BAKED Season 2 | Episode 2 | Korfball
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BAKED Season 2 | Episode 2 | Korfball

Hey! How’s it looking? It’s beautiful man It’s your best one yet Right? Come Let’s click? No man! I have to attend the 1:15 pm class I’ve already missed both my classes But… Why do you need the attendance? Ya man! I already have an M.A degree Fair enough man, Let’s just blaze this mother lover up Good right? That was good man! Body, look who I found waiting downstairs by the house! Papa, I won’t fail this time You said the same thing the previous time I’ve spent a lot of money on you You’ve had a lot of fun in Delhi Now come back and help me with the family business Son! I’m not young anymore and frankly I don’t keep well either Please Again with the same thing I’ve told you so many times I have no interest in your business Oni I told you earlier that I have to go to Bobby’s house Bro, it’s only been a week since Wake and Bake restarted Should we already start telling the customers ‘Sorry, we’re closed?’ You’re saying it as if it’s my fault Yesterday Body delivered to the wrong house You’re not saying anything to him… Why are you bringing me into this? This is between the two of you right? And anyway, Oni wrote down the wrong address Yeah, but only cause when I was trying to take the order your sisters were trying to constantly tackle me… And what are you talking about? So many times when you take an order, you get high and finish up all the burgers Have I ever said anything about that to you? Oni, you’re talking as if the burger is damn good In the middle of the night why do you get rotten vegetables to put in the burgers? Yeah, because we don’t have the money This manager here wastes all the money on getting high I waste it on getting high? And the 250 condoms he buys during the week, what about that money? At least they come in handy…I mean, the balloons for his birthday… Alright guys, let’s not fight I’ll make my special Maggi and put it in the fridge You guys microwave and deliver it Yeah, we’ll keep selling the same thing under ‘wake and bake special’ I know dude I’m the manager Don’t touch that! That’s for Bobby’s parents Bro, I was just trying it out You’ve already tried Who said? You dropped the ‘Kheer’ everywhere, why don’t you use a spoon? Thank god the ants didn’t get to know about it… Otherwise all the effort would’ve been for nothing Ok man, why are you getting angry for such a trivial thing? Let me explain… Ever since Tara’s come back from Rangpo, Haris’ has been having second thoughts about his relationship status That’s not true You see, Haris liked Tara but now he thinks he likes Bobby So Tara thinks Haris likes Bobby and Bobby thinks Haris likes Bobby But she doesn’t know that Haris actually likes Tara And now that Tara is back he likes Tara again and doesn’t like Bobby at all And in all of this, Bobby has become his rebound girlfriend She is not! Really? Then honestly tell me why you didn’t have sex with her the other night? Performance anxiety No Body, it wasn’t performance anxiety…It was Tara… And feelings for Tara that rendered his penis limp and lifeless… when it mattered most! Then what should I do Oni? See, you have two options… Option 1, forget Tara and then keep lying to Bobby about your feelings or option 2…do the honorable thing and tell her the entire truth Hey! My vote is for option 1 That way if all works out ok, you might get another shot at sex I agree! No guys, I’ll do the right thing I’ll have to tell Bobby about my feelings for Tara I cannot lie to her Ok, whatever it is but don’t tell her anything today Haris So Haris, what’s your poison? No sir, no poison…thank you! Haris doesn’t drink dad Should I get some lemon water for you? I’ll also come with you No, no it’s fine…relax Actually I wanted to talk to you about something important Chill, sit here with dad i’ll just get it for you…don’t worry! I’ll get it, wait! So nice to finally meet you Haris Bobby has told us so much about you Bobby was saying your family is from Kanpur? Allahabad! Actually my uncle is from Kanpur So we go there during the summer vacations But we haven’t been there since he moved to Saudi Arabia Really? One of our friends has recently moved there He is a cardiologist So what does your uncle do in Saudi? Nothing! In two respects Lucknow will always be ahead Allahabad! One and the same thing In two regards there is no competition… That place’s ‘Tundey Kebab’ and it’s poetry, right? You know Urdu poems? I know a few Listen… Someone has said… Ever since my eyes have met you… Ever since my eyes have met you… My eyelashes have started shedding Liked it? Wow! Deep One more… This is really special so listen carefully I will remember your smile and the blush of your cheeks your smile and the… blush of your cheeks I will remember Oh pretty one! I will always remember your flirtatious vibe I knew you’d like that one That’s a special favourite of mine Now your turn Let’s hear one from you… Atul, stop harassing the poor boy with your poem obsession But he’s from Allahabad He has poetry running in his veins Right? Sir, but I don’t know any… No problem I’ll tell you another one But I can sing Hindi or English? Both! One song you must sing then… Sing! Let me hold you… Come caress my body You got me going crazy, turn me on…turn me on Love me, love me Lick me, squeeze me…love me, love me Haris!! You had only this song to sing or what? This is wonderful Haris, wonderful! Thank you sir, thank you! Atul can you just help me heat up the food and the kids can set up the table You know Ritu I don’t know about you… But I think i’m going to skip straight to dessert I want to have Haris’ special ‘Kheer’ Can we sit in your room for two minutes? Shh! Let the parents sleep first at least Not that! I just wanted to talk about something important… Haris! I think my dad really likes you I’ve never seen him act like this with my previous boyfriend See Bobby, all I want to say is that… Aaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaa Should we order Pizza? Bro, people call from random corners of the city for this Haris’ Maggi Leave it bro, it’s the last order of the night…let’s deliver it and go back home and play CS You won’t come with me? You mad or what? I’ll stay with the Vespa…you go! Go no? Go! I think the guy is looking for us Ryan Hey bro! Bro? Hello bro? I’m talking to you, can’t you hear me? Hello? Bro! I’m talking to you, you’re not hearing me? Bro!! Hey dude, are you ok? Hey Dude! Why’d you run so fast? That’s our food! You ok? I told you they’ll be miserly with the oregano and chilli flakes…typical! I’m really sorry about the ‘Kheer’ aunty I actually didn’t know that… Don’t worry son, I’m sure the ants had a wonderful feast Well, at least somebody had a good time today So, what did you want to talk to me about Haris? Regarding what? You were only saying there is something important to talk about…what is it? What’s up? We can talk about that later, in private! Aunty, oregano? What’s the big deal? You can just say it! I can’t just say it… Why? What happened Haris? You need anything? No, no aunty…I’m fine If there’s a problem you can talk to us Haris We’re like family No! Oh my god! Is it about that night again? Because I told you…I don’t want to talk about it What happened? Nothing mom! Haris and I… I think we should take a break What? I am a little confused nowadays… And I thought…maybe…if we take a break or something, it might be better You’re breaking up with me? Tonight? In my place? Over dinner with my parents… Yeah, the timing is a little weird… Just one second I thought everything was fine between us I thought we were ok Did I do something wrong or what? Look Tara you’re getting agitated for no reason You’ve not done anything wrong… Let’s sit tomorrow and talk, for now…let’s just enjoy dinner with family Tara! What? Chain**** I don’t ever want to see your fucking face again…asshole! Doctor, My Shagun is ok right? Sir, Ma’am…no need to worry, it’s just a minor hairline fracture Please insure that he gets plenty of rest Kindly come back in about 4 weeks for another check up I am writing you a prescription, please insure he takes his medicines regularly Man, Body you can run faster than a jet…I couldn’t catch up with you But don’t worry…you’re going to be fine ok? Thanks Arthur! Yeah, you’re welcome! Alright Body, next time not too fast ok? Ok! You take care of yourself ok? Thank You Oonchey Yeah, we’ll come and check on you later Bye guys! Alright! What happened Body? Nothing man, went to deliver… With Oni… So I went and… So then, all of a sudden…what do I say… Can’t explain your racism can you? Shagun! Sorry mom, sorry dad I don’t think they’ll let me stay in the Korfball team in this state You tried and that’s a big thing in itself my son But I promise you that the moment I’m better I will try again Son, that we’ll talk about later…just concentrate on getting better Focus on your studying and your work When we feel like…we’ll talk you over Skype once in a while That means I can stay here? Yes, why not? We aren’t your enemies no? Thank you papa! Thanks mummy Listen, the taxi’s waiting outside, take him slowly…we’ll get medicines from the pharmacy If we took him back no? He would’ve shut down our business in a year… The boy isn’t ready yet… Let him stay here and we’ll leave… Be thankful your son is fine, I don’t want to make him a pesticide king It’s crazy… I’ve been living with you for a year now and I find out now that your real name is Shagun Singh Shagun Singh? What did you think? He’s got Body singh written on his passport? But why Shagun? The thing is that… Our grandmother used to keep the names of all the kids So when I was born she named me Shagun Late bloomer in the dick and balls department Aye! Please! Her eyes were weak ok? Yeah, but even then…your parents must have told her that you’re a boy Don’t know…everyone at home was scared of grandmother Everyone thought she had one foot in the grave so what’s the point of fighting She’s still alive! Your name is Oni only right? Anirban Guha Thakurta Chain****


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