Being a fitness trainee with the AFL!
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Being a fitness trainee with the AFL!

>Emma: Hi Tiarni, how are you going? Tiarni: I am good. How are you?
Emma: Good Thank you. Can you tell me what traineeship you’re doing here at the university
of Melbourne sport? Tiarni: A Cert 3 in Fitness
Emma: And do you remember how you found your job?
Tiarni: Ahh yes, so I applied for a few in AFL sports ready, uhmm was not successful
and then they came back to me with this one and then yeah I was successful
Emma: Yup, great! What do you do everyday on the job as part of your traineeship?
Tiarni: So I do memberships, uhmm just helping people with memberships, showing them around
the gym, uhmm court hire and also working in the gym.
Emma: Yeah and what’s your favorite part of the job?
Tiarni: I like all of the job actually uhmm yeah it’s all really good, helping people
is really good, and just seeing them reach their goals in fitness
Emma: Great! Where do you hope it’s gonna take you once you complete?
Tiarni: Somewhere in the fitness industry, uhmm definitely, I definitely wanna go down
on that path so yeah Emma: So you’re still really enjoying it!
Tiarni: Yup, I think I can still help a lot. Emma: Beautiful, well
thank you very much that was it! Thanks for doing the interview and good luck completing
the rest of your traineeship. Tiarni: No worries, Thank you>

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