All For One | S1 EP12 | “Bugaboo”
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All For One | S1 EP12 | “Bugaboo”

We’re making progress. Heading out to the beach in the sunshine Alex, why don’t you sit down on the couch? Fine. Mom, your pacing is making me nauseous. Nauseated. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be Than hanging out with the girls on the shore line See? Isn’t this fun? Oh yeah, the arctic wind coming off of these two is so comfortable. Should we really be putting our plans up on the Internet? Yeah. Inseparables hate the union just as much as we do, right? Plus, more help planning so we don’t end up like last time. Yeah, thanks. Your plan wasn’t terrible, but Rick knows how to look like an angel while he’s gotten election competitors expelled. He got a tenured professor to resign because his goons were harassing him so badly. He’s got his fingers in every corrupt pie on campus. Ew. He’s been putting his fingers in our food? So what did you have in mind, Anton? We need something concrete. Skeezy documents he signed, or something. This might be a terrible idea, but– Ooh, I love it already. What if we bug his office? Get him to confess his sins. More like brag about them. I’m sure he’s got a great evil laugh. I can score us a bug if we can get into his office after hours. Oh, I can get us in easy. Okay, so Portia and Miller will place the bug, Ariana will hack the video camera feed. What about me, Mom? Uh… Back up for Portia and Miller. In case they get spotted by a guard. And I’ll oversee from here. And what if you slip up? Dorothy, relax. Okay, so meet back here in six hours? Hello, Inseparables. Are we all here? Excellent. We are all ready here. (Beeping) DOROTHY (On walkie): Us too. Uh, I’m not getting any security cam feed. ARIANA (On walkie): Oh shit, it’s crashing, it’s crashing! What? Oh my God! Ha-ha, I’m just pulling your leg, Ma. MILLER (Over walkie): Nice one. Damnit, Ariana, take this seriously. You be quiet too. I’m sure we’ll get back to that. It’s an unusual situation. Yeah, when hell freezes over. (Beeping) ARIANA: Got him, coast should be clear to move forward in five. All right, gang, get ready to move in. It’s fine, he’s Dorothy’s boyfriend and he has a lot of skills. He lived on the street for a year, he did what he had to to survive. I mean… He knows what he’s doing. It’s fine. We met at the mall, I bought him lunch and we started talking. He… Have you guys ever seen him get really into a rant? Exactly. So I kept going to the mall and we kept talking, and he– (Beeping) DOROTHY: Alex, we’re in position. Great. Ariana, are you ready to loop the video camera feed? ARIANA: Already done. Aren’t you paying attention, Ma? Very funny. All right, so I don’t have eyes on you guys anymore so keep a close eye on your surroundings. MILLER: Aye, aye, captain. DOROTHY: Yeah, thanks, Alex. MILLER: Come on, Dor. Right, uh… Walkie me if you run into any trouble. Good luck, and stay safe. (Sighing) Yeah. No. He wasn’t a user. His parents just died and he ran away because he didn’t want to get stuck in some awful group home. That’s true. All along he knew his aunt and uncle would take him in. I told him he should go live with them, and he said that I wanted him to go away. That he was useless, and of course I could never love someone like him. No! He didn’t threaten to kill himself. That’s so telenovela. He was in a dark place. He may have said something about how he’d rather die than live without me. No, he’s not abusive. He… Yeah. He did. I guess so. I don’t know. He’s always been hard to read, so… Thanks guys. You know, I’m sorry I ever said you weren’t real friends. Shut up. (Beeping) DOROTHY: Success. Uh, excellent. How’s the bug? ARIANA: Loud and clear. We’ll hear him making shady deals and kicking puppies in no time. We’re lucky my girlfriend is a wall-scaling, superspy badass. PORTIA: But we couldn’t have done it without my super sexy hacker girlfriend. MILLER: Well, my girlfriend is amazing at distracting guards and is better than all the other girlfriends in the world. DOROTHY: My boyfriend is a dope. Good work, team. See you soon. I know. I just… don’t know how.


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