Alice – Trainee Dental Assistant
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Alice – Trainee Dental Assistant

[MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi there, um, Alice –
how are you this morning?>>ALICE: I’m good, thankyou.>>Can you tell me what qualification
you’re doing?>>Um, Certificate III in dental assistance
at RMIT.>>Okay. And can you tell me
how you found your current employer?>>Um, well it’s actually my mum!
>>Oh, okay!>>So basically what happened is
I left school end of Year 11 and my mum was helping me figure out
what I wanted to do for my next step, and I kind of wanted to get straight into work because I felt that that would be
the best route for me and, well, because she’s an orthodontist,
it was pretty easy, I could just go straight into
dental assisting.>>Alright. And working with your mum
is working out, then?>>Sometimes I want to strangle her, but…
[LAUGHTER] Yes, it is for the most part!>>Okay, and can you tell me what your
day-to-day tasks are?>>Um, day-to-day tasks, because I am
the boss’s daughter, I get there a little bit earlier,
set things up, um, besides that it’s just greeting patients. Most of it is, like, you’ve got all the trays set up
and all that but a lot of it is working more with the people and the socialising
and I’ve always been a talker so it’s good, I get to kind of trap the person
in the room with me and say, you have to listen to me talk
for a good ten minutes!>>And just sort of calming them down?>>That’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job,
is having a really little kid who comes in and they’re really nervous at the start
and you just answer all their questions and then, like, completely reassuring them is like one of the most rewarding things.>>Right. So that’s one of the favourite parts
of the job?>>Oh, definitely.>>And what do you plan to do
when you finish your traineeship?>>Well, I’ve got a whole bunch
of possible things I could do. I might plan on going into Certificate IV
of dental assisting for radiography, and then using that as a bridge
to go into hygiene or therapy. But to be honest, I’ve kind of got aspirations
of, when, you know, I’ve found my bearings with this job, when I’ve done my work,
I’ll probably progress on as like a full-age student into literature
or learning history.>>Oh!
>>At the moment it’s just kind of a good way to build up my confidence and make me feel
comfortable in the job role of getting to know people and when I can I can just, kind of comfortably
and at my own pace, go into what I really want to do.>>Oh good, good. You’ve certainly
got some plans.>>Yeah!
>>Well thankyou for coming along today, Alice.>>That’s all good!
>>Thankyou. [MUSIC]

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