CAFE WORKER ON Valentine’s day? URG
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CAFE WORKER ON Valentine’s day? URG

This video is sponsored by Epson Yup! Today is Valentine’s Day But it’s a normal day to Zobby. Hope my ‘The One’ get chocolate this day Btw, Zobby loves Chocolate too. Location : 1013, Pyeongnam-ro, Pyeongtaek-si, (Printing Happy Valentine day’s with Epson label printer) Happy Valentine’s Day💕 Cute ribbon for today Customers didn’t buy only chocolates for Valentine’s day (Strawberry macaron) Macarons are so popular too! So I mark every favor on it Get in [Okie] I’m tying ribbon from label printer! I choose a font to match Valentine’s day! How does it look like? Your Lovely Can👀 If you ask us for this to-go can when order we’ll definitely do this for you! [Shake it, Shake it for me] [Na nana na nana na nana~] [hey!] Pouring [Hi there, I’m blueberry latte] [Oh, you too? Me too!] Leggo bae The label that I put Makes easier to distinguish drinks The one who ordered this really loves Blueberries I mean they ordered Two Blueberry latte and One blueberry smoothie! BYE [SCREAMING] [Blueberry smoothie] Get in Round and Round I put some cakes when you tell me you are ‘The One’ Bye babies! Now we sell Strawberry ice cream too So I have to distinguish the Ice cream machine Ta-da (So proud) Strwaberry Popstar of this season : Strawberry add latte 100 point visual, 100 point Proficiency Q. How to get mad cafe part-timer? A. Now. The time when pre-coworker didn’t fill the whipped cream. WHY!!!!!!!! Don’t panic. Be natural Layer the strawberries Leggo [yup] BYE LOVE YOU I’m frikin tired Help Umm This looks delish Pack it beautifully Now I’m so jealous to someone who gonna get this I dunno why but popular Cream cheese cake [Hey, what’s your charm?] [It’s rainbow, sir] Hope the receiver would feel happy ‘Happy Valentine’s day’ Left – Iced, Right – Hot Americano Be happy with your new owner (Doing something) Ta-da! Milk cream roll cake💗 You are Milk roll cake And Now I’m going to sell you I’m saying ‘love you’ How cares Ribbon? : Zoe Assam Orange Pekoe Tea aroma is really rich See you after 3m You deserves Rilakkuma sticker It’s fantastic You don’t need to worry about spill or overflow. How pretty Sweet cake This one is my second favorite And you all know which one is my first Lemon cake It’s smaller than other cake So I have to be careful not to mess it up Changing horrible post-it Seriously That ORANGE MARK,, Love that I don’t have to cut one by one Beans : Arcobaleno Com-fy You are always my first,, Oreo cake LOVE YOU Moist Oreo and Mascarpone cheese Now what,,? Sweet potato latte Love these both Leggo bae [okie!] Earl gray roll cake and milk roll cake Service cake for ‘The One’ who visit here for me! I put sticker on it lol You all know I care you right? Service from Zobby Now I’m free *It’s not the end! YUP! Hi guys!!!!!! WAIT You might think about ‘Organize’ if I say ‘label printer’ But nah! Yesterday(Valentine’s day) I worked all day long And I did something to customers like Ribbon lettering, decorating can, Packing chocolate Especially for ‘The one’, I packed with the special ribbon for them! Are you there! Beside, I’m POTTERHEAD I frikin love it Potter head might know this : ‘This book is the property of the Half Blood Prince’ I love this phrase when I was kid So I write down on my every book, pen, phone Like ‘This thing is property of Zoe’ by hand But know I can makr it more easily by this lol Which dormitory were you in if you’re in Hogwarts? Me, hufflepuff. Bc I’m Clumsy What about you? Anyway, I’m now going to print this potter-ish border with my name Assembly is quite simple, 1 label tape, 6 battery! Choosing fonts Automatic Cut SO HAPPY I didn’t buy this year’s diary yet But now I’m going to decorate it with this And live happy potter head life *One year as free warranty So! How was it? Do you wanna buy this now?😂 Hope this video was useful to you And hope you had a great day! BYEEEEE❤️ ‘The one’ & Zoe forever Rejection is not allowed.


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