❤️ It is the thought that attracts 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction
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❤️ It is the thought that attracts 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

good morning Abraham please tell Esther
she has a very nice meet sue no offense sorry I need some clarification are few
things the probabilities are being lived on some level can you expand upon that
well every thought that has ever been thought still exists so perhaps the very
basic place to jump into this idea that you have going here with your head right
now let us just offer you one sentence you think a thought and then the thought
thinks okay I guess I’m asking are the finest and there’s a pool probabilities
and we’re pulling from it and we’re attracted to it via or either negative
emotions were possible well you’re not attracted because of your emotions your
emotions are indicating the direction of your attraction in other words it’s the
thought that attracts and the emotions indicate so that’s an accurate statement
since every thought that’s ever been thought still exists and law of
attraction is gathering those thoughts into into sort of rivers or streams then
when you choose a frequency just like when you set your radio dial you have
access to that probability I guess I’m asking what is happening with the other
probabilities are there other dimensions that my that my vibrational self is
partaking in through other physical means yes yes but consider this and we
really want you to hear this you’re really going to like this because it’s
going to sum up all of this query that’s been within you for a very long time so
just settle with us for a minute and and decide to hear this because this is
really good all of those so let’s say that you’ve been moving through life and
you’ve thought lots of lots and lots of thoughts and you didn’t make most of
them dominant so they never manifested in your experience but you you thought
them anyway but then let’s think about the ones that you thought that you
manifested and you thought and you manifested and you thought and you
manifest it so now we’ve got this big pile of a
manifested speculative thoughts we’re bringing just a little bit and you’ve
got this history of all of the things that did manifest and we say to you it’s
all old news we want to put it all in one big pot and say about all of it
every bit of it the manifested and the unmanifested the pondered with great
detail and the slightly pondered all of those probabilities were the basis from
which you became this and this is the main event so just so I’m clear those
other possibilities are not manifesting as a mother dimension well whether they
are or whether they are not is irrelevant to you I understand that I’m
just from my own curiosity well here’s the thing that’s tricky about them it’s
like so let’s say you have a conversation with someone and you
present an idea to them and they talked to a lot of people and then later they
hatch an idea and they really bring it into fruition and then you try to go
back and reclaim which part of their manifestation was your idea and they
don’t even remember talking to you it’s sort of like that in other words
everything that exists is for the promotion of who you are but where it’s
at is in the alignment with who you have become so let’s just and we don’t have
to leave it here but it’s a good place to toss it for a moment there have been
endless thoughts and endless experiences that have all culminated into the
powerful now we would like it if you would come with us here and proclaim
this vibrational vortex as what the powerful now is and call everything else
that has led to it irrelevant while we all give our undivided attention to
alignment with the powerful now looking ahead you can call it ahead we
call it here when I’m in my vortex and I slip out for a short period of time can
unwanted things come into my experience much faster or more severely than if I
had not been the vortex no but you will notice the ones that do come in a more
powerful way so sometimes it feels like that your stakes are higher the more you
tune yourself to alignment with who you are the more you really don’t like being
out of alignment with who you are but it must continue to get better and better
and better and better for you it appears to me that the negative attracts
negative faster and easier than positive attracts positive am I correct you could
not be more wrong okay why you did that you on this well
but but it’s but but it was good because it sort of bounces off the original
question that you had about all of those probabilities because you’re feeling the
weight of all the life that has been lived where while we’re feeling the
clarity and the purity of what’s been born out of it so stay with us just a
minute this thought will come crystal clear into your into your experience
here as we ramble just a little bit more through all that you are living knowing
what you don’t want knowing what you do want you’re launching these rockets and
designers so this vortex of creation it is fair to say about the individual and
it is fair to say about the collective consciousness this vortex that we’re
talking about is the summation it is the conclusion it is the the fruit of the of
the life’s work it is the best of the best of the best that is gathering in
this vortex and it is from this vibrational stance that new ones coming
forth into physical come from so if this is the the synthesizing of life and and
this vortex of creation this is the well-being from which all new life is
springing the well-being is enormous in comparison with the not well-being
because they’re not well-being is left behind in other words when you make your
transition isn’t alarm physical and this really ties into the first question that
you ask when you make your transition in Islam physical whether you do it through
meditation today whether you do it through appreciation today or whether
you have to croak in order to distract yourself from it and re-emerge it is a
non-physical when Yuri emerged into non-physical and let’s give that the
same title as going into the vortex first time when you reemerge into
non-resistance another way of saying it when you re-emerge into non-resistance
you leave behind all doubt and fear and all resistance you say so that’s why we
can so phata Calise to you that the order of
this universe is well being my time up work thank you we’ll go Justin just a
bit for us briefly how do you set intention differ from yours or do they
were they were there are different tensions when you’re speaking of Seth
the non-physical energy that was being expressed through can anyway was a
different group of energies that had gotten together to to to to expand upon
an intention just as Abraham hands welfare it would be fair but it’s not
accurate because the intentionality is posed by the physical asking in other
words the non physical energy obsess and the non-physical energy of Abraham or
the non physical energy of Jesus or the non physical energy of Buddha or the non
physical energy of that which man called source or God is this collective
consciousness that is the furthest most expansion of all that life is but it is
expressed individually as it is summoned by those who are asking in other words
when it is asked it is given there’s non-physical energy does not stand as a
projector of consciousness but as a beer so really what happens is as those like
you oh this is such a big topic we’ll discuss it further we come back from
segment of refreshment but we just want to give you something satisfying here so
you heard us say in fact in preparation for what was bubbling in your question
we established this statement where we say that there is no separation between
what is non-physical and what is physical except for the vibrational
resistance that physical puts into the mix and we we say that in readiness for
you to hear that as non physical energy we have access to
that which you are and as physical energy you have access to that which we
are and there there need not be any separation so that means that everyone
who is physically focused has access to everything that has not physically
expanded but you got to be up to speed with it and everyone who is doing the
asking stands in a different vibrational place so there are not two days in a row
or two questions in a row where someone fitting and flyness with question gets
the identical energy because what they are asking for summons it and what they
are ready to allow is what makes it be presented Jerry and Esther just had a
glorious experience with several hundred others on the Caribbean cruise where
after a few days of gathering collectively in an attitude of mostly
being in the vortex it became apparent to almost everyone who was participating
that at the time the question was formulating the answer was formulating
too and we were all physical and non-physical participants experiencing
what we were calling a real time a real time understanding of things we were on
the wavelength where the separation was unnoticeable so it isn’t it so bad
negative energies do not come forth with a particular intention i only got this I
unfortunately must have misinterpreted what you’ve been saying well you know
you didn’t misunderstand it we’re just wanting to take it further in other
words this is part of a conversation that we’re having in the beginning
people would say Abraham how many of you are there well that’s not even a
question that we can answer and yet it was a sincere question being asked by
someone who wanted to try to get some sense of off so we said well there are a
hundred of us here because it was because because there was not
enough time in that decade to explain to that person what consciousness is you
see what consciousness is and how it all fits together and so this conversation
that we’re having with you we know that if we were to visit with you for a week
taking the platform that you have come to and knowing what we know that we
could guide you into an understanding of what we know we also understand that
words don’t teach and that when someone sincere as those like you are the stand
to converse with us and we stand in the knowing of what we know and offer it to
you vibrationally that you will find a way if it’s important to you to find
words that make it fit for you we just we just want to say to you that
well-being does abound and that you all are so important to the mix not because
we must expand but because we can’t help but expand and you might as well be
joyful in the expansion because that’s the whole point of all of it good time
for segment of regression you

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