Appraiser Trainee Recruitment Video
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Appraiser Trainee Recruitment Video

My job is to value commercial real
estate. I’m actually an Assessor or appraiser. I value property for tax
purposes. The County Assessor’s Office is a team of appraisers and assessment
personnel that collect data to value properties and classify properties for
the tax purposes in the state of Minnesota. Well I’ve always loved real
estate. I went to school for Housing Studies at the University of Minnesota
here in the Twin Cities. I’ve just, I love architecture and I like numbers too.
So, it was a good fit. I’ve been doing assessing work for about nine
years now. The most enjoyable part of my job is the variety. We do get to work
outside in the field and also there’s office work as well and we do get the
best of both worlds. We have a team of residential appraisers commercial
appraisers and another team that that look at all the agricultural properties
and they’re out in the field in homes collecting the information on
the quality, condition, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, attributes that affect the
valuation of those properties. Which is original to the house. Which is used to
set the market values. We do meet people from all walks of life.
You do have the opportunity to go into homes that are $150,000 and some over a
million. So it’s it’s pretty cool. These are positions that are not
minimum-wage these are entry-level positions that pay well and have
benefits it’s with a large employer that has career laddering opportunities and
other resources that our students need. Working for the county is a great job. We
have great great rewards including salaries, all the benefits and life
insurance, health insurance, vacation package as well as the ability to
advance your careers with the tuition reimbursement program. All the holidays
as well as the opportunity to work outdoors with a great team. We’re looking
for individuals from all different backgrounds with an aptitude and
appraisal and public service and a willingness to learn. They don’t need to
know everything when they start on day one. We we, will we will train them on how
to do the job. These students are no longer one of 500 applicants really but
they’re a cohort of students who go through specific learning towards the
specific position at the county. There’s numbers involved there’s you
know measuring involved and have to do some diagrams as well. These are the
individuals that are the face of government. They’re going through
individuals homes on a daily basis and they have to be able to relate with the
public. A career in assessing is very interesting and challenging. You’re being
challenged to to work on your communication skills. In some instances
you probably have to educate and teach the general public how we do our
assessments. I mean, I’m doing a public service. I’m a Hennepin County worker so
as long as I know that my job position fits in with how the community works and
you know, how we actually sustain, you know, this cool county that we live in,
I’m happy to do it

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