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🔥 Law of Attraction Proof | Gary Vaynerchuk, Dan Lok, Oprah, Conor McGregor, & More | World King 👑

Hey, Gary, and Gary’s crew good evening from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m Blake Bowlin Actually enjoying a Malbec currently pretty good one from Argentina, but I was thinking about a question for the askgaryvee show specifically one pertaining to the askgaryvee book Gary in the book you talk about how you believe our brains and what they’re capable of are vastly Underestimated and that science has yet to prove really what they’re truly capable of You also mention as an example that a few years ago. You told your brain? You didn’t want to get sick anymore Then you attributed the fact that you haven’t gotten sick too when you told your brain that you didn’t want to get sick anymore Now I recently stumbled upon the law of attraction I’d heard of it before but I really dug in depth in a audio book If you’re familiar with it, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with it the law of attraction basically states Whatever you focus on will manifest itself So if you focus on the things you want to accomplish and you believe you can accomplish them. They will manifest themselves over time Whereas if you focus on the things you don’t want those things will also manifest themselves So the point is to focus on things you do want so Gary I’m wondering about the relationship between your beliefs in the law of attraction And if you could explain how we in vaynernation can leverage those Concepts to better live our lives both personally and in our businesses, so Gary looking forward to your response here And thank you so much for taking my question Godspeed blank. It’s a really interesting question Yes I believe in some of that stuff and I don’t know how much the law of attraction is different than the secret Sounds very similar These books sell like crazy because boy does it sound super fun right now if you’re sitting on Facebook live or watching episode? 232 is that when we’re on you know? Like then you’re like wait a minute if I just say I want a yacht or if I just say I want to be a pop singer or I just want to Say I’m gonna be an influencer I don’t know what either of those two books say, but let me give you what I’ve done Go ahead, please, you know the secret is basically based off of the long tracks. Okay, a lot of attraction the like it’s like It’s like the religion sort of say and the secret is a book, which is basically a place on it It’s very hot straight from Ghana attraction. So listen, I believe in it , all of your actions have to then map to it. So like it’s its clouds and dirt That’s my version of it. I don’t know if anybody talks about the dirt I do I do. I know only you know cynical newbies are like what’s he gonna sell me on nothing? I’m gonna sell you on the following hard work and don’t buy my hard work horse cuz there isn’t one There’s no hard work sessions. There’s no hard work ebook This is hard work like so my answer to this is I believe in it But then you have to make your actions map it I want to buy the New York Jets, I think about it I want it start building vaynermedia There’s an opportunity to sell my company sell a piece of my company to thousands of entities all of them pass I then sell it for less to one entity an owner on a bad NFL team That’s called putting your money where your mouth is. I didn’t do that by hat I knew what kind of life I had I could have dated and married a bunch of different people But when I found what I needed for what I really knew I wanted I went in that direction Right, like I talked about HR driven culture and this and that and some people be like guy you got a bad review on Glassdoor Or four seven. Yes, that’s fine. But come here Watch what I do every day. You guys know my calendar. You see what I do You know what’s on the back end of this like? So my belief in the law traction is Blake believe in it believe in it but then you have to execute against your belief if you want to be an ESports celebrity shouldn’t you spend every one of your minutes? Selling shit on eBay buying a ticket and then going to the eSports con not like oh, I can’t go to the eSports con Work Work by the way on that note. We got to pick up the musically. You’re just you’re a killer on it. I want it I’m so into it. Yes, that work work work work. Warren is so fun Good I was saying right now what that’s like that tone work like it’s work like there’s gonna be nothing else Like yes Work smart I can hear the cynicism already I can read the comment from Sally right now, but you got to work spot. No shit Sally I’m leaving Rick alone for a minute, you know, no shit. Yes It’s better to have a better strategy and to work smarter, but here’s the punchline Nothing happens without it and I mean a lot of it and the more you want the more work You gotta put in the bigger your ambition the more you got to punch that clock and you got to give up shit Fun and leisure and laziness and rest and all of it So my belief is it’s real. I live it but my actions map to it It’s like intent I talk a lot about intent some of the people internally razz me about it they’re like, yeah cool, but a tent without your backing up the actions is wack, and I’m like I respect that but it starts with intent. So I believe it probably starts with Visualizing what you want or the law of attraction or saying, you know putting in the universe fine fine I believe in that I live it the problem is I Disproportionally out execute everybody else. I know that talks about it and then does nothing about it You know many of you tweeted me that you’re gonna buy the Cavs or the Dolphins or the Rams People tweet me all day long that they’re buying another sports team. Then I go look at what they’re doing. I’m weird Just let’s establish something. I’m very weird I’m so broken in the way that I’m so utterly competitive that I’m like I live for it You know I live for competition And so when somebody tweets me that they’re gonna buy the Rams first my waist seven of my minutes auditing their lives Let me tell all of you something right now. I haven’t seen the person that’s buying the Rams before I buy the Jets people like to talk show me Cuz that’s the best part because when you leave on execution all those things you have where people say you’re staging garage sales or you’re not gonna do this or you’re not gonna do that, you know, the best part is 2023 2023 because then you get to say now what and 2047 That’s more fun. Look. I’ll let you guys all debate and pontificate and I’m gonna do it too We’re all talking. I just want to re-watch these videos and comments. Let’s go mean everybody’s comments that I could never build vaynermedia Let’s go meet. Everybody’s Khan. My McAfee was a farce. Let’s go read all those comments that I’m a flash in a pan Let’s read them all. Let’s fucking read them Question of the day what gets you going what motivates you you keep asking questions. I’ll keep answering them and executing on them for fucking ever Imagination– How many people you know, I mean for real no I made it got on Nobody from my city Detroit hell, no, I ain’t know anything. I don’t know nobody. Who did I? Know I made it my point to be the one who made it The one people knew before I made it to show everybody. It was real I Grew up watching Biggie Mace, I wanted a Rollie like pop fill me all the money like masterpiece Stung like the Big Tymers. I want the pop champagne fill me I want to put my crew on have a label like Rockefeller put the city on You know, I Started off young spitting rapping. Hey, turn me up. Trying to be a role model trying to be son. I Knew I was gonna make it. I just ain’t know how My mom taught me early on This world is what you make it you create your own environment it all starts with a vision But you can imagine you can create I came up middle class. I Really have a shitty spare and I having no money to spare I Had to work for new clothes gas money I always wanted to get my mom when she wanted, you know cars Benz houses, whatever I Have it but I could see it in my head. I Could feel the energy of it. I Built a house up on that ass. That’s an a state That’s an ass trace say yay Say yay know we do this every day take some something tonight talk like you just out payday I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it always made sense to me It was all real to me my imagination was real to The people who used to tell me I was wasting my time Said it wouldn’t work out where the people or any half shit. They have nothing It wasn’t so after meeting the people I grew up to getting a chance to meet my idols work with him I Realized they believe what I believe Imagining it changing the world changing their world a Lot of people could imagine but wouldn’t believe it couldn’t fathom me Not me. I Believe I Had imagination I Don’t know anything we could think is real And if it’s not we could create it see that’s the gift we were given to evolve advance create I Create my world I can make any situation reality. I Think everybody knows possible to be successful I Mean we got TV we know it’s possible to be lawyers doctors Artists musicians, whatever But just cuz we know as possible doesn’t mean it’s real It’s not real until you see it happen Until it happens to you or when your homies or your family or whatever Imagine you had everything you wanted everything Imagine you were everything you ever wanted to be And capture that feeling That’s the easiest way to manifest what you want That’s all God want to make us happy It’s the law of attraction. I’m always talking about Shit, look it up. I Learn a couple books on it, but it changed my life Even in high school teachers were always telling me to snap out of it or snap back to reality But I was in reality It was realistic of B. It just wasn’t there yet It just wasn’t that day. I Got the car, I was always dreaming about I Bought my mom the crib. I always wanted to buy her I do what I want Get money whatever I performing my heroes live a crazy-ass life I’m still learning though I’d be stressed out Things don’t always go the way I intend them to not even half the time, but that’s just a mystery of life You got a trust trust in the end result Trust that it’ll always be the best for you at that time If you want a pair of shoes and a dad to store They’re really at the store You just don’t have it yet that ain’t like that shit don’t exist. It’s just really at the store That’s how I looked at my whole life If I want it if I believe I can have it then that’s my reality I’ll attract it. It’ll attract to me We can make any situation we think about real fuck letting life pass you by Enjoy the journey Enjoy the journey and making all your dreams and goals reality because the journey makes you who you are I create my world I can make any situation my reality Every day discipline work every day Consistent work every day and on top of that that 10x things gonna come in handy cuz I assure you Promise you guarantee you you will underestimate What’s gonna come your way? Okay There are things that are gonna happen that you will not predict you need massive massive massive Levels of success money resources and people and customers if you’re gonna make it My tip for the night. Hope you liked it share with your friends Sometimes they would have me on like I remember just so the specific time I was like standing at the front of the store cuz everyone thought they would have someone stand in front of store and creepy that come in I And I would just have to like walkie going with them, but it was my iPod like I’ll just be up there listening to It and then something like my manager would come up and like smack me on the shoulder Like do you not hear me in your ear? Like I don’t Man when I was 17 around that same time kind of when like You know the vision of actually doing this hatched Was that like 17 like that the inception of it was you know? When I was like 6 or 7 writing raps in a notebook and stuff like that, but like the really proactive like catches you know going after it started at 17 and I read a Napoleon Hill the magic ladders a success things what is called and then Deepak Chopra 7 spiritual laws of success The Alchemist by Paulo, Coelho I mean those are like super big Bibles and later on I read for agreements and stuff like that, but those were like super super important to kind of forming the mindset and just Using those tools to really Make what you want happen, you know, I mean like you said law of attraction. It’s about speaking things into existence You got to understand that your thoughts are not just these like whimsical Things that have no weight and carrying away in the universe your thoughts are things your thoughts are like the whole weight and there’s a big pool of energy in the universe that if you connect everyone’s actually connected to it and I’m saying Which is the universe experience on ourselves, but when you really like tune into that Ideology that yo my thoughts do turn into something if I believe in and I put the right energy behind it You can really make what you want to have happen happen, you know exactly like you said a law of attraction We got what we wanted out of life Thank you so much everyone for coming here I’d like the tank on behalf of myself and their promotion Thank all the media members for all the work that they put in we are extremely grateful Tonight was a phenomenal night 10.1 million-dollar gate the highest pay-per-view of the year We don’t it again it’s been a great year for myself my team my family the promotion I’d like to Congratulate the UFC all everyone at the UFC that puts in all the hard work behind the scenes again extremely grateful Any questions, yeah, Conor Carter yeah over here where Mm-hmm. How are you, sir? How are you? Good. Congratulations. Thank you I was asking you on Thursday about his right hand Yeah, I tell you what, you told me I said his right hand would get him into trouble. That’s the shot I predicted I said he’d overload on his right hand. I said I’d slip I said I’d bang the left Hope left hook and that’s what happened word for word You said I felt when we stared down I felt his right hand was twitching which was a subtle tell for me He is ready to unload that right hand and I feel that could be a downfall for him If he lets that right hand go I will not be there I simply enter the way I enter and that is enough They either overextend or they shrink away But either is not good for them and will create traps and dead space Inside that octagon and I will walk him into that dead space but all of a sudden he will be in danger How do you do that? I? Mean if you can see it here and you have the courage enough to speak it It will happen so I see these shots I see these sequences and I don’t shy away from them A lot of times people believe in certain things, but they keep to himself They don’t put it out there if you truly believe in it if you become vocal with it You are creating that law of attraction and it will become reality. I knew He would overextend and I knew I’d catch him. So mistake Mac strikes again For anything good To indicate that it’s yours already That it’s that you have to be whatever it is You want to be in front of the camera on on the stage behind state? That is that desire for good is God’s proof to you sit already? To indicate that it’s yours. You already have it Claim it understand this understand this also you have these dreams and as Kenny said dreams without goals Remain dreams just dreams and ultimately fuel disappointment dreams without goals yearly goals like goals daily goals monthly goals hourly goals minute by minute goals dreams without goals are just dreams and They ultimately fuel disappointment goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and Consistency hmm understand between goals and achievement our discipline and consistency I Pray that you all put your shoes way under the bed that night so that you got to get on your knees in the morning Thank God for bliss And mercy and understanding we all fall short of the glory We all got plenty just if you just start thinking of all the things you got to say. Thank you for That’s a day Mastering the art of Manifestation how is that different from? the law of attraction It’s very very different. Tell me yeah The law of attraction and I’m not here to put down the law of attraction. I think it’s I think what direction and the secret open people up to any way of thinking absolutely it had its flaws because it allowed some people to think that all you had to do is think about a bicycle there would show up and The key word that you use in here over and over and over again in every chapter Is that in order to attract or manifest anything you have to be in alignment with your source? with God You can’t just sit around and wish your stuff So the basic thing that Neville taught me and a lot of this is from the teachings of Neville Neville Goddard who died in the 1970s he he he basically said that all of us have within us this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything that we want into our life, so How we call it? What what words that we use we have to be able to say You know in the secret they say you you get what you want, you know and what is missing and what Neville said and what has come to me and what I got from the I am discourses and what I get from the New Testament which I read before I did that is that you you say I will attract into my life what I am not what I want and I am capable of attracting all things that that the source is capable of attracting so That’s the difference. It’s like you get what you are rather than what you want. So you want to become You can’t go around and ask these divine beings Angels, whatever you want to call them. You are right here all the time. You can’t ask them to help me out You have to you have to become like they are That when you’re when you become angelic when you become a divine being yourself when you are Giving when you are serving when you are in that place. They will come to you That’s what happened to you in India you then begin to see yourself in everything, you know? It’s because it is our goal to reflect the character of God That’s what we’re here to do is to emulate and that’s what the daodejing teaches as well Let’s call it your original nature. Your original nature is reverence for all of life gentleness, kindness and service towards others That’s Lao Tzu five hundred years before the birth of Christ saying that’s our original nature yes reverence for all of life gentleness kindness Service towards other giving offering serving and when you get to that place where you no longer have any judgment within you Towards any of God’s children. That means no condemnation. No criticism No judgment towards anyone even the Osama bin Laden But how can we be that since we’re here? We’re living we’re on earth. We got problems Yeah, we got our issues We have stuff going on and if enough of us get this message over if enough of us get and that’s just what my mission Is it’s just to teach people that you are loved you are divine put that into your imagination. I am I am Well, I am happy I am content I am fulfilled even if your senses tell you that you’re depressed one of your People that called me when we did a pre-interview on here said well If I if I’m feeling depressed I’m supposed to fool myself and say I am feeling well Even you can choose another thought that’s what I’ve absolutely and it’s like you don’t say I am depressed Because if you say I am depressed you connect with depression and the universal source god Whatever you want to call it will align in such a way to offer you whatever it is mortician. Yeah, here’s some more depression I I’m unhappy I am depressed I am so by placing into your imagination what you want and assuming the feeling of that Wish is already fulfilled you go through your life feeling that when enough of us do that. We will we will transform this planet I’m telling you it can be done. We’re doing it right now. Absolutely not sitting here right here together. It’s all part of this perfection Whatever your mind can conceive you can achieve But sometimes what if you don’t have that belief yet? What if you’re just getting started what if you haven’t built up that confidence? I remember years ago when I was just getting Started and I was already running my own one-man Advertising agency and one time I was having lunch with my mentor Alan and after lunch I was driving back to his place and In the car, I was ask him a question now at the time my English name was actually Daniel Daniel so, it’s Daniel Locke. So I was asking him Alan I’m thinking of changing my name and he said well, what do you want to change it to and I said You know, my name right now is like Daniel and it’s okay But he feels a little I don’t know. It feels a little young. I want to name their hats There’s a little bit more pungent maybe sounds a bit more mature. So, okay So what are you thinking? I said, I’m thinking of shortening the name to just Dan And he paused said, okay. So Dan like damn lock I said, that’s right Dan locked I think it’s kind of punches got their Eve to it and it was sitting in the passenger seat And he did this motion. He said dan lock He said I could I could see that I said what could you see? So I could see see Dan lock live big banner in a big conference. I Said what I said, that’s right. That would look good. It’s got its got impact. It’s impactful and I’m like I Don’t see that I’m just simply kind of changed my name to be a little bit more memorable How could you see Sykes see Dan lock live. This is way before. I was even doing any kind of public speaking I was just very much like an introvert and writing copyright you’re having behind my computer See Dan lock live a big conference. What do you mean see? He saw something in me that I didn’t see He believed in me my men to believe in me more than I believe in myself. I didn’t see that possibility I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t even see that but he saw it a few months ago. I did a big event with my man to Allen with 1000 of my students from worldwide Gathering together and him and I shared a stage And we talked about this story And he saw it. He saw the decades years ago before I saw it And we could see and I could see the damn log of life I’m so happy he was so proud so proud so Sometimes in life. Maybe you don’t have that belief in yourself. That’s okay. I didn’t have that belief in myself But don’t underestimate When you have someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself, I tell my students all the time I said I believe in you more than you believe in yourself And if you don’t believe in yourself yet, that’s okay borrow my certainty so you can go on and develop your own belief and Someday, maybe Maybe you can use that belief to achieve what you want You


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    I have been trying to get results from the law of attraction and after 3 years. Nothing have Manifested
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    WOW someone finally Said the W word Like it or Not Learn to Love it, that is the PLAIN TRUTH. Work Action refine Work Action Oh Shit that didnt work Oh hell let me try this ummm it looks like it will WORK. WORK YES THERE IS NO WEALTH WITHOUT WORK. LOOK AT THIS GOD WORKED 6 Days. What the hell should that tell us?

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