Being a trainee in FREJA
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Being a trainee in FREJA

How did you find FREJA? I had a couple of friends who was working in this industry. I didn’t know so much about it myself, but it sounded interesting. And then I found FREJA through the website and applied from there as well. So that was how I ended up at FREJA. I always knew I wanted to work within this industry. So I created a profile on LinkedIn and typed in “freight forwarder trainee” and then FREJA showed up as one of the first on the page and I decided to apply. Why did you choose FREJA? I chose FREJA because I can vouch for their values and attitudes. FREJA is a company that is down to earth which is something I value. And if you have a good idea to optimize a process, you will be heard. That’s why I chose FREJA. I chose FREJA because it was a nice place to be. At my first interview, everyone was welcoming and it was comfortable here I also liked the flat structure of the company. It was everyone from the CEO to the normal employees who welcomed me when I passed by, and I liked that. What is the best about being a trainee in FREJA? For me, I appreciate that we actually get to do things. In the learning process we have not been placed in a corner to observe, but we have been allowed to get our hands dirty make our own decisions, learn from them, and deal with the potential consequences. Exactly. Freedom under responsibility has been a big part of this which is really cool. You become a part of a team from day 1 and you have great colleagues, which is nice. Being a part of FREJA as a young person is also good as there is a lot of young colleagues, and this creates a dynamic energy. You have a good interaction and can also hang out outside of work, which is also one of the benefits. Exactly. What do you look forward to in the future at FREJA? As for me, I definitely look forward to develop myself both personally and professionally. Get even more competencies and develop
the ones we have gained the past 2 years. Use them every day and help the department we are in. And contribute there. Yes, contribute to a creating something good. Yes Besides from that I also look forward to
gain even more responsibility than what I have already. And also to meet many more exciting challenges in the future. What advice can you give those considering to apply as a trainee at FREJA? Dare to take the chance. You will be a part of a great company with dynamic energies and you will get a lot of responsibility every day. Exactly. Your colleagues also allows you to
work with a lot of different tasks. And the whole industry is just exciting as you have to be able to keep your eyes on the ball. You have to be able to work fast, which
can be a little bit stressful sometimes, but when you come home, you
think it’s been a great day. Yeah, this makes it a fun job. Exactly. It’s also a cool and very international industry, where you get to
speak a lot of different languages, which I think is pretty cool. And this being an international industry where things move fast means that two days are never the same. So I can definitely recommend others to apply.
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