1,000s Gather in Arizona for Nomad Rally
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1,000s Gather in Arizona for Nomad Rally

(mellow music) – Here we are I’m all
alone in the desert like I usually am. Oh wait, there’s a
thousand people out there! (people cheer) I’m with a few other people it’s the first day of the RTR and you guys having a good time? We just started. (people cheer) – Right now we are
in Quartzsite, Arizona. It’s a tiny, tiny
little town in Arizona, right on the California border. I host a large gathering here called the Rubber
Tramp Rendezvous, the RTR. It’s basically just a
gathering of van dwellers – and other RV type people
that live nomadically on the road. – The RTR is the biggest
gathering of its kind for vehicle dwellers
and nomads yeah. – The goal with
everything we do here is that lives be changed. I can do a little
bit standing up here but you shaking hands and
sharing your knowledge and your skill and
your compassion. You can change the world. My only job is here just
to put you together. That’s my only job. (people cheer) (mellow guitar playing) – [Woman] The RTR is a chance
for people to get together
and talk. – There’s something about the
idea of meeting your tribe. – We all go different
ways during the year but we come back together in a sense of camaraderie
and celebration. – [Man] People are making
friends, they’re building a community. So they can have a good life. (mellow guitar plays) – Everything is
built out of garbage. I mean I have dumpster
dived cabinets, countertops. I bought a few components
like the sink I wanted. But reclaimed wood everywhere. It was all just recycled stuff. Some of these materials I
had laying at my dad’s house. So it really was very low-cost. (mellow guitar plays) – I ended up putting
an old hutch in here that my mother had left me, and a cedar chest that
I made into a pantry. – That’s kind of
what I’m looking for is just simple built ideas to you get into right. – [Woman] Yeah, that’s what
I tried to stick to was simple. – You have this box of like this is what you’re
supposed to do to be happy. And you have a few people that have looked
outside that box to say “is there another way?” That question right
there, I think that’s what brings us all here. – Just a man cave you know? It’s good for me
and the two kitties. – Yeah. I’ve seen dorm fridges,
a lot of people go with dorm fridges, but not
a full-sized fridge. – Yeah I like my ice cream. – Yeah that would make my day if I could keep ice cream. (laughing) – It’s loaded.
(laughing) What can I say, I
like my goodies. – My bed is seven feet long and it’s about 26 inches wide. Even now with my
retirement savings I could afford something larger but home is where I am. And for me that’s my Prius. – I’ve got a rig,
a 2007 Peterville with an after-market
sleeper on it. This way I can kind
of live like an RVer but I can make money pulling
a trailer as a trucker so it pays for
itself kind of thing. (banjo strums) – We work most of the year. We work at restaurants, and
bars, and farms and stuff. And you can really do
that wherever you want all over the country. But we’re usually
moving towards something whether it be work or finding
a nice spot in the desert to hang out.
(laughing) (people cheer) – I feel like we’ve
been traveling, six and a half months, searching
for like-minded people. But when there was
an opportunity for us to actually physically
come to the RTR, we knew that the community
that would be built was going to be worth
making the trek here. We’ve already had another
couple come by last night who had a few kids. And they were like “kids!” and our kids went “kids!” and that’s what it’s about. (mellow guitar plays) – I think there was a
certain shame attached to it. I think now people are realizing it’s something to be proud of that you’re making
a different choice to live differently
and I just think what do you need? You need food, you need
shelter, you need clothing, you need healthcare, what
else do you really need? – A good bottle of whiskey. (laughing) (upbeat guitar plays) – What I hope for the
RTR is that people come here and make
genuine connections. It’s that being alone
that’s hard in life. That’s the hardest
thing any of us do, is to be truly alone. And you come out here
and you don’t have to be alone anymore. That’s what we’re doing. (upbeat music)

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