#BlackVanLife in San Francisco
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#BlackVanLife in San Francisco

(upbeat music) – Hey! – Hey, y’all wanna see Paris and Lovell cook their
dinner for tonight? Alright, stick along
’cause we about to cook some black beans. (energetic music) My name is Paris Lee. I’m currently a film student at the Academy of Art
University here in California. – My name is Lovell Lee. I’m a marketing student
here in the same school and we’ve been living in
the van for about two years. – [Paris] We met
in the military. – [Lovell] We started to mingle, we became official 2014 and then we got married
nine months later. (calm music) – [Paris] So school back
in Los Angeles wasn’t going so well for us so we decided
to move up to San Francisco and attend college here. – [Lovell] When we first
came down here, we considered getting an apartment
and we’d look around and we’d see that if it’s San
Francisco it’s very expensive. For an apartment, like
the one we had in LA, here (laughs) it’d
be about $4000. – [Paris] We came up with
the idea of why don’t we live in our van? We’ve traveled in our van,
we took a couple road trips. – We looked into it
a little bit more and then we thought we
can do it, you know. And this is our home for now. Yeah, we’ve got our iron, our
speaker, our clothes are here. – This is the living
room basically mixed
with the kitchen. This is our food
storage container. This is our bed that
we’re sleeping on which also can be converted
into a couch like it is now. A couch slash bed. – Good morning,
my name is Lovell. – And my name is Paris. – And we are Novel Kulture. – Novel Kulture. Novel Kulture is
a YouTube channel about alternative living
while being Black. – [Lovell] It’s like a
video diary, you know. – [Paris] You’re gonna see
videos with us being happy, cooking dinners, showing
our van off, you’re gonna see the cops harassing us
couple times, you’re gonna see stuff like us just having
fun and loving each other. Traveling, exploring
is so important to us. We learn so much that way. We see things, we do things,
and if you’re not able to get out of your neighborhood,
you’re stuck where you are, and you don’t know the
possibilities out there in life. Oh my goodness! You like me. If you don’t know that
you can see the world. It’s crazy. We’re in New York,
we’re in New York! (slow music) Stealth camping is what we do. Don’t be seen because
you’re not suppose to live in your vehicle. – Technically in San Francisco between the times of 10
PM and 6 AM it’s illegal to inhabit a vehicle. It can be uncomfortable,
prohibitively uncomfortable for some people. Finding places to park every
night, being really close to night crawlers who
are looking for a come up in peoples vehicles, smash
and grabs, people looking for opportunities, not
knowing if I’m gonna have to defend my life
or my wife’s life at any moment. Somebody decided that they
were gonna try to get in here. What time is it? – [Paris] It’s 5:23,
5:23 October 21st. – [Lovell] They didn’t wanna
wake somebody up in the morning? Ay. – Look, I think that’s
probably one of them too. Look, see I told you they was… See I told Lovell,
let’s just sit still because I know whoever just
tried to break in this car, they are going to be back. They are going to be
back because they know that it’s early in the morning,
they think nobody’s here. Look at that. Look at that. And now we gotta pay
another deductible, again, another deductible. Which I’m glad we gotta
pay a deductible instead of paying our lives. Just be careful out
here as van life people because there are people
that are breaking in your car and not knowing
that you live in it, they’re gonna break in it still. – It’s gonna consume
our entire day. We’re gonna lose our van
for however long they need to keep it to fix it, we’re
gonna need to order the glass, and now it’s gonna consume
our entire day tomorrow. (glass falls) Van life is cool, but
it does take a toll. But you do really get
to know the person. – [Paris] Yeah, you do. – [Lovell] You know. – [Paris] I love the
experience that I get to experience with Lovell. It’s one life that we have
to live with each other so I would say that’s amazing. – [Lovell] Living in the
van has really enabled us to prepare for the future
and it’s really much more efficient to remove
all of our expenses and then invest in anything
we wanna invest in. – [Paris] Well I want us to
have our production company. We’re gonna be doing narrative
films, documentaries, we want to step into commercial. Our future looks very bright. – [Lovell] Super bright.
– [Paris] Super excited. I don’t care if someone
says I’m homeless. A cardboard box can be a home. Living in a vehicle
can be your home. Home is whatever you make it.

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