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CanadaVisa : Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm

No matter where you are in the world, there is only one place that can help you begin your journey towards reaching your Canadian immigration goals. Contact if you have dreams of permanently immigrating to Canada, if you are seeking a Canadian Work Permit for yourself, or if you would like to hire someone from abroad to work for your Canadian company. If your goals include studying or earning a degree at one of Canada’s world-renowned schools and universities. If you’re interested in investing in the Canadian economy, one of the most stable economies on earth. If you aspire to bring your loved ones to Canada from abroad. If you are looking for a helping hand and need assistance settling into your Canadian life. If you are interested in the wide array of premium services offered by David Cohen and his team at the Campbell Cohen Law Firm. The many paths to Canada all start from one place, We get you here.


  • Onyinyechi Joy Ozioko

    Good day Mr Cohen, my name is joy I want to go to Canada to work but don't know the procedure . Am from Nigeria need ur response please

  • Ben aomar Jaafar

    Salam alaikoum. I want to immigrate to Canada to work and settle there and research a scientific topic because I am looking for universities and institutes of scientific research to study a subject that interests me because I live in it. It is called travel through time. Can I help me reach a university? Or institutes or researchers specialized and interested in life over time or future

  • Deepa Patel

    Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2019 18:16:46 +0530
    Subject: NOC for QA proffesion pharmaceutical background


    I am working in pharmaceutical industry which is based on clinical research organization company. 

    I have bachelor degree in pharmacy and have a 10 years of experience in QA profile in pharmaceutical company. 

    So I just wanted to know about NOC for the same.

    I have searches in Canadian website but could not find it appropriately. 

    So please let me know for the same and get me rid out from this confusion.

    You can also call me or mail me anytime.

    Thanks and Regards

    Parag k Patel 


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