Behind the scenes of a labour ward I See inside a surgical theatre room I The Junior Doctor
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Behind the scenes of a labour ward I See inside a surgical theatre room I The Junior Doctor

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel my name is Ezgi and I’m a 29 year old GP trainee working in North London
today I’m taking you behind the scenes of a typical labour ward I’ll show you
all the rooms and what doctors are doing when you don’t see them follow me we
have this room with a massive screen which allows us to monitor that CTG
of a labouring patient the CTG is essentially a Doppler that picks up the
baby’s heartbeats and mother’s contractions and we use this to see how
they’re getting on in labour next as a delivery room on the Labour Ward the
Labour Ward is where high-risk patients come to deliver their babies therefore
it is not as a calming environment as you’d find on the Birth Centre in the
room we have a large bed with removable parts to be used during delivery a CTG
monitor is by the bedside that is attached to the patient when they are in
the room we have chairs for partners family and friends to set on we then
have our corner or supplies these things include sterile gloves and equipment or
insert cannulas and here is a sharps pin that we use to dispose of any sharps
every room has a baby resuscitate the baby is placed on here if it’s born in a
bad condition and needs to be assessed by the pediatric team and every room
also has an ensuite which has showering facilities if we are worried about the
patient and want to expedite their delivery we move them to the theatre to
either perform an instrumental delivery using forceps or suction cup or to
perform a caesarean section the CTG monitor comes into the theatre with the
patient and is used until the baby is born this is what it looks like so it
has a monitor that shows the baby’s heartbeat and the moms contractions and
this is carefully printed out onto this paper this is the bed that the patient’s
lay on as you can see there are lots of lights to get a good view of everything next I show you our scrub room this is
where we prepare for the procedures that we’ll be doing in theater we need to put
on these mesh hats to cover our hair and also to put on masks that will cover our
nose and our mouth during the surgery here we use the sinks and the
chlorhexidine or the iodine washes to sterilize our hands and our arms before
putting on gowns and sterile gloves a big part of our team is also made up
by the anaesthetic doctors they are always around on the war to give
epidurals to those patients requesting it when we are in theater they either an
Easter ties the patient from the waist down or put them under general
anaesthetic and these are all their gadgets they use to keep an eye on the
patient’s vital signs and here are the anisa tests rooms this is a room that’s
full of all of the medications of the use of Anita toys patients put them
under general anaesthetic all the analgesia that they have next is our dirty utility room this is a
room that’s adjacent to the theatre where all of the dirty scrubs and all the
dirty equipment goes for cleaning this is also where they store the
placentas in these white pots to be either sent for histology or just to be
checked over by the midwife before they’re disposed if the placentas need
to be examined further are kept in these yellow buckets in the fridge once the
baby is delivered in theater it has moved over to this baby resusci tear
then the pediatric team are called over to check the baby over and make sure
everything is okay usually everything’s fine and the baby is then passed back to
the mother for skin-to-skin however if there are any issues are identified then
the baby may be taken to the neonatal unit for further observation all babies
need a hats and if they don’t have one with them when we give them this cute
little orange thing once the patient has delivered their baby they are moved to
the recovery room this is where Midwife keeps an eye on them checks their vital
signs and make sure that they’re recovering well from the procedure that
they’ve just had so that’s all the rooms from the
patient’s journey point of view now I’ll show you the rooms that the patients
don’t see here is a store cupboard this is where we have all of the equipment
that we need for cannulas and any other medical procedures this for example is a
test that we can use to pick up early signs of premature labor we have fridges for medications that
need to stay cold and cupboards with locks for medications that need to be
kept safe here is our room with supplies of order linen so the bed sheets the
pillowcases and the blankets I’m not going to lie I come here off and
dream on night shifts to steal a few items to take to the doctor’s office for
a little nap and here is our staff room with mix-match furniture and fold fridge
a weird freaky looking baby that’s probably post-its used by dates and a
microwave so we used to heat up our food a kettle and that’s as far as it goes these rooms usually have a computer and
a telephone so that if you are bleeped whilst you’re resting you can answer the
bleep and also why any notes you need quickly on your accounts we also have
lockers in here for people to put their belongings after they get changed and
finally here’s the doctor’s office this is where all the handovers take place
the good and bad memories are shared and all the banter goes down and as always
there’s always mix-matched Hameed our furniture but we never know where it
came from so that’s all there is to see on a label wood guys I hope you’ve
enjoyed my short and sweet video if you did I’d love for you to give it a thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to follow me on instagram at the
junior doc for more about my life as a doctor and I’ll see you in my next video
thanks for watching bye


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