Barrister Babu – 17th February 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

‘I must look beautiful today.’ ‘The groom’s family
are coming to meet me.’ ‘At sharp 6 p.m.’ It’s 6 p.m. now. Do you think the
groom’s family members have come? What if Saudamini marries him? Then she will no longer
be your sister-in-law. Dad and uncle aren’t present
in the house either… …to stop all this. Anirudh can stop it. Go and tell him. Convince him. I don’t like red cheeks. You go and tell him. Somu. The groom’s family has arrived. And there’s the groom. Sister-in-law… He has come to meet Saudamini. He looks good. Look! He seems like a barrister. Yes. Just like Anirudh. We can’t help it!
Saudamini likes only barristers. Yes. She looks good. We like her. Ranjan, tell your decision. Dad… He is Anirudh. My neighbour Binoy Roy
Chaudhary’s elder son. Why are you here, my dear? I hope I haven’t… …disturbed all of you. No! In fact, we were waiting… Why are you here, my dear?
– Books. I came to take books. May I? Yes. I’ll be back. Please have ‘rasgullas’. Did Saudamini prepare them?
– Yes! She is fooling all of us today! Which book do you need? Why do you want to know? I’ll help you look for it. Why would I need your help? Who else but me would know
better about your needs? Are you searching for a book… …in which the girl
marries someone else and… …her lover goes through
severe agony and… Meeting the groom and
his family members… Why are you doing this, Mini? Why can’t I?
– Do you wish to get married? You don’t think so?
– Did you like the guy? I will eventually like him. Every girl wishes her
life partner to… …praise her… …to respect her and to… …consider her as an
intelligent and witty girl. Mini! You don’t know what
you mean to me. I’ll understand. Tell me. Is it important to
express everything? No. But it feels good to hear. Mini, there’s a right
time for everything. How long, Anirudh? I don’t know. If you can’t wait for me… …then I won’t stop you. I will never trouble you again. As Ranjan likes Saudamini… …should we fix the alliance? Mini… …do you like Ranjan? Yes, dad. I like him. A lot. ‘Rasgulla’, ‘Chhena’, ‘kheer’. I like everything. What is this? Dad… …I’m getting seizures again. But you don’t worry… …I’m undergoing a treatment. Isn’t it, dad? Am I undergoing a treatment? I will eat up all of you. I like him a lot, dad. Why are you standing up? Don’t you like me? Do you not
like me because I’m crazy? But I like all of you. Please forgive us.
– I like! We have to go home.
– Come on. But I like him, dad.
– Let’s go. Dad, they’re leaving!
– Ranjan! Dear! Mini.
– I like him. Look, grandma… …Anirudh came at last.
I won the challenge. It’s good that you
won the challenge. But instead of making Anirudh… …bend down, you could’ve… …won his heart if you
had let go of your ego. What’s the need to win the heart… …that is already mine? Express your feelings, Anirudh. I’m ready to apply
turmeric of your name. Do you wish to starve? You created havoc… …at the turmeric ceremony? Bondita… …you won’t get anything to
eat if you cause a commotion. So stop sulking… …and start smiling. Possibly, your father-in-law didn’t
bring the answer of your letter. Your would-be husband could
send a reply through post. Is it possible?
– Of course, why not? May be the postman will
deliver a letter soon. Anyway… …it’s time for his round. Are you happy now? Yes, I’m very happy. Are you upset… …that you didn’t get the
reply to your letter yet? What else can you do now? All the guests are here. It would be wise to
quietly apply turmeric. If anything goes wrong… …then uncle will be blamed. Tell me, will you
apply the turmeric? Bondita? I won’t let you
apply the turmeric. Have you lost it out of hunger? The turmeric ritual is important
before the wedding. What if I don’t get married? Return the turmeric
back to my in-laws. You fool. How will you get married… …if the turmeric is returned? I won’t let go of my demand… …for the fear of my
wedding being canceled. No, I want mom. Until I get the reply… …from my would-be husband… …am I doing anything wrong… …by refusing to perform
the turmeric ritual? ‘Girls and cows shouldn’t be
given so much freedom.’ She is a spoiled brat. She won’t listen to us like this. She will bring dishonor
to the family… …if we don’t force her to perform
the turmeric ritual today. Apply turmeric to her.
Everyone, come on! Hey! No! Stop! I am not a naive cow
that can be tamed, aunt. I wish that was possible. You are impossible to handle.
Come here. Girls have some boundaries… …which they cannot cross. Stop! All of you have crossed
the boundary together. Breaking your barriers… …all of you came
to this junction… …where only men are allowed. Aunts, what do you have
to say about that? ‘Are you women out of your mind?’ ‘Or have you gone blind?’ ‘How could you not
see your boundary?’ Curse you! Has my letter arrived? Here is your letter. Postman uncle. It would have been
so much better… …if my prospective husband had… …spoken to me rather
than write a letter! My dear child! It is a letter and not
some loudspeaker… …which would speak to you. Yes. But you can be
my loudspeaker, can’t you? Read to me whatever
is written in the letter. I can’t read. Fine. I’ll read it to you. What on earth are you waiting for? Go and see who has
written her that letter. Bondita! Bondita! Let me read your letter. The postman must have
a lot of letters to deliver. Right? That’s true. This pot contains ‘Rasgullas’. It has come with the letter. Enjoy the ‘Rasgullas’. Bye. Aunt, I have got my eyes… …on the ‘Rasgullas’. Come on. Let me see. ‘Since the envelope containing
the letter got lost… …your letter could not
be delivered to your… …prospective husband.
I apologize for that.’ ‘Don’t let anyone silence you.’ ‘Women in our country
don’t have the right… …to choose their husbands.’ ‘You should get married… …only if all your
conditions are fulfilled.’ ‘Take your mother with you.’ ‘And yes. Don’t forget to eat… …the ‘Rasgullas’.’ ‘The courage that you
have shown is admirable… …and I shall support
you in this cause.’ ‘If someone forces
you to get married… …then you must
contact me without fail.’ ‘I am a barrister.’ ‘I shall help you
claim your rights… …and also punish
those who are forcing you.’ Has my prospective husband
agreed to my conditions? Why wouldn’t he? No one can ever refuse
to give you what you want. Really, uncle? Really. Did you hear what uncle said? Give me the pot of ‘Rasgullas’. I should eat something sweet
to celebrate this occasion. Did you not hear what uncle said? No one can ever
refuse me for anything. Bondita’s letter got
delivered to a barrister. That fool is ready
stand by her side. Look. He has also written his address. Thank God the barrister
got Bondita’s letter and not… …Bondita herself. Had the two of them met each
other, we’d have got into trouble. Bondita… …will you apply turmeric now? Come on. I won’t get the answer to
my letter so soon. How will she call? Telephone lines are not
widely connected in the city so… …forget about the villages. I hope there is
a time in future.. …where we don’t need
these wires to talk. Come on horse, giddy up! Anirudh,
are you waiting for Saudamini? No, you monster. But for the girl
who sent the letter. Are you planning to marry her? Saudamini is the one
who will marry you! This is what dad says. I am getting all worked
up for no reason. I don’t think she… …needs me at all. In fact… …I will need her help… …in order to
explain to everyone… …to stop injustice
against women. I wish I could meet her. We can go to meet. I have a horse. He has turned me into
a donkey and is… …taking me around. Quiet! I am the landlord! I cannot let injustice
happen with anyone. But injustice is happening. A monkey is sitting on the horse. Anirudh , don’t you love me? I love you the most. More than the girl
who sent the letter? ‘Why do girls mature so
soon, Goddess Durga?’ ‘What harm will it do… …if they live like a child
for a few more days?’ ‘Bondita is going to
get married tomorrow.’ ‘Everything happened so soon.’ ‘She doesn’t even understand… …what it is to be a wife.’ ‘But You must give my daughter… …a lot of strength… …to handle herself… …without me in the new house. ‘You become her mother… …and look after her.’ There are so many books
written on our country’s freedom. But nothing about women’s freedom. There are so many
problems and issues… …but no one to be their voice? Do you want to bring a
change in the society? But you cannot tolerate
any changes… …being made in your room. I wish you understood me. That’s fine. We will choose someone for you… …who understands you… …and your ways. You can marry Saudamini. I will talk to Bhaumik and fix
your alliance with Saudamini. Dad. I have… …a request. Don’t be coy, Anirudh. Look, you have grown up now. Consider me your
friend, not your dad. Dad, so… …before the grown
ups discuss it… …I would like to… …talk to Saudamini… …and express my feelings. What’s it called in English? Yes! Propose. I thought… …since you arrived from abroad… …you forgot everything
about their ways. It’s good that you
remember a few things. Propose. Do it. But do it soon. Yes, dad.
Tomorrow itself… …I will talk to Saudamini. I’m glad… …that you got my hint. Now watch. Anirudh will fall so
deeply in love… …that the idea of reformation
will be wiped out from his mind. Bondita! Oh! She’s wet the bed again. Get up! Look what you have done. Oh, no! She’s good at arguing. But she isn’t ashamed
of bed-wetting! Sumitra, smack her hard
and make her understand. It’s alright, Bondita. Don’t cry. Go and wash yourself. I will get clothes for
you to change into. Don’t cry, dear. Sampoorna, take her. Go. sister-in-law, I will
change the bedding. Sumitra, you are doing this here. But who will change
her bedding when… …she goes to her
in-laws’ house? Her husband?

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