3 Seconds to Manifest Anything (Without Law of Attraction) with Landria Onkka
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3 Seconds to Manifest Anything (Without Law of Attraction) with Landria Onkka

Welcome to Landria Onkka on youtube here to help you break through fears and live an awesome life. Yes. I really meant the title Manifest in ten seconds we’re going to do it. I’m going to show you how and it is actually quite simple so before I start I just want to say the reason why I say Without law of attractions because if law of attractions working for you great Then you don’t need this video if it’s not it’s because there’s somewhere in your mind that believes that law of Attraction is a law that something is out there separate from you that you have to attract and that there’s some I don’t know some Method of you know changing your beliefs or meditations on stuff you have to do and that’s just not true Yes, you do have to change your beliefs but here’s a way you can start doing that right away a on kik in law of attraction if you want to call it that Quantum physics you’re just gonna switch into a new reality You’re just gonna switch into it because everything exists right now It does you have to attract anything, but if you don’t believe it Then you are not in the frequency of what you desire So how do you get there people like will tell me you how to do it? It’s not a parlor trick. You’re going to have to change your thinking and how you get there So we’re gonna time this I have my phone and we’re actually gonna time the 10 seconds because I’m going to prove to you that This can be done and then we’re gonna talk about it because I want you to really understand Let’s see the timer Alright so when you manifest You don’t see pennies you find dollars right out in front of my house. I just find Cash, all right That’s manifesting why when you open up the floodgates and you’re not trying to do some ritual or manifest? you know through mantras and stuff, you know that everything exists right now, but if you don’t believe that Then you’re going to battle all of these self-defeating Self-sabotage all the other stuff that goes on in your head So I want to set the ground rules for that because how do you stop that? How do you stop those negative thoughts? We’re doing it all day. We don’t even realize it every thought manifests every single thought and the more you accumulate those negative thoughts the more you actually Create a focus that starts to materialize in your world If you want to know what you’re thinking What you believe look around? What’s your life? Like that’s what you’re believing. How do you change that? I’m going to show you how to do it in 10 seconds. First of all when you have to catch yourself You have to catch yourself When you have the negative thought and the two things you need are a visual of the thing you want So pick that one most important thing to you. He said a great job I want you to have a visual of you maybe jumping in the air going. Yay, and you have a fistful of money Alright, it doesn’t have to be money. Let’s say you just want peace. I want you to visualize yourself Sitting on a beach or a mountain or something in total bliss and then you have to have the words. I Have my ideal job. I have total bliss I Have abundance I Have the perfect relationship and you imagine yourself hugging or kissing Or walking on the beach with the perfect person It just has to be a picture and one saying so I want you to visualize. Let’s do it right now visualize What’s that picture choose it if you have to put this on pause go ahead and do it alright, I see a visual for myself and Then I know what I want and I have those words above it and it’s it can be a couple words like super success Let’s say endless abundance Total. Peace You know, if you have a big sentence, then it gets too complicated. So just have something there my perfect job Right. I have my perfect job. I have total peace. I have total abundance. I have the perfect relationship Whatever it is, I have my ideal house and see the house. So get the visual get the statement. Okay. Are you ready? As soon as you have a negative thought self-defeating thought questioning anything Here’s when it starts. You catch yourself and here we’re going to start you’re going to do this What am I manifesting right now? Boom you switch over to the picture abundance, whatever Seven seconds. Sorry you can do it in seven seconds. I’m gonna have to change the title So What am I manifesting right now that thought catch yourself in that thought? I’ll never be rich or oh, yeah I’m I just it’s just I don’t believe in the law of attraction then boom. It starts. What am I manifesting right now? You don’t want to manifest. I don’t believe in law of attraction. I don’t believe that I’m wealthy I don’t believe so that negative thought is when you say what am I? manifesting right now You cancel that out and you go over to what you’re believing and thinking in your abundance mindset Right. That’s your new belief. I have my perfect job and you see it So it’s not you there’s no thought pattern or I believe or I’m abundant and I’ll doesn’t work for me. It’s not working Law of Attraction I see it enough. It’s gonna happen and it can happen right now So then I know it. I know what I’m gonna hear from you guys leAndria, I Open my eyes and my perfect relationship isn’t here. Yes, it is We’re on the linear time on earth. It has to manifest Why because if you could bring everything into the physical world within split seconds? We kill people when I think I hate you or I wish you were dead or you know I wish I could fly or you know And then you go up there and you hit a plane or something you the instant manifestation? happens up there when you’re high frequency, and you’re responsible on a positive way For manifesting. We’re not responsible citizens here. So it takes For us to focus on something and we can bring in the nasty stuff, which we’re doing. So if If okay, so here we go. Here we go again. Did you just question it? Did you just question did you just question it? Oh It’s I didn’t really I don’t believe this I Don’t believe this boo. What am I manifesting? Boom? I’m going over to this total abundance For seconds, I’m gonna have to change title to four seconds. So when you catch yourself saying, oh, this is a load of crap I don’t believe it. What am I manifesting and You switch over to this and you keep doing it every time one of those stupid self-defeating Self-sabotage negative thoughts come in you’re manifesting that With that one thought you’re manifesting it This makes sense So then you go what am I manifesting boom? And you? You now have a laser focus on that new Vision that picture I am abundant. I Have abundance. I have a perfect relationship and you see it and then it’ll keep happening all day long. Trust me Every time you go. Oh That’s a look, you know, here we go. Oh that was a load of crap. Ooh What am I manifesting boom? Oh now it’s three seconds I’m gonna have to change it to three seconds Does this make sense It’s all those split seconds of negative thinking they keep going on and on and on and You’re like every once while you go. Oh, I don’t want that thought battling it badly and it focus on it focus on it I have abundant not believe in it not believe in it and it just keeps snowballing Oh Law of attraction. I’m what what somebody tells me they’ll ask me. Well, what what do I need to do? Like what ritual do I need to do negative thought there’s no ritual you’re manifesting right now you’re doing it You just did it with that thought What ritual do I need? What ritual do I need? That’s disbelief that I need something outside of me to create it when I’m doing it right now. What ritual do I need? What ritual do I need? What am I manifesting? Boom? oops, that was two seconds just Over two seconds gonna have to change the title again Is you getting this All right. So is people that they get all excited they’re busy and they go I’m not qualified to do this But what am I manifesting boom? And that thought just goes it goes because you’re catching it and you’re not putting any focus or like, you know You’re not growing it Could normally go I’m not qualified to do this This is three take and then you go on and on and you reinforce it and then that wave starts turning a particle Starts to show up. Yeah, you can’t do it. You can’t do it and it keeps nobody go I don’t like feeling like this. Let me do a mantra and then you sit there going are don’t really believe this either What am I manifesting every thought what am I manifesting ooh It’s not gonna be that thought I just had right so when you say what am I manifesting the purpose of that if you haven’t gotten it by now is That’s what you’re manifesting and you’re catching yourself, and you don’t want that So you switch over to that visual and that same? total abundance I have total abundance and it gets the total focus off because quantum physics if you’re focused on your manifesting it So when you say what am I manifesting right now? That’s what you’re manifesting boom switch over catch yourself all day boom switch over Life is tough Oh, what am I manifesting boom switch over that is three seconds I’m gonna have to change it to three seconds So she could get so quick at it You’re gonna go there it goes and then you’re actually gonna catch yourself before you even finish that first negative thought and you go Boom and then pretty soon. You’re just going to see that I am totally abundant all day long. Everything can happen instantaneously and just be patient It’ll show up exactly the way it’s supposed to and then if you start to question it, so it’s not sure it of you. No doubt doubt doubt lack Switchover, then what you’ll say is. Oh, I wonder how it’s gonna show up This is exciting. So I did this in another video I said if I told you I had a million dollars and you wanted money and a million dollars in a safe and I said in six months Hands down no questions. Absolutely You will have the combination to that safe and that million dollars is yours Nobody else’s you’re gonna have it in six months. You could be on the street broke with no food Happy as a clam because you knew in six months It would show up and you’d be okay with the six months. You think you probably find it an adventure You go to a mission and maybe write a book and go cuz in six months you could be a millionaire and you’ll publish a Book well how I lived as a you know a street person how I looked at being a street person as an exciting adventure Right you change your thinking completely because you knew that it’s going to show up Guess what if you know that that’s money’s in that state. You’ve got the combination right now, whatever it is. You’re Manifesting you want to manifest? You’ve got it it exists Know it and just relax and say I wonder when it’s gonna show up how exciting I can’t wait to see what it is How is it gonna house it can appear how is that job gonna show up? It’ll be something really crazy exciting Right don’t question how it’s gonna come to you. The universe is Way beyond our human thinking and we are that higher self that is doing it 3-second manifesting three seconds three seconds. How awesome is that? And guess what? that belief Starts to come in To what you’re envisioning you start to believe that you will stop questioning yourself it’s gonna feel bad you catching yourself and you realize how many times you’re doing it you’re like It’s scary when I tell people what are you thinking right now? They go. I’m just not qualified I said you just manifest your that and they go ooh. Oh no, no, no No, I’m going yeah, you’re doing it. You just did it. I know if you’re not excited. You’re not believin. It’s okay Just keep seeing it and then then if you’re doubting it go oops Remember you got to catch that thought. This is the key to it You have to have the picture and everything else lined up ready to go But you’ve got to be aware and catch the thought and that’s the critical point What am I manifesting and you will change everything in your life? everything because you’re no longer looking at it, there’s no focus on it at all and As soon as you do it dissipates, it dissipates if you ever seen a tornado coming hits crown it Doesn’t really quite form that’s you pretty soon. It just it’s off Alright does this make sense? Let’s do it. I want to hear your stories. You guys are giving me some awesome stories about how you’re switching how you think going in and seeing the boss and Going, you know what that’s a hurting person and not being affected by it And smiling and now attracting nicer kinder happier abundant friends and and works going better because now your boss is picking up on some positive vibes and it’s not being such a jerk That’s how it works See the world differently switch that thinking quick questioning yourself and quit questioning your abilities and quit Trying to say when it’s gonna come in to your timeline. It’ll come in when it’s supposed to when it’s perfect for you It’s the ego that needs to control all that stuff in the ego resonates on a very low frequency. I Know you’re better than that. You’ve got all Of the power in your hands right now. I hope you had fun with this Let’s start to tell some awesome stories the three second manifestation Without law of attraction. You’re just look you’re just doing it. You’re just bringing in you’re seeing it. You’re making it happen You’re whole and perfect strong and powerful loving harmonious and happy blessings my friend go manifest the things you do you want



    With what youโ€™ve taught me Iโ€™ve been practicing and last week I received a letter in the mail from Morgan an Morgan and Iโ€™m now apart of a lawsuit and am receiving a pretty large lump sum of money that will get me out of my financial debt!!! Woohoo!!! I appreciate you my friend and Thankyou!!๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค›๐Ÿฝ

  • Nessa R

    I just love this. I'm also going to try this with my health. Thank you so much for this very empowering video. ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’

  • Cartoon Heart

    Its so darn powerful! We are manifesting everything. I was constantly thinking about my family & the thoughts, beliefs I grew up with. I basically cemented that reality over & over. Love you Landriaโ™ก

  • Rachel Kim

    I took a shower last night and was in there thinking about all the things I hate about my marriage, and I remembered this video from months ago and thought "No.. What am I manifesting right now?!" And got up this morning… And BOOM! This exact video!๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Appreciate you my friendโค๏ธ

  • dreamdust38

    Thank you, Landria. Very good exercise. I also imagined a great big cancel stamp over the negative thoughts. Alot of these negative thoughts or established thinking of reality are not even mine. I am manifesting ideal parking spaces continuously; that is something. I have got to see it start working out here so still working on it. I like the thought of money just showing up. i know my dream and it is more than that. I cannot give the service I want if I am in lack. I will keep watching and listening and imagining.

  • _

    LOA hasn't worked for 5, 10 maybe 15 years so very curious about this video!!!
    Every day for years I look at the same problem and can not yet change it. I've been physically sick over my house for years, no rational reason, just this stuck feeling. Never had insomnia or disinterest in eating, it has just been this place.

  • _

    Found $5 on floor under a store…lol..was playing scratch lottery to manifest money to move, since loans denied and salary squelched up, but did not win.

  • Elizabeth French

    This is one of the best videos for manifesting. Thankyou so much , this is a daily practice for me. And makes total sense! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ

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    Landria…….I discovered that when we went for a walk together….I was not in the 3d…I was in your world while we walked.(you). Then later I noticed I was back where I was before. Now I m

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    Wow your amazing and so real and genuine. I am glad I found you on here. I am so excited to be following you. Love and peace all the way from Australia ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

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