Coffee with Cody & Carly – Episode #1
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Coffee with Cody & Carly – Episode #1

Hi! I’m Cody. Hi, I’m Carly.
So..what’s the purpose of Coffee with Carly and Cody?? Well we wanted to start getting out some VLOGS, talking about different topics and events and
information related to the deaf and hard of hearing interpreting communities,
just a variety of topics that we want to share and it’s going to be every month.
Also we wanted to tell you what NCDHH has been up to, what we’re working on
what are what we’re focusing on to improve things in Nebraska just, to keep
you all in the loop with our events. So! We just had an event called coffee with cops and it was in Lincoln. Hey Carly, want to explain about more about that? Yeah, sure! Well I felt like we needed to
collaborate with law enforcement, build that relationship you know there’s
always communication gaps, bad experiences people have had with law
enforcement so I thought you know let’s do a coffee with cops to have that
interaction between both communities. Get to know each other, by having just a
natural conversation instead of you know complaining about issues just to have an
interaction just to get to know each other give law enforcement the
opportunity to interact with the deaf community. And that event was great! We had a wonderful turnout I was amazed at the number of people. So thank you for coming out to that event really enjoyed it and hope to have more events like that in
the future. Maybe in Omaha! We’ll see. Yeah well that event also
happened to be on the news. 10/11 News here in Lincoln, and Channel 8 covered it
and there were articles written about it. It was a wonderful experience. Yeah, check our Facebook page out if you want to check out that news article. So we have new board members For the Commission. We have
Jonathan Scherling coming on board A person who’s deaf, very involved, very
well-known in Nebraska. We also have Candice Arteaga who’s been
re-appointed on the board and we also have a new member by the name of Robert Feit. He’s a hard-of-hearing gentleman involved in…yeah he’s been working with previous board member by The name of Pete Seiler. They work
together so we’re excited to have a new person in our community. Yes indeed we
are! The future’s looking bright! NCDHH has been working on two bills in the legislature along with some deaf
organizations. The first is LB839 the ASL bill to recognize ASL as an official
language here in Nebraska. Secondly, we have LEAD-K bill, LB965 focusing on
language acquisition for deaf and hard of hearing kids in school.
Well apparently both bills are now integrated into one bill. So, still in the
process of submitting after the hearing so hopefully we’ll hear positive news
from that but right now they have become one bill and they’re not two separate
bills. Also, it’s become a priority bill Meaning senators will be discussing that,
so that’s good news for these two bills that have now become one. I also wanted to talk more about some new Changes of 2020 with interpreting. You
know we, the Commission used to have an interpreter referral program. Well
we’re not in charge of that anymore so If you still are unaware how to get an
interpreter, you can go to our commission website and you can click on ‘Find a
sign language interpreter’ All the information is right there for
you. I just wanted to remind you about how to get interpreters. NCDHH did a
VLOG to emphasize how to find interpreters. You can check out our VLOGS and there’s three different PDF files on our website, figure out which one you
need to use from there and you check that out on our Facebook page. That’s
right all the information is right there. So! The month of March what do we got
going on here In Nebraska with deaf and hard-of-hearing and interpreting community do you know?? Well, I know one coming up March 14th that’s going to be supporting the UNO Interpreting students- our future
interpreters- they’re having a mock Interpreting situation. I encourage deaf and hard of hearing communities, anyone who signs, come in practice with them. It’s
great to support our future interpreters. Yeah! Grow the number in Nebraska.
That’s a great event and that’ll be at UNO, more information can be found on
our calendar website or Facebook pages have shared this information so you can
find it there. Then, on March 20th, Purple and NCDHH have collaborated to
host a film study night event here just next door to our offices. We’re up on the
fourth floor but that building next to us on the first floor, LMEP, there’s a
place for them to go and do a film study and practice their skills, get together
and earn some CEUs. That’s on March 20th. Wonderful. Alright what else we got
going on…. Then on March 13th, NCDHH has their full board meeting and that’ll
be an event here in Lincoln that NCDHH has. I think that’s it so this is new
and if you have any information you’d like to share contact any of us advocacy
specialists or Carly and let us know. But look forward to our monthly VLOGS
and we’ll see you next month!

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