Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Gina’s One-Liners: The Human Form of the (100) Emoji (Mashup)
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Gina’s One-Liners: The Human Form of the (100) Emoji (Mashup)

Hi, Gina Linetti, the
human form of the 100 emoji. Let’s give the people
what they want. Been taking an
abnormal psych class. And everyone in it
is obsessed with me. My mother cried the day I
was born because she knew she would never be better than me. Well, you know, I’ve been
re-Vined by Rob Kardashian, so– yeah, I’m a director. People fear me. Not to brag, but I was
name-checked in my kindergarten teacher’s suicide note. Whore, I’m great on skates. I hang out in the men’s
room all the time. [singing] The
acoustics are amazing. At any given
moment, I’m thinking about one thing,
Richard Dreyfuss hunkered over eating dog food. This man is a Timberlake. And you need to stop
treating him like a Fattone. I feel like I’m the
Paris of people. I figured PR would
be the easiest path to launching my reality
show, “Linetti, Set, Go,” I thought your
reality show was to be called “Gina in a Bottle?” No, that was my
fragrance line. Keep up. Bitch, you know I’m out of data. I worked at a sunglass kiosk
at the mall for four years, so not only have I
been through hell, I was assistant manager there. I’m in the middle of a feud
with the “that’s not a knife” guy from “Crocodile Dundee.” He’s being a real bitch. Meet the new Gina, who always
put others before herself. Can you make the whole
letter about me doing that? Gina Linetti is
the real hero here. But isn’t Gina Linetti
more of a state of mind? Like in a way, we were
all Gina Linetti today. I’m Gina Linetti. And I approve this message. I love you.


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