Barrister Babu – 3rd March 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

‘What is happening out here?’ Goddess Durga! Come at once!
I will accompany you too. What happened, Sampoorna?
Why is everyone rushing off? How can we stay here when… …all the men will be present here? We will have to leave, right? Come on! Let’s go! Where did she go? Is she in some danger? In fact that little
girl is dangerous. Somu was saying so. But to be honest,
she is not as saintly… …as you think. I’m sure she would be
already up to some new antics. She is innocent. She is not mischievous. I should go and check on her. If I don’t find her… …I will have to head
to the police station. Som.
Batuk. You all go and look
for your sister-in-law. Sir, I told you that she… …is not here in this room. ‘Bondita, you are caught.’ ‘Now be ready to get punished.’ Sir! You are here, right? Allow me to pinch you. You just need to bring your
cheeks closer to know if I’m here. Will you please explain
what’s happening out here? Well… …is it nice… …to shout at children? I just asked you. You can shout at me if you want. If you want you can…
– Why will I… Why will I shout at you? You were working out, right? It is nice… …to work out.
– What did you say? Excer… I just have one head! You did not check
the room properly… …and told me that the
child isn’t inside the room. Bihari, you are so careless. Sir, I checked the nooks
and crannies of this room. She wasn’t in this room. Is that so? How did this
child come here from, then? Did she just appear
out of the air? Can we appear out of the air? Do you know to
perform such magic? So you think that this child… …entered through a window? ‘Did Mr. Anirudh get
to know about it?’ Bihari! Don’t you smell something? ‘If Mr. Anirudh has smelled
it, he will also find it.’ ‘He will know that I
wet the bed at night.’ No. Can’t you both smell it? Did you think… …that I will not know? Bihari! Is this not the smell of the oil
that you applied on your hair? How many times have I
told you not to apply it? Please go and wash your head. Sir, this is mustard oil.
– Can’t you hear? Moreover… …please give
breakfast to this child. Please clean that
room meant for guests. Please also… …get my room cleaned. ‘If they clean my room… …they will know that I… …wet my bed yesterday.’ Meanwhile I’ll be in my study room.
– No! I will not leave this room. Am I a guest in this house? No, but… – Then why can I
not stay in this room? My room is where… …your stuff is kept, right? Please allow me to stay here. But… But… Fine. It is fine. You may stay in this room. Where will you stay, sir? From today,
I will stay in my study. Please shift my bed over there. ‘Sampoorna was right.’ ‘I should hide… …this chair somehow.’ Did you find her or not? Uncle, you don’t need to
shout so much in this house. Bihari did not search properly. The girl is still in my room.
– What? You have tarnished the
reputation of our house. Aren’t you ashamed? How can both of you… …stay in one room,
Mr. Anirudh? Don’t you know, a husband and
wife can’t stay together… …till… – We are not
husband and wife, uncle. I have told you several times. And if the question is about
staying in my room… …she will stay in my room. I will shift to… …the study room from today. Bihari! Sir! Sir, may the ground… …swallow me up at once. Who? Sir. I mean the liar. Trust me, sir… …the first time… …when I entered the room… …she wasn’t there. But the second time… …when Mr. Anirudh
entered the room… …ma’am was there. Ma’am? There’s something fishy. I’ve heard that… …everybody in the village knows. What?
– Black magic. Yes. I have to dry this chair. Like mother does. The odor will get driven away. But it seems to be too heavy. I can’t pick it up. I put myself in trouble… …one after the other. What should I do? This is such a nice fragrance. It seems all the flowers
from the garden… …are enclosed in this bottle. It’s such an amazing thing. But what it is called?
A garden? No! It makes a whooshing sound. So it would have a
name related to that. Yes, I’m right. There’s no odor in the room now. It will just be fragrant. I have found this magical spray. No one will know… …that I wet the bed at night… …with the help of this magic. Uncle! She was eating a mango
made of mud last night. I tried to stop her… …saying it’s unreal. But she didn’t listen to me. She belongs to a poor family… …with no proper food to eat. Has she even
seen a mango earlier? She would have eaten it
even if it was made of stone. But she must have understood… …by the taste of mud. But still, she finished it all. And with a big burp, she said… …that one isn’t enough. Batuk, are you talking
about this unreal mango? Why? What happened? Are you thinking of how
I got this… …mango out of
the girl’s stomach? Beware, Batuk. If you ever complain
about that girl. She is the lady of this house. Trilochandas, Om,
are you all listening? We have to serve that girl. Don’t forget she is
the lady of the house! Is that clear? What’s the use of closing
the doors and windows? It can’t hide the truth. The truth will be revealed
some day. You know that you have
committed a mistake… …by bringing that girl home. You have to pay for it at
every moment, Anirudh. This wound will remain forever. Stay calm. Binoy. You gave him a chance to
prove his point last night. But he lost it. Anirudh has to accept
that girl… …as his wife at any cost. So, I have sent invitations
to relatives… …for the ‘Bashi Biye’ ceremony. Master. You, girl! What are you doing, Bondita? How did you touch that stuff
without my permission? Like this.
– I know that! So, why did you ask? Trilochan Roy Chaudhary
never asks… …but only gives orders.
Listen to me carefully. Without washing your hands… …you shouldn’t touch
the articles of ritual veneration. Did you bathe? I woke up before everyone… …and took a bath, father. I had to go. Else everyone would
have known that I wet the bed… What? What is it? What about the bed? Why did you wake up before
everyone and bathe? Answer me! The… The bed… One shouldn’t sleep too long. My mother says that. Without taking a bath
in the morning… …and worshiping… …I can’t have my breakfast. That’s good. The Goddess has been kind! Though she sent you
empty handed… …but she taught you some values. Yes, my mother taught
me everything. To eat after my
husband has had his meal. To perform the ritual… …and then enter the house. To understand the
things that elders say. To worship my husband as
if he is God. My mother taught me everything. My mother is very good. I’m very good too. My mother says that. But my aunt doesn’t agree. She used to say, that I would
cause a storm at my in-laws. But did I cause any storm yet? Did I do anything wrong? Tell me? My aunt is impossible. Why do you keep laughing? Why laugh unnecessarily? Laugh unnecessarily? That’s a good rhyme! I like to rhyme. Shall I? Is it necessary to get
scolded for everything? I have used scold instead
of teeth. Keep quiet! You are not an ordinary
girl anymore. From today, you aren’t just
Bondita, but Bondita Roy Chaudhary. You are the eldest daughter-in-law
of the Roy Chaudhary family now. As the eldest daughter-in-law… …you must follow all the
traditions of the family. As you did today… …you must perform the
rituals every morning. You must respect the
honor of this family. I don’t want any excuses. Come on, get started. Trilochan is at it again. Som.
– Yes, dad. Go to Saudamini’s house
and see how she’s doing. I’m very worried about her. Yes. ‘Today’s offering consists
of cashew and pistachio.’ ‘If you leave,
she will have all of it.’ Hey! You can’t… …perform the ritual
without bathing. Didn’t you hear what father said?
– Batuk. Should I send you to her
mother to learn values? The sun is up already. Why didn’t you bathe yet? Go ahead and take a bath.
Else not just the offering… …you won’t get food either. You said it again. Shall I say that too?
One has to bathe… …before having food. Come on, Bondita. “Hail Goddess Durga!” “The destroyer of evil.” “The destroyer of the
demon Mahishasura.” “Hail Goddess Durga!” “Hail Goddess Durga!” “The destroyer of evil.” “The destroyer of the
demon Mahishasura.” “Hail Goddess Durga!” ‘It’s a new beginning of her
life, right?’ ‘New couples have to fulfill
many customs, right?’ ‘Both of them must
be getting ready.’ It’s afternoon already. Anirudh hasn’t come yet. I guess, grandma was correct. He won’t come. Because his wife is
his world now. He is not related to me. Saudamini. Look who has come to meet you. Som. She hasn’t eaten food… …since last night. Won’t she fall ill… …if she behaves like this? Her father isn’t present either. Had he been over here, he would’ve
fed her himself. You used to convince her
whenever she would… …fight with Anirudh, right? So convince her now as well. Sister-in-law. I have always considered
only you as my sister-in-law. Now, too! Except you, I can’t call
anyone my sister-in-law! How does she look? Is she beautiful? Who? Anirudh’s wife. Why don’t you speak? Tell me.
Is she more beautiful than me? Will Anirudh be happy to see you… …in this condition? Is what he did correct? I’m sending food for you. Eat it. Wait, Som. If you can’t answer me… …then will you do me a favor? Tell me.
– I want to present a gift. To your brother Anirudh. Will you give it to him? Please don’t refuse. Greetings, father. Are you wondering… …how did I recognize… …that you are my father in law? May I tell you? I’ll tell you. I recognized you because
I look like my mother. Similarly,
my husband looks like you. If I’m right
then give me a reward. Seems like the daughter-in-law
must be introduced to the family. Your letters… …her gifts… …everything that you are
keeping with you as her memory… …she has asked you to
return all those things. Why is it hurting you? She is alone, right? You’ve already chosen… …your life partner. Do you see me looking happy
about my marriage? Can you understand the
pain I’m going through? Can anyone understand my pain? No! So leave me alone. What have you done, Anirudh? You aren’t happy.
Saudamini sister-in… Saudamini isn’t happy, too. No one at home is happy. Then why did you do this? ‘They will kill my daughter!’ Daughter-in-law, he is Batuk. The youngest brother
of your husband. Need to touch the feet! Touch my feet.
I haven’t refused you. You will have to touch my feet. Why should I? Because I’m taller than you.
Can’t you see? Come on, shorty! Touch my feet. Don’t you want my blessings? Wait! What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? He is Somnath. Your husband second brother. In terms of the relationship,
your status is superior to his. If you touch his feet,
it will make him a sinner. He is younger than my husband. But he is taller and elder than
me, right? After a marriage,
a girl’s status is considered… …according to her
husband’s status. Didn’t your mother teach
you this? Anirudh is the eldest
son of our family! So by that token, you are
the eldest daughter-in-law. Som may be elder
to you, but by relationship… …your status is above his. If I’m elder to them
in terms of relationship… …as an in-law then they
will have to seek my blessings. No! Why should I touch her feet? I won’t treat her
as my sister in law. If you don’t want
to call me that… …then you can call me
by name. Just like Sampoorna
addresses me. Somnath. Mr. Anirudh has lost
himself in the mansion. Would you please find him? Would I not be sinning… …by not seeking his blessings? Why don’t you
just tell the truth… …that you will get
lost in the mansion? Have you ever seen
such a huge mansion before? Batuk! Bondita. Anirudh is in his study. Go and seek his blessings. These are the toys I used
to play with as a kid! You had thrown a tantrum
and I had to give them to you, Mini. This is the top button… …of my favorite shirt. This handkerchief… I had dropped this… …handkerchief out of my pocket… …when I was going
to London to study law. Mini, you kept it with you… …and didn’t even inform me! I’m sure you would always feel
it on your face all the time… …so that you could
feel my presence! Mini! I can’t believe you have kept my… …belongings safely with
you for so many years! Mini, did we only read
each other’s letters? No! We would… …hold them against our
hearts all the time! We would feel… …as if we were
touching each other. We’d get lost in
each other’s breaths… …through our letters! I can still smell you
in your letters, Mini! Mini, are you trying to
keep a distance from me… …by returning these things to me? But you won’t be able to do so.
Do you know why? It’s because you are… …and you always will
reside in my heart forever!

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