7 Passive Income Ideas – How To Earn $1000’s per Month! (in 2020)
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7 Passive Income Ideas – How To Earn $1000’s per Month! (in 2020)

Do you want to make a lot of money by
doing nothing at all…? …me too. So yes, in this video I’m talking
about 7 ideas of ways to make passive income online in 2020. But first,
major disclaimer, let’s define “passive income” a bit because generally I take a
lot of issue with it because I think that most things that people refer to as
path passive income are not truly passive okay there’s only a few things
that are truly truly passive and I will talk about those later on in the video
but I do want to make it clear that I think the term is used loosely often and
I’m going to use it a bit loosely here as well so these are not 100 million
percent passive but there are very very very passive elements to these
businesses so a lot of passive income streams may take work to set up
initially but then they can continue to pay you when you are not putting in
additional work so some of these fall into that definition and real quick for
anyone that’s new to the channel I feel like I haven’t just introduced myself in
months on the channel so hey I’m Matt Lowe Burstein I live in Southern
California I got into online business while I was in college eventually
graduated from UCLA just to never take my degree out of the envelope never
applied to a single job and that is still going strong some years later so I
went from reselling to selling on Amazon and starting my own brands of products
and then got into YouTube years later and now here we are have a few different
online businesses and I also get to talk to you guys about them and just sort of
light improvement philosophy types of things as well so if those things do
sound interesting to you be sure to subscribe to this channel okay so first
passive income idea for 2020 there’s this website where you can upload videos
and get paid based on views of ads on your videos it’s called
YouTube and I genuinely do think YouTube is a great opportunity for 2020 after
all I am here making a video for YouTube in 2020 so clearly I think that there is
something in it and while I haven’t personally cracked the code
to making $100,000 a month like Graham Steffen I do make a little bit off of
YouTube ads and it also ties into other ways of making money that I’ll get into
throughout the video just because of the nature of having an audience you can
point people to other products and other offers but the thing about YouTube is
you might not think of it as passive income and it’s definitely not a hundred
percent passive after all I am sitting here right now filming a video but what
makes it more passive than you might think
is that a lot of my most successful videos my videos that have brought in
the most revenue overall our videos that I made a while ago and they continue to
get views and make money months or even years later so while there is work
upfront it’s absolutely an example of putting in work for revenue that will
continue to come in later and for example I’m filming actually three
videos in a row right now I am uploading all that footage to my video editor who
chops it up into the final YouTube video that gets pushed out onto YouTube and
then potentially makes money for years to come
or maybe it falls flat as many of my videos do but regardless when a video
hits and makes you know a thousand plus dollars just in YouTube ad revenue and a
lot of that is just trickling in every day for a long time
that is definitely passive income once the video is up and made because it’s
not like it takes any more work to keep a video up on YouTube that’s already up
and as I didn’t mention I made this a step more passive by not editing my own
videos so I have a virtual assistant editor in the Philippines which by the
way I hired on online jobs there’s a link in the description but he edits my
video so that some of the ad revenue is going to him to cover the cost of making
the video but it does make the whole thing a lot more hands-off and if you
don’t know how this works generally you get X dollars per thousand views on
YouTube and that X is going to vary on the content in the video because
different types of content are valued different to advertisers so some niches
are going to be much higher than others but that’s generally how it works is
that you’re getting paid for the ad spots on your video there’s also worth
noting that the same model would apply to say a very successful blog or any
type of media content really if you can amass an
audience amass eyeballs than pay for ad slots it’s really the the same concept
if you had a super successful recipe blog and then they were just ads running
on it all the time then it would be relatively hands-off passive same model
as this next twenty twenty passive income business model is affiliate
marketing and this can definitely tie into YouTube or any form of having an
audience having a platform but the way affiliate marketing works is that you or
I or evers doing it has a link for a product that is not our product it’s
another product for example it’s a product on Amazon and you get a special
link that if a person purchases through your link then you get a piece of that
sale you get a small commission based on the total amount so for example if you
had a YouTube channel all around videography and photography
you may constantly be linking your camera equipment in the description and
then people go and buy your camera equipment or actually anything else on
Amazon you’re still getting a piece of their sale when they make that purchase
on Amazon and a lot of other stores and products have affiliate programs for
example for me because my channel is mostly been around ecommerce and selling
on Amazon there are softwares and things like that that help Amazon sellers that
are paid products and a lot of Amazon sellers need them so if I recommend say
jungle Scout or helium 10 and somebody uses my discount and affiliate link then
I get a commission on that set and this can really add up by the way it might
sound like we’re talking about pennies here but I really wanted to keep
everything on this list geared towards things that could make you know
thousands of dollars per month potentially obviously they might start
much lower but nothing here too tiny I mean there are people that make big
money focusing on affiliate marketing alone as their business and affiliate
marketing is pretty passive for for two reasons so one is that once this content
in these links or however it’s getting out there is out there once it’s there
it’s there and these links may be clicked on and purchase through for
years to come on various blogs or YouTube videos or Facebook groups or any
else email lists wherever you’re putting out this content and the other way that
it’s relatively passive are actually more passive than the first reason is
that some of these pay you out monthly so for example two examples actually one
would be helium 10 which is an amazon software and another is clickfunnels
which is another not Amazon specific but another entrepreneurial software that I
use and I’m affiliate for both and the way that both of those work which is
more unique is that both of those are say $100 a month roughly and if you get
a customer that pays $100 a month you get not just you know 25 or 40% of their
initial sale meaning 25 or 40 dollars but you get it every single month that
they’re continuing to be a customer of that product so you can see how that can
really add up and you can see how that can be extremely passive because if you
get somebody to sign up to say clickfunnels and they stay on for years
you know you’re just continuing to collect that commission month after
month next up is one that I personally do not have experience with but the
business model has been intriguing me lately and I just keep looking at and
keep coming back to go to keep thinking about it and that is Airbnb for the
small percentage of my audience that has an extra bedroom in their house then you
could definitely start with this relatively passively and easily by
renting out in your spare bedroom or maybe you have a spare little cottage on
your property or something like that which would be a great place to start or
say you’re looking at investing in real estate to get long-term tenants which
would be passive well I would say that is not entirely passive and I would say
neither is this Airbnb model but it’s not that much less passive because you
can have the cleaning all automated with you know different cleaners and
everything and have things on replenishable automatic orders it
doesn’t have to be extremely hands-on once you get your listing set up and
like any business model the more you scale it the more you grow it the more
you put in that work upfront you can hire out different pieces to where it
becomes passive because you’re the owner of the business and not necessarily the
one you know cleaning the toilets and your Airbnb but you’re just you know
owning it and collecting the the top-line income and obviously if you’re
at the level where you are investing in properties buying your own properties to
rent out long term or on Airbnb then you already have quite a bit of cash but a
model that intrigues me is the Airbnb rituraj model where you are say renting
and then renting by day like you’re renting monthly and and arbitrage eating
by daily short-term rentals and that is a model that is definitely getting a lot
of attention there’s definitely a lot of you know legal and regulatory things to
figure out with that but it’s an intriguing business model for sure next
up is one of the most lucrative on this list and a great one to get into in 2020
is selling digital products so these could be information products like
courses or it could even be software that’s not exactly what I was thinking
when I put it onto this list but you know something that is created once
those software definitely has more upkeep than say a course or digital
product but something that you can create once you know you’re a
photographer and you can do your Lightroom presets you’re a filmmaker and
you can do your Luntz for videos you know any type of I don’t know diet plan
workout plan you know business course there’s a lot of digital products and
why digital products are relatively passive is because yes they can take a
lot of work upfront but you can continue to sell this packaged information this
package digital product for months or years and it’s much less work than say
something you would have to pack up and ship every single day or something that
you had to make or something that you had to buy inventory it’s quite passive
so for sure once you have your digital product out there and selling regularly
then it can feel quite passive from then on forward and next 2020 passive income
idea is Turo and if you don’t know what Turo is it’s kind of like the Airbnb of
cars so if you have a car you can rent out your car by the day on Turo it’s an
alternative to car rentals and you can find you know more unique cars or not
just your typical whatever crappy rental car there is and the bonus is anyone can
put a car on there and this one I’ve thought about doing I’ve thought about
buying unique and interesting cars just to put on Turo but similar to the Airbnb
idea this is one that if you have a car like the spare bedroom you can put it up
right now and potentially start making some extra aside passive income right
away and the only thing about this that’s not passive is the actual
exchange of the keys to the renter otherwise you know it’s all there
through the Turo app it’s nothing that you have to
mark it or really do anything other than have them be able to get the car from
you and also similar to Airbnb and any of these business models is the more you
scale them up the more you can potentially hire help to make them even
more passive and hands-off for you because then you could have somebody
managing and somebody doing the the day-to-day things and making you the
passive business owner and next up is ecommerce selling physical products
online and look typically I would not describe this as a passive income
business model but there are different business models within ecommerce and
some are definitely more passive than others so for example reselling you know
selling used clothes or used iPhones is definitely not passive at all but the
business model that I’ve done a lot of and talked a lot on this channel about
is Amazon FBA and private label and that I would put on the most the most passive
and of the e-commerce spectrum and the reason for that is of course FBA is
going to fulfill and ship your products to your customers you don’t have to have
your hands on any of that and also you’re selling the same products over
and over so there’s a lot of work upfront don’t get me wrong if that’s
what a lot of my channel is about and I talk a lot about this subject but once a
product is successful the upkeep in the maintenance is quite low lower than I
would say drop shipping is even because there you have to be constantly cycling
in new products new ads things like that but if you are the brand owner of a
desirable product then it’s going to sell all the time basically just on its
own and definitely don’t quote me on saying that Amazon FBA is passive it is
not a 100 percent passive income business model at all but there are
definitely some pretty strong passive elements to it each product can kind of
become passive as it reaches the level of success or at least more passive and
then the work is in launching more and scaling and growing because you’re
building a real business and if this business model intrigues you definitely
check out a lot of my past videos on this channel there is quite a lot on the
subject and you can also check out in the description there’s a link to a free
one hour long training on this and that’d be a great place to get you
started and let’s end with some truly passive income sources because as I said
these are not what I would consider true passive
income I would consider almost nothing to be true passive income but I do want
to touch on what I consider to be passive income and even those there’s
some elements of stress and worry and thinking about it so it’s not like it’s
completely hands-off nothing really is but what I consider to be passive income
are hands-off investments you know investing in index funds stocks REITs
bonds these are investments that are obviously not exponential the way
starting an actual business is but they are quite low risk the most passive and
generally the safest unless the world explodes and while I’m talking about
these in an unsexy way because they aren’t that exciting I do think this is
the long-term holy grail of passive income and having true feed freedom and
while these are not so exciting like starting a business and definitely don’t
have the upside and scalability of a business they really are the holy grail
because the only way to be truly free and I’m not there myself but the way to
be there is to have it such that you’re just your pure passive investments are
still already more than you need and then no matter what else you do it’s
just bonus it’s just it’s like you’re playing on house money at that point so
well they’re not exciting I do think that is a long-term play to be thinking
about absolutely so I definitely hope this got you thinking about some
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    Hope this got the ideas flowing! Here are the links I mentioned:

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