ADVANCED SCRIPTING: The Law Of Attraction Technique That Makes Manifesting EASY! (Use THIS!)
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ADVANCED SCRIPTING: The Law Of Attraction Technique That Makes Manifesting EASY! (Use THIS!)


  • Your Youniverse

    💖Blessings to all of the Moms, Mother Figures, Dads Who Do It All and those who have taken the role of Mom in the absence of another! I’m posting early today so I can spend time with my family.😊 Love and light to you all! 🙏

  • Juliet Cleary

    Fantastic. Writing things down brings more manifesting power to your desire – because it amplifies your focus!

  • Rasha Sharif

    Wonderful! I love how clear and helpful is this to understand the chakras and question scripting. I would love to see a sample tho 🤗

  • dhruba intisher

    Scripting is a powerful technique,

    But some things need to be addressed. Nothing is impossible. Not a single thing. If you can imagine it, no matter what it is, if you can imagine it, it exists. The only limitation you'll ever face is your belief system. Whatever you believe 100%, you will most definitely see.

  • Member of Parliament

    This is the most meticulous channel on the whole you tube. I always get the right kind of information at the right time with help of this channel.
    You are creators, indeed, YOU ARE CREATORS!! Love you from bottom of my heart. Huge gratitude. 🙏😊

  • Kathy DiMeglio

    OMG! Thanks for taking the time to post this on this glorious day! This excites me, for I am a lover of writing and have scripted before! Did you create this for me? Hehe! EnJOY your special day with your loved ones and thank YOU!

  • Forever Spring

    This whole technique require me to write one awesome, most fantastic, sooper doooper kool fantasy fiction action+romance drama/movie script for myself. Ok I am up for the task!!! 😁

  • Liz Love

    Thank you 🙏🏼 This is a lot to write down do you have this on your website? How can I get this all on one page?

  • Caroli Brad

    This is an awesome posting. Very helpful and useful. Thank you for explaining it so clearly. I appreciate this Thank you.☺👍

  • Serendipidy Me

    Thank you. This is what I needed at the EXACT time I needed it. Hmmmm did I manifest it 😊 Yep! We are all co-creating with like minded souls! Love this journey. Happy Mother's Day to all of the lovely Mom's out there 😚

  • Anita Carter

    This is very informative… I just recently started scripting… And it's amazing I love it it helps you to see the whole picture!!! 🙋🏻🙌🏻💫✨❤️😘✌🏻


    Very logical but too complicated for me… I don't like to write and requires tons of attention and don't have the attention span nor the patience to do it. But kudos for those who can accomplish this task!

  • Moneyca4MHindustan xoxo

    I remember writing a sad complaint letter to God back in the day unknownly activating the power of scripting. The complaints only escalated and actually manifested in my life in multiple ways through different events and ppl post scripting my heart out (negative scripting) on to paper. But now, I will script a brand new story, with a very happy ending. Thank you again Jessica 😀

  • Dawn Moulterie

    First thing to be addressed, the law of attraction isn't the only law to thinking. This video is talking about using the law of writing which is just one of many Law's.

  • Dawn Moulterie

    I am using the law of writing to declare & decree , my desire claimed as manifested Good's on my physical reality.

  • Dee Cee

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So grateful for this video! Right on time as always 😁😊🎉. Love and positive vibes to all ❤

  • Chiranjeevi C

    My issue is,I'm not having clarity what my purpose is and what I want. How do I get to know about my purpose ? Please answer me, thankyou in advance🙏

  • Tuber

    Can someone tell me of videos or movies that can help me script my marriage since I never been in a relationship before and I truly can’t imagine specific incidents between me and my future husband, help!

  • Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach

    This is excellent. Finally something on this topic that isn't just about having expensive cars and actually mentions the importance of having dreams that positively impact those around us and the world at large. That's what it is ultimately about. Not just the self, but LOVE for all people, creation and most importantly God. Thank you for explaining so well the importance of the spiritual to achieving something the world needs and that blesses us at the same time.

  • django

    So u think Tesla is going through all these processes or other scientists. I know hard work is a myth surrender to your inner sense u get everything. so right now I focus on what I love and achieve through surrendering or through surrendering I need to cross these chakras for to achieve my loved manifestation. That's my confusion should I surrender or manifestation through chakras?????????????????????????

  • Sonja 777

    Thank you very much for the ❤. I was very sick and 4 months in the Hospital. In there i watched your videos. My family and you and your channel helped me out of that place of horror. May the great mother bless you with health and wealth. 🙏🌹

  • Douglas Wallace

    This is really intense. Is there a "Step 1" video on scripting? The title is the truth : this is ADVANCED Scripting

  • Shauna Rogan

    Thank you so much for the amazing wisdom and knowledge you share with all of us. Super grateful for your channel, you are a wonderful person. Blessings and joy to you. 🙌🏼💕

  • Elizabeth Marks-Graham

    Dear universe and god I am now manifesting a mega millions jackpot win for my family TOMORROW so we’ll no longer be struggling financially and my dad will have a house again since he lost his to a wildfire

    Il also be able to help a TON of animal rescues and charities/foundations that help with those with disabilities

    I’m NOT selfish with my money

    I LOVE helping others

    I still have 1 advanced play left on my ticket for tomorrow it’s just as likely to win as ANY other mega millions ticket for tomorrow

    I’m deserving and I am open to allow the mega millions jackpot win into me and my family’s life

    Nice house for me and my mom , my dad will have a new fire proof home, me and my mom will be able to have more cats, my mom will have her dream car, my dad will get a new car, our current cars will be fixed up and donated to those in need, il get myself a house and give independent living a shot, il be stress free me and my mom won’t have to be broke anymore and my dad will be living comfortable and finally be able to retire !


  • theaツ

    I was extremely happy when I discovered that I can script my life the way I want it to happen, basically I’ve been daydreaming all the years I’ve been living but didn’t know when combined with scripting it’d be so powerful. I started searching for more information about scripting/journaling manifestation but I got confused and overwhelmed…But thankfully I found this video, your video provided the most detailed techniques of scripting I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much ♥️

  • Tom Shirley

    Thank you for the amazing, high-quality videos you put out. I'm always blessed and encouraged every single time.

  • Michell John

    This is a very well put-together video, has so much information – I am excited to try this out. thank you!

  • Angel Samson

    Dear universe thank you so much for my new house now we have enough room to keep ty also by the end of the week ill have a big win that help us ive a happy life full of abudance xx

  • Shockwave

    Does the law of attraction work for relationships? Im having doubts that it does. Ive tried everything and have failed to manifest the relationship that I want which doesn't make a lick of sense because I've seen it work for iterally everything else. When i want money, i recive it, material items-i receive them, good grades- i get them but a relationship- the universe is like Nah bruh. IDK wtf is going on.

  • Kathryn Willette

    I found scripts that I had written throughout the years, and not one came true.
    However, I’m starting over at age 64.

  • Mel Coaching For success

    I am now manifesting…
    Write your story
    Write out what you love about your dream
    Write down what you are going to do to make your dream come true
    Write down what resources you need to make my dream becomes reality
    Write down what your dream look like when it becomes a reality

  • Jayant Karmakar

    If you take off the spirituality it's like writing a business plan for your dreams, this is kind of a logical way to achieve it, in a way its good because once you do those you are more confident and can manifest faster although on the flip side if you feel that you do not have the training or the resources then you are doomed, the faith you had all this time will go away; you have heard from everyone (preaching LoA) that you don't need to have the resources or training to reach your goal.

  • Elenir Cezimbra

    This is the best ever detailed advice I have ever been in contact with. I will follow every step to make my dream become my reality. Thank you YOUR UNIVERSE for this fantastic material. Keep up the wonderful work!

  • mo jadah

    Oh. It just occurred to me… I asked for this earlier today. And here I have stumbled upon the step by step guide I asked for. Thank you.

  • Melissa Rose

    You mention starting with something small to manifest to prove to yourself it can be done. Can anyone give an example of this? Thank you!

  • Gerard Sanford

    Someone just gave me pretty much the same advice. I'd it's about 48 hours of continuous synchronicities that present the same ideas repeatedly and this has been a steady increase for the past couple of years since I fell bass ackwards into believing in the Law of Attraction when I noticed a negative thought with strong emotion pulls in other negative thoughts with no searching required. This revelation I feel pretty much told me exactly how the Universe works and it's like all I have to do is unpack a suitcase cause I'm where I'm supposed to be. I've been reluctant to put much focus in other areas other than trying to be helpful with situations presented and trying to see through the eyes of Love. The most amazing realization that I often forget is that the path is the destination. Thank you so much for your videos!

  • Randall Paul

    Always keep a daily journal. With out it you will never appreciate your change when you look back. Write your goals, dreams, daily experiences, ideas etc. Very powerful

  • vimal manohar

    4.y u love it
    5.what u should do to make it reality
    6.resources and guidance for make it
    7how it look after fulfillment

  • Sonika Soni

    Why I can't manifest anything but am trying very hardly but negative thoughts keeps disturbing me I don't know what to do???

  • Rithesh P

    Dear All, can anyone put some great success stories achieved by following this method. It will be a great help and motivation to all those following this channel.

    Thanks a lot for such a great video. Dear channel owner pls make a video on success stories from your followers. I am sure that you will be receiving many such accomplishments from your viewers. Stay blessed.

  • nder hazza

    I manifested my dream job . Done all the paperwork and finished the interview. Now I’m waiting the acceptance . I am gonna receive the final acceptance during this month I feel it in my core (wish me luck) I hope everyone will fulfill their dreams 🙏💜

  • Angel Arroyo

    This is absolutely brilliant! I've never heard nor read scripting in this manner. Manifesting through the chakra system is something I've never seen before. And yet it makes all the sense in this world. I've been taught that if your stuck in the manifestation process, then look for enegetic blocks within your chakras. You made it one process. Thank you!!!

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