❤️ Healing is you manifesting wellness 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction
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❤️ Healing is you manifesting wellness 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

and are you refreshed good now what dreams are manifestations who aren’t
they she said she had a dream last night so what’s manifesting in your reality is
a match to what’s going on with your vibration what manifests in your dream
state is where we really smart in your dream yes always okay okay so I I do
hands-on healing with people and our Reverend taught us that in order to
become the perfect healer you yourself must be fully healed and I’m getting
really better at it and it’s becoming good but there’s still this one thing
that I have and it’s so deep-seated that I’ve been told that it came from a past
life and it’s well nothing does nothing comes from a past life we know it’s an
excuse you’ve been counting on will just briefly tell you why when you think
about it when you feel negative emotion what does that negative emotion mean
painting on it means it means what you’re focused upon right now is off
from what the larger part of you is focused upon so if your inner being will
not even join you in one negative thought what do you think the odds are
that you didn’t sit back to get something right that you messed up
before in other words when you reimagine on physical you become the vibrational
version of all that expansion and it’s from that expanded place that you renew
did you come for your next experience you see so we promise you everything
that is in the form of resistance that is present in your experience now you’ve
picked it up along this physical trail and you can leave it right on the trail
so there’s nothing so deep-rooted and you that you well there was some that
we’re not saying that you don’t have some resistance who will help you we’ll
talk about it here we’re not saying that you don’t have resistance we’re just
saying don’t don’t put it off on something that has nothing
to do with your vibration at this time your vibration right now there are two
vantage points of your vibration there’s the source energy and the vibration of
your source energy and there’s you and what you’re thinking right now and
everything that you feel is about that relationship everything that you feel
and everything that is past life you re emerged back and is part of this part of
this pure positive energy you see so that’s why we can tell you unequivocally
that resistance is always about what you’re thinking about here and now and
you can let it go we’ll show you so we interrupted you continue um well I just
wanted to know how to unroot it then because it’s it’s such a huge trigger
that it okay i was told that from other people not from you obviously but that
you can manage it but it will never be gone like it’ll always be there in the
back of your mind you can kind of ignore it and gloss over it this this is this
is always true everything that you have lived let’s give you the big version of
this so prior to this life experience you were Source Energy and a part of
that consciousness came into this physical body and you know what is this
personality so you know what you don’t want you know what you do want you keep
sending these Rockets where this larger part of you continues to expand and
that’s been going on for a long time this larger part of you is this
expansive magnificent loving pure positive energy being so here you are
having this vibrational relationship with this larger part of you so when you
think a thought that makes you feel insecure the reason for the insecurity
is because the source within you isn’t having that kind of thought when you’re
feeling critical of yourself or critical of someone else or finding fault
somewhere you’re going to have an off moment and so it’s possible for you to
focus as many people do on things that the source within you is not focused
upon and set up that sort of discord or resistance but when you make your
transition into non-physical we promise you that in one fell swoop you will
leave all resistance behind and you will become this pure positive energy being
now there are a lot of people that don’t like that because they’re a lot don’t
like the idea of it because they were really counting on the rascals of your
world really getting punished once they reimagine it on physical success but it
is not that way you leave all that resistance behind and you become all
that you are we just don’t think you should have to croak to come into full
alignment with who you are we know that you can find a way of coming into
alignment now but here’s the thing and maybe this is what they were getting at
because this is something that we know for sure you will never be able to look
at issues or situations or things that you have judgment negative judgment
about and be in the vortex at the same time in other words you just have to
focus yourself somewhere where alignment happens rather than somewhere where
misalignment happens the thing about being a facilitator to assist someone in
healing the most important thing is to realize that every person that you are
interacting with that is seeking some relief or some well-being they also have
a pure positive energy source within them they also are connected to this
stream of well-being and when they are in their place of illness their desire
for wellness has already launched huge Rockets of desires so they’re summoning
the energy in a very powerful way but in the same way that they were letting one
thing or another be their reason for resisting the energy that they were
summoning often now that they’re sick they are even resisting more because now
they have the illness to deal with or the fear of the diagnosis to deal with
and so it’s a pretty common thing for people when they need the energy the
most to be blocking it because they’re all sort of in resistance because of now
the situation that they are observing as we said earlier today most people offer
most of their vibration in response to what they’re observing it’s a really
rare one of you that offers your vibration just because you know about
the vortex and you want to line up with it so the way you play into the scenario
as a healer or an uplifter is you are one who encourages and influences and
emphasizes allowing part of their equation because
they’re already asking this three steps of the process our first ask and boy are
they ever asking what their living has them asking big time the energy is
really flowing the cells of their body are asking and the energy is flowing big
time but if they’re in resistance because of their fear or in resistance
because of their habit of thought that brought it about to begin with then just
goosing up the energy isn’t going to help a lot of people think that healing
is well I will harness the energy that creates world and I will point it
towards you and electrocute you with it after Christmas and and juicing up the
energy isn’t helpful and doesn’t need to be there already drawing all of the
energy that they need but they often could use some influence of softening
resistance from you you see so think about softening resistance now think
about the comment that you just made that was really the opposite of
softening any resistance you probably have something from a past life that we
will never be able to uncover that is a reason for this you see what we’re
getting at is so softening resistance really means distraction it means
distraction from whatever has you doing that thing you’re doing that is causing
the resistance to be there distraction soothing just a gentle touch you know
from what we are witnessing around your planet the healers that are actually
affecting the most benefit are those who are soft gentle touch even those who are
offering what they call massage because in the soft gentle touch there is a
often relaxation and an allowing of the energy to flow that would be flowing
without the facilitator of you being there but you being there causes them to
allow it in a way that they may not have before so you as a healer and you are
tuned in to where they’re at and then you just do your best to sooth energy
and you do your best to soothe their resistance with your confidence in other
words when you know when you know what we know about wellness when you know
that someone who’s sick has launched a rocket and in their vortex their weller
than they’ve ever been and when you know that all that needs to be done is a real
published of their connection with their vortex when you know that and you see
yourself as a facilitator to reconnect them with their vortex then staying off
the subject of what’s going on is a really good way of distracting them from
whatever is bothering them is a really good way by conveying to them your
knowledge or your expectation of well-being you see some years ago we are
visiting with a nurse who was asking what she might do to further facilitate
the well-being of some of her patients and we gave her a similar version that
we just gave you and she said oh Abraham we’re not allowed to give false hope and
we said we’re not interested in false hope we’re interested in giving sureness
but if you’re not able to encourage then you have nothing to give if it is your
job to look at the what is of someone and just constantly reflect back what is
what is what is then you are part of the problem not part of the solution to be a
to be a healer to be part of the solution you have to know what you know
and can you imagine can you imagine you being all tuned into that knowing and
holding someone is your object of attention and feeling no fear on their
behalf because you’re completely focused upon their vortex and then reflecting
back your knowing can you imagine even the temporary little bit of relief that
you might bring them and that temporary little bit of relief and then another
and then another and then another and another and another that is the magic
that you have to offer you can elicit from the sickest of persons a
manifestation that will reflect your knowing that’s what healing is you
manifesting wellness because you know what you know regardless of what anybody
is looking at you see that’s what healing is amazing you

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