Barrister Babu – 4th March 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode
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Barrister Babu – 4th March 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

Anirudh doesn’t like anyone… …to go to him and disturb him.
– I will touch his feet. How will he get disturbed if I… …bend to touch his feet? Don’t make excuses. Is it necessary
for you to touch his feet? It is not necessary for
me to touch his feet. But he is my husband after all. And mom had told
me that it is… …extremely important
for me to touch his feet. Did mom tell you everything? You are a brown noser of your mom! I’m not a brown noser! I’m the daughter of my mom. Let my mom come. I will complain
about both of you. I will make sure that
she pulls your ear! It seems, he is silly! What did you say?
Did you call me silly? I heard it.
Now nothing can save you. Today you will be
hung upside down! What do you say, Som? Husband! Husband! Please listen to me. ‘Listen!’ Please open the door! Husband! Please let me inside! Wives are meant to serve… …and not disturb. Do punish me if I disturb you. Husband! Husband! Husband! What is this that you keep saying? You always keep calling
yourself my wife! What are you trying to prove… …by calling yourself my wife? Husband, she says! Tell me. Did I not
make you understand? Don’t annoy Anirudh! You don’t understand!
– Does she pay heed to anyone? She is absolutely stubborn! She needs to be punished! She should be thrown
out of this house! What do you say, Som? What do you need? Food? Then… How will I understand
if you don’t tell me? I will say it only if you… …do not get angry with me. I will not. Just tell me now. You are my husband, right? Mom had asked me to… …touch your feet
every morning. Step off! You will never touch my feet! It is not right! Why do you want
to touch my feet? Did no one at home tell you… …why it is so important for a
wife to touch her husband’s feet? No. And I don’t even want to know. You should never be ashamed… …in asking about… …what you don’t know.
– Who said this? Your mom? No. My dad said this. Thank goodness… …your dad told
you about something. Yes. And then mom said…
– Mom, again? Yes. Because even I didn’t know earlier. My mom said to me
before marriage… …that husband is next to God. And one must seek blessings… …from God by touching His feet. Don’t you wish to bless me? Who am I to bless you? How is husband next to God? Tell me. Do I look like a God? No! You don’t look like one. But mom said to me that… …you helped me like a God. No! Neither have I done
anything nor am I God. But they say… …that a husband is next to God. Will you jump in the
well if everybody else does? Can’t you use your brains? Look at me. I have two hands… …I have two legs, two ears,
two eyes and one nose. Just like you do. Do I look any different? Are my eyes emitting light? When God has created husband,
wife, brother, sister… …male, female similarly… …why can’t we consider
each other equal? Why is it so important
for one of them to be… …considered as God? You speak so well. And I speak the truth. If you’re right… …why do uncle, aunt, and… …the villagers speak wrong? Ma’am. Why are you offering me the food? I said, I don’t wish to eat. Take it away, then! Ma’am, please have something. Can’t you understand what I said? I won’t spare you… …if you dare to
offer me food again. You may leave, Koyli. There’s no need to
vent anger on Koyli. I don’t want to have food.
I’m not hungry. Whatever was left in
between Anirudh and you… …is over now as you have… …returned his stuff. My dear,
we mourn the one who is dead… …and not get angry at them. Read this. Why everybody is wrong… …why it’s important to
consider females as equal… …I think you should find
the answers to the… ….questions by yourself
and understand it. Here. I will. Tell me where the
answer is hidden. Read it. The answers to your questions
are hidden in this book. Grandma, do relationships
end so easily? I am still alive. Then how can my love
die so easily? I have liked Anirudh
since I was a girl. When I used to play with dolls… …the Anirudh was
always the male doll. You know everything. Then why are you
asking me to stay calm? In no time Anirudh
changed everything. But how can I change? Anirudh meant the world to me. How… How could he marry someone else? He is so cold hearted. He forgot about
how I feel about him. Place your hand on your heart. Is it cold? If not… …then how can Anirudh’s
heart be cold? Both of you feel the same, right? Can he ever hurt you? Can you even imagine that? Ask yourself and not me. You know Anirudh better. You are right, grandma. Who knows Anirudh
better than me? He cannot be cold hearted. He is crazy, stubborn
and short-tempered. He fights with me. But he cares about me. It is impossible that he will… …be happy by… …hurting me. He cannot love anyone more than me. He cannot. I am sure she is behind it. She must have lured him
towards her with magic. Right, grandma? Here, look into Anirudh’s room. Why?
– Do it! Or do you want to hurt me too? Bhari (heavy)! It’s not Bhari (heavy). It’s Bihari. I weigh only 100 kilograms. What is it? This is a typewriter. What? Tip… Tipri… It looks weird. Is it of some use or no? It must be of use. That’s why Anirudh… …keeps doing something
all night long… …on this machine. What do you mean? Bis… Bis… Bister Babu? It’s not Bister Babu. It’s Barrister Babu! Bari… Baris… Bari… Bari… Bihari,
you cannot explain it to her. You focus on your chores. Well, ma’am. I’ll make a move now, okay? Who moved Goddess
Durga from Her spot? Did you see anyone? Whom to look at? Anirudh’s wife. Who else? Did you see her? Yes. Will you just stand there… …or tell me how she looks? Tell me. Is she beautiful? Do you think Anirudh loves
you only for your… …beauty? Grandma,
it doesn’t matter what I feel. Now tell me how does she look? How should I tell you?
Her back is facing me. All I could see are
her long tresses. I knew it. That she would have long hair. She must have charmed
Anirudh with her long tresses. Grandma, tell me it’s a lie… …that witches with long
hair can’t charm men. Can I leave early today? Actually, many guests
are coming today… …to the Roy Chaudharys’ mansion. There’s a ritual at their house… …for Anirudh and his new wife. What is this? Get more flowers. Listen!
Make more dishes and sweets. There shouldn’t be
shortage of anything. Guests should be
served generously. Everything should be arranged
as per our standards. Keep in mind. It’s not a ritual for
any ordinary person… …but for Anirudh,
the son of a wealthy landlord. Everyone till Calcutta (present day
Kolkata) should know about this. Anirudh has fought for
the freedom of this country. Or did he get married to
a Lord Governor’s daughter? Trilochan. The guests will
come and see that… …the daughter-in-law
of Roy Chaudharys… …is a poor village girl… …then we will be humiliated… …in all over Calcutta
(present day Kolkata). You want to celebrate
our humiliation. Why do you want to celebrate
Anirudh’s mistake? Binoy, these are called
custom and tradition. It’s not a play. Wearing western attire… …you will not
understand all that. I will not let the reputation of
Roy Chaudharys gets tarnished. Our daughter-in-law’s
poverty will hide… …beneath the glamour… …of our wealth. Okay. Do whatever you want to. If you feel that Anirudh
gets irritated… …of all this and
realizes that he… …has brought a burden to
this family and not a wife… And not just his career
but the entire… …Roy Chaudhary family can
get curbed under that burden. So I won’t stop you, Trilochan. You may do whatever you want to. But please. Don’t expect me to be
a part of this custom. I can’t tolerate
that uncultured… …and poor girl
anymore, Trilochan. Binoy.
– ‘Father.’ Congratulations. Thank you! Okay. My son’s and … …daughter-in-law’s ‘Bashi
Biye’ custom is done. Yes. Wedding is considered to
be incomplete without customs. Yes. Daughter-in-law,
this is ‘Gangajal’. Sprinkle it all over the house. Goddess Durga! How did you like it? I love it. ‘What is happening over here?’ ‘My mother-in-law’s sister
is with her husband?’ ‘What kind of a woman she is!’ ‘How could she be so shameless?’ ‘I must inform this
to my mother-in-law.’ Eat food before you leave. I’m cooking food for
all of you today. Mother.
– Yes. Actually…
I want to tell you something. Daughter-in-law? Did the house
get set on fire? No, right? So we can talk later on, too. Now I have to cook food for
the guests. Goddess Durga! ‘I don’t know how to
tell this to you.’ ‘Already your house
is on fire, mother.’ ‘You are taking care of the guests
and responsibilities over here.’ ‘But your sister… …is snatching away your husband.’ Daughter-in-law. Why did you come here
before the customs are done? I’m hungry.
What do you expect me to do? No one came to give me food though
my husband had ordered for it. Won’t you get angry if I’ll
enter the kitchen and eat food? You won’t get food. What? I’ll die out of hunger
if I won’t get food. Girls must control both
their tongue and hunger. This is better for them. ‘When God has made
a husband and his wife… …a brother and his sister
and everyone else equal… …then why can’t we
treat each other equally?’ When a man and a woman
and a husband and his… …wife are equal to each other… …then why should
only the girl be quiet? Why should only
the girl stay hungry? Who taught this to you?
Your mother? My husband said this to me. And my mom has asked me to obey… …everything my husband
asks me to do. Oh, God! I can’t believe
the kind of things… …that Anirudh teaches you. Can a man and a woman
ever be equal to one another? Never! Men always have a higher status
than that of women. Understand? Why is that? Do men have three
eyes instead of two? Do men have three
ears instead of just two? I haven’t seen anything like that! Is this the time to argue? Anirudh studied law. He doesn’t know about
the ancient scriptures. I will teach you and
Anirudh about it later. Now go to your room. And I have kept an expensive
‘sari’ and jewelry for you. Put them on. For the ‘Bashi Biye’ ritual. Listen! You cannot eat anything… …until the ceremony is over. Understand? Why are only girls supposed
to fast all the time? I can eat…
– Didn’t you hear me? Go! I am really hungry. How do I quell my hunger? Yes! I’ll hold on to my stomach… …until the… …’Bashi Biye’ ritual is over. I won’t feel hungry then. Mom will be able to come to me… …only if the customs
are completed. How will I wear a ‘sari’?

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