BEST Fiverr Tools For Real Estate Investors
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BEST Fiverr Tools For Real Estate Investors

what’s going on everybody so in today’s
video I’m gonna be going over seven different ways that you can use fiber as
a real estate investor so five is a website is basically a bunch of Virtual
Assistants where you pay as little as five dollars for different tasks and as
a real estate investor real estate agent entrepreneur you know you need to be
outsourcing tasks there’s definitely things you can put off your plate give
it to somebody else who specializes in that and for an affordable rate too
so the very first thing you want to do is go to Fiverr and I put a link below
in this video so you can use my affiliate link if you want and if you
purchase something through five or I make a few bucks so that would be nice
if you did that but anyways here’s the site as you can see there’s lots of
different options and that everything starts at five dollars that’s what’s
great about it so it’s very affordable so as you can see there’s graphics
design digital marking writing video music programming and tech business
lifestyle there’s even like prank stuff there’s all it’s mostly business but
there’s also some personal stuff as well so as far as real estate investing goes
the top seven things are this the very first thing I would recommend doing is
you can create a video so you can do you know a YouTube video where let’s say it
would be like a we buy houses video so you can pay an actual actor they have
animated videos where you can pay someone to just do like an animation of
we buy houses that type of thing they also you know there’s so many
different options here so there’s like comparison videos you can kind of browse
through it but you can basically pay an actor this is what I did when I was
first started my YouTube channel to just say hey we buy houses we buy house as
quickly as is any condition no realtor fees call us at this number so if you
don’t feel like you know getting on camera and doing that you know you can
just have an explainer type of video that you can get for you know starting
at $5 and start building your video marketing channel you know that way so
that would be the first thing and I just typed in we buy houses so you know this
guy Hale make we buy houses he’ll make eight we buy houses videos this guy will
make we buy houses videos so there’s all types of different options it’s becoming
a much more popular site so definitely check it out to start to build your
video marketing and then you can put this on YouTube you can put this on
Facebook Instagram you can put this anywhere you know once
you have the actual video clip so the next thing that you could use five or
four is to build a buyer’s list so if I just type in build buyers lists you know
there should be some people that come up I will build your real estate cash
buyers let’s see this is a fairly popular thing and some sometimes it’s
buyers list for other types of things but any type of like list building or
anything tedious you know just think of using fiber you can outsource it very
inexpensively and there’s lots of different options see this is like over
two thousand options you can also probably just look at like dude someone
doing like data or research that type of thing and find someone and just say look
hey I want you to go on LinkedIn I want you to type in cash buyers or just real
estate investors on LinkedIn then click on your city there’s gonna be like five
hundred names I want you to you know get as many names and numbers as possible
and that’s how you can start to build your list so there’s tons of virtual
assistant options overseas where people are more than happy to do the work
because over there you know obviously it’s gonna be you know five dollars or
ten dollars might be a lot more money than they’re used to so it can be kind
of like a win-win situation so the next thing you could get done the third thing
you can get done is create a business card so if you don’t have any business
cards or you need someone to do it there’s plenty of like graphic design
people I will design sleek and amazing business cards this person’s actually
more expensive but you can find the people that start at like five dollars
ten dollars you know it’s supposed to be only people at five dollars but it’s
kind of crept up a little bit in prices but it’s still a great place and you can
definitely find people at five dollars here we go there’s a lot of options you
know starting at fifteen bucks and you can see their reviews too so you don’t
want to someone only has like one review you probably won’t use them but the
great thing about five or two is even if they do a terrible job you know you only
spent $5 or $10 so it’s a very hassle-free way to to basically hire
someone for our service it’s a very low-risk way of of getting stuff done
you know luxury business card professional so there’s a lot of
different options and I meant to add to this so with business card you can also
get logos done so this is actually I think this is how Fiverr originally
became very popular just like logo designs and
if you have like an e-book you need an e-book covered on you can get that but
there’s a lot of graphic design people on here like if I click on graphic
design there’s just so many landscape design podcasts cover art books and
albums car wraps there’s so many different options you could even get
like three or four different logos done and then see which one you like the best
so it’s a pretty cool service the next way that you can use Fiverr is posting
craigslist ads so let me see if i just type in craigslist ads so if you’re
posting ads you know we buy houses ads or really posting anything on a you know
weekly or daily basis you can have someone on Fiverr do this you can say
look just post these ads and these five 10 even 20 different locations if you’re
posting them on like pinterest or craigslist or wherever you’re posting
them you know you can have i will design craigslist ads you can have them post
craigslist ads again there’s gonna be there’s gonna be quite a few options for
that and it could save you some time because eventually what you could do is
maybe you have like five or six tasks every single week including craigslist
ads video marketing stuff that you want to do and that will get into some other
things but you could like unload like three or four different tasks all to a
virtual assistant on Fiverr and possibly save you know five or ten hours every
single week the next thing that you can use five or four is cold calling
so nobody likes to cold call obviously and i’m just typing this in but they
they do cold calling telemarketing and you can find people that you know maybe
are based in the US or don’t have an accent if that’s something that’s
important to you but there’s that’s actually a very popular thing on Fiverr
because let’s say you get a probate list or just you can go to the white pages
and search by you know different locations and make sure they’re not on
the Do Not Call list obviously but if you had a cold caller just calling like
a hundred people per day say that’s five days per week five hundred people per
week times four weeks that’s two thousand people that they’re reaching
out to every single month you know you probably get some pretty good leads
honestly that’s something I need to do more of his cold call and I’ve been
doing mostly direct mail but you could have like a whole team of cold callers
really because it wouldn’t be too expensive so I I will make the best cold
cold calls gearless and you could just give them a basic script you can look up
like we buy houses type scripts you know hey we’re looking to purchase properties
in this area as is would you be interested in selling and you’re not
gonna convince someone that doesn’t want to sell to sell but if you find the
right person they’re gonna say yeah you know I am interested in selling you know
have someone follow up with me so that’s really what you’re looking for they
don’t necessarily need to be like the best salesman or anything like that
another thing that you could use five or four is voicemails so if your company
phone and you should have a business phone phone line if your business phone
line is just your voice and maybe don’t think it sounds very professional they
have like professional voice people that you will leave like a very professional
sounding voice to make you sound more legitimate if you don’t sound legitimate
so it’s kind of you know pretty simple stuff just a voicemail greeting you know
it’s not gonna like make or break your business but all these little things can
kind of add up so there’s a lot of different people on here the next thing
that you could have someone do for your real estate investment business is blog
posts so they could write real estate blog posts there’s tons of different
topics this is also another very popular thing that people have done on the site
you know 550 word blog posts that’s actually a lot engaging blogs you know
you could have them write blog post once a week someone posting ads making videos
all that stuff is gonna make you know a big difference if you do it you know
simultaneously so you know you can have the blog just on your website you can
post it on different places and some of these people actually do like a lot of
SEO type stuff so if I were to type an SEO they be again you know like 5,000
different people that are offering different search engine optimization
strategies to you know rank your blog content as well as even rank your
YouTube videos or pretty much rank anything that you’re trying to rank on
on the Internet at a high level so it’s pretty good for
internet marketing stuff and then lastly the thing that I actually use Fiverr for
pretty much all the time is YouTube thumbnails so if I just type in you know
a YouTube thumbnails there’s a lot of people that can make some really cool
YouTube thumbnails because I’ve been doing a lot of youtube recently so
they’ll make your thumbnail you know stand out more so than just
like a generic thumbnail so that helps with the YouTube algorithm maybe even
click this video because you saw the thumbnail I’m not sure but you know for
five bucks you get a nice professional design thumbnail that can definitely
help get your videos you know out there and see more often because that’s that’s
a huge factor a lot of youtubers will say you know you should spend like one
hour on the video and then like two hours on the thumbnail and title and I I
don’t do that extreme but hey maybe I should since I only have you know a
couple thousand or a thousand subscribers so yeah again there’s a lot
of options for this you know five bucks ten bucks five ten so thanks for
watching this video and I would highly recommend checking out five or use my
link below so I can get a few bucks if you purchase any of the services and
thanks again for watching if you have any questions drop them below and please
you know like this video as well as subscribe and I will see you on the next
one hurry bye you

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