Adidas – Management Trainee Program Outdoor 2020 x Hussain Shabbir
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Adidas – Management Trainee Program Outdoor 2020 x Hussain Shabbir

hard work, hard work is the only thing
I’ve known since I was a little kid. I was never the most talented or smartest
kid but the belief that I could become the best is what drove me to outwork
everybody else. As they say hard work beats talent when talent does not work
hard. Ever since I’ve never taken a step back. Hi Adidas, I’m Hussain and this is
my story. I was born in Chennai, India. Coming from a business backgroun, I have
an entrepreneurial mindset that makes me venture out and seek different
opportunities where I can make a difference. Just like this program. This
has always made me take up opportunities that might not be in my comfort zone but
ultimately lead to something good. Although my life has been constantly
changing, Sport has always been consistent in one form or the other. Be it
playing the weekly game of football with the lads. Trusting an elastic band at
100 meters. Diving into the Mediterranean Sea or Jumping out of a
plane, I love it all. But, the one I loved the most was exploring the Himalayan
mountains with my friends. All this combined shaped from the shy boy I was
to the confident man I am today I would love to have the opportunity to shape my future with Adidas.

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