Client Testimonials – Pannone Solicitors
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Client Testimonials – Pannone Solicitors

Male voice 1: Manchester is central to what
we do and Pannone’s grasp of the City of Manchester is second to none . . .
Female voice 1: We needed Pannone because my daughter was in a very bad state in hospital.
Richard Scorer was magnificent with us; he was our salvation. He was humble, he showed
[1:23] but he had the professionalism to deal with us . . .
Male voice 2: They know and understand our business very, very well . . .
Male voice 3: They are easy to work with errm they do what they say they’re going to do
. . . Male voice 4: You’re not waiting weeks for
a reply . . . Male voice 3: They deliver errm they reciprocate
and they support us in the market and you can’t say that errm about every other lawyer
in town . . . Male voice 5: Well we’re still with Pannone
because errm they always operate professionally, they give us a very good service . . .
Male voice 4: They were efficient, professional and likeable . . .
Male voice 2: We felt confident that whoever was handling it here, they would be the right
person and do the right job for us . . . Female voice 2: The ideal as I have with Pannone
is that they are committed but they’re driven to making it happen . . .
Female voice 1: Pannones is a humanitarian business and they treat each client as a special
person . . . Male voice 1: If I could give them the [2:53]
it would be the err personal service that Pannones give me . . .

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