Becoming a mental health advocate
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Becoming a mental health advocate

What’s up it’s me Jesus here on YouTube.
I want to introduce a personal friend of mine Lonnie Smalley. He is a mental health advocate and a totally good guy! Trust me I would
know since I am Jesus Christ duh. I’ll be watching so you better watch and
subscribe. Thank you for that great introduction. Hi guys my name is Lonnie
Smalley and if you’re new to my channel I suffer
from bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and generalized anxiety disorder. I know I’ve
been off of YouTube for a while and I do apologize. I had a lot of things going on
in my life mostly just a lot of stressors and I do apologize I’m finally
getting my head screwed on straight and there will be more videos to come. I
promise. Today I’m gonna talk to you about a few of the things that happened
since the last time that I made a video at least what I think was the last time.
As some of you know my brother Michael passed away suddenly, and it was a
heart attack. The one they call I guess the Widow maker or whatever it was a massive heart attack. That took a while for me just to
come to terms with. It seems like everybody in my life is starting to pass away or
you know kind of just disappear. I really miss him I wish I would have talked to
him more, I wish to other done more things with him. I did fulfill his final
wishes for me one of which was the last one was to go to his church and at least give it a shot which I finally did. I’ll probably started going there again.
The only thing is I’m gonna start going there. The only thing is is it’s a bilingual
service so it does get a little annoying that you know they say one sentence in
English and then the next sentence in Spanish. I gotta get used to that or
hopefully they change since they’re starting a 100% Spanish service
after the first service so maybe they’ll switch the first service just to English
and the second one is Spanish. I’m going back to church is a big step for me. I
haven’t done it in a while. I’ve lost my faith and now I realized I just need
something to believe that and at least for now.
Religion turning to the religion for for it. I’m not working anymore collecting
unemployment and filling out stuff for disability but I’m sure we’ll be fine. I
mean we make enough already my wife makes enough already to cover
the bills and everything. And my unemployment is just extra money for
things. Just in case the disability thing doesn’t work out I’m looking into
possibly starting my own business. I have a few ideas. I have been taking
classes on Skillshare to learn a new trade that I want to do.
and that’s called a search engine optimization or SEO for short. I’m going
to give that a try, it might even out it probably would help me with my youtube
and everything so we’ll see how that goes. As some of you know car broke down.
Engine blew up want to get it fixed but yeah it’s a hassle and not worth it. I
just want to get a new car so I’m waiting for a check to come in that
should be coming soon and we’ll see how that goes.
For now we’re busing it or Ubering it in at which over is kind of interesting. Buying some I bought a gift card today
but didn’t show up yet but anyway Uber is kind of interesting you meet
interesting people and you get around faster. The downside is it’s more
expensive than the bus you know one day fare for the bus all day is four dollars
and then the last time I used Uber it was like twenty two dollars. So big
difference there and you know I bused it up there so I could have busted it back
but didn’t feel like it. Heck, there was one day of that day I feel like coming
back on the bus and didn’t really want to Uber it so I actually and my wife
actually just rented a hotel room even know where maybe 15 miles from home. we just bused home the next day Also, besides busing and my anxiety is finally getting better on the bus. I’m
actually talking to people. Maybe this is what my doctor meant when she said
that I need to get out more and talk to people. So maybe this is some kind of
blessing in disguise. Like today I was talking to one person on the bus about a
wrestling but he’s kind of seemed really high. As you know I like professional
wrestling haven’t really watched it all that much lately but used to be a fan.
I watch it off and on but it’s kind of gone to where you know where it’s almost unwatchable. It’s silly but when I was a kid and stuff I used to watch it all the
time. We were talking about that he seems high as a kite. I even gave him
some food that we had just bought from the store. I don’t know something told
me that if he didn’t have food soon he’s gonna pass out or something. So yeah he
devoured it right there. On the other bus
I started talking to this lady because it started off with that one hat that I
have that I wear sometimes. It has like the yellow stuff on top. She actually
thought that was my real hair and we went on and on and she was talking about Thanksgiving and other stuff and then I kind of stopped talking after the guy in
the wheelchair that was next to us kind of smelt like my he might have want
number two in his pants. For the rest of the bus ride everybody’s just kind of
shuffled their way further and further back because it’s stunk. My wife is that
Amazon and they’re starting their peak season right now which means that
instead of working three 11 hour shifts one week and four 11 hour shifts the
next week her shifts are all gonna be four 11 hour shifts. four 11, for 11 four 11 up until around
Christmas. I kinda don’t like that like that because not this week but next week I’m gonna
have to take two of my kids to the dentist.
They’re both getting in root canals usually I don’t do that stuff by myself
and so I’m a little nervous. I mean all I really have to do is check them in but
like I said it’s something new. I’m gonna Uber there because and back because
it’s pretty far it’s about a good 15 miles away each way. I was
thinking about busing it but there my wife set the appointment for really
early in the morning to where the buses wouldn’t even reach there by time the
appointment was. It guaranteed I had to Uber there. I’m not going to take a
bus back with two kind of drugged up kids from the dentist. It probably would
probably lead to a lot of problems so I’m gonna Uber back.
They do offer free rides with the insurance for doctor’s appointments but
not going to use that because those are some crazy drivers. It’s a company called
Veyo. I’ve seen them not just sitting at doctors offices and stuff I’ve seen them
get into so many car accidents and I even seen one flip the car before. So
don’t trust a company you know. I’m a little iffy on Uber still, but we haven’t
had any issues other than with people canceling right when they get to my
neighborhood which kind of sucks. You know I I’m starting to feel better and
I might actually start being the one that drives once we get a car. I’m
actually even considering doing Uber or Lyft. Havent decided yet. I have to get
a car that’s within the you know that would pass their test that kind of stuff.
I don’t have any issues with my license so. The only thing is I’m not sure that
I’d make any money because the all the drivers always tell me that you know
just to make it worthwhile you got to do 30 to 40 trips a week. I don’t know
that seems like a lot unless they’re really short trips or people give you
tips. I always tip my Uber driver because usually they’re released really
good for conversation or they’re really nice or they find a shorter way to get
you to your location than you would have thought of but that’s probably just the
GPS system that they’re using. Anyway oh yeah I’m working on fixing some
different products to make some possible money on the side. Which I will
report to unemployment if I do and I am getting a couple of Google minis which
is kind of go I already have two -so we’re going to put one basically in
every room which should be nice. I mean like for example in the bathroom we’re
going to get the mount and hang it to the wall. Then I can have the mini
start playing music for me while I’m taking a bath or a shower or whatever or
ask a questions. I can even have it make a phone call. I have a video about
how the Google Mini helped me with some of my mental illness issues. If you want
to look back at one of my earlier videos it should be somewhere in my playlist
that this one’s in. Anyway I’ve rambled on long enough. I will start
posting more videos and I hope you made it to the end. Please take the time to
like and subscribe. Like it if you actually like it. Subscribe if you
want to see more. I’m going to be more interesting it’s just I wanted to rush
and get this video out just because I haven’t done one in a while and I’ve
been getting emails of people asking me if I’m still alive. Things like that.
You can also visit my blog I’ll have the link
down below and if you’re interested. I try to update that, I’ve been
trying to update that daily lately but mostly I talk about mental illness and
bipolar disorder. This week I’m gonna have a few other ones on there too. But
I’ve been trying to become a mental health advocate. I’ve been volunteering
at different places for people with mental illnesses go or
just poor people go. Hopefully, I can at least help one person out
there. That’s my ultimate goal the go just get help one and then maybe another
and another. Or at least I help one and then maybe down the road they
can help somebody else. Thanks for watching and I hope everyone has
a pleasant day or night or whatever time you’re watching this.


  • Lonnie Smalley

    Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or comments. If you want to talk privately via my blogs contact page


    That was one sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet introduction, I know what you mean, i lost my mom May 23rd, stroke, she is my heart and soul, I fight for her now, seems you are doing the same, sometime's we are forced to change. sucks.


    Faith, as strange as it is, I embrace it too, today was the first day i felt my Aunt Eve's presence, she dies in 2012 lost the battle to mental illness, chased after someone in a busy road and got hit by car.

    SEO sweet.

    feel ya, car tire blew out, riding on donut right now, scrounging for change to put air in.

  • A.S. Minor

    I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

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