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Client Testimonial | Kemmy Law Firm

(soft instrumental music) – I was riding with one of my cousins. And a lady came in from the side and T-boned the car on my side. It actually stuck my right
shoulder into the door. It tore all my ligaments. I’m very independent. I’ve always been the type of person that works and does it himself. I couldn’t work cattle like I used to, I had to hire people to come in and help to do that kind of stuff. I had to find somebody that
was good at what they do. I didn’t research it a lot, ’cause the first time
I talked to the Kemmys, I could tell, they were
really good people. I’ve been working all my life with people and I knew when people are good. Sometimes I’m skeptical,
and after being with him for a few times, I figured out I didn’t need to be skeptical. Whatever he told me he was
gonna do he got for me. He got me exactly what I needed. I can call Tommy today
and ask him a question, and he would talk to me. He’s not ever been like
most of the people I know. He told me what he would get for me and basically what he
thought, I was there going, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, right.” And he calls and then all
of a sudden I’m going, “He did it, I mean, he
actually did it, he did exactly “what he told me he’d
do, no questions asked.” (upbeat instrumental music) I’m a country guy. Sometimes country people
are hard to deal with because we’ve been raised on
a farm where you shake hands, and you shake hands, everything’s good. If I was to do a deal with Mr. Kemmy, his word would be good enough for me. I would definitely
recommend the Kemmy family. Anybody that’s dealing
with any kind of stuff. He is the very best. (gentle instrumental music) (clicking) (gong chiming)

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