BECOMING A MASTER (Post Game) — DanTDM Live Stream
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BECOMING A MASTER (Post Game) — DanTDM Live Stream

Did you hear my epic sniff did you hear that? Hey how’s it going How you doing guys? Welcome to twitch I know a lot of you guys have been here already for the past few students that we’ve done I know a lot of you guys are new so welcome to new platform new me. Ok, maybe not but I’m welcome I hope you enjoy your stay here. I’ve got a lot of stuff to shout out before we start Hello III can already tell I don’t look at my viewercount, but I can already see Just by the chat. How many people are here? It’s insane So I sort of showers some primes and some subs have come in recently. So hockey kid Drake Peck out suppressed they are raging evil gray tones mats a fish nips pie guy herbro trick Over Chuck even hello. I’m bears Dino titanium truffle Viper little good boy Paige how’s it going? Thank you for the hundred bits dantdm edits. Thank you for the hundred bits as well You don’t you have blue tomorrow? Oh my goodness. You broke your brace today as well. I was lucky enough Well, I was gonna get braces No bottom teeth by I never got them. So I’m not sure what braces are like I’ve heard they’re they’re pretty painful though. So I’m Horrors don’t hurt too much getting fixed table. Everything goes. Okay. Thank you for the bits minke Thank you for the twitch prime saw but Drew gifting a sub to NY t BN t TN Thank you. Make sure you thank you for your sub and then toxic city. Thank you for the prime as well. How’s going guys? So today, um, I wasn’t sure about the stream, but I really desperately need to finish pokemon swords So that is what I’m gonna do. I think we’ve only got the post game to do Um, you can’t see my screen right now, but I am already doing I’m doing some breeding for Farfetch’d so I have loads of like eggs in my inventory I know you can’t see the screen right now, but I just want to say while you guys are here. Welcome to twitch This is a completely different platform. So if there’s something on here or something, that’s said or something that’s discussed That’s you wouldn’t have expected on my youtube channel, then don’t freak out it’s just a casual place that we can hang out chill play some video games and Make some videos at the same time as well so this will end up being a video on YouTube this Particular stream because I’m well overdue a Pokemon episode and I want to get this game finished. So Chill hang out. I’ll try and look at the chat as much as possible. But of course this is gonna be a YouTube video So I might be focused for a little bit in terms of like The text for the game, I don’t normally read it when I’m doing the the videos I usually just kind of summarize what they’re saying, so I’ll leave it on there for a bit so you could read it yourself But apart from that I’m just gonna I’m just gonna kind of not skip through it, but it’ll be faster than me Just reading it. I’m not reading it basically something gaming kygo It’s s it’s scar. Thank you for the prime. Thank you for your subs as well Kalen. Thank you 100 bits Drew thank you hundred bits as well. You finished school swatch your vids all day amazing I hope you had a great time at school. Do you mean you finished for like Christmas? Well the holidays that’s pretty cool. That’s early I think people in the in the UK, they don’t get to finish school and saw like the 22nd 23rd, which is crazy Sobbing is the best starter. I mean you might be right it’s buffering. It should be fine. So quick refresh will change your Ginger quality sectors set in you’ve already complete a POC of a sword and it’s amazing. Mr. Gaiman two hundred bits Thank you for your bits guys. Appreciate it Can you show the screen? Yeah, I’m gonna do it now. Actually, I think we should just get started kids I’m not sure how long this is gonna take So I Can’t actually hear the game right now which is very strange hmm This should all be fine Why can’t I hear this that’s so weird It’s coming it. You can hear the game right guys. You hear the game. You should be able to Drew you finish the Christmas you go to a boarding school is wrong the holidays. I see what’s going on here You can it you can Arab you can’t hear I can’t hear it. How does that even work? How does that even work easy Canadian gave up mob gaming Thank you for your prime sub and your hundred bits drew. Thank you and your bits as well mob gaming again Thank you for the bits too. So you can hear it by god. That’s that’s a real special situation right now Okay, let me just fix that real quick And then we can get moving That’s so strange, I’ve never had that happen before I don’t know what is going on. I want to hear the music and stuff like desperately Now my headphones are plugged in everything is good. Actually, you know what my headphones my other good Fun game volume down. Jenny says when we turn it down That better rice cream the for night event tomorrow, yeah, I’m gonna stream the phone event tomorrow. I think pretty sure Thomas mob gaming Thanks for your prime subs. Appreciate it. I page is getting a iPad for Christmas all dude. Nice Pretty good Christmas presents not gonna lie. Thank you for the hundred bits right? Let me just Let me see if I can hear this Right here so I can hear that which is my video. I just can’t hear that al gato which is really strange Are you on one at an outfit for game audio Usually this works because I use obs to record so it should be fine That should be fine Let me just figure this out one set That should be fine too, it’s usually not good do you change your settings? All you do is it should be And on my headset no, it’s right. It’s definitely not coming out second here Let me quickly try this I’m gonna have to do a different way Sorry guys, I thought I had this sorted out it should be fine because this is the way I have it set up for recording Okay, there we go I should be able to do it you guys can still hear that right Give me two seconds. I just need to plug something in and then we get started Alright, but as you can see, I’ve been I’ve been shiny hunting for farfetch’d Farfetch’d is let me just sort yourself Need to plug this in my desk is so big There we go, right I’m back. People can hear everything’s good. Um, I I’m gonna head out. Okay, I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m here I can hear now. Yay I’m just gonna turn it up a little bit cuz Pokemon is Snow for some good music no go away. Oh my gosh So many cheers leaped water mob gaming just bought a switch recommend any games. I I play it most the game I played the most is Pokemon. It depends what kind of games you like like I’ve heard Splatoon is good Oh Mario Odyssey without a doubt one of my favorite games of all time. You definitely should go and get that our corn Thank you so much for your kind words buddy thinking with 300 bits as well Mister gaming for the hundred bits Mama Bear Tier one. Thank you for your sub pretzel. Monkey. Thank you for the 200 bits Mostafa – man. Thank you for the prime drew a hundred bits Are you gonna do it – tor about you recording stream? I was thinking of doing that but obviously I’m not that good at it right now So I guess we’ll do that for another day But I was thinking of maybe trying to like set up a YouTube channel right from scratch with Like no money, I think it’s doing a video like that just because I’m sure that appeals to a lot of a lot of people All right, get the started showing Maddox any name ideas – the babies. So thank you for your bits for starters we have a rule here where we don’t ask about when the baby is due and His name because we are keeping it a secret for now But thank you for your 200 bits. That was not meant to be mean I didn’t mean to be mean but there’s a exclamation poor baby gem Just wait in the chat. And those are the rules about baby J. How multi Batman think of your prime subs as well and 100 bits from Drew. Thank you, sir. Right you guys ready? I want to see if you’re ready. Also, if you’ve subbed I’ve got My emotes are close to being ready. They’ve got the sketches ready The person who was doing them has had some issues getting them ready, but they should be soon This should be ready very very soon as we heard we should have emotes which is perfect. So Let’s do this. Shall we I? Need to move all of these Pokemon alpha Let’s do boxes Look at how many Farfetch’d there are let’s move these out To here Center core Center scorch stays here. I Need all of these guys, right? We need to make a decision actually Eternities, do we put a turnip this in the team? Is that what we do? If we do, who do we take out? This is his Summary So he’s a poisoned dragon which is pretty pretty sick actually and then He’s got cross poison dragon pose flamethrower and Dynomax Kallen Absolutely. Okay, so I thought you would say that so who do we take out? My immediate thought is grim snarl Or Rilla boom, but grim snarls got like dark moves. I think surface. I took his his dark move off him pretty sure Yeah, I did steel normal fighting grass. So we won’t have any dark moves Rid of him if you have a dark move And I took it off him – oh he has no cough so you might be okay actually a Tennis is good. Take out Rilla. Boom Let’s keep her this right like Chris right now cuz I love sense scorched. Surface MVP. Yeah, I’m gonna keep it like this. Okay Alright, we need to go back to where we were before some music a town map We need to head all the way to the top Windin Alright on the Rose tower do I this is where I want to go. Let’s do this. I’m ready to become champion So ready Let’s get off our bike Let’s walk we should probably check I said we don’t need to check dewy we don’t need to check if we’ve got Enough items and stuff because I think it will be fine There’s people running around acting crazy. I think we’ll be alright Most important thing about training is never to give up big facts. My man is spitting big facts. I want to go this way I want to start up the episode From where I ended last time which I think was in this hotel unfortunately, I had a like I had a a whole kind of fan club out here Which was cheering me on and they’ve gone which is unfortunate. So maybe I should just go to the stadium. Oh, wait, wait, wait wait Yeah, here we go. My people are waiting for me. I thought this horse was talking it’s not Right, so let’s go in here because it’s where we start the episode Right I’m gonna start on the big cam just because it’s gonna be the intro to the YouTube video if I If I reference anything you to B then just ignore it but I’ll try and get to your Your bits your messages the chat in the meantime, but this will be on YouTube I think Monday if my editor can edit in time. There we go. This is gonna be the intro and then we can do it guys, sorry it’s been so long between the last Pokemon episode and this one it’s time it is time to do the Postgame, I think it’s called the postgame. We caught a turn at this last time I can finally figure out how to say his name but today We’ve got a big challenge on our hands. It’s supposed to be a big challenge. We need to take on the one only Leon let’s do this. Oh You know what? We should get a high youtuber mode. That’s great That’s a great idea. That’s a great idea here we are in at the swankiest of Hotels my goodness, it’s fancy. When when you’re almost a Pokemon champion, they take real good care of you I’ve got a fan base out here at last the final match. Maybe she just wants it to be over All right, let’s all over to the stadium Oh and also because we caught at earnest this last time I have gone ahead and this is this is are challenging team This is the team is gonna take us to defeat Leon So I think that’s all we have to do unless there’s some other kind of like twist and turn in the road I’m not too sure but we have sent to scorch put in big work for us recently almost level 60 as well, sir Fetched one of our most MVPs in the game. Mr. Ryan is probably join MVP here is aterna tiss Absolute beast. I think he’s gonna be amazing Rilla boom. And then there’s Korver Knights as well I didn’t mean to just like not saying about real abou but he’s probably my least favorite. I wanna try and give this guy an item Open your bag. So he has dragon mousse poison moves. Is there anything we can give him that? makes him even more powerful anything that like Increases his moves. It’s it’s kind of a waste to not have anything on it, right? Accuracy will be boosted. I think we need that Evo light it’s not gonna work air balloon Everything we need that focus sash. Oh, I took the out my Pokemon this offensive vest raid special dents But prevents the use of status moves All weight gradually restores HP to poison-type pokémon damages another type aterna tiss I am gifting you is black sludge. I Think that should be compatible. I just want to check he is a poison type and then we should be good to go poison dragon Beautiful. Let’s do this. Shall we I’m gonna put him up first in the party as well and we’re good So I think it so noticed it’s gonna be good against because Leon’s obviously got himself a GMAX Charizard I think that’s gonna be really good against that we can just die in a cannon. Is that what it’s called blast him in? the face Cuz I like Leon’s okay, he’s okay. His fashion sense is questionable. No-go I but um, I’m gonna enjoy beating him Here we go. Hopefully for the last time we are heading to the stadium I’m pretty sure this is where I need to go. Oh, wait, wait, wait look team yell yelling me on perfect I must get him recognized in the street now the final showdown At least Rose is gone. Hopefully he hasn’t just Found the other two legendary Pokemon and it’s gonna interrupt us again Oh, man, what’s good buddy? Poke when they’re asleep it easy to catch. Oh, yeah. He’s already given us opposable Do you know what there’s a couple things they’re missing right now? We are missing of the pose that he does We are missing the two legendaries We haven’t caught those yet, which are OH – have gotten their names That’s where their names I’ve forgotten. I want to move my face. Can I see as well? Zatia nee-sama center. There we go. I just remembered station is a magenta. They have not made an appearance yet Let me just go over these bits before he starts Paige. Thank you for the hundred more tea Balon another hundred Adams gaming think of 100 – Drew thank you throwing exactly behind the scenes of my videos 100 from moldy ballon as well for now be tomorrow buddy clock ease. Thank you for the teal one sub chip-chop Thank you for the prime Jaded the thousand bits. You just turned 26 have some birthday Vic’s. Thanks keeping me and my dog O’s entertained that jaded. Thank you So much buddy. Hope you have an amazing birthday. You’re only 2 years younger than me. That’s crazy. Thank you for watching Hope you enjoy the stream leaps water Yeah, I’ve just changed it. Thank you hundred bits I die up Thank you for the prime that big dog bone don’t know what to say Thank you for the bit slow buddy. And then drew again. Is it me or you speaking a foreign language? You know what? maybe Let’s do this. Let’s sign up. It’s the final championship match against the champion the champion. Oh I said that twice nevermind Am I ready to face Leone? I’m ready to beat him. Let’s go then change into your uniform and head out onto the pitch. Oh Look at this, that’s gonna be me when I finish this my hair’s gonna go super saiyan. Oh, I’m ready. Oh, Look beat him champion. Don’t give up dantdm. We’ve got insults coming from both sides. Whoa Okay, hold on I’ll get to that in a second I Need to go through this cutscene and then catch up with what earth just happens What is going on with me What is going on oh, never mind, it just glitched never mind I thought so it gave our loads of the subs But just for some reason but to be all the way to the bottom, never mind, never mind Mordy batman Thank you for 200 bits. Appreciate it. That was from the previous stream and I was like what is going on? So weird right my match has always sold out, but this I’ve never seen a crowd This wild everyone knows what you did for us this week dantdm. I know you’re the future Oh wait, you know the other one who caught eternity and saved the future of the gala region, man. He knows butternut is already a Real hero who battled alongside Larry pokemons ation and zamars enter I couldn’t have dreamed of a better challenger to help increase my winning streak. Oh You’ve even oh, no, how did he even see that? I already see that. I’ve got a journalist He’s gonna say it’s banned the greatest challenger along annoys powerful poker. What is that it no, you’re really gonna be excited I’m taking you down buddy, and I’m taking your hat, too That’s right. I Need to come up with my my own Thing. Is that like a diamond? This is my thing Here we go, it’s battle time punch, let’s do this. Oh, I’m ready I’m ready to take you down buddy. He just slapped himself in the face Let’s go Aegislash I Have a fire move for you Look at him. Oh, you’re so sick Coughs like a Digimon like Loki. Oh It’s you’re gonna start like showing off and stuff I don’t I don’t feel like I wanna be a part of that Oh my goodness. This team is powerful level 62 for the first pokemon Not sure I feel about that. But at least the Toyotas Flame this boy out of here Okay, thought that was gonna do much damage much more damage. Okay? this is gonna be all over I’d Start change, I think we could do that too. I don’t actually know what it means but It’s now a sword Shadow Ball, oh, it’s not bad that Was powerful I used to have a sludge back Sludge was a good one. I like that. All right, this is over get out of here Is he gonna have? to appease It’s the whole sword and shield thing I get it One down five to go I can’t believe he hurt my eternity so much What’s coming next Haxorus, that’s a dragon-type I’ve got the Dragon Slayer himself mister. I’m ready for you, buddy Let’s get him. Let’s Get him Look at him. He’s ready to slay dragons Tap-dance his way to the champion the championship Haxorus is a scary pokemon He’s gonna be fast as well, which is kind of worrying. I think I might lose this It’s six levels above me What’s more powerful? Hold on a second? Eighty-nine tears got ice beam. I Answer. Oh, no No Oh No I’m in big trouble. Now. My MVP is gone Oh, what do I do? What do I do? Eternity is gonna do trash as well But he’s got dragon pulse. I Want nothing else was super effective My poor mr. Rhyme, I Don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. He is powerful. I’m actually shocked It’s the levels as well I’m not sure. I’m ready for this place. I don’t know. Dynamaxx calendar. I just get this guy out of here a Hundred a hundred. Yeah, I’m just gonna do Dynomax cannon. Goodbye. See you later. I’m faster than you is lar. Look at this move It’s unreal Oh That’s what I’m talking about Did you ever touch my mr. Rhyme again on I don’t have to revive him at some point I think I’ve got some spare max revive somewhere ok, this is getting this is that this is why you’re more difficult or is gonna be get some black sludge up in here as well sighs mutters I Think I can switch to real a broom actually, right? Let’s try it. Let’s switch to real a boomin. See what happens. Oh my goodness. I Know it’s just gonna as soon as that attack here. I thought I was in trouble It seems to be okay though. As long as he doesn’t have a nice smooth. He’s got ice punch. We’re in trouble So risky move but wood hammer is really powerful Frenzied plan I’m just gonna do I think I’m gonna wood hammer. I just want to get these guys out in so I know Giganta max Charizard is coming but That’s what I’m talking about. I’m gonna take some damage but it’s gonna be okay I Need sir. Oh, that was a lot of damage, dude I think you get more recoil depending on how much damage you’ve done. I think that’s the problem cinder a no switch Pokemon Korbinite or his steel type Or wood white shoes because he’s like, I think just a fire type. I don’t actually know I Didn’t think he’d have a cinder e that’s caught me off guard. I Might try I dunno who to choose. Mr. Rime would have been perfect but he’s kind of dead bug maybe I can’t do it. I’m not sure. I’m gonna do eternity. Let’s see what happens. Oh Man Come on buddy, don’t get be envious stage two star Pokemon. That would be slightly embarrassing just sayin, Sixty-four man, I should have trained a little bit. I thought like senior ace is gonna be fast as well What should we do? Cross poison 70 critical hits land more easily. I don’t think oh we can poison him too. I Feel like we should just do this again. Although I want to kind of save him for For Charizard, let’s try cross poison. I still haven’t a caress flying That’s not so bad. That’s not so bad That’s pretty good too and that was a crit one more crit Pretty good challenger. Thank you, buddy. I’m gonna teach you how to shave your beard properly soon Go looking that good just saying Cross poison, please knock him out, please. I go back to spine I can survive it Did you script it in crit, okay. We need to quit though That is not a crit excited says you’re gonna die. You’re actually gonna die enough to heal em up. I think we should have checked if we had enough medicines, by the way, I Actually don’t have full restores After use for stores, let’s do it Eternity oh he used one as well you slime I should have just attacked man. It’s fine. It’s fine Both using for his store. He’s not doing as much damage to me as I’m doing to him No, I did And why why were hit and run that was that was a mistake. I’m not intimidated by Leone Okay, like what’s poisonous to it? He’s gonna carry on doing that Is that that’s a flying-type move isn’t it? I don’t see your wings injuries I’ll come and poison him Poison we need to poison him. Oh geez 70 85 flame 4 I’m gonna try dragon pulse instead It’s how it just doesn’t have that much HP, I feel like he’s quite frail. Oh That was the move I’m not gonna crit. Okay, nevermind you are redeemed. Sorry for calling you frail Whether poke was gonna have some you know, one of them is a Charizard and that’s the Giganta max bad boy Not even a Dynomax The black sludge is coming clutch right now who is next drag a pole That’s a dragon, isn’t it? Like for sure? Let’s switch I Know that’s a dragon time. I Felt like I kind of want to stay in Mr. Riah my comp little Dead’s why you dead he would have been perfect for this. I’m gonna have to um, I’m definitely gonna have to level in Revive him Draaga forward and then it says Charizard we should be okay this dragon pole see what happens. Okay, never mind. We’re dead. We’re actually dead Oh it survived let’s go Don’t be paralyzed Yes, okay good if we’d have been paralyzed that I would have flipped this chair so far. Oh Let’s go. You’re an absolute beast. Okay, we should think about this now. So I got some extra light is coming up right now And I’m worried. Oh I’m so glad he I’m so glad he clutched up then I am gonna switch I’m going to switch into I’m actually switching to center scorch. I Think that’s the best play and then I’m gonna max restore I want to max restore mr. Mind I don’t think it’s gonna be worth it. I think I’m gonna do max restore tutor notice Kick his butt. And then we’re out of here with his hat and maybe his hairstyle as well Era comes Charizard Absolute beast 100 G. What’s no G. I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness So here we go max restore they’ll get rid of the paralysis as well it’s perfect Here we go so I can serve X jars like I’m actually terrified You’re not going to his little move So I could do my move diamond Here he comes we can try Gansa max oh, wait, I don’t think I don’t think at turn assist can Giganta max or dynamite because he’s a legendary and He’s so powerful already like could be our downfall actually Where I send a sports you need to take this buddy Okay, you’re not gonna take this you are a bug-type. You’re dead. You’re so dead Oh Oh Already started a sandstorm. Maybe we can just delay three turn if this doesn’t work. Oh He’s actually hurting himself. It’s like such a good eater notice. I set you at low HP You’ve actually got almost like 50 or 60 more than everyone else I take her back Come on Dynamaxx canon, it’s happening Well, it looks really different from this angle He’s only got two more turns of Charles. I’d be in that beastie anyway Right. Dynamaxx Canon, they are dynamics. I don’t know if it counts for Giganta max We’re about to find out and we get to go first. This is perfect 200 damage Oh Oh, yeah, that is so much Max rock for are we weak to that? I think we might be ah No, we’re not absolute boss. Oh we’re gonna win in easy mode easy mode The black sludge here was us up. So the sandstorm doesn’t even affect us Okay, I was worried at the beginning of this but to be honest the turn it this has been an absolute beast Look at this animation. It’s so crisp Good out here, dudes. Ah beautiful. Absolutely beautiful Champion champion. Oh We did it Sir fetch levelling up He looks tiny there it turns this looks so small give me that give me that he might give it a hat No, you just dropped it Oh wait. We’re the first people to ever beat Leon. I’ve forgot 15 grand. Give me that dollar boy Let’s go Undefeatable ha what a joke I’m rich now. Yeah, watch out. I think I’m almost to like half-a-million poker dollars That’s huh. If I could transfer that into real money, that’d be awesome. Okay? What is going on now? Look at the confetti, that’s for me chip for me people. Oh, it’s up. What’s good bro? Just watch your brother got beat Congratulations Dan to do you beats in the unbeatable champion? Making me the new champion. Does that mean I have to work here now hope not Look at my face. I look so derpy ha ha Yeah, what you gonna do now, you’re out of a job friends What you ought to do now is believe in yourself and your partner Pokemon and keep on blasting a heads in order to create that bright future we all hope to see Blessed words Leon blessed words. You’re still a loser I keep forgetting about my dumb eyes Don’t you have a fire in my eyes? It’s so weird The music is so good at this game We did it Let’s go. Oh That’s epic. I’ve never felt so good becoming the champion in Pokemon. Oh wait, this wasn’t even post game Do we have to wait for the credits now? James Turner the guy who creates the pokemons, right? Beautiful while these are going we’re not done yet. By the way, there’s I think there’s post game here, right? Morty Batman thinks for the 200 bits. ‘inna. Thank you for the prime sub Andrew gifting out another sub to rub Oh six rub and make sure you thank Drew’s thank you, buddy. I can’t hit the whoa I’m not sure what a whoa is leaps water Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the streams think you’ve learned your bits buddy, Daniel stride Thank you for the sub two leaps water. Thank you for the two hundred further bits as well How do I show my Nintendo screen on the main screen I use an elgato That’s what I use Stay Puft three five seven. Thank you for the prime Drew when did this game come out? It came out on the 15th of November. So about a month ago and It was I don’t know how much it is. I’m sorry Nintendo gave me it so sorry. I don’t know. I didn’t buy it legit the one and only Maggie Thank you for the prime sub empathy thinking 100 bits 200 bits. Actually this Pokemon of rose tower Cool type now type null get it. It’s on the bottom floor. You get a beat in the game. Good tip Thank you ice dragon hundred bits Thank You page I won’t do that page five million lights And true thank you. Yeah, cheeky pug cheeky plug – Sam We did it guys I skip this Looks like I can’t that is something that happens in all Pokemon games You just can’t skip the credits, but I guess these guys worked hard on the game so we can look through them Boat Leon’s bedroom as well It cost $60 yeah sounds about right it sounds Barrett this music is awesome actually Sword is better than shield. Um, I think both are pretty good they have it depends what exclusives you like the most to be honest Minecraft credit. Can you not skip the minecraft credit? I thought you could Leon is sick bats win the battle tower. Oh, yeah battle towers unlock now as well Did you know the creative undertale made music for this game I did I don’t know which track but that’s pretty cool Don’t make in your own indie game with all the music and everything to be able to work on these games is that’s great I love that. You should get a Charizard. I think we can go and get a special Charmander now, it’s Craig Goto slumbering wields, I’m going after this don’t worry. No, I’m not ending the stream. I’m just waiting for the credits to finish When will the next game come out I’m pretty sure they’re doing another Pokemon game next year So like next November, but it’s a remake. So it’s like they like to remake the older games I’m pretty sure that’s gonna come out soon Like it’s so bright my skin is white that’s just that’s my skin tone bro. I spend most of my time inside so It’s gonna be pale as the same. Oh Yeah diamond and pearl remakes yeah Jolie that’s what they’re supposed to be making Virtually ones bedroom do you mean hot? Where’s Leon’s bedroom? Is that in the house at the beginning? I Think it is get stationed in stumblin world. So we’re gonna do that as well. This is gonna be on YouTube Yeah will be an edited version will be I’m gonna pull remakes. Yeah, they would be cool. Right? I think they’ll be awesome Drew thank you for laundry more bits and I’m gonna make a minecraft server run. It’s probably not too much to Have enough time to run one of those as well Tenshi clone. Thank you for hundreds to appreciate you guys. Whoa What is this? I like the thiamin one that actually looks like my logo that legit looks like the sub logo Thank you everyone. No problem game freak. Thanks for making such a beep Okay Lulu chill We’ll use the real MVP so against max woohoo should have been a thing. Definitely the end, right? What do we do now? There’s definitely some postgame I’m not sure how to activate it. Let’s who happens when we log back in This is just the time screen, right? Yeah. Oh, here we go Second section game’s not finished yet guys. We need to catch these Legendary’s we obviously we don’t catch one Right back home Beautiful and you guys in the first-ever episodes told me this was a yo-yo not a pop socket that’s all I Thought was good. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, someone’s at the door. It’s gonna be hop, isn’t it? Oh, no, it’s not. Okay. Sorry I got something for you as a celebration Oh What about that I actually forgot about that the best poker ball of the ultimate level of performance catch any wild poking without fail one earth, we’re gonna use that on The wishing stars that make dynamics impossible are parts of eternities, so I have like unlimited diner maxing power I could be the next evil Rose So I think this is is this where my mum finds out what I’ve been doing this whole time Please do what you believe is best Sub to me, I mean, wait what? Is leave torta. How’d you spot the thing that used to show you an internal switch screen el gato e LG 80 Oh, they’re not cheap though Mom what are you proud of me? Are you proud of me? Please? Say you’re proud of me. Okay, don’t it’s fine BYE MOM, so we need to go to Hopps house now, right? I’m sure he’s gonna turn up at some point I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns up right out of here Nope never mind all looking spooky Well, I’m gonna quickly go to Hopps house because you guys told me to and I think you can get a special Charmander It’s a gigantic max1 though, or can you only get those from raids? Let’s see Leon’s room. I’m guessing he still has one here or need to go to Leon’s house old lady old lady Why are you staring at the plant? Are you okay you upset? Hello, Leon is no longer champion. He’s still very busy and hardly comes back. I’ll wait I think I’ve realized who Leon’s this is this has to be Leon’s room Can I take one of these I really on one of these various caps? All right B, so it’ll be cool If you could like unlock his hat as a as a purchase But company hats there are a polka ball ball as well and he works out right? Let’s grab this It’s a portable of a Charmander in it You read the letter attached if you’re reading this down TDM, and I’m leaving this special Charmander to you The old lady could have robbed this never mind. Let’s have a real fiery battle again soon best Leon Let’s go. Thanks Leon. Appreciate it, buddy Right, let’s have a look at this Charmander Send it to see the summary. Let’s see. Yeah, there it is. It’s a joy again to max Charmander. That is pretty sick We could use this, I don’t know if you’ve got any more battles though because every level up It’s level 5 so like proper starter. It’s given us one of his chars ours baby’s Kind of weird, but thank you. Thank you, sir Right where can we go next There’s another place we all we want to go slumbering we lit but first I want to grab some ultra balls and other stuff I Want to make sure we were ready to capture The legendary party one of them just make sure we can get another one And for like at earnest this was really easy to catch though Alright let’s stock up Let me just send a message Right, let’s stock up show him you are the greatest champion. Thank you sir. Appreciate it With that said welcome. Oh wait, actually cause me champion now. That is that’s great. I love that My head is growing bigger by the second. So we have oh wait, we have 47 ultra balls already. I don’t think we Aspire 10 just cuz we get the free premier ball Thank you, sir. I Think that’s what I’m gonna get. You know, I just need ultra balls. Oh Look at this, welcome to the Pokemon Center still hard at work today champ. Oh, yeah I am hard at work beating people in Pokemon fights Right, let’s hit the slumbering world after this shall we I’m glad we bought a turn at this last time to the the champions match. Otherwise, we’ve been in big trouble Mister mine. Let me down the only time he’s let me down But it’s probably my fault Kind of flexing your poker dollars, how many do I have? 406 9000 is not bad. I was watching a dry stream earlier and he has 2.3 million I think gems on over a million as well, which is nuts They’re the real ballers over here Leaps water I answered you before is e LG 8000 Gotha or just search like Game Capture and then you’ll be able to find it. Thank you for the bits though. Appreciate it, dude Slumbering weld weld wield Slumbering wield and feeling an energy pulling me towards you because I still haven’t used that rusty sword that We kind of found before with hot because he’s got shield, I wonder if he’s there must be some extra story surely angry watch out Dodging all these Pokemon. I’m out of here. I don’t you weaklings. I’m coming for one Pokemon. I’m one Pokemon only I Also want to make sure that I don’t kill the Pokemon backs isn’t I’ve already should have bought so we’re full swipe on it just so that doesn’t happen Rockies can be powerful though Oh Galleria weaseling what’s good friends? I Can’t remember the way out This is not the way out I’m gonna fish this though, it’s glowing What is this? Come on what oh Never mind, it’s just big lips big lips coming in Does he have any legendaries? There’s one right here my friends the lighting in here is kind of cool. I quite like that I’m out of here You know wasting my time on you There is an item overhead. I would like though. Oh wait you can go up here. Ah Why would you do this there? There’s more items Oh life all that’s actually a really sick item who’s the power of news but cost of HP, I Guess I could use that But I don’t think I’m gonna need it, but we’ll see You need to head up this way, okay, this isn’t the right way either misty seed Who’s the special defense? I’m misty. Terrain. Okay, not bad. Not bad I’m already lost. I must have got really odd. Jeez. I once got really lucky the first time The sort of my favorite girl area form. It’s so sick He’s exerting no, I like to see you never want to exert on a random Notes look, you know what I was thinking of doing a Nuzlocke Almost a three I was gonna change it to a Nuzlocke and I’m really glad I didn’t because I dab it in so much pain It would have been really difficult Good I never realized this place was such a maze a Cold night leave me alone, please. I just wanted this phantom force hold up. That sounds incredibly powerful Vanishes and straights a tutor move. Yeah, we don’t want that moot it all hits if the target protect that’s kind of cool though. I Love the slumbering Weald music – I say that probably about every single section that we go into but really is cool. I Just need to head to this shrine, which I think is this way Is it down here Oh Kahn oh, don’t worry. Thank you for the two hundred bits. Appreciate it, buddy Andrew no, I’m sticking with what I got. I have no reason to change my phone Gets expensive otherwise, oh look at this The river has gone rainbow and hops here. I knew it wouldn’t take him long. Hey, buddy, what’s good? Are you okay? What are you doing here in the woods same reason? You’re here, buddy He’s trying to sneak lis catch the legendary pokin without me Yeah, what about you? Huh? Nobody ever comes in here Yeah, you know, I literally said this just before I came in I felt like something was pulling me in May that’s pretty uncanny Congrats on your victory Thanks beat your brother to a pulp son Dantdm do you think oh For goodness sake every time Can I ask why? So what’s it feel for myself the strength that defeated my brother? You’ve already felt my strength eight times and you lost every time wipe that smug off your face, sir I’m gonna do it right now. Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine fine. Let’s battle. What’s he gonna send out first? I feel like I should just send out a turn at this The Dude’s a beast Let’s go. Oh you’re so annoying Mew Mew Doge, thank you Thunder Fitz. Appreciate it, dudes Let’s go he just copied his brother by slapping his face who’s just a copycat dub. Whoops. Yeah, you’re in trouble It’s got six Pokemon now, I’m not actually sure where is six one will be I Love it if it was still a wound, that would be amazing Let’s do a quick cross poison that is a powerful double dose sixty hormone Yeah, they didn’t do much damage Double-edge. Oh my goodness, I Think yes. Yeah, it gets damaged. That’s definitely not good for you I’m glad I found this black sludge. It’s so good Choppin One poke for now the way it’s always good to get the first out of the way because then you can switch into the next one I Should be fine though Thanks to dorky Megohm I feel I’m good. How are you? There’s no trainer with six. We lose. You know, what? That’s true Snorlax is up. Next easy mode, sir fetch. Now is your time buddy? I’m used to you in this whole episode yet, which is almost blasphemous Toxic thank you for the fryer my friends appreciate it Welcome to the crew. You’ll have your emotes very very soon brick break Imagine shopping into a Snorlax is belly like that, but we’re just realistically it would just bounce up right Sorry, it’s not like I don’t like beating up once and all X is acute Pokemon Core of an ID. I am definitely gonna switch. I’m actually switched into eternity cuz of flamethrower I’ll sure I do because he’s me weak. Yeah, I’m gonna do a turn sit Because center Sports is gonna be week two for the night Dab, three to seven not sure about your username buddy. But thank you for the prime. Appreciate it. Welcome Yeah, I’m gonna put this on youtube guys, don’t worry It’ll be edited up though, so you won’t miss anything flamethrower take the school night down Big box Didn’t kill though. I should have looked too scary face all wha What did that drop speed that’s kind of annoying actually Brave but I had a feeling he was gonna do that Okay, it’s terrible When you were damaged by recall pop come on, come on, buddy The semifinals is the furthest you’re gonna get so was it finals the finals is the furthest you’re ever gonna get That police is back it never left the saying Crammer n oh no. I don’t know what the pokeman is What is the creme RN? It’s gonna be watertight, right? Oh No, I’m aware. Mr. Ryan. Mr. Rime needs some screen time. He got absolutely destroyed earlier. So thinking is to redeem himself real quick Mr. Piggott ever do stop-motion animation. Oh nice. Yes operation takes so long. Oh, it’s this guy. Oh no, um, I’m Just gonna put him to sleep. He’s gonna annoy me There we go There’s some weird glitch that you can do So the kramarenko can pick up a Pikachu in its mouth and I’m not sure how to do that But it sounds it looks amazing. I’ve seen on Twitter What do you want to do we want to go into Oh Wade over you anything. That’s really good instead. I’m gonna stay in then Dazzling gleam this guy in the face The hypnosis with the I think it’s scope lens. It’s Sophie. Yeah, that’d do crook. Wait, it’s okay. Maybe it won’t do It’s not that good Ice beam Don’t wake it up keep your sleeping That’s better Why does he have that Pokemon any such thing way better? We should have let hop catch eternity really and tally on yeah, I’m definitely on a switch It’s got real boobs name all over it Yeah, we should have give hock a turnip this and then the matches would have actually been kind of difficult Drew what is upgrading your tear do it’s just more support for the person that you’re Subscribing to that’s it and you get two different emotes as well Depending on which tier you go to if you were to tattoo you get extra might go to three you got another extra moat that No one else has When we do a team plus two, I’m not sure this just like what I feel like here I’m not sure yet to be honest Right big old rookie gang I really like wood hammer I’m gonna do anyway, I just want to get this and tell you on out of here. Oh you turned Sneaky and it’s super effective. Okay pops learn some new moves Pinkerton, oh, that’s not too bad. These have got a real spicy wood hammer coming your way that Hop is just trash. Why does he have a pink? Urchin is it meant to be good? I Feel bad for him. I genuinely do. I’m not gonna switch either The great circle. Thank you for the prime sub buddy. Appreciate it Would hammer you turner how did you turn work? I guess he just doesn’t switch out, right? Yeah, okay, this is the last smack I think I might knock myself out actually I wasn’t thinking That’s last Pokemon hop 9 nil. Yeah rid of him dice hola I Had to knock my own pokemon out to give hot some kind of a feel good about himself. Okay? Center scorch wants to learn lunge Well, that’s not bad, you know, I kind of like leech life more though, yeah, I’m not gonna learn that You ever considered dyeing your hair pink and blue at the same time I did at one point but not like Not like bright pink. It kind of went purple No, I’m done dyeing my hair Pop did that hurt buddy? Oh I think that did hurt I Didn’t expect to be such a gap between you and me like really if you seriously think this hot I’ll be nice to you but please Pretty rich, though. Just give me 7 grand to be in him. Ah Sonya I forgot about you Thank You Sonya freash You cheeky thing wait Sonya are you hitting on me what’s going on? Oh She is the professor ah, that’s annoying and why were so mean to everyone So wait, what did you do to Magnolia? What did she uh, is she bumper off? Is that what happens? She’s written a book as well and you signed it Professor Sonya’s published writing is her new discoveries about the gala regions legends are recording this enjoyable read. Oh, Man, I’m going to the library Professor Sonia Pop’s getting deep. What are you young uns, doing here? Oh man, the way they use like try news like English slang is really funny There you go rusted sword and shield back in their place just like the master sword what that’s what we’re doing Were cut entirely didn’t you? What you think the two of you have besties now ization endeavors enter or something what is happening oh Wait, I thought I was just gonna be I was like put this in the stone Like the Master Sword and then he just appears but let’s see return the rusted sword Thanks for helping us out. Pop you being cringe stop There it is Returned the rusted sword is shield Is that it I was expecting some kind of lightning down from the sky or something. Oh No Wait, who’s this? Well, well, well, I thought I heard someone making some noise over this way. Oh my goodness There is no I expected at all all the way through this What is that guy’s hair? Once Lazarus, oh I need to take my hoodie off. This is too much you hate these two. They look like idiots to be fair. Oh My goodness that caught me off guard reel off God Look at that dude. Oh That’s much better they are idiots. Oh no, it’s that’s not that’s not my future hairstyle don’t even don’t even Okay, they are they taking they’re taking the biscuit right now You bought my book. There’s Sonia fans Yes, of course. Read it from Comfort God. What is Teddy’s waggling like that? I can’t focus The fireball thank you for the sub. Appreciate it. That’s that’s my favorite bit the game so fun Yes, I even wrote an internet review for it This is genuinely the weirdest Pokemon game ever and I’m for it There are microphones to that awful book is filled with lies. So we gave it a one-star. Just look at his head Oh, it’s creeping me out ill There are no lies printed in that book I’m sword ward. Okay, I’m super We are the new kings of Galloway descendants of the first kings We’re celebrities too. Great. Oh man. Wow. Wow. Wow! Oh No, don’t be seen in these come on guys, you’ve got you’ve got a bad sword on your head. Oh Yeah, you just like straight-up stole it These guys are already Don’t be Nikki those. We just returned them. Oh do shut up again. The way they do the English like the British language is hilarious Oh Goodness Oh and yet so pushy if it’s already influenced you first we should okay. Yeah, I’m ready We’re celebrity to my battles with twice what they’re worth. What does that even mean? Yeah fact Sania. What are you even talking about? I Would love to take down your hairstyle. Oh Man I was not ready for this Even even when he leans down in his hair like flops around it’s weird What you got, buddy? Sir fetch. Oh, okay. Okay. You’re gonna take my star pupil, huh? My star Bala. I don’t think so What level is he gonna be the a mellow is scared cuz surface is so good easy easy easy Dynamics can into the face. Let’s go Let’s use a lot of hairspray yeah death or but oh That’s so powerful Critical hit that was that was strong. That’s such a strong move. No wonder I let you have five of them What you go next look the wind is blowing and it’s still waggling around I don’t know how I feel about this Yeah, I’m gonna switch this give Center scorched earth a little run for his money. I Didn’t even heal any my pokemon either. Whoops Hair Spray over 9000 true Right fish shop always reminds me of a Power Ranger you’re getting lashed What oh No, that’s annoying. He hasn’t even got sturdy your client Attack for it. Oh, that’s dangerous Stonehenge, oh, that’s bad Yep, that’s real bad. Okay. Sorry sent to scorch my bad burn. My bad. What the so sorry Who could get some experience I kind of don’t use a turn at this all the time Let’s just use mr. Ryan, let’s go You can oh yeah, you can increase the PP of Dynomax cannon use a PP up strip get out of here Power puppies the Solaris Calissa pod I never know what type this guy is will I switch I’m gonna keep but it could be it could be a dangerous keep I Think all his Pokemon are in luxury balls as well. I should use hypnosis. I forgot about this attack Hahahaha Fine and turn it this is coming out. I feel like oh, yeah korbinites better. He’s a bug right? He’s a bug Why do I never think he’s a bug? He looks like one Just found GMAC Snorlax. I still need to get one of those desperately Alright brave bird you’re out of here And only one onsens anymore He knocked out way too many of my Pokemon I’m not comfortable with that That’s the exit I thought you was the last Pokemon do you blades oh man my sentence couch is gone as well. Oh Dear let’s hone claws. I Think he’s gonna have any good moves against me to be honest. So that’s just a beeper. I typed up a little bit Sacred sword. Yes rubbish Big buds always be insects and eat them true unless they run away Okay, let’s see if we can do something with us now great but let’s go actually just brave bird just damaged us I Still didn’t do that much damage and I took recoil Oh sword starts. Okay. Yeah, we might be in trouble. So He only has good support left right I’m just gonna keep doing brave Birds Pretty quick Oh Close Oh It’s wavering fuses swords dance again. I See what you chose that Pokemon. Look at the three of them just standing there. Oh We’re actually kind of in trouble here really got to poke one left I call get beat by this guy. If I get beaten by this guy, I’ll delete my youtube channel. Okay? Out of my face boy by Elvie PC guru, thank you for the prime and wella wella Looby thank you for the tier 1 sub. Appreciate it guys. Thanks for sticking around The lister pods is weak Don’t get serious, huh? You know, you’ll guess what I was like 2 HP Ok, maybe a little bit more than 2 HP, but still No, no, no, no, no, no, it would be this. Okay, you’re fine Take him out end him You should have let that dragon pulse go a little bit further and burn a hole in that guy’s hair What channel is saved I don’t have to delete it we’re good We’re disciples go These guys like and these guys ghosts And why did I have microphones on and freaking me out? Oh my god. The rest of that was easy there easy peasy. Oh For goodness sake oh Are you kidding me are You kidding me. Oh my goodness You lost oh You’re always gonna be my downfall What a rude child Garish Brut. Wow, these guys taken all of the British slang and using it. Oh, Wait, we’re actually gonna see them again Bye guys, oh wait, he’s got the rusted shield, of course For goodness sake I’m only karma because I won top sucks. Oh We’re getting deep They’re all weirdos the lab in wedge first, um, yeah, let’s just go We’ll meet up later I’ll head back to the lab. Okay, cool. I need to heal my Pokemon That was close actually mom. Um, he owe me, please help Mom heal me looks like your sweet eternities might be running on empty There’s kind of weird mom Cop is done for I Don’t know about done for but it’s just these trash isn’t he? Let’s be honest, but he’s lovable at the same time Alright, let’s go I Think this is wedge house right the first town. Oh There we go So I’m guessing by the end of this we get to catch zation, who are you a Few running it’s got assistant as well man. Sonia is moving up in the world for real Yes, yes that is I I am dantdm the champion it’s an honor truly well, thank you What have you figured out Sonia I can’t read those screens The power spot detector reacted when those two got close wait what you mean the widow’s Exactly follow the readings from the palace bow detector. You might be able to find those sword and shield weirdos Please let them be the heroes, that’d be great. I Pasted powersport detectives all around gala and now it’s their time to shine Power spot detectors access. Okay, we’re there Way they actually on here. Oh here It’s just next mission what let’s go they be chillin in her field you can’t fly there yet. Okay their entire field though Right, so she is Giving us the task To go and track down these widows she’s given us the the ability to see or where the particles are coming from the energy particles and Well, it’s just an exclamation mark oh it’s just Gotta take down this guy Chop his hair in half and eat the other half. Oh My pokemon healthy I just want to check real quick What are the different colored texts mean what’s your names? I’m not sure I think you can change them actually Alex tipple, thank you for the prime Subdudes and drew 100 bits play horror games to do more with your streams Yeah at some point. Yeah, I will do Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I’m stuck I knew I was going the wrong way and I still didn’t change it All right, here we go let’s see we can find them in here I don’t want to keep fighting them over and over again What’s happening fellas? Whoa, okay explosions happening What’s going on? Oh It’s hot. I got everybody was seated on the north side of the same evacuated. It’s more Dynomax. Poking going crazy. Oh He did lose in the semi-finals I knew it I’ll hop my goodness. I don’t know what to do with him. He actually lost sight of he lost sight of them already. Oh We’re about to do a max raid. Oh, let’s go. What’s it gonna be? Come on hot. Let’s get your confidence back up Let’s go your confidence back up son the boom AJ. Oh, that’s crazy. Thank you, buddy. Thank you for the hundred bits as well Find my dimensions man. I wish there’s another cool like another mod pack I wish they were easier to make so I could make like a number two, but it’s so difficult. I’ve already tried. I’ve already tried Thanks for watching so long. I hope you enjoy the stream, buddy Here we go, what pokemon is it? Oh Okay, actually not bad Syrena, I think bug-type pretty sure we’ve seen one of these already haven’t we I Would if filmmakers do loads of raids, maybe that’d be pretty cool Cross poison Yes, you cross poisons we get the same type boosts There we go home starting baby steps baby steps, buddy Throat shop sounds pretty aggressive as well Wow Please don’t hit me although pop. No, it’s confidence. Oh He’s Out of the four of us, of course it chooses hot and knocks it out so I feel so bad for him Dragon dance, okay. Calm down, son So this is just like a normal max rate vowel I Wonder if robots catch you afterwards. I’ll be quite nice tied Matt Thank You Vanya bits as well kappa Clapboys getting ready to destroy you need to attack those. I’ll be really helpful Third part barriers, please. The barriers are so annoying how I’ll whip You know what that poke one is powerful she’s really powerful What’s my favorite Pokemon in this game, um probably I like mr. Rhyme. He’s one of my favorites, sir fetch. I read alike as well. I do like this new legendary to Come one more attack No Oh Obviously go and got destroyed. Where’s hot hops just ran off maybe Oh use dragon dance again, come on, you’re supposed to be a gym leader I know you’re one of the first gym leaders, but please sort it out You can use max cannon. Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right. Actually I should have done that. It’s fine. We’ve done it Why why are you doing this you’re just wasting my time that looks sick though I think that’s a gigantic gigantic I’m not sure But literally isn’t gonna be able to attack it just it’s just I gotta max for no reason you have cats No, we do not get to catch it that’s unfair Hey find my wings, how you doing Meelo used to revive By so weird to see like a humanoid Pokemon like that I See so normally a pokemen needs to respond to a Dynomax ban in order to Dynomax, but There was some discord in the harmony between trainer and pokémon some of weirds going down people a pokemon is still Dynomax it out of nowhere Oh, Got a rarely card, let’s go it’s like collecting pokemon cards in pokemon Copy videos coming out Sunday lady Finster Give your mod a tea and some chocolate coins because she deserves it. Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. Thank you for the hundred bits. Oh No, its sword ward just reminds me a Squidward. Oh it’s you to Buy stuff from you Look at the way they laugh. Oh, they’re like this. So weird the way that hair moves that I like it That’s so creepy You just said that you just said the biz has a strange taste in hairstyles, oh no. Oh They didn’t experiment let’s try to Dynomax an even stronger pokemon and then we should reveal the true nature of zation and zama center They can’t Dynomax though. Can they? You despicable champion. Bye If you would just stop us do your best to chase after our splendid looking bottoms I Don’t even know what to say to that Celebrity okay. Okay. Get out of here got here we go. Stupid butts Are they just gonna make us go rounding do loads of Matt like max raids? So they’re gonna say they’re basically doing the same thing as like Rose did right pretty sure Hop to be honest though, bro. This is partly your fault in the first place. Let’s go So I think we just need to use the map again is that right there she is things are a right proper mess Whole Bri Stadium moto Stoke Stadium Explain exactly what happened or exaggerated? I’m exaggerating It’s a tire Expo called completely destroyed this Stadium Wait, okay. She’s figured us out guys. We need to run. Let’s go. Let’s get out of here Cela for thank you for the prime dudes. Hope you’re enjoying the stream. Your remote should be coming soon. Don’t worry soon Let’s go let’s do this So Do we still have this? She said motor smoke and it-it’s one here. I think we should move to stoke second It seems like the bigger of the two Let’s go to whole Bri first There’s probably one of my favorite towns actually apart from the one that’s seeing bloom would tangle That one is awesome with like the mushrooms and stuff Let’s do a quick key up Drew you can’t Pizza sounds good to me, buddy Thanks for the hundreds. Thanks for your bit today you use donate a lot. So, thank you What’s your favorite Pokemon game I gotta say this to be honest, this is honestly one of my favorite Pokemon games, it’s so good I like Krystal as well as snow. Let’s go on All right, I Think we need to head to the stadium. I don’t want to keep doing just random max raids. I Guess I do I’ve got Dynomax cannon. I should be able to do it. Let’s see. What’s inside. What awaits us Right, so yeah Nestor wants us to do another Dynomax battle or like a max raid which pokemans are gonna be this time It’s gonna be a giant o Gyarados, okay. That’s that you’re quite strong Oh I need mr. Ryan, can you switch Pokemon? Man, I really wish I’d mr. Rhyme right now. I Would mr. Rhyme even be that good. I guess he would he’s a nice type and guarded a dragon, right? You still play pokemon go? No, I don’t really pay that much Jen please a lot though Right, I’m gonna switch actually I’m gonna switch to mr. Rhyme and there’s gonna be the play Don’t kill mr. I’m straightaway, please Okay, they always go for hot every time this so mean Making some good progress rock tomb not bad Right I should be able to do is not super effective. I’m an idiot absolute idiot I’m gonna do um do ice beam anyway Oh Hops coming in he’s Dynomax in his heavily damaged spoke one You know, I’m getting hot for Christmas But something to do is like a Pokemon bow guys. That’s why I’m getting in Pokemon battle guy. Come on, dude I know you gained a little bit of health, but I don’t think it’s gonna be worth it And then you use a dark move And it does nothing Oh What’s going on? Okay, that was actually pretty good oh it froze him no way oh Come on one more sack do one more attack then we got this These breakout fries it is I didn’t know you could do that. I Didn’t know that they could do that. I guess it’s just that changes but I didn’t think it meant like like that That’s it over game over on to the next one It’s a shame you can’t catch them afterwards so I could do with a Gyarados, that’d be pretty nice True thank you for the Hound you’d appreciate the kind words buddy leaps water. I can’t wait to get the game for Christmas So excited you should be it’s a good one. You get a log game time have it too Of a rarely card, whoa, hold up look behind Nessa She is so angry for some reason and I don’t know why. Hey it’s Okay, she’s creeping me out we’re gonna leave now because this woman is creeping me out now she’s just staring at me Why are you so angry? I’m out by Focal man. It’s so good. See you. Bye Mela man, thank you so much for the prime sub welcome emotes are coming soon. Don’t worry. All right. We got to fly somewhere We were to go to motor stoke. I think and then I think that’s the last one. I Feel like motor stock would be a good last one to go for Save oh yeah, I should save actually, that’s a very good point There is always save I think I got it turned off for some reason I’m gonna turn it back on Much better Most of the stadium right up here. Let’s go Alright, let’s stop graded my bike a couple times as well. So I get the the boost a lot quicker just quite nice Huggable guys the best. Yeah, definitely. There are use again. This is for the first time we met ah, just reminiscing Alrights you this guy actually gave me the hardest gym fight by far What PO can we go in here, huh? I Think they’re more powerful. Each time is our Gyarados is pretty powerful. I don’t know what’s gonna be next What’s it gonna be Torkoal okay torkoal gave me some issues before I have no water sized either. So I guess that’s the problem, right? Hop this is your time to shine buddy. You are the only one with a water type here you can do this Don’t mess it up. Just don’t mess it up it’s saying I can’t dynamics, but you can’t dynamics as This pump tomorrow. So we’re gonna Dynomax cannon and see what happens. We are now to use dynamics cannon yet. Let’s go Watch my lens rework people Or I start you good animation oh Nice damage guess whore still didn’t do that much damage You’re playing Pokemon why nice giant taco is pretty majestic. It’s got such a long neck. You sound like a smooth giraffe Every time every time they have gone for hot first time All right, this should be easy Dynamat scanning the soybeans ok hops gonna Dynomax weights all of our time thank you hop appreciate it Huggable guy from his oh, really? I want to do that right now. Yep. We thank you for that Right his done am I scary should knock him out pretty nicely Now it’s been told that you can get polka bald guys lead cards. So I’m gonna get that Bob I Love the way they explode so ridiculously epic. Sorry talk all your evil This is not the lead card that I want there is only one lead card that I desperately want Why do we have to go next though, is it just gonna be? Oh wait hold up There my phone I They should have hit the Pokemon lab Oh No. Oh geez, let’s go. Oh They won the wishing stars, you know what I was gonna say it She said earlier that she keeps all the wishing stars in the lab But I’ve got a Pokemon is that you made of Wishing Star so they’re in trouble Dr. Trade Pokemon, I’m not sure that exists, right? Horrible guy Where are you? I need to talk with you for one sweet little second. Can I have your card, please? Hi champion of the waited for you If I could become mates with the champion, then maybe I can finally become the official mascot the gym challenge. Oh my goodness Make sure you don’t forget your old friend pokeball guy a super rarely cards. You’ll be the envy of every collector out there I promise you don’t worry about the cards slight wrinkling. That’s because everyone tried to get their hands on him. Oh I know it buddy. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased my heart. I need to change it right now Let’s see if we find it album It’s awesome Select why would you throw away the cards though? I don’t quite get it. How do I change my cards? I cannot she remember Flip cards. Oh That’s so funny I will change that at some point. I think I have to go somewhere to change it. Don’t I? How much you like huggable guy, I just quit trading card, I’m so happy now the game is officially complete so true the PC at the Pokemon Center, I’m going Pokeball guys should have been the rival that have been amazing Or if it was just hop the whole time because you’ve never seen them in the same room together just saying Let’s do card maker Update I’ll have to make a whole new one. Yeah, I’m gonna do it Background oh My goodness, what is like, what is these as well? It’s all about poker ball guy effects. Oh dude, I didn’t know I had all these I Don’t have to cover his face. I think that one’s kind of cool frame We change it to oh no, that’s horrible. I can’t like this it looks like a pokeball and then we need to do the pose Am I gonna snow stop Can I do the same pose as him he’s doing like oh Yeah, that’s good that’s good, I like that one oh That’s great What a piece of art look at it, it’s beautiful absolutely beautiful Different foils as well The crosshatch is the rarest I’m gonna buy that print it. Oh That’s amazing. I’m so pleased you guys see that properly Look at it look at in all its glory. How amazing is that? It’s beautiful with a droid thank you so much. Oh It’s better man on a different account thank you for the bits as well. Thank you for sub on the other hand to appreciate it Right now that is done the most important job. We need two heads. I think means head back to the lab. Don’t we? Yeah, here we go Oh Okay, they have been in the same room at the same time never mind that’s not where I needed to go actually, do I want to see my foot when it damaged they good I Just crashed into that lady I’m so sorry Here we go into the lab they’ve just great they’re just drinking tea and having biscuits you Non-celebrities not suited to having such valuable things Okay, she’ll Bert how many how many followers you go on Twitter, huh? I think I could challenge you on that They’re so calm about it as well, it’s so odd Wah, ha ha ha So, yeah, they’re pretty much doing the same thing as Rose fulsome pokémons the Dynomax his was kind of for a good reason Okay, maybe not. Oh, you’re on the rusty shield, too There we go the goon We’ll fight them together come on hop pull yourself together man What what what well well weirdos oh How they wound me there’s such strange individuals oh They bought stronger Pokemon, okay. Let’s see what happens Where do they even come from? It looks like they were made it like a test tube Dallisa pod looks like you bought the same Pokemon, buddy So we should flamethrower the bronzong Took it like a man, I like that That’s decent damage on a bronzong actually yes double but it supports an interest in Pokemon They always pick on hot they just double-teamed HOF, oh my goodness a poor guy This is a good choice actually korbinite can be good against killer support I’m gonna knock out this bronze dong They were three pokémon each slow. So this is gonna be tough Get out of here Come on, hop to what you need to do. Just use a flying move. Please just use a plane move I know you got brave bugs you use that on me There we go, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about get them. Oh You’re so close to your first ko He’s out of here Bye sharp, I thought you were bringing more powerful Pokemon. They’re the same Okay, that’s a fighting type you should be okay still Use flamethrower on the bisshop get out of here you Yes, and then flying-type move each right, but again, let’s do it let’s do it I’m gonna stream the four night event. Yeah, I’ll do that tomorrow Close combat Easy tank tip you just need to stop using double Lulu’s gone Yes preferred again, I should knock him out surely Yes, Bob boy his first KO let’s will collapse. Let’s all clap well done hop, I’m so proud of you Kling Klang it will have met with I Am on YouTube, I’ll still be on you, too. I’m just not live stream on YouTube anymore Right. Let’s flamethrower. What’s gonna be more annoying? I’m not sure I Feel like there’s a heavy swing towards metal types Oh At the end of the game like rose and all of them. They have metal types to the Centre scorch just went off and the last like in the last episode is crazy I’ll call night. You’re gonna die that Was not a smart move, okay, you’re good Yeah, that’s not doing much damage to me buddy, I think this is the last Pokemon actually I don’t wait this Calista pod as well Yes, get out of here then it’s good support that’s really up and then we’re good Jew bladers Novus weeping yeah, I thought so I thought I’d seen it before – No sick Go Go, hopefully I got that name, right? Thank you for the tier 1 sub buddy. I appreciate it And here’s Gillis aboard. There’s not even any point in you being here Goodbye It felt And there he goes Sorry knee honey. Yeah my shiny own at some point The odds are really low though. I’ll only do it if I get this shiny charm Final gambit on sir fetch hold the phone what? The user faints, but is damage equal to its HP That’s ridiculous. No, let’s not do that The sons like a horrible idea get get out of here. Look you straight back I’ll have their eyes. I’m pretty sure they’re just ghosts Oh Hoppy’s well, happy about winning for once look at the guy in the background the eyeballs. Just disappear Give the rusted shield back. Come on. Oh Wait, this is slightly awkward What’s she gonna she gonna bust out some kind of legendary Pokemon She’s gonna what’s she gonna do Oh Oh Traitor Traitor oh My goodness, I am shocked and appalled she she stole them I Don’t believe it this is more dramatic than the actual main storyline And there they go they just walk out like it’s nobody’s business Professor Sonia I’m sorry, they ain’t gonna cut it She even said that I was like a hero or something That was a lie big lie top 10 animated portrayals facts to know sick. I’m going to YouTube love watching you So let’s tray her as well. Ah, thank you for giving it a try. Appreciate it. Thank you for the sub and the bits to Our plans put gala under the control of the royal lineage once again, what’s happening to the royal family This is slightly awkward, I’m not gonna lie. I Don’t want to talk to the plants What are we gonna do now, do we just need to leave Yeah, I’m just gonna leave Don’t just leave without saying anything Sonya I tried to talk to you The particles emitted by the whishing stars for spoke went into Dynomax, I guess we kind of we kind of knew that right After the wishing stars just to start things could get a lot worse what reason could they have for forcing pokemon to Dynomax? Look at your town map or is there more for stadiums you can maybe do for more. Oh my goodness walks We have to do for more battles take care of the Dynomax Pokemon, I’ll sort I will search for the sword and shield widows, okay For more dynamics to take out dudes. I was worried that they were gonna make me do all of them. I Am going to check my Pokemon real quick. They’re good. Let’s go Where are the new ones Hammerlock, let’s go Minecraft VR. Yeah, I think a lot of people been asking me to play that so I guess I should I sound out the time set my VR recently to be honest Oh What are you doing here? Hello There is it’s right on Let’s do this Let’s take care of this Pokemon. Oh and if they will actually get stronger or not I can just use my Dynomax cannon, which is pretty different, which is pretty powerful Let’s go come do you have to do four more of these? That’s crazy. Oh It’s a Haxorus, okay, I take it back. Oh my goodness. Yeah. This one’s a powerful one. I might buy myself or Are there for this always there for at the same time? Oh Okay, I wasn’t expecting this, yep, okay, okay, I can see the challenge here We’re gonna do dynamics cannon. Let’s see how much damage this us. This is a super effective here as well Let’s see how much damage this does. It should be 200 plus tab plus super effective Boom Get out of here Easy mode bring me the next one bring the next one in Homeboy good as that was crazy. I would have loved to have been out to pick up the axis to Go so quick That was insane it’s because you had the double power for Dynomax I think it doubles or like is plus 50% for the same type as well and then it was super effective That’s like a Scooby one of those powerful attacks. We’ve got you can do right Right, let’s see if there’s any more stadiums she said for more stadiums, so right pretty sure Three to three more poor guy. I love you. Bye Hoshi thank you for the tier one sub. Appreciate it glad you’re enjoying the stream emotes are coming soon like real soon I promise you right we need to head to Where we going over here Stow on side. I Swear the gym leaders are much more interesting than other games. You’re right. It’s true. I Was like why is there a stadium here? Oh sure. She’s gifted five sobs Let’s go If it’s a sub to multi fan of randomness miss unicorn spirit guide sherbert, and okay awesome Thank you guys for the gift subs Massively appreciate it if you got if you’re multi miss unicorn spirit guide sure, but or okay awesome Make sure you say thank you to a shashi. I hope I’m saying the I hope you say your name correctly. But thank you So much for the support greatly appreciate it drops the sub and then five gift subs as well Appreciate that buddy. Glad you enjoying the stream Alright stadium number two. What pokemon is this gonna be? I Just want to catch that ization I want to catch him They say there’s someone has your username Dan’s middle toe that’s so weird Oh Conkeldurr god I wish I used. Mr. Mime now that have been good Yeah Shashi, thank you. Thank you so much for that You can call me ashy. That works. Thank you. I see using gems emotes as well. So, thank you right dynamaxx cannon Aim for that big red nose, and then he’s out of here Bob Oh my goodness that wasn’t even super effective it was a critical hit though big goof two down two to go Yeah, you can switch Pokemon you can it just waste a little bit time I guess That was so easy, I’m just blowing these dynamics Pokemon up like it’s nothing I just had a slapping feet just off into the distance. That was weird Is Eternities gonna run out of moves Yeah, he’s only got three left. I Think what any? Oh no, I’m gonna only go to the Pokemon Center when I get to the next town, actually I Still have a tick tock I do I’ve never used it though Right where to next sure Chester Chester Let’s head there next this. What am I? I keep saying that it’s one of my favorite towns, but it is they’re all so good Or he’s heading here Just need to refuel the ammo Yeah, I’ll upload it later I think I’m a table loaded on Monday fully edited get my editor sometimes go through this You look at tick tock for the memes doesn’t everyone do that, I’m pretty sure everyone does that oh people asking for minecraft hardcore using legendary is kind of cheating you think It’s so powerful though, you know for this one. I will change If it’s the wrong ones, I’m gonna be real I’m we were upset of you actually Actually, I can’t be I can’t be really real upset of u-kiss. Just you give dude 5 subs You have my crap aqua episode coming tomorrow buddy recorded it it’s good. We good one, please Well, what’s this one gonna be let me see it better be good for mr. Mime mr. Ryan whatever his name is oh That’s a good one also could destroy me at the same time, but at least we can Dynomax let’s go mr. Ryan Dynamaxx, let’s go Dynamaxx and we’re gonna do Max hailstorm. I thought this would be super effective maybe not Good, we could yeah, he’s weak to rock. Yeah, we could be in trouble here. I Don’t think it matters if we get knocked out to be honest People wanted me to change up so I’m changing it up and we might get destroyed for it So loud Call mr. Ram you got this buddy. You got this Okay, you might know how you might have got this The hell stuff is pretty handy though It’s it the last hardcore vid. No, it’s not it’s not. Oh no That actually pains me Now hurt Creek ways. Well, did you have to go and do that to him? Man, I’m the one exploding now There we go. Oh, why does my favorite book would explode? guys I’m using him. I’m usually turn it to stop actually sir fetched actually, no eternal system doing it Scott Machado, thank you. Appreciate the kind words Oh Drew thank you phone your bids. I would appreciate some pizza. Just pass it through the screen. I think that works And jeno six Yeah, it’ll be the better you hopefully will understand it. So, um, yeah, thank you for hundred bits. It’ll be a great video I promise bye no max can into the face To get this guy out here, please We need revenge revenge to mr. Mime Oh so close Jods secret cuddles on the couch with my boys. What can you play? Nothing better? Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you. Say ice them for me Where we just needs we can pretty much use anything now. Yeah my face Okay, three out of four done what’s the fourth one gonna be and I listening to you no more I’m using I’m using the eternities Yeah, oh wow hot so being so aggressive, please no bullying They keep saying if anything comes up contact me I feel like there’s gonna be like a massive get-together at the end or something Right last one. So let’s see where it is. I’m gonna guess it’s somewhere important Well, maybe not oh, there it is, oh yeah one of my favorites Balon Lee This is my favorite town every time I’ve said that but this is hands-down my favorite Look, how pretty is I just need to heal real quick. Mr. Rime took a bit of a nosedive You can get chairman roses rarely card in the gala on mine. Okay. Thanks for the tip. I Will show anyone at some point I think but I need a shiny charm cuz The odds are so low, but they’re really bad Okay favorite town worst gym. Does somebody have a stadium does it so this gonna be a little bit awkward? It’s B D. Oh yeah, I forgot. It’s B D. He is not gonna be happy to see us Don’t challenge me to a battle police, please. Don’t just let us in buddy What’s an obnoxious gym leader, oh You’re actually challenging me for goodness sake Or the old lady’s back as well but like um, I feel like I’m being ganged up by old ladies right now The Dynomax Pokemon has gone Fine fine fine. I’ll do it. I’ll do it you and Hawk just can’t stop taking beatings. Can you? For Pokemon more while that’s not bad PD the old lady man exactly Now a leader of the old lady gym fantastic news Old lady gang was sought this airplane for It should knock straight out nicely done Making quick work. We don’t have our dark types. We do have steel type those who should be fine Gardevoir I think I’m gonna switch to get a cool the knife Did I get stationed there? No, I’m very close to getting I think I Hope I am anyway we’ve killed a lot of Dynomax Pokemon just about to take down BT again. So hopefully we’ll have it soon Steel wing let’s go our future sighs annoying Let’s come knock them all out before that is any issue For restore, huh going down this road, it’s fine. I’ve seen the future too and it’s gonna be a critical hit it’s gonna be Okay, maybe not Dazzling gleams. Yeah, it’s gonna be trash. Sorry Speedy should’ve got some more Pokemon at least come on now Yep, there’s the Future Sight. It’s actually pretty powerful Rapidash the rapper – is a fairy type. I need to remember this Not a fire-type anymore very majestic though Slice To do some surprise trades of your breed checks. Yeah, I should do actually that’s a good idea And let’s talk about to do that today, but I will do that at some point. It’s a great idea. I want so many Right rapidash be out of here Katerina’s lost its half three-week to dog. I feel like it is Yeah, let’s go ribbon that’s good You just might be the strongest champion in gallery’ in history, that’s right, let’s try video only just realizing it huh Oh, it’s not super effective I still don’t know my type Simon playing this game the whole time. Oh No. Oh no Yeah, that was a mistake. Oh, dear Let’s do wood hammer why not If in doubt smack him with a hammer Head she worked as well Really we might die. Is he gonna die? He’s definitely gonna die. That’s the second time that’s happened Sorry, buddy, but we won it’s okay There we go, smash it How are you still smiling are being you and hop like 10 times each 10,000 though biddies got deep pockets I Will now accept you as the champion thanks. That’s the graph that’s the UH that’s exactly what I needed. I Didn’t want your lead card that now that is one that I might throw away I’ll keep opal stone nebula. Thank you for the prime sup my friends Appreciate it Again, I keep saying this to everyone but moats are coming. Very very very very soon I Don’t think we have a next one they sit on to the next one that like Oh actually never minds Waffle man. Thank you for the prime sub. Appreciate it Right Sonya’s ring in this must be the location, right We still do the two weirdos. Come on. This has to be it. Oh, it’s the energy plan Hammerlock stadium, let’s go Pokemon I look in pretty smashed at the moment again. See you later pokeball, man All right, where does she want me to go Here, hopefully this lets me go to the Pokemon Center real quick. I’m just gonna turn off my air conditioning one second Yeah, you know what you’re right I haven’t named any of my my Pokemon that’s because I wanted to I Wanted to learn the names of the Pokemon. That’s why Old lady Biddy, that’s right Leaped water I would say just practice is the main thing and then Just make videos. You’re learning about to get better make your videos if you make videos. Thank you for your hundred bits You want to see my controller as well? Golden Super Mario controller pro controller. It’s pretty cool actually Right last I Think this could be our last interaction. I could just feel it things in games usually come in threes I feel like this is it if you open the gate yet Huggable man could have done this Come on Yampa, come on amps Hero absolute error Controller school, right Too weird guys probably up again P careful. Okay. I’m going in All bad things and in the energy plants, are they here? Oh wait Who are these randoms? Graphics are cool. Right? Yeah. You’re right. I Sound tired. I’m okay. I start I’m tool. Thanks though. And Darks, thanks for the prime sub. Appreciate it. You have a good Christmas too drew. Oh My goodness, they’re clapping me You guys you’re not even they’re not even clapping their hands they’re just doing this it’s strange What’s with us, they really creeped me out. Yeah me too piers There we go They’re trying to expose they’re trying to get the T they’re trying to do an expose video on ization is amaz enter. Oh What a fool oh They’re booing now, okay, these guys were out of control, who are you anyway Because floppy hair Well, I could believe that you two are descendants of a gal Aryan King is this gonna be the person that had the sword in the shield right at the beginning of the game? Is that was gonna happen? All about a book this is so random What are they gonna try and do They wanna they want to try and dynamic station is em Center. Is that what they want to do? I? Think you’ll get away with this. Yeah, hops gonna hops gonna tell ya he’s gonna beat you. Oh For goodness sake you gonna make me do five trainer bowels. Oh, geez, hops and decides you can’t do this Oh, no, wait, there’s five of us five of them never minds at she I can’t count. There’s only four of us Fight him for another time. I like this background though. This is cool. Sword ward. You’re going down again I’m gonna chop the hair in half Try to peel his head to reveal his secrets his hair kind of looks like surf fetches sword as well My excuse Dynomax kind of scare these guys out of here, we’ve already beaten this team twice we can do it again Get out of here Who sir fetch tank to actually not bad Right cross poison can take this guy out. How many pokeman did he have his name is see. I Turn it to this is getting powerful as well as 64 Cosmic power. Let’s have a quick look. I think that’s Know it on that and we just need damage damage moves, please Buy sharp. Yeah, I’m actually gonna switch send to scorch. You got this bro. Do you like this? I Love to switch over to twitch. Thanks. Oh, no worries. Thank you for tuning in buddy. I Am a good fire lash its that was 64. Oh no. Oh Man that’s so powerful Fine we’ve literally used eternities for this whole time because he’s got a fire move that was that was awkward You’re gonna get some sweet sweet revenge right now karma That’s what I’m talking about. I think it’s cuz his Pokemon is slightly a higher level than us Do blade I’m gonna stay in this is the only fire type I have now He’s only got four pokemon exactly the same for Pokemon easy It does remind me of Squidward, yeah, he’s right Aegislash is the original sword and shield. You’re right where I’m gonna switch Pokemon Cuz we got a dallisa port to deal with and I think a brave bird should be able to sort him out Here we go brave bird, let’s go I don’t think it’s to knock him out though. It’s quite a high level No, not bad though at least econ dip he can’t get out of here Easy we’re out. I’m gonna pray but just in case e4 restores he didn’t but it’s all good for the third time You’re gone The sweet taste of defeats roll those eyeballs back my friend I’m getting lots of money from these guys though. I’m gonna be able to flex on them real nice Always crying. Yeah. Oh geez. Oh, No, hold up a second. I think it’s Oh What was that sound oh Wait, that might be them Let’s go okay. I need to change my party Pokemon so I don’t want to send out a turn assist Against um, no, I don’t do that either. Come on. This is not the time to miss quick I think this is gonna be it guys I need to He’s fainted as well sort of annoying I would have to heal Just in case we’s do another battle. So let’s do max survived simply scorch let’s do a Yeah, that should be enough this one korbinite And then we’re gonna no idea me to do that. Just wasted a high proportion on six points Who Stryper first? My popcorn and I actually Yes, Duke over now I want something that’s not gonna do too much damage. So I want to I’d only kill the legendary. I need to catch it. Oh Wait, here it is. It’s the shield one though. Remember I’ve got the sword They came forward that’s cool. I love I didn’t like the legendaries at first, but they look so cool in the game The other ones gotta come surely Samus enters in pain Yes, this is your fault hot thank you for realizing that Oh What should I do you can you can hurt him that’s fine. He’s trying to mimic your hairstyle he is Going to town and so as much destruction as you can I don’t think he’s gonna do that Samus enter I hate to admit it, but if anyone can stop it has to be you. Oh Why me every time Hawk was supposed to be when the hero is my friends? Come on. Oh, no Okay, I gotta go Gugu Sama Center appeared. Okay. I did not expect this. I was expecting to attach the sword legendary I don’t even know if I can catch it Don’t let shield I didn’t get a chance to save Okay, I’m going to can we throw Any balls, you can’t throw a Pokeball? Oh, man. Oh This is actually super effective. There’s no music. This is freaky It’s too quiet It’s a level 70 as well. I think I have to kill it so I’m gonna just going straight him for a very brave bird It says I can’t do the pokeballs Which is what it said before and this is the shield legendary so I don’t think I’m gonna wear to a cat shit. Sorry sorry, I Didn’t want to do it I didn’t want to do it to you Was I gonna do that? I was gonna do that right? I thought that was the wrong thing to do now. Oh No Was I’m gonna catch it? Okay, I wasn’t phoo phoo Please don’t say I needed to catch that. Whoa, hops gonna get destroyed don’t mine. Oh, Wait, here we go Stations here You know hop almost got murdered by a Pokemon that’s tragic Thanks for saving musician, oh I’ve seen that meme the the meme of the walking around he’s gone Oh Hops going. Oh great. Give me that shield boy Took back the rusted shield swiped it from in front of him I’m not sure hops the best person to go with and go and do this Yeah, why do we look possessed oh geez Station Is there a third option where you can just take the hair off despite the police Station stares into your eyes our nurse embarrassing look at my eyes. They got fire in them And it turns around and walks away Right, oh is this where I can catch him? Pokemons waiting for me. Oh It’s happening now, okay. Now I can save I would sort of autosave just in case I mess this up, okay Let’s turn this off and this is where we can catch the legendary Our second legendary. Let’s go Let’s do it Just in case I messed it up. We can soft reset gives you a calm. Look ready. The rusted swords cat station. Yes Here we go, oh I only just realized that’s that different forms. I Look really calm actually That was their normal form, this is their actual form I’m gonna throw a quick ball. Oh, no. Wait, I thought what cool tonight might die. I Should have healed up first It’s okay. It’s okay quick ball if this works, I’m gonna I don’t know what I’ll do It can’t work. Oh I thought I was gonna work for a sec two rolls on a quick ball. I was amazing Korbinite, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. This happened to you. You took one for the team it could have happened Right, we won’t effective but not super effective so we don’t want to knock it out. We just want to we just want to chill All right, Brick Break, oh no Holy moly It’s so powerful that was a kryptonite It is so much damage Get him off blade. Oh my goodness. It Oh buddy was seven HP left. Come on. Oh, Poor Farfetch’d oh look at that. That’s so epic how am I gonna catch this I might send in sir rhyme, actually, I Always put him sir rhyme, I think it’s because that was the rumored name before let’s try it hypnosis Send him to sleep real fast Oh No Yes, mr. Ram, you have to hit this that’s what I’m talking about buddy Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep little legendary I’m just gonna try and whistling down a little bit more It’s probably not the Pokemon to do it. Definitely not the Pokemon to do it About 57 all tours. This is will not weaken up at all. But he is asleep. Yeah quick ball was way better Dude I might just throw ultra balls your heavens just well he’s asleep 1 2 3 Oh I’m not masterful in that let’s go. We’ve got it in the ultra ball Mr. Ryan Coming in clutch with that gnosis Let’s go. Oh, it was easy haha Here of many battles. Let’s go Should we add them to the party for the lulz? Let’s do it to legendaries. I don’t even care I’m taking out rid of him Welcome to the team placed on your back Amazing well, that was that was good What now oh No, you know what guys just leave Hey you spiky head Our brother and I will atone for our crimes, please escort us to the appropriate place They mean I prison or the hairdresser’s what are they talking about I Remember in a broom. I need to just move someone over. I don’t feel smells juste. Thank you for the prime sub Sorry, it took me a couple minutes to get there I drew. Yeah, we are so close to a million views Video will be on on YouTube. Nori 100 bits Thank You. Roscoe. Oh, here’s a thumbs up Thank you for the hundred bit. Thumbs up. Appreciate it. I Can’t ask you for to give but if you speak I can’t ask you to forgive me it definitely not you’re a Stone-cold traitor you’re the worst traitor in this whole game Get out of here you punks apart from peers peers is a good one. Oh Yeah, wait, what about hot are you okay, buddy? Oh No Of course diamond center here with me If he’s caused a magenta no no look he needs my help, of course, he does the heart of summering wields Yeah, ken was used I already have that move I think Well, there we go, let’s also save this bad boy and put that back on Didn’t even need it. I didn’t mess up once we almost put it in a quick ball as well. Just crazy We used a slumbering world pretty desperately. Let’s go We fly to some ring wheels we can right let’s go I’m not to go through the maze again. I’ll see you guys I’ll see you guys there. Oh All right, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be near the end guys this is quail or post game actually There’s a love like oh, no, what are you doing here? Okay. I’m singing ignore you. Bye Wait, I wonder if she will take us straight there like a fast travel. Oh, yes. I guessed it. All that was pure luck look Are you gonna catch it it’s still evil please don’t actually you can eat hop He’s working You’re the true hero who protected the Gallo region her bark sees a puppy dog, really Yes, what on top you actually did something good Will he catch it though. I’m not saying hope you’re amazing. I can’t do it Wait, really, you’re sure about this He thinks I’m worthy of it that’ll become my Pokemon, huh, you are so lucky So lucky he didn’t even have to catch it Here I go then He’s ready There wasn’t even a pokeball in his hand And he caught it in a pokeball. I don’t even know what to say about this anymore. This man luckiest pokemon trainer in the world Pop quartz amaz, enter congratulations claps for you. Well the Yeah, hop had hacks, what’s that about oh No, don’t please don’t ask me to battle you. Oh Oh I don’t even know what to say. He wants a battle right here For goodness sake um, this is this is number 10. I’m pretty sure this is victory number 10. I’m coming for you, bro I’m coming straight at you. Actually my post one might be weak. Yeah, they’re definitely very weak. Can I go too? Can I go to the Pokemon Center real quick? You know, I can’t evolve to go to the Pokemon Center. I’m gonna use my items. This has to be one of the last Last battles right? It must be Just Mac’s revival DS I can afford them about five hundred twenty-eight thousand We’re gonna do a max for restore foundation Dan later gets absolutely destroyed by hot. Yeah, that’s true. Maybe that will happen Okay, we need to choose He’s got the short item. What does that mean? Check the summary Said that hero uses sword and hot terrible. Oh, it doesn’t actually do anything. I thought was to do something. What should we lead with? Sation is a Fairy type. Oh just straight fairy. Oh, I didn’t know that. Okay, we’re gonna start with korbinite them Let’s go dude final battle. I’m ready for you. Let’s do this battle number 10 Check you should do a Nuzlocke. I almost knows look this game, but i’m glad I didn’t it was quite difficult at times I’m not very good at my type. So Things would have ended real seriously. We would have got to this far. Anyway, thank you for hundred bits, dude Yeah, I didn’t know there were fairy types double wow, okay, I Should have known you were gonna start with that. He’s finally going sick Pokemon Level 69. Whoa, okay. He’s going to surface pretty desperate Oh That’s powerful He just did almost exactly half to me. I bet I’ll be faster. Oh, no, hops gonna destroy me. Oh, Okay, okay, okay, it’s it’d be like that huh if you like that position Sacred sword is going to destroy your double. Fella. Okay. Oh Yeah intrepid sword attack Rose a comedy that just happened at least we have another fighting move There it comes yeah, you’re out of here now sweet sweet revenge a car, will you stop now after all the trash talk He’s now gonna send in Snorlax no, no no no no. Oh actually I can stay in kana Using a lot of Legendary’s today, which isn’t too bad. We do have two of them Secret sword take the Snorlax out easy mode Pinkerton I like to see if I can sweep ization to be honest I don’t know why he still has this Pokemon. It’s got a butt for a face. We’re gonna sacred sort it. See what happens Always survives, I Think this means it switches out right? I know it doesn’t. Okay, never mind use a forest or a tete. Oh, it’s cute real cute Chop that button too easy Can you turn bow animations on they are on Intel yawn. Oh no, I switched out REO. Boom. Okay. What do we do now help? We are gonna go We could do how much this bear Hamas played a hundred Let’s just try and stay in the see what happens That was 70 he trains quick we could sword stunts. I want a sword stuns Them swords Every cool if you could unlock the sword is your hair light styles that we call Well that a decent damage How much this gonna do now? I Probably shouldn’t risk this. I probably should have healed first. Okay, nevermind those powerful Corvin I yeah, I’m gonna switch that up real quick Center scourge, he’s gonna be weak. I thought I’m just gonna do anyway, I feel like sense of sports keeps getting wrecks like stray away And then he’s got one left right pretty sure Yeah one left after this Fire lash let’s go. Oh, no, it’s gonna sting It’s not too bad though. Oh We got burned all gutted Okay, that should have done more damage that would have been nice mr. Fence fell as well I Don’t forget to attack first now though, right cuz its powerlessness. Yeah, we’re dead Nice, try sense always survived. It’s the burden The burn reduces his attack. Oh That was colosseo like that the skill Right zammis enter is up next weirdly enough It’s very state changes when it’s in battle very steal Does that mean Center sports is gonna be good against it? Let’s do the showdown at janitors versus Versus Amma’s enter Ivan. That’s gonna be a cool one This is the kind of strange feeling I’m having are you feeling it – I don’t you not really Kicking wallies down Here it is, the ordinate shirred would increase defense, right? Yeah. There we go Right, let’s flamethrower psychic fangs was not expecting those to come out Well, that did not do that much damage at all did it He’s gonna knock me out I might do a quick heal up on center sports To a forest door Looks like zamars enter wins his power of the legendaries. He’s cheating with the psychic bangs though. Didn’t know you had those just em Yeah, both legendaries are pretty cool right-center scorched let’s do this burn him At least this one was a little bit of a better fight Let’s do a flame for Exodus special Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me Yes tanked that Let’s go one more attack we should be good Boom Here we go Send the sports the centipedes take it down the legendary Pokemon As she might be a millipedes, I don’t know which ones which Actually, he’s neither he doesn’t have enough legs and Yet again Hawk. You have been beaten by me. You need to just stop challenging me to battles, please Yeah Sad again This is a cool place as well you really are strong getting this beat getting beat this time for a bit different you Know what I think I found a dream of my own. What’s it gonna be? Huh? I want to know I want to be someone who can help out poke when they’re in trouble wherever they are a Pokemon professor You’re gonna take her job. Oh goodness, hop, you know, what as long as you leave me alone. That’s fine They’re gonna handshake that’s what I’m talking about The reason he’s becoming a pokémon professor though. It’s because you just want to get beat by me again. Oh Look she’s gonna say she’s some offering him the assistant job. That’s kind of cool. What? Oh, yeah, she doesn’t have an assistant anymore. Does she the last one was a traitor? Oh I got hopefully card great Okay, what are you guys doing here Everyone’s here the whole gang I’ve come to meet with the young master dantdm Didn’t get the chance to properly apologize. I don’t quite want to want to hear it unless you’re gonna shave your head That’s the only the only way I’ll forgive you And for that, we are truly sorry look out our sorriness let us make it up words now They’re calling me a celebrity Which you must be away are taught to apologize suppose you troubled awaits. Okay, fair enough go shave your heads guys Make noise. Thank you for hundred bits buddy. Appreciate it I love pound a cute moment. You have my full support. That’s cute. That’s really cute. Oh Yeah diamonds diamonds the strike that it doesn’t work it just doesn’t work Here we go epic montage out, is that our post game done Are they gonna show us the credits again the ends we did it? We did it that was way more Content than I thought I was gonna be at the ends. That’s pretty cool. We didn’t manage to catch zation Those two guys made my day no go I that’s the hardest. I’ve lost a video game for a while When those two just came out of nowhere. That was great. I love that You don’t have a phone call though Eventually across the gallery jeans find many more penguins batsmen catch the battle Tara’s opens, which is cool But I don’t think I’m that good But we arrived home and this is a great place to spin and throw out our diamonds Okay, my trainee don’t want to do it. There you go the final team Korbinites, er fetched who died many times. Mr. Ryan also died many times sent a scorch ization and Eternities who put in big work today guys if you watch this on youtube. Thank you so much for watching this series It’s been a crazy one. It’s been a long one and has honestly been one of my favorite Pokemon games ever Is that the game complete drew yeah, that is the game complete So guys, thank you for joining me for this journey. It’s been it’s been a good one as I said Pokemon is one of the reasons why even started YouTube So the fact I can still play through a Pokemon game and you guys still watch it and supports it The series has done really well So greatly appreciated that you watched it and I hope you enjoyed the finale If you did leave a like the Macrinus appreciated subscribe If you’re brand new as well that we greatly appreciate – – and hopefully next year We’ll have another Pokemon game to play through. So for now. This is our Pokemon journey or Raptor Thanks for watching guys. Yeah, I So that was my outro to the to the video Now get shield. I’m not doing that again So that’s my outro to the video. I think I’m gonna stop the stream now as well That was way longer than I thought it was gonna be Thank you so much for joining me for the end of Pokemon a sword and shield I guess it’s slightly different in shield. But thank you so much Again, I wouldn’t be doing YouTube or twitch or any of this stuff without pokeman in the first place. Not at this scale Not at the time that I did anyway, so thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t done so yet Please do follow the stream that’d be greatly appreciated because Then you know when I go live next I think I’m gonna try and go live tomorrow if I have time for the fort night Event, which should be fun. I think it’s Star Wars, which would be quite nice But um, thank you so much Giroux for all your bits today You’ve given it a lot of a lot of bits today. So, thank you Thanks to everyone the subs followed all that good stuff, and I’ll see all of you all you in the next one See you later guys. Have a great day I’ll see you soon. Bye


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