A Better Way to Think About Retirement
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A Better Way to Think About Retirement

My name is Dick Shulte, and I’m delighted to have been asked to say a few words about Volpe Financial, a new company, family-owned which is just very exciting for me because I was president of a family-owned company called Comark I was in the retail business. Such names as Bootlegger, Ricki’s, Cleo, Breton’s and I’m now retired. And I met Mike about 10 years ago now at the golf club, and we had an instant rapport, and he mentioned that he was going to start a new business about 2 years ago to me and I said Mike that sounds marvellous, because Mike has always looked after me extremely well. One of the problems I find is, especially in banks these days and things like that, you don’t know anyone there anymore, and there are always new people who don’t know me, don’t know my history, don’t know my family. And those are things that are very important to me. So I found a marvellous fit with Mike. He’s looked after me. He makes some suggestions, some I take, some I think about, but he explains them all very well and all I can say is I’ve had a great relationship with Mike and look forward, and Brett of course, to be there for many years. Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, accommodating, which for me is important because I don’t always have time to go to his office etc., so he made time to come and see me. We’re losing that personal, nice private touch. And it’s so nice when a new company, family-owned by Mike and Brett, come in and offer a service that far exceeds anything the large companies can offer. I would highly recommend Volpe Financial Solutions to my friends and any others who would ask me if I know of an organization who would help them do the right thing in investment and insurance.

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