Being a Trainee at EASME
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Being a Trainee at EASME

Should we just talk normally? Oh ok, yeah. So… I work as a Project Officer. That means that I engage in communications
with experts and companies. I help mainly to implement projects
for small and medium enterprises. Helping green businesses get their
innovations on to the market. I provide support for the implementation of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. I’ve been doing a public procurement study
on the EU funded projects. I’m primarily involved in company
profile reviews. I work on the project management and
evaluating of the EU projects. A very stimulating working environment. Every day you use your language skills
as you work with international colleagues. It’s synonym of international teams and
friendliness and openness. A very stimulating place in which
you can learn every day. It’s a very welcoming and
supportive work environment. EASME is young, modern, professional yet fun. Being in a dynamic, international
environment and being around so many young, brilliant and witty people. The great atmosphere within the agency. The views over Parc Botanique from my office. I’m going to miss the 12:30 lunch
with my co-workers. My team and all my colleagues
at COSME. My fellow trainees. Bring an open mind. Curiosity. Be yourself, be positive and ask
people for help because everybody wants
to help you. Be willing to take responsibility. If you are proactive you will learn a lot and get the most of your traineeship. Come really, really motivated
and enjoy your experience. Always carry your mug with you. You can bring your enthusiasm to EASME! Just go for it!

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