Barrister Babu – 5th March 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode
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Barrister Babu – 5th March 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

‘Hold it like a kite.’ ‘Twirl… …as if you’re dancing.’ ‘Count… …till five.’ ‘Then tuck it in.’ Again my stomach is grumbling. What to do now? I’ll drink water and
satiate my hunger. But I won’t eat food until
‘Bashi Biye’ ritual is done. Until I express my
feelings today… …I won’t leave. Did I ask you to leave? You chose to leave. Can’t you spare
some moments for me? I was going to handover
my entire life to you. I want to say something. I know what you will say. You have come to invite me… …for your ‘Bashi Biye’ custom. You know that I got married. But won’t you like to know
why did I get married, Mini? Will this change what you did? At least it can lessen your
burden, right? It will hurt for
just few more days. Then I will get habituated
of this burden, Anirudh. Won’t I go through pain if you do? If I hadn’t married her…
You don’t know… I don’t want to hear
anything about her. I know very well why
did you marry her. Her long hair has
mesmerized you, right? She has driven you crazy, right? You got spellbound
by her hair, right? You got carried away, right? She gained control over you, right? Mini! – Can you even compare
her hair with that of mine? I too had you enchanted by them. How did I lose control over you? Listen to me, Mini. Before anyone enters and I
fail to express my feelings… …let me speak. Try to understand.
– Why? Don’t you time for me now? Whom are you afraid of? That magician? No! How could I forget it? You must be in a hurry… …for your ‘Bashi Biye’
custom, right? Because you will have
your wedding night… …only after ‘Bashi Biye’
custom… – Stop it, Mini! Stop your nonsense!
Stop being senseless. Am I talking nonsense? You’ve done a great job, right? You call me senseless? You’ve been highly sensible
by breaking my heart, right? You gave me false hopes. Then you married someone else. Whom are you fooling?
Me? Or yourself? Mini, I am not bluffing anyone. If you will listen to the
reason for me marrying… …her, all the
misunderstandings will be solved. Please believe me. – How do
you expect me to believe you? I will wear a heavy saree. I will wear heavy ornaments too. I will follow the rituals too. The pain will subside. But mom will be here, right? So I’m ready for the
ritual of ‘Bashi Biye’. If my mom was here,
she would have told me… …you look beautiful! Mini. I didn’t love you… …because you are beautiful. I love you… …because I feel
you belong with me. So you did not love me
because I’m beautiful, right? If that’s the case then… …how did she convince
you with her open hair? It is because her hair is
better than mine, right? Be honest to me. However… …what’s the use of
maintaining such hair… …that can’t control you. Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? You can’t differentiate… …between right and wrong! Anirudh sir. Trilochan Sir has asked for you… …for the ritual of ‘Bashi Biye’. Just go. I’ll be there. He has ordered in particular
that I should bring you along. He asked me to tell you… …that it is far
more important for… …you to participate in that… …ritual over there. Just go, Anirudh. Go to your dear and
beautiful wife… …for the ritual
of ‘Bashi Biye’. Did you not hear what he said? Right now, nothing is
important for you than that. Why are you wasting
your time on… …a worthless and
silly girl like me? Go. She will be waiting for you. Your angel of a wife. All the guests have left. Now you too may
return to your home. Is that how you
speak to your elders? Who gave you the right… …to send someone back? Apologize to Biraad. Apologize, I say! I will do… …whatever you say. But I can’t apologize to her. For the sin she has committed… …if you get to know that… …even you will be upset. What has she done now? She is new here and
she knows it already. She was hugging… …father in private. He also gifted her… …a necklace.
– A necklace? What necklace? Answer me. Which necklace? Trilochan, congratulations
on Anirudh’s wedding. Where is the newly wed couple? There was no celebration and… …you got him married? We had to. Actually… …there was an auspicious time. And if we had waited any longer… …for many years we
didn’t have a date. That’s fine.
The one who married Anirudh… …I am sure she is lucky. Call the groom and the bride. Bihari! How did she come out like this? I don’t think anyone
dressed her up. She is still a little girl. Look at Anirudh’s wife’s state. ‘Go, Anirudh… …to your beautiful wife… …for the ‘Bashi Biye’ ceremony.’ ‘Your angel of a wife
must be waiting for you.’ No ritual will take place here. All of you may go back. How much more will
you embarrass me? Tell me! Without asking me… …you married a girl from a
poor family, wasn’t that enough? In front of everyone… …you are ruining our reputation. ‘What are uncle… …and husband talking about?’ ‘I can’t hear them.’ If you respect me even a little… …Anirudh… …then sit down and
complete the tradition. Insulting you will not
make me happy, uncle. But tell me,
who forced me to do this? I told you I don’t want all this. Okay. Don’t do this today. And stop calling me
uncle from tomorrow. Forget about the love… …that I showered you with. Stop caring… …about what matters to me. I am not your dad after all. Uncle… Uncle, I respect you a lot. I respect you the most
in the family. But you need to understand, uncle. What I did, it wasn’t a wedding. Have you started
marriage as a charity? Is that enough… …or do you intend to more such
social service in the future? Uncle,
it wasn’t a social service… …or a favor to that girl. I got married only to save
her life and you know that. So please stop forcing
husband-wife’s relation upon me. The relation won’t
end just by saying so. Was it forced upon you… …or you chose it willingly? Anirudh, nothing will change… …by not acknowledging
her as your wife. She is your wife! That is the identity of that girl. No! Why are we discussing
this topic time and again? Your reasoning will
have no affect on me. So I choose to abstain from
performing those rituals. That was my choice and
this is also my choice. Anirudh. Before I make any mistake… …please leave from here, priest. No ritual will be performed here. So, I urge all of you to leave. I respectfully request
you to leave. ‘Nobody understands me.’ ‘Neither uncle,
nor dad and not even Mini.’ ‘I do not understand my husband.’ ‘Alright.’ ‘Take your mother along. Happy?’ ‘I will come after
a couple of days.’ ‘There will be many rituals
at your in-laws’ place.’ ‘I will come once
everything is done.’ ‘How will mom come to me… …if my husband doesn’t
complete the rituals?’ I couldn’t muster
courage to say it. He crossed the limit,
so I had to say. How could someone… …with his own sister’s husband…
– Enough! Don’t utter a single word anymore. How do you know
that I have crossed a limit? Do you know who I am? Didn’t your husband tell you… …how I’m related to him? How can you call
me a home wrecker? Don’t forget, Sampoorna… …you are the daughter-in-law
of this house because of me. I’m Saurabh’s mom. Surmani is not your mother-in-law. Yes. You are my mom. But no one becomes a mom
only by delivering a child. Saurabh. The one that nurtures… …teaches you values… …always wishes
about your well-being… …loves you a lot… …is a mom. Even if she has given me birth… …she is my mom. Let it be. Leave it. Are you shocked after
hearing the truth? Please make it a habit
to listen to all this, Sampoorna. I’m habitual to it. Why wouldn’t I accept it? I’m a sterile after all. If I could’ve conceived a child… …why would your father-in-law
marry another woman? No, right? I don’t have any
problem with Biraad. I just love her as a sister. Because without her… …I wouldn’t have a son… …like Saurabh. You have to do as your
mother-in-law says. Please forgive me. Why are you looking at me? I’m crying because of you. I’m very hungry… …right now. But I didn’t have… …food at all. I have tied a cloth
over my stomach. Do you know why? Because it’s a
tradition to eat after… …the ‘Bashi Biye’
ritual is performed. But you didn’t perform it. It’s a ritual. It’s not as
important as keeping a promise. You can eat. Let me tell Bihari. No! Firstly, tell me… …why did you deny
to perform the ritual? I was not in a mood. Is it so important to
perform the ritual? We have to do it for mom. Will mom come here if… …the rituals aren’t completed?


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