• Dave Harralson

    Was thinking about a people wearing masks how about those people that come over from the other country wearing their face now they need to get them offit don't matter where they're at there in the United States they can't wear that stuff stop hear what they need to go back to their country now that's something that needs to be set on this channel and I'm betting you'll have no remarks to say to that

  • justmeok45

    You people are amazing the lies you all put out are incredible . where did you dream up those figures from, try telling the real truth for a change 8 million people in Virginia opionion definitely differs from what your saying .

  • Natasha Minor

    Yesterday was proof positive that Virginia voter's DO NOT support gun control, in all my years as a Virginia resident I've always had to undergo a background check every time I bought a gun. It's not guns that kill people and yesterday was proof of that, we need to bring back asylum's for the mentally ill and lock them away so they not only can't harm others but cannot harm themselves as well. The fact this so called news channel can be at a rally like yesterday and still claim Virginians want gun control proves what liars you are, and if you can lie about this than what else news wise are you lying about?!

  • 310HZZA Political

    I didn't receive the questionnaire for that poll. I guess it was only sent out to the liberal newsletter subscribers. Here's a fact for you 95% of Virginia cities and counties are sanctuaries against gun restrictive laws, so how does that play into this poll that I or no one that I know have ever been asked about.

  • Bone Head

    Prefect example of why we need guns and the 2nd amendment. You cant protect any other rights if you dont have the 2nd amendment. A 21 year old female arrested on a felony arrest charge because she wore a mask on 3 occasions. The reporters words not mine..Really??? Some of the police were wearing mask. Lol. Felony charges for wearing a mask. Next they will outlaw Halloween.

  • janet schwartz

    What about all those make believe white supremacist you guys obviously lied about, i have an easer time respecting prostitutes


    Wearing a mask in public wow pretty childish arresting somebody wearing a bandana over their face what about these Muslims better all the time oh that's right they get benefits food stamps free taxes and businesses

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