❤️ Finding worthiness 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

❤️ Finding worthiness 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

unworthiness question if just in the
process of enculturation the process of being brought up somehow getting
convinced the ear unworthy as a habit of thought that’s built into bullies and
then as I think about that and I think I can see rationally okay that’s
irrational and I can think of right and yet real and yeah yeah yeahs powerfully
and well that that’s why it helps to have another point of view spoken to you
often enough that you can begin to hear it and that’s why we appeal to your
logic it’s why we start with a law base that has no flaws in it because once you
start with something that has no flaws then then you can build upon it in a way
that makes sense to you in other words this you say even though it’s an
irrational thought and we say really not an irrational thought from outside the
vortex when if you are surrounded by or even raised by one person who is outside
the vortex then as they are outside the vortex and spewing information to you
there’s a high probability that you will begin to replicate that outside the
vortex perspective of yourself and this bringing it back into alignment by
starting with the premise that is not flawed that is what we are always about
in the teaching that we offer is if we can convince you that the negative
emotion that you feel that you use the label unworthiness if we can convince
you that the only reason that that feeling and you exists is because you
have found a thought that is bogus in relationship to the way the source feels
about you you might have rendezvous with your mother perfectly she might have
convinced you that you were unworthy but when she convinced you when she got you
to vibrate like she was vibrating because she had been taught by
her mother had been taught by her mother as as you join that chain of pain as you
held to that concept which seemed rational by the standards that were
surrounding you the negative emotion exists be within you because that
thought doesn’t match that thought that thought that painful thought is a
painful thought because the source within you think the thought entirely
differently from bad you see so Jerry Nestor bought a chandelier for their
house that they are remodeling and it just looked off to both of them they
Esther what got better than said is that thing hanging funny and Jerry said it is
and it didn’t matter what angle they looked at it it may could tell it was
off so they walked up the stairs where they could see a more level I view of it
and they could see that it was really tilting forward in this way and yet it
had been constructed by the people who took it out of the packaging according
to the directions but it was just hanging funny and Esther kept saying
it’s starting right at the top it’s off right at the top and and they were
trying to square it down at the bottom they were trying to put an extra little
piece of wire to hold this and a little piece of wire to hold that and they sort
of got it sort of kind of looking better but then Esther said because there was
someone there with a very tall ladder measure the distance between the rings
that were supporting the next layer in the next layer and there was 21 inches
from that ring to that ring and 23 inches from that ring to that ring and
22 inches between that ring and that ring and Esther said there’s no possible
way for this to ever hang right because it was created out of balance we can
excuse the terminology jerry-rigged this all we want and it will never be right
because it is flawed at its conception you see and so the feeling of
unworthiness is flawed at its very basis because the source within you so knows
your value and when someone convinces you otherwise you feel the bogus nature
of that so what goes wrong and we know what you’re getting at the thing that is
really if you want to call something off or something that would be a whole lot
better would be if there could be a policeman running around just making
sure that mothers teach you what your intervene knows and that’s what religion
tries to do religion tries to teach you what God knows but it has to be an
inside job and that’s what makes it so beautiful when you find it you see when
you realize that you’re born with this sensitivity to the vibrational nature of
you and that the two vibrational vantage points are playing off of one of their
all the time and that every emotion you feel is the indicator of how well it’s
playing and that when you’re in alignment you feel fabulous and when
you’re out of alignment you feel less good you see and once you get hold of
that and it doesn’t matter if if someone teaches it to you when you’re five and
that’s what Esther wants for her grandchildren she wants him to know it
right now she wants them to know it so powerfully that they will never forget
it but she can’t teach it to them I’m not that they will never forget it
they’re going to forget it they’re going to forget it for a while and they’re
going to experience the discord being out of whack with who they really are
and in that discord they’re going to like you develop a desire to be back
into alignment with who they are that will bring them to a higher happier
place than they would have ever achieved if they didn’t get out of alignment to
begin with and that’s what you counted on you said that’s really worth it but
you only know it’s worth it when you’re in the vortex when you’re not in the
vortex it never ever looks like it’s worth it one last question how it’s if I
have a core belief unworthiness there those words don’t go
together because your core belief is what your source knows your core belief
i’m earthiness is off from core belief and that’s why it feels so off so every
time you feel negative emotion you could accurately say I’ve picked up a belief
on my physical trail that is distorted from my core beliefs right if I the only
time you know that you have found a core belief is when your joyful those are
core beliefs if I picked up that habit of thought a belief of unworthiness how
do I avoid splitting my energy with the contradictory habit of thought that I am
worthy for example if I just say I am worthy I’m worthy like a almost like an
affirmation then I feel like that would well what we’re encouraging we’re
encouraging you to do a hundred percent of your affirming from inside the vortex
because we’re talking about that earlier when you’re outside the vortex not
feeling good and you try to affirm all it does is dig a deeper hole it just
makes it worse so you’re going or getting the cart before the horse you’re
going about it in a backwards way we would encourage you to care how you feel
and then when you feel a little improvement affirm that and then care
how you feel and when you feel a little release then a firm that but no one ever
really helps themselves when they feel off or when they feel odd or when they
feel out of a vortex or when they feel Omri and then they say I can do it I can
do it I can do it I can do it because all they’re doing this amplifying the
fact that they’re not doing it helpful very helpful thank you very much Thank
You bit that’s pretty good listen to these questions important
conversation what is the time what is the time on the recording 53 minutes 333
dancing he was a real time recording well have used all of our time trying to
figure out how much time we have we have enjoyed this interaction immensely we
have taken thought beyond that which it has been before this has been a leading
edge discussion and true to our promise to you it has been a discussion about
the vortex from beginning to end in other words your understanding who you
are from an inside the vortex perspective and we know that you stand
as we do in appreciation of everyone who has brought the valuable questioning
forward our encouragement to you because we have another full day tomorrow and we
can feel from what sort of bubbling within you today that tomorrow will be
even more leading edge than today so your homework tonight is to think
nothing about the seminar tomorrow in other words don’t don’t try to guide it
instead just anticipate how good it will feel as it unfolds it is our expectation
that tomorrow some of the things that we’ve stirred up today will come into
complete alignment in a really satisfying way so just be easy about all
of this and have as much fun tonight as you can possibly find there is great
luckiest for you and it’s always good usable hahaha
thanks guys oh don’t forget to change your clock some white dragon forward or
backward and Dom will be here at 9 45 tomorrow morning see it in bye bye

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