42 Steps to Renounce Your Atheism, and Examine Islam – a Documentary مترجم للعربية
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42 Steps to Renounce Your Atheism, and Examine Islam – a Documentary مترجم للعربية

renounce your atheism by dr. hate them too lot in the name of Allah most gracious most merciful 1 what is atheism atheism is rejecting belief in any form of unseen divinity the atheist denies the existence of a creator of divine revelation and of Resurrection 2 what is the proof that there is a creator there are many proofs but we will focus on two the first is called proof on the basis of existence the little al echad and the second is called proof on the basis of Providence Delille al in AR 3 what is meant by proof on the basis of existence everything is temporarily originated it came into existence after it was non-existent so it must have had an originator this means we have 10 to the 124th proofs that a creator exists this number constitutes the overall number of molecules with their functional activities throughout the universe by the way this number is huge it means 10 followed by 124 zeroes so everything that originated and entered the sphere of existence is a proof that there is a creator if you looked around you and pondered the universe with its incidental characteristic and its constant change you will find that it is accidental and ever-changing rather than being perpetual or eternal and you are proclaiming that it is not self subsisting which will you to seek its originator to finally realize that it has a creator that is why many verses of the Quran bring the creations into focus Allah says what means say look at whatever exists in heaven and on earth but signs and warnings do not benefit the unbelievers translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 10 verse 101 Allah also says what means do they not ponder about their own selves Allah has created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them for a purpose and for an appointed time yet many deny they will never meet with our Lord translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 30 verse 8 he also says what means have they not looked into the realms of the heavens and the earth and all that Allah created and seen that the end of their time might be near what will they believe in if they do not believe in this translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 7 verse 185 so everything that has originated is in itself a direct proof that there is an originator for what is meant by proof on the basis of Providence it means that everything ultimately in existence started from the Cork’s which are the smallest subatomic particles ever allocated up to the galaxies carries an extent of functional complexity this means that each has a specific and specialized function and a functional complexity necessarily means a great above mere existence existence is a status and the complexity within the originated thing is a great above that status of mere existence so everything around you is designed in a special method so as to carry out a special function hence everything around you carries of functional complexity and this complexity is a proof of origination which means that it must have had in originator an example of this is the lamp this is a functional complexity the electric lamp is made up of a coil a lead wire that connects electricity to the coil inert gas that protects the coil and does not affect it or the electricity a glass bulb that prevents the entry of air or the exit of the inert gas which would otherwise burn the coil and finally the base of the lamp which connects the lamp with the socket and ensures the passage of the electrical current here the electric lamp demonstrates a system of complexity that cannot be dismissed or simplified since it carries a rudimentary rational indication to the mastery of the manufacturer then the one who denies the masterful formation of the lamp or assumes that it originated by chance is the one required to fetch a proof to his assumption the lamp maker knows pretty much well what electricity means how it is conveyed the benefit of the lamp and the sensitivity of the coil that’s why the presence of the lamp is in itself for proof on the mastery of the maker while having a diverse array of lamps can never be a proof that it is all just mere chance using this same rationalization we can deduct that a creature with all this functional complexity the human being must have had an originator the lamp is made up of four components whereas the human being is made up of three billion components in each and every one of his cells the human code is spelled out in three billion DNA letters no 1 as the human genome and these letters reside within the nucleus of each of our molecules so if you look at the four components of the lamp and deduce that it must have had a maker and you do not realize that you two must have had a maker then the problem is in your way of thinking Allah says what means were they created out of nothing or are they their own creators translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 52 verse 35 look around and see the extent of complexity associated with virtually everything there is actually nothing in this whole wide nature that is free from but a degree of complexity according to the physicists Allah says what means in the creation of the heavens and the earth in the alternation of night and day in the ships that sail the ocean bearing cargos beneficial to man in the water which Allah sends down from the sky and with which he revives the earth after its death scattering over at all kinds of animals in the courses of the winds and in the clouds pressed into service between earth and sky there are indeed signs for people who use their reason translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 2 verse 164 only those who use their minds to ponder will take heed but only the wise take heed translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 3 verse 7 hence existence for example proof on the basis of existence and regulating creation for example proof on the basis of Providence are both rational evidences to the presence of an originator 5 why couldn’t the human beings and other living organisms have all originated from other simple primates there are two illogicality x’ here first there is not one single evidence proving a major evolutionary development by evolutionary development we mean the transition of one species into another form of species scientists have never been able to verify or spot a single evidence on a transition from species to another and all of these are just mere speculations so how can an atheist choose to believe in a speculative evidence and deny our religion based solid evidence second according to the minimum gene set concept no living organism no matter how primary can go below 200 genes nature magazine stated in their issue dated 6 January 2006 that we could never go below the border of 397 genes energy production alone requires at least six genes and if one single gene is missing the cell will not be able to provide any energy likewise each and every basic function requires a minimum number of genes scientists have found that mycoplasma is the most accurate living organism on earth it has 468 genes and each one of these genes contains complex proteins that could be within the range of 1,000 to 10,000 amino acids hence if you have three billion specialized pieces of information these pieces of information are embedded inside the nucleus of each of your cells to produce precise vital functions or even eleven thousand pieces of information then you are facing a giant treasure of specialized information that has suddenly materialized atheist fantasize that there were beans that emerged from a count of zero genes but the theory of minimum genes that came to thought this fantasy obviously all living organisms have emerged so functionally complex from the very first moment six what are examples to the proof are the basis of Providence there are numerous examples and no volumes can be large enough to contain them all even if they fill the whole planet each atom in the universe is actually a proof on the basis of Providence whether we realize this today or we’ll do so tomorrow a insulin the hormone that allows our bodies to use glucose is secreted by the pancreas in the exact same amount of sugar we consume be the power of our hearts in pumping blood is exactly equal to the energy needed by the muscles when exerting any effort see the one-way valve of our stomach prevents the influx of digested food that would otherwise harmless D the sphincter muscles located at the gates of our orifices without which our clothes would have been soiled the whole time e the skull bones that are left unfused at birth so the baby can easily cover the journey through the birth canal without breaking its head had these bones been fused the baby would have never been able to cover this journey except if its skull got broken these bones stay unfused till the brain is fully developed f all the axis of young nerves that convey the electrical signals are covered with a dielectric layer as we do with electrical wires so that the electric signals do not get lost or disturb us G the electron revolves around the nucleus at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per second or otherwise it would collapse inside the nucleus by the force of attraction of the positive nucleus and the universe would have collapsed before it even began so this is the ideal speed for forming the atom H when two atoms of hydrogen combine 0.7% of the hydrogen mass turns into energy if this mass was 0.6% instead of 0.7% the proton would have not combined with the neutron and the universe but have remained in the form of hydrogen and none of the other elements would have been formed if the mass converted to energy was 0.8% instead of 0.7% the fusion would have been too fast which would have led to the disappearance of hydrogen immediately from the universe making life impossible that’s why this figure had to be between zero point six percent and zero point eight percent I the electron mass constitutes 0.2% of the neutron mass and this mass is ideal for forming the atom J after germination the buds tend to go up directly to the light source whereas the roots tend to go down because the buds are highly sensitive to light all the information they need to function is encoded within the seed and there are hormones that control the upper and lateral growth of the plant as well as the growth toward the roots all of which is encoded within the seed you eat the delicious fruit and throw the dry and tasteless spit away this way you are compelled by a controller who governs the whole universe allowing that fruit to pass its genes all over the earth giving you the savory taste while hiding the genes in the core of a smooth dry pit that is not attractive to you once the seeds stick to the ground it starts quietly transforming into branches and roots and this is how the mother succeeds in passing her genes on to its children all of this takes place in a plant that has no cognition so who adjusted the information for those deaf-mute fruits and who adjusted the amount of sugar so it would appeal to your palate who made the seed unappealing so you could dispense with it and throw it away who loaded the seed with sufficient genetic information to create a new plant with all its details and functions k lately the scientists have been discussing the total mass of the universe and how it is essential for our existence on inertia this blessing which is given to our bodies in the form of resistance to any change in movement originates from the mass of the universe had the inertia pin any less than what it is any soft breeze of wind would have been able to move the rocks which would not have been able to resist the least amount of effort exerted on them in a universe like ours we would have been bombarded by all sorts of flying bodies if the inertia was more than what it is we would have found a great difficulty in moving our fingers if we even managed to move them and controlling them would have been in in probability this means we would have been unable to move or do any tangible effort of any kind the first man created would have not left his spot that’s why it is particularly interesting that the inertia of any matter had to be identically what it is right now the thing that baffled the physicists here as we see in the book unity of the universe by Dennis William schema is that of this inertia the whole of the Milky Way galaxy only contributes one ten-millionth the Sun contributes one hundred millionth and the earth itself contributes one thousand millionth this leads us to realize that this ideal inertia we live on and which allows us to partake and all our activities is the overall value of the whole universe consequently we can particularly say that our existence depends precisely on the mass of the whole universe and it’s very existence Allah says what means we did not create heaven on earth and all that is between them in vain that is the opinion of those who deny the truth woe betide those who deny the truth when they are cast into the fire translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 38 verse 27 the more we ponder and look the more we realize the marvels the wisdom and the intricacies of this creation 7 some atheists try to debunk the proof on basis of Providence by bringing into focus some imperfections like illnesses and earthquakes for instance the presence of imperfections if indeed we do accept this description does not in any way deny the perfections as a matter of fact it only proves that perfection does exist in the universe had there been no perfection in the first place the Atheist would have never been able to identify the imperfection how can someone identify an imperfection in the design if there was no design to start with as for their description itself what they call imperfection is actually an imperfection in their ability to grasp the wisdom beyond all things the believer never claims that the universe is perfect and without calamities he only claims that the essence of perfection is that nothing happens without a purpose atheists sound like someone d9 the mastery of a spaceship just because it has a big amount of fuel that could explode anytime the universe was never designed to be perpetual and we were never designed to be gods as a matter of fact we were designed to be tested with both good and evil Allah says what means we test you with both good and evil circumstances as a trial to us you shall return translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 21 verse 35 all of this takes place within the scope of a higher purpose and wisdom 8 it is a given that Allah does not need us so why did he create us the very notion that need corresponds to futility is absurd need corresponds to wisdom not to futility the wealthy and famous physician might choose to treat people without needing anything from them he treats them only for their own good and we can never describe his action as futile the wisdom and the higher purpose beyond it do not revolve in a vicious cycle of need and futility a swimmer might rescue a child out of mercy and then he leaves him and goes without wanting for any word of thanks or gratitude we can never describe this as futile because it can only be described as magnanimity and superior manners hence there is no concurrence between need and futility we have this divine narration in the book of Sahih Muslim All My servants were the first of you and the last of you the human of you and the jinn of you to become as pious as the most pious heart of any one of you that would not increase my kingdom in anything if they were to rise up in one place and make a request of me and where I to give everyone what he requested that would not decrease what I have any more than a needle would decrease the see when you dip it in it so Allah has no need for all the world’s and whatever effort we exert whatever work we do or whatever goals we pursue we are the only ones who benefit Allah says what means and whoever strives strives only for himself allies independent of all his creation translation of the meaning of the Koran chapter 29 verse 6 if the patient is ignorant of the doctors wisdom this does not mean that the doctors decisions are purposeless also acknowledging the wisdom does not necessitate comprehending its full scope understanding part of it suffices it is enough to know that we are signed with certain responsibilities and enough to know what these responsibilities are and that there is a wisdom beyond all this otherwise we will be like those who denied that which they do not comprehend indeed they are denying something which they cannot comprehend the reality not yet having dawned on them translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 10 verse 39 hence Allah is wise and he created us for wisdom 9 in the deductive argument for the existence of a creator do we draw on evidences from our human experience the evidence of creation is based on an inference of empirical evidence and a definite knowledge emanating from necessary premises the Quran in its deductive argument for the existence of a creator does not follow the path of inference by analogy as for deductive analogy it proves the meanings and then extracts the rulings whereas the deductive argument for the existence of the Creator depends on direct deliberation and observational significance Allah says what means were they created out of nothing or are they their own creators translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 52 verse 35 here the verse limits existence in three possibilities one either they came out of nothing and this is impossible since nothingness cannot bring anything since it is already non existent – or they created themselves and this too is impossible since it is an evident absurdity 3 or they have a Creator who created them this is an initial rational reason in not an analogy so we could say that it is based on mere human experience this does not in any way mean that we sense your human experience since all Sciences are based on human experience when we say that the universe exists and that it is not self-subsistent then it must have a creator and that everything in the universe came with notable physical constants and precision then there has to be a creator and a maker we are actually using direct preliminary premises not rational analogies or human experiences causality as one of our evidence of the Almighty Creator does not depend on intellect an extrapolation it is rather a rational principle based on the basic psychological necessities 10 why can’t we see that there is a material reason for the creation of the universe for example another civilization or something else why stick to the eternal deities specifically there is a rule that was established by the Islamic scholars since more than a thousand years ago this rule states that having a series of actors consequently leads to non action having a series of actors means the presence of more than a creator this supposition assumes that we have another civilization and a civilization that preceded it and produced it and a civilization that preceded the first one and produced it and so on so there is a series of creators and this series leads necessarily to naam action non action means lack of any creation like the universe mankind and so forth hence the sequence of actors leads to lack of emergence of any universe into existence if one of the civilizations depended on the emergence of another which has formed it and this first civilization also depended on another to form it we will just keep going to infinity from one civilization to the one that preceded it without reaching an end consequently there has to be a first creator that’s started everything with the first action to make this a bit simpler let us imagine we have some Domino pieces arranged one after another so if one Falls the whole stack will fall if we assume that a particular piece will not fall until the one before it falls and that the one before it will not fall until the one before it falls and so on then no piece will fall unless the sequence of pieces have a beginning to start with if the pieces go on to infinity then no piece will ever fall hence if the sequence was infinite no creation would be there since the Dewar’s existence will depend on another and so forth which takes us to our first argument had the sequence being infinite there would have been no creation no action and no existence there has to be a beginning a start for the creation and hence a first creator so anything accidental that needs an instigator must necessarily have an originator and if we say that there is a need for an instigator then none of this could have emerged unless the long sequence of events had a very beginning this is why we assert that there is a first creator before whom nothing else ever existed eleven we know the laws that govern the universe and we know what causes the volcanoes so why do we need a creator if we know all the laws atheists assume that the laws are in themselves enough for creating and originating the universe Stephen Hawking used this premise and theorized that the law of gravity is in itself enough for creating the universe as he explained in his book the grand design Hawking’s report went viral over the world news and all the media and popular websites shared it regardless of the fact that this assumption foils automatically when attempting to know the source of the law of gravity or who enacted it or gave it this invasive and effective ability regardless of all the initial axioms the law of gravity alone does not cause the billiard ball to roll the law by itself is incapable of doing anything without the emergence of things the law of gravity does not produce a billiard ball it can only move it once it emerges and once it is hit by the billiard stick the law of gravity is not a standalone thing it only describes a natural event the law of gravity does not move the billiard ball without thrusting the stick in the balls direction to move it only then can the ball roll and only then can the effect of the law of gravity materialized yet the Atheist assumes that the existence of this law is enough to create the billiard ball the billiard stick and to roll the ball so what is it that comes easier to the mind and sound reasoning faith or atheism likewise the laws of internal combustion of the car motor will not create a car motor even if we added the law of internal-combustion to the car motor this will not be enough to make the motor function since we still need fuel to provide energy we still need a spark to set the combustion and action and before all that we surely need a motor only then will the laws of internal combustion function but it would be irrational to think that the laws of internal combustion are enough for creating a motor a spark fuel a driver and a road this very assumption could take us once again to the sequence of actors which we spoke about in the previous question 12 why can’t this whole universe be the resultant of mere chance this very assumption reveals ignorant of the fundamentals of probability because a chance requires to intrinsic conditions time and space chance requires a time for its occurrence to have effect it also requires a physical space where it can take and produce its effect so how can we say that chance had a role in originating the universe despite the fact that our universe originated from no time and no space how can the effect of the chance be evident without the origination of the chance itself how can the chance give effect before it is there and before the existence of time and space which are both intrinsic conditions for its presence 13 what do we say to the atheist who argues that the universe has developed science does not cooperate the tendency of the universe from simplicity to complexity on the contrary science cooperates the transition of the universe from full complexity to simplicity throughout time this is the law known as the second law of thermodynamics and to make it a bit simpler let me tell you this if you have a glass of hot water in the room the temperature will move from the hot water to the climate of the room till the temperature in both the glass and the room reach equilibrium this law applies on everything in the universe and at some point in time the temperature will be the same all over the universe and this is when the thermal death of the universe will occur had the universe been eternal it would have been static now thermally dead but the fact is that it is below the maximum entropy and has not reached thermal death means that it is not eternal and that it has a fixed beginning at an emerging time and place the universe even emerged at the minimum entropy which means that it occurred with no unprecedented pattern unique by the way this is a law not a theory this law applies on everything from the atom to the galaxy it is essential in proving that the very notion that the components of the universe are tending towards complexity as the Atheist imagines is a fake notion that does not actually exist fact is the universe has a tendency towards simplicity not complexity 14 how did we know that the moment of the universe’s occurrence was based on the law of causality in other words does the law of causality apply outside the universe we cooperate the law of causality when it comes to the occurrence of the universe since it’s a primary law and since the universe exists then there had to be an effect that brought it into existence lately it has been scientifically proven that the universe occurred because of an operator that brought it into existence in what is known as the formulation of quantum mechanics and the concept of an operator so according to quantum mechanics there had to be an operator otherwise there would have been no universe this means that the law of causality applied on the universe at the point of incidence he was the only cat on me what a baby one renounce your atheism by dr. ha same Dalek 15 but why can’t the law of causality apply on the Creator in other words who created the Creator first the laws that apply on the created can never apply on the creator and this is a truism or we would be saying things like who cooked the cook or who polished the polish it stands to reason that the Creator who created time and space can never fall under the compulsion of these laws since he is the one who brought them into existence second it’s true that everything that originated has an originator but when it comes to the Creator there is nothing like unto him translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 42 verse 11 third the Creator has to be eternal and necessarily existent rajab Elwood Judd otherwise we would regress to the sequence of actors which leads to no action at all as we explained earlier sixteen why can’t we have more than one perpetual creator Allah says what means if there had been in the heavens and on the earth other deities besides Allah both the heavens and the earth would be ruined translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 21 verse 22 17 but what is the rationale beyond the impossibility of having more than one creator and concordance with each other and without clashing decisions the question is not about issuing two clashing decisions so the universe would be ruined or about being in agreement so the universe would remain intact the rationale presented by this previous verse is far and beyond any of this having another creator besides Allah necessitates composition multiplicity of essences and causes and composition necessitates need so if we assume Allah forbid that the deity has a need this would provide an insecure universe that is susceptible to collapse without any guarantees or reasons since the deity is in need so exalted is Allah lord of the throne above what they described the translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 21 verse 22 Allah is exalted above any composition or need since he is self-sufficient and self-subsisting add to all this if there were two deities or more the probability of disagreeing stands more to reason then concordance all the way having more than one essence more than one will and more than one determination means that each one of them is in need and need necessitates convergence 18 why is religion crucial even the most uncompromising atheist believes that truthfulness is better than lying right the most uncompromising atheist believes that faithfulness is better than betrayal right these terms are not from this world and the material world does not substantiate their conceptualization or their requisite what does truthfulness mean and what does line mean if we analyze the depth of the atoms will we be able to monitor concepts like truthfulness or line if we observe the physics of the galaxies or the chemistry of the hormones will we be able to observe faithfulness or betrayal hence these concepts are not from this mature your world yet they are real concepts as a matter of fact they are the most important things in existence the value of man is measured by his manners not his material size or the number of his atoms or the level of energy in his cells the value of man is recognized by how deeply he complies with the divine obligations within himself there is a good man and an evil man but there is no good mountain in evil mountain there is no faithful planet an unfaithful planet it is only man who can uphold values purpose and meaning it is only man who can perceive existence 19 why can’t morals be the resultant of the brain or the society the brain is made up of the very same material components no matter how complex the brain is no matter how complex its material components the sum of all zeros will always be a zero no matter how many zeros we are had since mater knows no good or evil the brain as well knows no good or evil hence the question that poses itself is how did the concepts of good and evil settled in the brain what prevents the brain from annihilating the whole earth and everything that lives on it why can’t the brain think of placing the weakest of mankind in animal cages why can’t the brain get rid of all the sick and handicapped so as to leave only the highly efficient like the Nazi project Achtung T for the material brain does not know if any of the above actions is good or bad because the brain is completely indifferent when it comes to morals since it is made from the very same atoms of the earth there is no connection near or far between morals and the brain as for the notion that says that societies could be the origin of morality this idea is so strange because morals are subjective and they concern man as a man not the society as a society if any of this was true and morals have originated from the society the Nazis would have been right in disposing of all others since this is what the society would want hence morals are separate from the society and both the good and the bad societies know what righteousness is and what evil doing is consequently morals are far beyond the brain and the society 20 what is the relation between religion and the issue of morality religion is the only thing that gives a rationalization for manners the only thing that gives morals their distinctive character morals can only be perceived within the framework of divine accountability and religion is the only vivacious entity in the whole existence since it is the only guidance we have to the purpose of existence through religion we know why we are here what follows death what existence means and what is needed from us without religion the universe will regress to total blindness and nihilism Abdul kayum may Allah have mercy on him says there is no pathway to happiness or well-being in this life all the afterlife except that which is pointed to us by the prophets there is no way to distinguish the good from the bad in details except through them the satisfaction of the creator can never be attained except at their hands their guidance and way of living is our only herald to good morals deeds and words this whole world is pitch-black and Damned except for where the Sun of the revelation shown as Abner Tamiya says without the divine revelation we would not know the purpose of existence the meaning of goodness or its value without the divine revelation the whole world would be reduced to nothing but a scary frivolity without revelation we would have just been star stuff as Carl Sagan says or an insect as Sartre says prophethood is the only pulse of existence and without it the best inventions and the most ecstatic desires would have been real terror without religion the whole world is a big waste if you ask an atheist this existential question why are we here in this life what will happen to us after we die he will either resort to sufficient hence religion is a natural requirement when it comes to perceiving moral values or realizing the meaning of existence or answering the existential question of who created this whole existence who created man what is the purpose from our existence and the wisdom from actions or beans 21 the universe is so huge and the earth is so tiny compared to it so why would Allah care for this tiny speck of dust in this whole vast universe when I tell you that a king gave some advice to his son and wrote a book for him are you going to ask me how can a king who owns millions of acres of vast land care for his son who only makes for a fraction of a billionth of what this King owns of lands and acres to Allah is the most supreme example this argument is too petty to be even regarded arguing the size big or small is an issue is a very absurd supposition for us humans the issue is not about the material size or weight the issue is about the ethical and immaterial magnitude of things that have no size like morals truthfulness and honesty the difference between the greatest of mankind who established the greatest of civilizations and between the meanest is an ethical or abstract difference not a material one we are talking here about things like leadership good work and Noble manners if it was only about size Allah would have surely chosen the heavens and the earth to carry the responsibility since they are bigger whales are much bigger than microbes for instance but does not mean that whales are more important than microbes define important here does Allah care for the bigger creature because it’s bigger and hence it should not care for the smaller one or did Allah guarantee sustenance for all beings along with the most suitable system of living another thing the size of things is a relative issue as we know from physics physics tells us that the heavens and earth started from a very tiny dot that was even lesser than the head of a pin much smaller than the atom by billions and billions of times hence the issue is not about size and we can never judge things by their size or their weight the issue is to realize things and perceive them and who can realize or perceive existence accountability wisdom and concepts and purpose better than man 22 there are many deities in the earth civilizations so why should we call Allah particularly there is no deity to be worshipped in all faiths in civilizations except Allah the basic disagreement we with the other faiths is that they made from Allah other small deities like Jesus and the Holy Ghost in Christianity and vishnu shiva and brahma in hinduism etc all face believe in Allah the one God who created all existence but they simply worship with him other deities Allah says what means if you ask them who it is that has created the heavens and the earth and subjugated the Sun and the moon they will say Allah how then are they turned away translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 29 verse 61 even the idols of the polytheists were not taken as gods for themselves but they all knew it was just one God and these idols were just intermediaries all shareist ani says about the idols of the Arab in the old times as for the idols the Arabs were not worshipping them for themselves yet for them they were not just like any other piece of rock will durant states that the origin of hinduism goes back to believing in the one single god he says in his book the story of civilization that all of these gods are more or less similar to what is done in the christian churches that worshipped thousands of saints it never occurs to the mind of any hindu not even for an instant that all of these countless gods are a higher sovereign abner Tamiya says whoever thinks that the idolaters who worshipped all these idols believe that they have created the universe made the rainfall made the plants grow created the animals or any such things is completely ignorant these idols only meant for them what the sacred graves meant for the polytheists hence Allah is one in all the faith’s believers argue only in the best way with the people of the book but contend not at all with such of them as are unjust say we believe in what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to you our God and your God are one and to him we submit translation the meaning of the Quran chapter 29 verse 46 hence all the idols and all the human deities are nothing but atheistic intermediaries that were never prescribed by Allah 23 there are many faiths so why Islam in particular Islam is not just a faith among other faiths Islam is the creed that agrees with what all the prophets and messengers came with Islam came to adjust the path of faith that went awry and it came to return people to the path of all the prophets starting with Adam going by Noah Sulli job ever Abraham Moses David Jonah Aaron and Jesus all of these came with the message that their God is just one according to the Torah and gospel this faith knows no Trinity no hypostasis gods committing suicide extracting a God from another God like extracting the Holy Ghost from the Father or national gods Allah says what means Allah has ordained for you the same religion which he enjoined on Noah and which we have revealed to you and which we enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus so that you should remain steadfast in religion and not become divided in it what you call upon the polytheists to do was hard for them a lot chose us for himself whoever he pleases and guides towards himself those who turned to him translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 42 verse 13 Allah also says what means we have sent revelation to you prophet as we did to Noah and the prophets who came after him to Abraham Ishmael Isaac Jacob and the tribes through Jesus job Jonah Aaron and Solomon and David to whom we gave the Psalms translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 4 verse 163 hence Islam is not like any other faith because it is the origin of all faiths and the refinement of the serious deviation that afflicted all the past faiths particularly Judaism and Christianity in both their version the old and new testaments 24 how can we scientifically prove a hidden entity like the Archangel Jabril for instance believing in this arc angel Jibril may Allah be pleased with him or any other hidden unknown issue outside the dimensions of time and space is something perceptive in hence it does not fall under the laws of matter believing in him is part and parcel of believing in the authenticity of the message with all its doctrinal manifestations once the message is proven authentic every hidden aspect it came to pass is proven authentic as well once evidences are established on the truthfulness of whoever is conveying on the part of Allah he becomes a verified source in conveying whatever Allah tells him we believe the hidden and unknown as part of our belief in the message not independent from it 25 if Islam is the true faith then why are there allegations Allah says what means it is he who has sent down the book to you some of its verses are clear and precise and meaning they are the basis of the book while others are allegorical those with deviation in their hearts pursue the allegorical so as to create dissension by seeking to explain it but no one knows its meaning except Allah those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say we believe in it it is all from our Lord but only the wise take heed translation the meaning of the Quran chapter 3 verse 7 hence is it natural to have precise and allegorical meanings those who have uncertain hearts will follow the allegorical as to satisfy their whims while those who have steadfast hearts will follow the precise the truth is stark clear and needs no evidence but the unspecific had to be there so as to test us so we could ponder and think also if not for the in specific there would have been no belief and disbelief yet the basics of faith are precise and certified whereas the allegorical gives way to understand the in the text or a legal ruling accountability is one of the laws of Allah in mankind and his law in accountability is the obscurity of wisdom and his law in wisdom is its intricacies the winner is the one who uses his knowledge to realize the hidden and the intricate the loser is the one who uses his ignorance as a wall standing between him and using his knowledge in the first place 26 what is the fault you see in atheism atheism requires a degree of faith much higher than that needed for faith but it is a kind of faith based on false suppositions and absurd fantasies to be an atheist you need to imagine that a nil was added to nil and the result was something great so unimaginably great and intricate be chance brought all the intricate and precise laws of physics although the two conditions of chance time and space were not even there when the universe came from no time and no space see randomness gave way to life although the human mind with its magnificent power is incapable of producing the simplest forms of life d all the moral values and their foundations which we certify and which all take route opposing to that of matter since authentic morals are a burden on matter and a – value when it comes to personal gain and benefit are an outcome and a product of matter you need to believe all the above to become an atheist meaning that atheism is a kind of faith as well but it is kind of a faith that is not based on any knowledge or divine text 27 since Allah knows that some people will be atheists why did he create them Allah says what means should we withdraw the admonition from you because you are a people far gone in transgression translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 43 verse 5 which means since you are going to be atheists would Allah not create you what kind of absurd perception is this anyway it is only fair to create the one who deserves to be punished so he can get his deserved punishment if it is established in Allah’s knowledge that the Atheist is going to be an atheist what harm would it be to create him so as to punish him on fair grounds should Allah not create him so as to save him the trouble isn’t this being overly presumptuous and a silly supposition if a theist will be cast in the fire eternally isn’t it fair for him to deserve this punishment our criterion for judging what is fair and what is not fair isn’t absolute it is restricted by the restrictions of our human nature the absolutely fair is Allah he decreed that he will not be unjust to his servants nor am i unjust to my servants translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 50 verse 29 so it is our understanding which is faulty and this is a much more logical rationale because of the origin of disbelief is lying about that which we do not know Allah says what means indeed they are denying something which they cannot comprehend the reality not yet having dawned on them translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 10 verse 39 28 when Allah knows that someone is going to be an atheist doesn’t this mean that Allah is compelling him to be an atheist the knowledge of Allah is not equivalent to compulsion imagine a professor who teaches a certain class and by the end of the year he informs one of his students that he will fail in this class because he knows by experience the level of this student and he even wrote these expectations down in his registry when the student does fail will this mean that the professor compelled him to fail just because he knew the result and wrote it down can we say in that case that because the professor wrote down his expectations they became a law compelling the student to fail to Allah belongs the supreme example a lot told us that his knowledge is all-encompassing but at the same time he gave us full choice to pick our path he says what means to every one of you who wishes to tread the straight path translation of the meaning of the Koran chapter 81 verse 28 Allah also says what means and show him the two paths translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 90 verse 10 hence the knowledge of Allah is not a compulsion it is a laws willed that each of us has his free will we showed him the way whether he’d be grateful or ungrateful translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 76 verse 3 but at the same time he knows everything as for one who gives to others and fears Allah and believes in the truth of what is right we will pave his way to ease but as for one who is miserly and unheeding and rejects what is right we shall pave his way to hardship translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 92 verse Tim as for the atheist who wishes to make of Allah’s straight on human will he is deactivating one of the actions of Allah for the sake of another and no one does that but the disbeliever so has to feel at ease with his disbelief as for the Muslim he acknowledges all over laws actions and acknowledges their validity 29 why did Allah create evil in other words how can the Muslim argue the dilemma of evil the dilemma of evil is by origin Christian and has got nothing to do with Islam it is a mistake to migrate the Western ecclesiastical issues onto our Islamic culture in the distorted Christian tradition Jesus was sent because of the original sin of Adam which was the underlying cause beyond all the evil in the world and so Jesus atoned for this sin through sacrifice and the crucifixion hence the evil should have been lifted from the world because Jesus sacrificed himself for us out of love and the effect of the original sin should have disappeared since it was the cause of all evil in the world yet evil and affliction persisted and with the very same rhythm that was there before the crucifixion of Christ so where is the love and where is the sacrifice this major paradox is the underlying cause of the evil dilemma that resides in the modern Western Christian mind but what has Islam got to do with that what is the relation between this gibberish and the revelations of all the prophets and messengers evil is established in Islam and all the messages of the prophets because we are accountable and because we live in a world of choice full-stop Allah says what means that no soul shall bear the burden of another translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 53 verse 38 this is the very Creed of all the prophets and messengers as I said we are here because we have responsibilities nothing more he created death and life so that he might test you and find out which of you is best in conduct he is the mighty the most forgiving one translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 67 verse 2 hence evil is something normal within the framework of testiness amazingly the presence of evil is the best proof on the authenticity of the religious cause and the deviation of atheism had we been the creation of this material world we would not have been able to perceive good or evil since according to the atheistic perception we are just living in strictly material imperatives perceiving evil means that we are not the creation of this world and that we aren’t arriving our perception of evil from another premise totally different from the Darwinian materialism of existence not being able to realize some of the intricacies of a laws wisdom when it comes of affliction not evil since there is no absolute evil in existence is axiomatic Descartes says in his book meditations that he has no reason to complain that God did not give him a greater ability to understand this is because accountability is founded on and wisdom is founded on the unknown and hidden Allah has revealed for us the wisdom underlined the actions of al-qaeda in his encounter with Moses although on the outward these actions seemed vile yet they were in shrouded in great goodness and blessings this story did not come in the Quran for fun it came to shed light on the insignificant and flawed perception of the human mind and its hasty and unwise judgments this life of ours is just a prelude to an afterlife of immortality that’s why the martyr will wish to go back to the utmost feelings of torment and pain when he will see how these few moments of pains became is very key to an eternal life of endless bliss and fulfillment so glory be to the selfs assisting and the one who governs all creations 30 was not religion the cause beyond the holy wars that took a toll on the world for a long period of time humanity lived for thousands of years under monotheistic religions and for 4000 years under the three major Abrahamic religions religion has never posed a threat on the human race in fact it presented humanity with higher ethical values that both believers and disbelievers could not dispute it established the groundwork for various civilizations to the extent that we can easily assume that all the goodness in this earth is in fact the outcome of these religions religion we lived the counts from thousands of cases and laid down the epistemic behavioral and value-based foundation for the purpose of humanity on earth the countries which embrace these monotheistic religions are still till this day demonstrating the cultural diversity that has accommodated their counterparts and provided them with a protective roof based on the tenets of these very monotheistic faiths yet when some of the countries came close to atheism for just near to one century the whole of humanity was hurled on the very verge of annihilation the history of humanity has not known any system more dangerous than the atheistic their pogroms in the gulags of the Soviet Union at the hands of the Atheist Lenin the genocide at the hands of Nazi Germany the ethnic cleansing of almost a quarter of the Cambodian people at the hand of atheist Pol Pot massacring 52 million of the Chinese people in the so-called Cultural Revolution at the hand of Mao Zedong the advent of the League of militant atheists in Europe which led to the shutting down of more than 42,000 religious institutions churches and mosques and the killing of thousands of religious men all of these are nothing but downright atheistic secretions the two major world wars ww1 and ww2 were both secular wars ruled by the atheistic perspectives and the fantasies of having a pure human race the result of which was the cleansing of almost 5% of the world population and throwing both the winner and the loser more than third of a century behind the philosophers even placed a urinal in the middle of Paris to symbolize the end of civilization the atheistic wars had left behind arsons of atomic weaponry enough to wipe out humanity manifold the simplest reading of the history of the 20th century Wars would reveal how pathetic atheism is it’s precipitated in the overall mind of humanity a notion that the annihilation of mankind is a probability in any future battle this is what we got from atheism 31 but can’t we see the implications of slavery in captivity in Islamic Jihad captivity in Islam is contrary to the old Roman culture and contrary to the falsifications of modern secularism captivity in Islam comes with mercy to women a woman who joins a war and comes to kill you must not be fought according to Islam a woman must never be killed unless she attempts to kill you personally because Islam does not give you the right to kill a woman or a child it also gives you no right to kill an elderly person a craftsman or a monk it gives you no right to kill any of these even if they’ve joined your adversary’s army you’re not entitled to kill them unless they attempted to kill you personally it is of Allah’s mercy that he ordained that women must not be killed because women are weak and they most often never attempt to kill that’s why women are captivated women are captivated in Islam so they can be ransomed for Muslim captives or they can be pardoned and returned to the enemy without any ransom in return Allah says what means and afterwards either set them free as an act of grace or let them ransom themselves until the war is finally over translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 47 verse 4 just notice how allah says until the war is finally over which means until the war is over in the battlefield also notice as an act of grace which means setting them free without any ransom in return or they can be ransomed with other muslims who are taken captive by the enemy but can the captives be married or can a muslim man have sex with her the innominate opinion of muslim scholars confirms that the polytheists woman cannot marry a Muslim man nor is he allowed to have sex with her this is the opinion of all major Islam schools of thought malik abu hanifa el chef eve and ahmad ethnic Adama says an el Magni it is prohibited to marry Zoroastrian women or other atheist women with the exception of people of the book Christians and Jews Abner abdu l-bahá says this is the majority opinion of all scholars in all countries and those who deviate from this opinion are aberrant and now away says a captivate of idolaters or atheist cannot be lawful for Muslim until she embraces Islam as long as she persists on her faith she is unlawful so if it was all about desiring women it would have never been unlawful to marry them it is even worthy of mention that if a Muslim raped a captive whether she was an atheist or not he has to be punished the prescribed punishment for adultery if the captive is not a polytheist she has a marriage contract different from that of a free woman since the free woman has the right to choose who to marry but the captive who joined the army of the enemy is not granted that right she got captivated and hence she is not entitled to choose who to marry this wraps up the main issues for captivity 32 what about the who done prescribed punishments it like the one prescribed for stealing the issue here is not just about theft it is about everything relevant to it there is an authentic narration by Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him that says no cutting hands in case of traitors looters and the embezzlers so the prescribed punishment for theft is not just for stealing the money but for the ensuing consequences that could lead to murder or bigger crimes so if someone embezzled money from a big amount left in his care or like a cashier his hand cannot be cut if someone grabs fruits from a tree his hand cannot be cut no cutting hands for fruits or palm pyth also in the mawatha of malik no cutting hands in case of fruits hanging from trees or cattle kept in the mountains this is because the mountains is an open place and Allah knows best also an al Sunan al-kubra al-bayhaqi al our beam Abu Talib says no cutting hands in case of stealing money from beit el ma the Treasury as you can see the issue here is not just about stealing otherwise the hand of the embezzler looter or traitor would be cut too but since three cases commit their crimes without endangering the lives of others their hands are not cut same thing with stealing fruits and cattle that are kept to graze in the mountains even though they are worth value yet they are far from endangering the lives of other people I beam Abu Lila even said when asked about a man who stole from the cob his hand needs not be cut so what if a man steals something and then confesses his crime would his hand be cut the answer is the judge must kick him out yes kick him out a thief was brought to Prophet Muhammad may the peace and blessings of allah be upon him and the thief confessed what he did but the things he stole were not found on him the Prophet said to him it doesn’t look like you stole but the thief said he did it and the Prophet repeated what he said to him two or three times Alba haki reported a narration with authentic transmission a man came to Ali bond Abu Talib and confessed stealing so Ali kicked him out a bull Dharma said to a woman who stole did you steal say no ATAR said they used to bring the thief and ask him did you steal say no and he referred this to both abu bakr and omar IBN abu Shaba also mentioned in his Mehsana ‘the they used to bring the thief and ask him did you steal say no also abu must wound said they brought a thief and asked him did you steal say that you found it and when he said that he found it he set free abu hara also related that a thief was brought once and asked did you steal did you steal say no say no this was said to him twice or thrice calleb even who Dale also said I heard Subbiah Abu Salim say I saw Al Hasan eben Ali bringing a thief who admitted his theft and he said to him maybe you embezzled it so the man would say that he didn’t steal it I creamer Eyebeam qalaat also said omar brought a thief who admitted stealing and said i see the hand of this man and it’s not the hand of a thief so the man said by Allah I did not steal so Omar set him free 33 what about the prescribed punishment for adultery which is strolling and ending the life of a person the one who objects on ending the life of another adulterer married adult and free for committing adultery is the very same person having no objections on ending the lives of 1 million souls yearly on yearly basis more than 1 million babies are aborted in the US alone this is nothing else but the outcome of adultery [Music] Underwood’s all right how did you hear we heard it from our house pitch this baby since an animal if I get up there and find out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and no media platform to speak about them they have just left to be killed in complete silence 34 but let’s assume that a married man committed adultery and then he regretted his actions and repented will his life still be ended the concept is to protect the society not to end lives Prophet Muhammad said avoid these obscenities which Allah has forbidden and whoever commits any of this let him repent to Allah and then seek the concealing shield of Allah to hide his action when Prophet Muhammad sent away my is who came to him three times confessing adultery he kept sending him away each and every time he also said to the woman from Hameed who came confessing her sin go and ask the forgiveness of Allah and repent to him the one who repents is no longer a threat to the society since the society will not suffer from his evils any more so whoever comes confessing to a judge this sin the judge must send him away omar said send the confessors away it is related in the sunan of abu dawood there came to the Prophet a woman from a committee and said Allah’s messenger I have committed adultery so purify me he turned her away on the following day she said a last messenger why do you tell me away perhaps you turn me away as you turned away my is by Allah I have become pregnant he said well if you insist upon it then go away until you give birth to the child when she was delivered she came with the child wrapped in a rag and said here is the child whom I’ve given birth to he said go away and suckle him until you wean him just notice how the woman said perhaps you turn me away as you turned away my is and had she not returned back the Prophet would have never requested her return Abdullah a bean Bharata related that his father said we the prophets companions used to say to each other if only the woman from gammad or my ease a beam Malik did not return back after they have confessed or he related that his father said had they not returned back the Prophet would have never requested them to be brought back hence Islam is not so keen on applying the who dud but rather seeking anyway or excuse not to apply them since the whole purpose is to remedy the society 35 why do you refuse to coexist with the atheists this question was answered by the countries that coexisted with the atheists now they have had a huge experience in this topic and let us look at their experience when it comes to the cause the renowned American magazine Scientific American published a big research paper on the hatred of the Americans to the atheists and the title of the paper was in atheists we distrust the research proves that most of the American people do not tolerate atheists and they object to having them teach their children the research has also surveyed how the Americans disdain atheists in general whether this got published in an official statement so it was just kept in their hearts unannounced it remains true in another report published by The Washington Post in 2011 they surveyed the most abominable sect ever in the US and the atheists got the first rank among all the American people shortly before that report got published the University of Minnesota conducted a separate research for two years about extremist Muslims gays and atheists to see of which sect the American people feared most for themselves it turned out that the Muslim extremists and gay were closer to the American people than the atheists maybe these researchers are going to be surprising for many people but what is even more surprising is to have reference for these researches in reality consolidating them in the form of official laws that confirm how atheists are loath even in the West one of the foundations of the Constitution’s of the United States states that atheists will not hold any government post because those who deny the existence of God give no value to his covenant and there is no guarantee for their credibility John Locke founder of the civil state argued in his letter concerning toleration that atheists should not be tolerated because promises covenants annals which are the bonds of human society can have no hold upon an atheist the taking away of God though but even in thought dissolves all so if this is the very vision of the man who founded the civil estate in the West what can the vision of the people be a very brief look at the Constitution’s of the USA would shock any Arab atheist ranting arrogantly about his rights in an Arab country examining the text of the Western constitutions will only reflect their perception of the Atheist threat and how they seek to alienate them as much as possible from public life the Arkansas State Constitution chapter 19 miscellaneous provision one states atheists disqualified from holding office or testifying as witness the North Carolina State Constitution states almost the same thing in Chapter six section 8 that atheists are disqualified also the Pennsylvania State Constitution states in article 1 chapter 4 that atheists shall be disqualified to hold in the office or place of trust or profit under this Commonwealth the Western constitutions are teaming with articles confirming their rejection for atheists South Carolina’s state constitution chapter 6 article 2 Tennessee state constitution chapter 9 section 2 Texas state constitution chapter 1 section 4 all of them state that believing in God is a prerequisite for upholding an administrative post America is the most powerful scientific state in the world and it still classifies a atheism as unacceptable in the American society this was very clear in the official words of George W Bush when an American journalist asked him in 1943 surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists and his answer which became so famous afterwards was no I don’t know that a theist should be considered as citizens nor should they be considered Patriots this is one nation under God people in the West have more experience than us when it comes to atheists and their nature they know that their presence constitutes a real problem since their oaths and promises mean nothing for them and these are the very basis upon which any society is founded the West rejects atheists because of the problems they stir in it and we know that the foundation of loyalty and disavowal for the West is their personal benefit as for us Muslims the basis for our loyalty and disavowal al wala wala bara is our religion our rejection for the atheist stems from our religion that urges us to promote the word of Allah and to guide the youth rather than leave them to flounder in the tides of vagueness 36 what are the arguments used by the atheists in addressing the arguments of religion in front of the tons of arguments presented by religion atheism virtually presents near to nothing basically atheism has nothing to present and it has nothing to refer to either the best they can do is sufficient for tea reasoning and yet with all this poorness of arguments some people still embrace atheism and admit it publicly which is one of the unexplained oddities of this age that we live in 37 what are the questions that no atheist will be able to answer a how did existence emerge out of no space in no time how can an atheist assume that his atheism is valid when the moment of the start of existence is a stark proof on the creativity of the creator and his ability to originate existence B how did no life transform into life how did matter mutate from lifelessness into living cell with all our techniques and advancements we cannot till this very moment originate the simplest form of life so how can we explain the origination of life in the dead matter wouldn’t we have been at least able to originate a form of life that supersedes the one that originated in the dead matter by at least a million times C how can the atheist argue against the annihilation of all man kind what is the rational substantial and scientific evidence an atheist can present to prove that annihilation of all mankind is a mistake the material world knows no right and wrong so annihilation of mankind must be equal to keeping them alive from their perspective D atheism assumes that human beings are just animals who came into existence after a long and slow sequence of evolution from meaner beans so what if a higher being came into existence will it have the right to put us all in cages and use us as lab rats the Darwinist answer that we derive from matter is yes so what’s the purpose from protecting mankind or providing them with meaning or purpose when it comes to a theism atheism here is unable to explain the reality of man II what if according to evolution we proved that one race is higher than the other will the higher race be entitled to transform the lesser race into used matter as we do with the lesser insects or animals again the Darwinist answer is yes this very argument is enough to obliterate atheism from any mind that utilizes common sense since the only criteria to judge who was better than who is the criterion of God fairness not by color or strength if atheists argue that morals are relative meaning can be seen from more than one perspective so honesty can be better than betrayal or betrayal can be better in some cases yet when confronted with their own trials they claim outright that morality is objective and that things like honesty or betrayal are absolute because if morals are relative then immorality makes no sense since we will never be able to set a line between morality and immorality this is definitely a clear contradiction because if morality was objective and absolute then this law of morality must have had a lawgiver the will of Allah and deveined accountability if morality was relative then no Athey must complain from immorality or even comprehend its concept gee how did the amazing constants of physics emerge all of these constants entail very intricate differences that must never vary even by the slightest or minutest fraction or the whole universe would collapse for instance the cosmological constant is fine-tuned to 120 decibel places and if it was one decibel more or less the whole universe would collapse this precision proves that accuracy of a great maker noting that the constants are numerous in physics and all of them are intricately precise H how did the genome emerge within the living cells a code must require a coder and this genome designates what each cell will be used for doesn’t this prove that there is a unique maker dictating very specific codes I where did morality and values come from when it comes to a theism atheism sees the universe as tumultuous sea of atoms that makes no sense and have no purpose which was one of the driving motives to immorality and depravity but since morality does exist then atheism is invalid to sum up our argumentation against atheism since there is light then there has to be a source for this light since there is shade then there has to be a body causing the shade since there are intricate objects starting from the Cork’s and ending with the galaxies then there has to be an originator the quranic argumentation is the strongest ever do you not see how those who dispute allah signs are turned away from the right path those who reject the book and that with which we sent our messengers shall soon know translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 40 verses 69 and 70 how then can you turn away what are your proofs the atheist has nothing but nothing nothing but believing in trivialities and in possibilities 38 why are the Muslims so be despite their rightful faith while the West is so advanced despite their disbelief this is an argument of civilization prophets have struggled a lot to confront this argument followers have deviated and prophets have almost wasted their souls in sorrow over the deviation of their followers and nations the question of civilization is the core of the nation’s disbelief throughout history Allah says what means when our clear revelations are recited to them those who deny the truth say to the faithful which of the two sides is better in respect of position and makes a more impressive assembly translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 19 verse 73 when we read to them the verses that contain evidences and proofs they start telling you that there are other nations far more advanced than the Muslims the researcher ibrahim al shokran may Allah have mercy on him said this is a universal law that never goes wrong we will never cease to wonder about this law throughout history the general public of those who convey the words of Allah since the advent of Revelation and until the days of the modern Islamic civilization have always been countering a particular material power that is far more advanced beyond them and that keeps tempting the people and diverting them from the right path of Revelation look at the history of all the prophets with all the ensuing experiences you will almost always find it to be a constant struggle between those who call the people to the path of divine revelation and those who call them to the path of material power you will see that people are always tempted and diverted by the material power their hearts and eyes are always taken by its luster away from the path of Revelation you will also see that people who are dedicated to the call of Allah have suffered from the deviation of the general public strain after the luster of material power the people of Prophet Noah peace of Allah be upon him said it clearly to him the leaders of his people who review to acknowledge the truth said we regard you only as a human being like ourselves we do not see that anyone follows you but the lowest of us those of immature judgment we see no superior merit in you in fact we believe you are a liar translation of the meaning of the Koran chapter 11 verse 27 the Quran tells us about the material power of the disbelievers their castles their establishments their military prowess and all of these things in Surat al sharara do you build monuments on every high place in vanity and erect castles hoping that you will live forever when you lay hands upon anyone you do so as tyrants translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 26 verses 127 to 130 the prophet of Allah Moses came during the time of the mighty Pharaoh with this full-fledged pharaonic civilization and its dominant Empire again the same unusual sequences of events materialized the tyranny of civil power versus the revelation the wonder never ends when we see the profundity of Moses understanding to how this great civilization has tempered the people with its power and luster how it diverted them from surrendering to the revelation he expressed his understanding for this inevitable historical law in its flagrant challenge to the call of Allah when he said our Lord you have bestowed upon Pharaoh and his Nobles pomp and wealth in the present life whereby they lead people astray from your path translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 10 verse 88 things were thus not different for Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him because those who denied his call always took the premise of his financial feebleness as an excuse not to follow him they always argued that he did not possess the signs of power and luxury which many of them had at the time they didn’t think it was befitting to submit to a prophet who was not one of the aristocrats of his in Alcazar’s makka and alta if allah conveyed their argument in the quran they said why was this quran not sent down to one of the great men of the 2cities translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 43 verse 31 so material power was the very quandary that tempted all mankind throughout history and the affliction that plighted all revelations more than anything else yet these people did not realize that the advancement of the West is not relevant to the authenticity of religion and its concepts scientific progress is for instance relevant to funding and financial support but you can’t ask for more just because you are a Muslim you can’t ask for the obliteration of power just because it is atheistic Allah says what means your Lord would never unjustly destroy communities while their people were trying to reform translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 11 verse 117 that is the whole issue then those who expect us to prevail with our present lethargy just because we are Muslims and expect the West to be defeated with their present persistence and diligence just because they are disbelievers are so far from the laws of Allah in his universe and so far from the verses of his book Allah tells us plainly that the unjust will be defeated in all due fairness not unfairly or unjustly Allah says what means the blast justly struck them translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 23 verse 41 Allah also says what means never have we destroyed a town without sending down messengers to warn it as a reminder from us we are never unjust translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 26 verses 208 through 209 hence allah exalts himself above any injustice and ordains that he will only strike with his torment the oppressors who are unjust that’s why one of the renowned quran interpreters al-qurtubi deducted that polyethers ‘m is not in itself a cause for the destruction of nations unless it is combined with corruption oppression and injustice Allah says what means your Lord would never unjustly destroy communities while their people were trying to reform translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 11 verse 117 this is the unswerving law of Allah in his universe but financial advancement and backwardness have nothing to do with the question of right and wrong 39 how did you know that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah and sent by him the portents of inimitable ‘ti indicate the logical sequence aristotle is a philosopher because of the overall output of his works not because of a sentence he said or some philosophical analyses he did Hippocrates is a position because of the overall output of his projects not because of one surgery he did likewise all the transmitted portents of inevitability indicate the logical sequence of Muhammad’s prophethood he tells us in his traditions that one night a great wind hits the people so he warned him not to go anywhere one man refused to obey and so the wind carried him away and hurled him in a far place he told the people about the death of the Nagus on the very same day and moment he died so the people prayed for him for units raucous of prayer he foretold the people about the deaths of Omar Othman Ali Taha al-jubeir may Allah be pleased with him all that they will not die on their deathbed or a normal death one day he went up the mouth of Hira and he was accompanied by these revered champions and the rock moved under his feet so he said calm down there’s no one atop you but a prophet or sitting or a martyr there are more than 150 narrations where the prophet called Allah for the people and was answered right away this long sequence of truthfulness with its variety in foretelling about the future along with the creed that coincides with the path of all the previous prophets all of this is a logical sequence proving his authenticity if you examine his biography you will see how all people who crossed laughs with him testify to his truthfulness even his most mortal enemies he was never accused of lying and the only challenge they could not withstand was the book he came with so they decided to fight him with their swords to silence him for no other reason except that he was a prophet as for his material in hidden miracles they have exceeded more than 1000 and the ones who transmitted them have been testified to be the most truthful those narrators who conveyed his tradition never condoned line even in the slightest matters and they asserted that whoever lied purposefully in anything conveyed on the part of Prophet Muhammad will be cast into hell fire this was what Prophet Muhammad himself said some of his miracles were seen firsthand by his close companions and some were narrated by tens of other companions so how can they all conspire on the same lie we all know that the underlying causes for telling the truth are general whereas the underlying causes for lying are specific hence this big public of narrators conveying the very same thing stands as foolproof evidence that they could never be telling lies an example of this is the narration about the tree trunk the Prophet was once given a sermon and leaning on a tree trunk and once he started giving the sermon the tree trunk moaned like a child and it kept moaning till the Prophet held it close so it stopped this was conveyed by honest a beam Malik Joe birrabeen Abdullah Abdullah ibn Abbas Abdullah I’ve been Omar you BAE I’ve been Kaaba abu saeed Salah being sad I shall beat Abu Bakar and umm Salama can all of these companions conspire on telling the lie unanimously forty what are the substantial evidences to authenticity of his revelation a prophet Muhammad said no year will bring less rain than the other this means that the percentage of rain is fixed this scientific fact has amazed the scientists since it shows that there is a balanced amount of water coming down every year but for us Muslims we’ve known this more than 1400 years ago be in another narration the people of Makkah asked him to show them a miraculous sign and he showed them the moon split into two halves with the mount of Hira standing in between when he split the moon he asked Abu Bakar to testify to this which he did the people of Makka said that he put a spell on the moon to split it this narration was transmitted by a long chain of companions he used to read the chapter of the Quran that came telling about this miracle during the feasts and occasions so that people would hear of his miracles and realize his prophethood al-hafiz a beam Cathy said the Muslims in this time have all testified to this event which was followed by a chain of narrations from various companions confirming the same the amazing thing is that this miracle got spotted in India when it happened and the Indians recorded it in their book among the ones who recorded it was Shekar avi Pharma’s this miracle later on spurred the people of Malabar to embrace Islam when the Muslim merchants passed by them and told them about this narration see he said that Adam was the last of the living creatures created by Allah this scientific truism became later on a famous premise for the whole scientific community this fact was told by Islam and from it we knew that Adam was created in the very last stages of creation Prophet Muhammad said Allah created Adam on a Friday he also said Adam was created on the afternoon of Friday and he was the last to be created in the last hour of Friday between afternoon and night interpreters also confirmed that this was true a beam jarir commented on the verse was there not a period of time when man was nothing worth mentioning translation of the meaning of the Koran chapter 76 verse 1 he said Mohammed a beam katate said that Adam was the last creature to be created science also proved that mankind was the very last of creation so doesn’t this prove that Mohammed was a prophet d Prophet Muhammad said this about the creation of the embryo it is created from both the water of the man and the water of the woman also Allah says what means we created man from a drop of mingled fluid so that we might try him we gave him hearing and sight translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 76 verse 2 the mingled fluid by the anonymous interpretation is a mixture of the mans and womans water at that time the medical gurus of the Aristotle Ian legacy and the reference of the famous dr. Gailen confirmed that the water of the man entered the womb of the woman forming the fetus which would grow and feed and the menstrual blood trapped in the womb they thought that women stopped menstruating once they got pregnant to grow the fetus under menstrual blood they did not imagine that women had over just as men had sperms and that both combined during the process of fertilization and reproduction II Islam forbids witchcraft and sorcery and predicting future from the stars or the lines drawn on the earth or pessimism of scientific superstitions Prophet Muhammad said things like incantations totems and magic spells are polytheistic practices all of these things are seen by science as nothing but worthless practices F he also said the whole of the corpse of the son of Adam is reduced to dust with the exception of the coccyx bone from it Adam was created and from it he will be resurrected from science we know that in the embryonic development the primitive streak forms the embryo then it diminishes till it settles the coccyx bone hence the coccyx bone all the primitive streak is active in the very early weeks of pregnancy and his also name the primary organizer since it forms the organs of the embryo and its internal systems then it diminishes and settles in the coccyx bone then even extracted the coccyx bone from some amphibians and placed in another’s embryo and noticed that a primary embryo started forming G Prophet Muhammad said mall ah da if your life goes longer you will soon see this whole land green with Verdier this was said in the city to debauch which is now a green garden with all sorts of fruits growing in it H Allah says what means we have made the night and the day as two signs we blotted out the sign of night and made the sign of the day illuminating translation of the meaning of the Quran chapter 17 verse 12 the word blotted out means that the moon was lit and then it’s light got blotted this was also how the Companions interpreted the verse imam IBN katheer mentioned in his book that abdullah are being abbas allah be pleased with him said about this verse the moon used to shine just like the sun and this was the sign of the night and then it was blotted out NASA confirmed this same theory lately when they discovered and revealed the evolutionary history of the moon I Allah says that he created the heavens and earth in six days two of these were creating the earth Allah says what means say what do you indeed deny him who created the earth in two days and do you set up equals with him he is the lord of the universe translation of the meaning of the quran chapter 41 verse 9 so our Quran says that the Earth’s age is two-thirds that of the universe 2 out of 6 days now let us look at what science has to say here the age of the universe is 13.8 billion years and that of the earth is 4.5 billion years that’s 1 thirds again I think that this is very easy evidence that the one who revealed the Quran is truly the creator and that the one who conveyed it is his prophet hence with all these instances which came at the hands of just one person we can only deduce that this Prophet came with exactly what the prophets who preceded him came with so accepting his prophethood comes easier to the mind 41 what’s wrong with deism believing in a deity without believing in any prophet or messenger nothing is more a theistic than denying the revelation of the creator Allah says what means those indeed are they who are denying the truth beyond doubt and we have prepared a humiliating punishment for the deniers translation to the meaning of the Koran chapter 4 verse 152 151 42 since prophet muhammad’s miracles are Riedl why did the polytheists resist him that much the leaders of the disbelievers knew very well that he was a messenger because his message was about monotheism and their innate nature agreed with it they even said on the very first days of the revelation we never found you to be a liar it means that they only saw him as a truthful man there is a long narration transmitted about a conversation between her acquiesce the Byzantine King and Abu safar in the beginning of the book of Shahi bukhara among what heraclius said was I further ask whether he was ever accused of telling lies before he said what he said and your reply was in the negative so I wondered how a person who does not tell a lie about others could ever tell a lie about Allah if I could reach him definitely I would go immediately to meet him and if I were with him I would certainly wash his feet a boosah fan was still a disbeliever that day there is also the story of Sahara being Buddha where you Maya a bean Calif a disbeliever tried to prevent him from circumambulating the Kaaba so sad was arguing with him and he said keep away from me for i have heard muhammad saying that he will kill you Yemaya said will he kill me saad said yes you mayor said but Allah if Muhammad says that he never tells a lie you mayor went to his wife and said to her do you know what my brother from Yathrib ie Medina has said to me she said what has he said he said he claims that he has heard Muhammad saying that he will kill me she said by Allah Muhammad never tells lies so when the disbeliever started to proceed to burn our battle and declared war against the Muslims his wife said to him do not you remember what your brother from Yathrib told you Yemaya decided not to go but our boo Java to him you are from the nobles of the valley of the Makka so you should accompany us for day or two he went with them and thus Allah caused him to die they all knew he never lied l mahira a beam Shuba who was from atif was visiting makka and he said my first contact with the prophet of allah happened one day when I was walking with Abu Jahl in the streets of Makaha and we ran into Muhammad so he walked to us and spoke to abu jahal and said why don’t you follow me believe in Allah and Islam Abu Jahl responded saying o Muhammad when are you going to stop cursing our gods if you want us to testify that you have fulfilled your mission we will testify for you and if I knew you were telling the truth I would have already followed you so Muhammad left Abu jahil looked at me and said I know that he is telling the truth but there is something holding me back the people of kosa wanted el he Jabbar guardianship of the Kaaba and keeping its key us Cydia custody of zom zom and catering the pilgrims during the Haji Ali Fatah Authority of trade and commerce al li hua authority of banner of battles the authority of armed forces and and magua assembly of krrish we sacrificed all in favour of them by no maxim on the other hand were only in charge of the cavalry khalid Abdul Walid being its commander and when we started picking up and competing with them when we are just running neck to neck with them they will say we have a prophet among us so how can we compete with that by Allah we are never going to accept this call there is nothing more astonishing than the story of Emir Abdullah us when he went to masala bah and Aamir was still an atheist at the time it is reported that Moosa Lama an arch liar who lived at the time of Prophet Muhammad and falsely claimed to be a brother prophet was visited by a mere Abdul ass after The Messenger of Allah had begun his mission but before Aamir had embraced Islam and Moosa Lama said to him what does your companion the Prophet say about this time Amir replied a verse has been revealed to him which is concise yet elegant and what does it say inquired masala MA it says I swear by the passage of time that man is surely in a state of loss except for those who believe and do good deeds and exhort one another to hold fast to the truth and who exhort one another to steadfastness Musa Lama thought about this for a while and then said something like that has been revealed to me what would that be ask Amir he replied o Baba Hayek’s an animal described by a beam kathira as resembling the cat having long ears in a large breast and being for the breasts very ugly oh well beer you are merely two ears in the breast and the rest of you is but a hole then he asked what do you think Amir Amir replied by Allah surely you are aware that I know you’re lying right so people were sure that he was telling the truth but they were only resisting because of their love of life and it’s luxuries Prophet Muhammad’s hidden miracles exceed a thousand or as his substantial miracles can fill volumes and volumes the ones who transmitted these miracles are his companions and they transmitted them like a source of pure water slipping from between the prophets noble fingers for more than 1500 companion to drink from and then they convey it in different narrations to be told by revered Nair traitors and authenticators like Bukhari and Muslim we can’t forget for instance the great miracle of his ability to multiply the provisions and food at the Muslim army al-bukhari mentioned this miracle in five different locations in his book hence if all the news cooperates his truthfulness and prophethood why then wouldn’t we believe and why would a sane person claim that he’s line important recommendations for the reader of this book one encouraged the modern Muslim thought to be devoted and dedicated to the Quran and to ponder its verses if the Muslim man or woman reads but one part per day while reading its interpretation from one of the easy interpreters like abu bakr al jazeera may Allah have mercy on him this would surely transform their thinking and fill their lives with miracles the Quran is so profuse of divine and special secrets and no person will ever be the same after reading it thoroughly to rationalize the money used in inviting others to Islam to be for the publication of books that enhance certainty among college youth especially those who do not possess yet the immunization of knowledge against the ongoing accusation 3 establish a research centre dedicated for the Masters and doctoral theses written in this last decade on the issues of atheism and materialism to publish the suitable ones widely and translate them into different languages since atheism has become a substantial phenomenon in the contemporary Western purport for urge the Muslim governments and charities to support a large project dedicated to inviting others to Islam this project is to consist of subcommittees and each committee will target a particular group such that it comprises a committee for Christianity a committee for Judaism a committee for Hinduism a committee for Buddhism and the committee for atheism etc the project should also have its own materials programs and Dawa books that reach these groups in their languages it should also have a committee that researches them out through the social networks in foreign languages along with an information research committee to provide religious population and social information to other committees by time this project should become an independent ministry within the countries with branches and embassies all over the world five establish build our projects within the associations civil institutions and students clubs through dedicating youth groups for inviting people to Islam via the platform of social networking we can have a group of youth inviting the Buddhists a group inviting the Hindus a group inviting the atheists in the West a group inviting the people of the book etc for starters we can suffice with just one young person for each of these target groups renounce your atheism II by dr. 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