the above so there are several choices here I
currently work at Google I’ve worked at Google in the past oh I have an
immediate family member who works at Google I have a close friend who works
at Google I have an acquaintance who works at Google okay so none of the
above that I know of if if somebody works for Google they’ve
never told me so I have no idea okay let’s go please include your full phone
number with the area code if applicable I’m gonna put in my phone number okay so
I can’t get text messages please enter the number where you get calls I can’t
get none just the above just email enter your phone number how would you like to
participate in our studies I’m willing to visit a nearby Google office I’m
willing to use my computer and/or mobile device for video conversation I’m
willing to use my computer and/or mobile device for a phone conversation I’m
willing to have a good oh no a Google researcher come visit me and I am afraid
of that one because I mean could it have been the police could I don’t know I’m
willing to complete online surveys and none of the above
okay I’m gonna select all of them yes I’m gonna select all of them I’m willing
all I’m willing to do all of them including none of the above
that sounds good let’s put my age on here I am going to be 57 soon but I’m
still 56 right now what matches your self-identified gender and I’m going I’m
going to put feminine’ because I’m feminine I’m gonna put that on it which
of these languages are you and comfortable providing detailed
spoken or accessibility assisted feedback I’m gonna put English but I’ve
been dabbling with HTML as well HTML and crochet are different languages and
their codes yes what country do you live in the United States I think I live in
the United States oh good grief what city do you live in Savannah I think I
don’t I’m not even sure what city I live in which of these options best describes
your residents uh I guess suburban rural no I can’t select all of those so I
suppose suburban I’m between yeah it has to be a suburban suburban sounds good
how many people are in your household there’s two of us who lives okay who
police locked all of the following who live in your home your spouse partner or
significant other in the last month how often did you watch videos on YouTube
every day a few times a week well let’s do every day because that’s most fitting
several times a day would even be more fitting but every day often lets go um which categories best describe the
videos on YouTube can we oh yes yes yes yes yes okay yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes let’s do I don’t rarely watch or I don’t or
rarely watch videos on YouTube actually let’s unselect that one I don’t know
let’s just select all of you for shits grins and giggles let’s just do that
yeah and music – yes we need to music let’s just select all of them because
all of them is fitting to any given person at any given time if you have a
disability which option best describes that we often
in studies with assistive technology users who may or may not have
disabilities so we can better understand all users needs we also want to ensure
our study will accommodate your needs I just depends um I don’t know
I mean sometimes I might have let’s say another type prefer not to
let’s do prefer not to say none of the above and another type let’s do all of
them I think that’s appropriate prefer not to say
none of the Oh I’m approaching my screen recording time okay

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