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hey guys in this video we are going to
talk about energy becoming an energetic match for the results that you want
law of attraction how it relates to business your productivity and the
outcome from your output my name is Rachel ously and this channel is all
about making money online with online business but also enjoying your online
business and having a meaningful online business so if you’re into that kind of
stuff be sure to subscribe to my channel so I’ve been doing YouTube for gosh
maybe about like seven years now don’t go look at my old videos you can’t
they’re unlisted but I’ve been taking it serious for about a year and a half now
and the more I put out quality content the more my channel grows it’s really
cool I know that if I put out more videos I’ll get more views and I don’t
know if you guys do YouTube videos or there’s other kinds of content that you
need to create for your business such as Instagram posts Facebook posts
whatever videos whatever trainings and sometimes you just procrastinate or feel
like blocks like there’s a wall you just can’t move forward and you know what you
need to do you just don’t feel like it so because you don’t do anything it
affects your results it’s actually a simple equation I call it t bear it’s
your thoughts affect your beliefs they make your beliefs and then your beliefs
those affect your emotions and your emotions affect your actions if you
don’t feel good you won’t take action and then the action is what you get the
word is what gets the results but if you’re taking actions without good
emotions without belief that you can do it that you’re gonna get result that
it’s right for you the actions that you take are not gonna be that good so then
the results that you get are not gonna be that good so how do we change our
emotions well we have to change our beliefs reliefs that we can get results
that we can get a ton of views on YouTube that we can get subscribers that
we can make a certain amount of money but how do we change our beliefs if we
don’t see it in front of us we’ve never done it maybe you’ve never got to attend
K months maybe you haven’t even made any money online how are you gonna
leave it it’s your thoughts how can you affect your thoughts it’s the things
that you say to yourself the things that you write down about yourself and about
your life writing down what you choose to believe instead that’s gonna affect
your emotions which therefore will affect your actions and affect your
results your result is gonna be also based on what your an energetic match
for so there was no way that I was gonna get to $1000 days in affiliate marketing
or online marketing if I was not an energetic match for it so what I do is
or what I did was just believe it actually look at this this mug this is
funny this is a mug for my program daily commissions Club and on the other side I
made this hashtag got bars its affiliate commissions from one of my friends and
he was doing some days were over $1000 some days I feel like in the high
hundreds so I put it on a mug and I drink coffee out of it every day I need
to replace the image because my days are higher than this now so I think this
helped too visualization vision boards you can create a vision board on can bar
Pinterest and get graphics and then print it out so something really
interesting is I haven’t uploaded a video gosh by the time this video comes
out it’ll probably be a couple weeks but the last video that I uploaded it did
really good it got a lot of views it was ranking good I got traffic from Clark’s
channel got views and I got subs I probably sent the two weeks ago I’ve
probably gotten over five hundred subscribers since then and I’m not even
sure how many of you is maybe fifteen thousand views and I was not like in a
rush to make more videos I was okay with that I was just chillin with it I was
like well you know I got 500 subs in the past couple weeks and 15,000 views it’s
fine it’s cool and that’s what I was an energetic match for so that’s just what
I went with but if I was an energetic match for more for more subs and more
views I would have created more videos and now that some time has gone by I’m
not okay with that I’m like wait a minute no I’m getting back into the
energy of being a content creator and I’m producing more content
and putting it out there but something that I’m gonna make sure to not do and
if you’re a youtuber or on social media or in business you can relate to this
I’m not gonna dwell on the numbers like oh my number of subscribers needs to be
this I need to be getting this many subscribers a day I don’t think that’s a
good metric to look at instead I will be harder on myself when it comes to how
many of views am I getting how much traffic am I actually getting how many
clicks am I actually getting and is it resulting in sales and as a resulting in
comments like good comments positive feedback I do like to hear that from
people but I’m not gonna worry too much about the subscriber count so you can be
an energetic match for the number of views that you’re getting on YouTube the
number of people on your email list but also the amount of money that you’re
making and the amount of money in your bank account
we all have minimums and maximums that we will allow a minimum amount that you
can bear to leave in your bank account and a maximum amount that you will let
be in there before you start spending let’s say you make $30,000 or okay let’s
feel more realistic say you make $3,000 in the month in profit you could go buy
something or you can leave it in there or you can go put it in whatever
accounts that you want to put it in or you can pay off debt with it we also
have minimum and maximum amount of debt that we’re willing to have Donald Trump
had like a billion dollars worth of debt and he was an energetic match for that
it’s not good to be in a state of anxiety because that’s gonna keep things
low it’s gonna keep your numbers low it’s gonna make you procrastinate it’s
gonna make you not take action you’re not gonna feel good about what you’re
doing so instead of stressing about not taking action and feeling bad about
yourself I could never get anything done I never get enough done in the day I
don’t produce enough instead use that time to like reflect in manifests watch
the videos like this take out your journal and write things
write the affirmation to get clarity on your goals in your vision step into
being the person that you want to be what would you do if you were making it
dollars a day how would you act if you were making $1,000 a day
my company is making over a thousand dollars a day and I act like it I don’t
go around acting like how I don’t want to act I have to how I want to act but
actually I act and think oh I’m making five thousand dollars a day how would I
be if I was making five thousand dollars a day what kinds of thoughts would I be
thinking what would I believe about myself that making money is easy that I
deserve to do it that everything that I put out there is quality content all my
trainings are great that’s gonna make me feel good that’s gonna make me put out
more quality content actions and then it’s gonna get me more results and
before I even know it and you can’t quantum shifts I could be at five
thousand dollars a day so for you if you’re watching maybe you’ve made no
money online how would you feel what would you be doing if you were making
money every single day online just like ten dollars a day every single day in
affiliate Commission’s or digital product sales what would you think about
yourself what would you believe about yourself how would you act how would you
feel so it’s real important to spend time reflecting and manifesting and
often it’s hard to do that at home or like in your room or in your bed talk to
times it’s good to just get out go to the coffee shop bring a notepad and
start writing down what your dream life would look like what your dream day
would look like I wrote down gosh this was a year ago that I would have a
youtube studio in Studio City Los Angeles and I have a youtube studio in
Studio City I wrote down that I would have my dream car and it would be paid
for by a software company and I have now my dream car paid for by a software
company you can have everything that you desire you just got to get clear on your
desires and work on your t bear your TB e AR one of the reasons I also was
procrastinating on making videos is I was thinking which video is gonna rank
the most and I roll also videos in my pewter I got this Trello board and I had
like all these titles ideas I have like a hundred of them and they’re all good I
want to make all the videos it’s so much and I could rank for them all and get
traffic on YouTube from them all and I was stuck I was like overwhelmed then I
thought why don’t I just make videos that I want to make I want to make this
video sure I could find keywords for it sure I can put a title on it maybe it’ll
go viral that’ll be cool maybe it won’t maybe it won’t get that many views but
it’s also fun it’s like things that I would want to do so oftentimes in
business we get caught up on what we’re supposed to be doing what we should do
what this guru is teaching what this training says to do these are the steps
and I can’t move forward until I do the steps exactly how they’re supposed to be
but hearing an online business or an entrepreneur you have your own business
you’re trying to make money online it should be fun might as well be stuck at
home all day anyway it should be fun so have fun with it do what you want to do
if you have a message to share share that message it’s not all about keywords
and views and number of subscribers if you like this video please give it a
thumbs up let me know in the comments what you are going to manifest what
you’re gonna jennel on where you have been held back where you’ve been feeling
blocked sometimes it’s good to just share it and admit it so let me know in
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then you can also check out more resources in the description below and
thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video


  • Rachel S. Lee

    Let me know in the comments what you are attracting into your life!
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  • jenny otowchits

    They say surround yourself by people you
    You want to be like, so I’m attracting wealthy entrepreneurs , so I can also become one #2019

  • NoJobRob

    I'd been looking for info about how energies and LOA affect my content and my business…thanks for making this! 🙂👌

  • Monette

    I totally agree with you, Rachel! It takes a matter of being consistent in your goals. Taking action and being in the right mindset will surely get to you to where you wanted to be. Law of attraction depends on your vibes, so always try to have GOOD vibes only. 🙂

  • Mary Joanne Tan

    I believe that the results of our life are all because of the energy we put out. It attracts what you want to happen and see, being able to put all the best effort in your life in order to be successful.

  • KiRo SwAt

    Unfortunately I unsubscribed in your channel and email list because I am from Iraq and there is no support to my country ,,,, peace
    Love you Rachel ❤🙆

  • Rogelio Michael Fortunado

    Like the idea of TBEAR Rachel! If we have proper thinking, believe in ourselves, that will surely affect our emotions towards good action results. Nice video Rachel!

  • James Ebomoyi

    This was such a beautiful video Rachel – you really hit so many points for me in this one – I read about energetic matches in the book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset" by T Harv Eker and you laid it out so perfectly. It's taken me awhile to subscribe to your channel because I try to avoid information overload but I've subscribed now. Thanks for all the effort and value you put into your videos

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