Basic1 Kung fu Horse stance
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Basic1 Kung fu Horse stance

This basic stance is called a horse stance. making method is … one, two, three, four The reason why the feet moving zigzag, This is the process of setting the position of the feet to suit the physical condition of the trainee. Next, lower the stance, At this position, the feet’s directions are parallel. This feet’s shape can make posture difficult … When this problem, can widen the angle of feet. However, there’s a large difference between open and parallel feet. When it is made parallel, the balance of forward and backward is more stable. The upper body’s pose made like this. Hold it for 20 seconds to 1 minute, or more than. Then change direction, In fact, there are many changes of upper body’s moving in the training. So, the lower body’s stance is the important. .. Next, from the side, one, . . four At this time, there are cases where the discomfort
of the lower back part. Don’t pull the hips back too far, pull forward a little, Such discomfort is alleviated. And the gaze looks at the fist direction …

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