2014 Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year – Joshua Lodge
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2014 Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year – Joshua Lodge

Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year
– Joshua Lodge Presenter: The 2014 Australian Apprentice
(Trainee) of the Year is Joshua Lodge from New South Wales. Joshua Lodge: Winning this award is great
for me. I hope to spread my message across a wider range of Australians and try and get
them into vocational education and training. I believe it really does work and everyone
here this week are prime examples of that. My career pathway in the power industry is
very unique, I find it very interesting, there are many areas to look at and it is just great
for me loving knowing how things work to always be continually learning and that is what I
love about it. Awards such as the Australian Training Awards
are great recognition for individuals and more or less, the vocational education system
and all the RTOs as well. It is great recognition from them and a lot of promotion to get more
people into the industry. The Australian Training Awards have been a
great week for me. There have been a lot of good team building exercises and professional
development days and just a good time. Winning the trainee of the year award for
Australia is a very humbling prospect for me. It is just reflective of all the vocational
education and training system and all it has done for me and I am very proud of this achievement. [Australian Training Awards logo and text:
For more information, and how to apply, visit www.australiantrainingawards.gov.au or phone
13 28 46.]

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