Barrister Babu – 25th February 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode
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Barrister Babu – 25th February 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

Why are you following me?
Who are you? I’m Bihari. What? I’m not heavy. I’m Bihari. I’m the servant of this house. Who is a servant? A servant is the one… …who serves his owner. He does all his work… …like serving food and water… …cleaning the house… …and everything else. Why does he do so? Why can’t the owner do all this? She will put my job in danger. What are you saying? There’s a man in our village. Even he can’t do anything… …because he
doesn’t have hands. She seems to be so small… …but talks too much. They are fine… …witty and healthy… …as well. Did you get it? Got it. When sir got married… …ma’am was your age. But she was not at all witty… …and she didn’t talk much. But the new bride… …is too smart. ‘How is it?’ ‘Beautiful.’ ‘Tell me, what does
my face tell you?’ ‘That you will never
break my heart.’ ‘You don’t know how
important you are to me.’ ‘How long must we wait, Anirudh?’ ‘I have to make a swing
of flowers for Mini.’ ‘I will make her sit on
the swing and ask her… …will you marry me?’ ‘Whatever I want to say… …and what you wish to listen… …the night will be the… …witness.’ Oh, Bhaari. It’s Bihari.
Why can’t you get it? You should never back
answer to your owner. Don’t you know? Please forgive me.
I made a mistake. Okay. It’s too heavy. My mother will be here. I will give her a spacious room… …with a large window. Just as I like to eat Rasgullas… …she loves the air coming… …in from the windows. Yes. And I will get beaten up. It’s Trilochan sir’s room. Did you say something? No! Nothing. Uncle and aunt will stay here. Aunt scolds and doesn’t
talk properly… …but she loves me. Let me tell you something. Will you keep it a secret? Yes, sure.
– I observed a fast. Oh, I see.
– But still she fed me ‘Kheer.’ In everybody’s absence. I see! Alright. I have to hide now… …from Mr. Binoy. If he comes to know… …that I was here… …with her… Did you say something?
– No. No! I didn’t. Hold this. And Sampoorna will
get this room. When she visits with her husband
from her in-law’s house. Everyone’s fit in. I don’t
need anymore rooms. You can have this. Alright? I’m thankful to you. Where’s the light coming from?
Let’s check. Listen! Listen! Come with me. Please come with me. You aren’t supposed
to come here. I’m the owner. Didn’t he tell you?
– Yes. Nobody can order the owner
around. My uncle told me this. So, keep quiet! Uncle and aunt were right. My husband’s house
is very beautiful. There’s a garden,
there are trees and a swing. There’s everything here. I will enjoy staying
at my in-laws’ house. I will live a lavish
life here with my mother. Mother was right. I will live like a queen
at my in-laws’ house… …with my husband. ‘You want a name for this
relationship, right?’ ‘I will be her husband!’ We will play and have fun. My husband will keep me happy. Why is she here? Bihari, I asked you
to take her inside. Didn’t you hear me? Why don’t you pay
attention, Bihari? Am I a fool? Bihari, can’t you hear me?
Am I a fool? Answer me! No! I will have to answer. I will. I will give answers, but… …will anyone listen? Does anyone want to hear? What did I do and why? Will anybody listen? Will anybody listen to me? I want to tell everyone. This isn’t my obsession! There must be… There must be a reason
for this craziness. I want to tell everyone! Somebody, listen to me. Listen to me. It was better when he was quiet. I’m saved. But why was he so angry? Why vent on the flowers? It was so beautiful. But he ruined it all. He created a ruckus! When my mother comes,
I will complain to her. That my husband is not a
good man, but a barbarian. Mother, you told me… …that my in-law’s will
serve me delicious food. Had I waited a bit longer… …I would have got
scolded by him. But how do I satisfy my hunger? Wait! Listen. You were looking for me, right? Let’s go. Where
shall we go to eat? You want to eat! At this hour! One can eat at
anytime one wants to. In this house, yes. The rules of this house are strict. Don’t you know that? No one gets to eat after 10 pm. That is what Jethua says. Who is Jethua? How does one come
to know that it is 10 pm? Does one need to ask the time? Or does someone inform us? What if one gets
hungry after 10 pm? Are you a teacher? Why do you ask so many questions? It’s a habit.
– Of asking questions? No. I have a habit of eating. In the morning… …in the afternoon… …in the evening… …and at night. My mother never used to consider
the time to give me food. Your mother isn’t here. So, you will only get
to eat tomorrow. Mother may not be here,
but I am still hungry. I can’t sleep on an empty stomach. So, I can’t wait until
tomorrow to eat. You are still behaving
in a crazy manner! I thought you had
gone to meet Saudamini. Are you a kid? Do you like
to behave so childishly? And if not… …then accept your
mistake and undo it! Go and meet your father! Go and meet Saudamini! Anirudh. This is not something
that cannot be undone. It can be undone! Your haughty
and stubborn attitude… …has caused harm
to no one else but you! Go. Go and meet Saudamini! Your mind will get unencumbered. You’ll feel better. Your mind will be at peace. You’ll be able to make
the right decision… …about your future. Go. Som. Before someone else
informs Saudamini… …you need to go and tell
her what Anirudh has done. Do you want me to go? Do you want me to go? Saudamini. I am not yet your sister-in-law. I…
– But I will. That is for sure. You did not say that. It is Anirudh who will say
that to me today. Right? Where’s Anirudh? Has he summoned me? Do I look okay? Is there anything
lacking in my attire? Shall we go? I was here to tell you… I was told that some special
arrangements had been made. Is that true? Forget about that. Anirudh won’t be able to bear
to see my mouth gaping… …wide with surprise. Honestly, I am dying for him… …to tell me that he loves me. He thinks he’s going
to blow my mind. But little does he know… …that he will get his
mind blown today. Anirudh won’t be able… …to take his eyes off me. Do you want to bet on that? Anyway, forget it. Because you also know it. I will win the challenge. Shall we go? You will lose the challenge today. I mean, Anirudh has come back. But… But? Not alone… He isn’t alone. He has brought a bride with him. He got married. He has brought someone
else as my sister-in-law. But uncle Trilochan feels… …that this is Anirudh’s insanity. Father isn’t going to accept this
wedding. No one is going to accept. You will be our sister-in-law.
That’s for sure. You know about Anirudh, right?
He just gets carried away. He doesn’t think before
doing anything after that. He had to marry her
in such a situation. ‘This night will
be the witness of… …what I want to tell
you and what you… …want to hear from me.’ The girl whom he has married is… No! No. I don’t want to hear anything. At least listen to me, sister-in-law.
– I’m not your sister-in-law! I’m not your sister-in-law. Go and call her sister-in-law… …the one whom your brother
Anirudh has married. Wonderful, Anirudh! You gave me a good surprise. You were to talk about
forming a relationship. But you’ve broken my heart. Why did you do this? I dressed up so well. Only for you. But you left me for someone else. Why did you do this? Why did you give my position
to someone else, Anirudh? Why? Why? ‘I feel very hungry.’ ‘I’ll check for the kitchen.’ It’s not like our kitchen. But I can smell it. This is the place
where food is prepared. There are so many
vegetables over here, too. But where is the food? I can’t bear my hunger. What’s the use of a sweet shop… …when there are no pots
of Rasgullas in the kitchen? I can smell it. Some tasty food is kept over here. Come on, Bondita.
Satisfy your hunger.


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