❀[EngSub]  Review Youth With You Season 2 [HD]❀
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❀[EngSub] Review Youth With You Season 2 [HD]❀

I am the first person? Will the other mentors come too ♪ IKON – Rhythm Ta ♪ Welcome – Hello mentor , is it raining outside – Why are wearing you hood Yes It’s really sunny outside Today we will see all the trainees Is she going home instead? You’re born the same year , same month , same day as me Wait a moment , my hair was blocking my ear , didn’t hear you clearly [Every one has gathered] It got dark [Suddenly light dimmed] It’s Dark [Temperature Warning!] Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh ~ ~ ~ Oh My God Cai Zhouyi She’s to sweet Save me Hello Everyone , I Am maninquin ent’s Cai Zhuoyi I From Malaysia When she smile she’s Really to pretty Welcome Who is talking? Cai Zhuoyi , Do you know who’s talking to you? – Yes – Then Guess where I am right now – So childish – Can you find me ? Hide [I Hide] I See you So evil Oh My God , I am seeing things right I am Agustus’s Qin Nih Zhengwei , Maybe in the past many people have heard this Name But have never interacted with the person who has that name So I came here , please take care of me Qin Niu Zhengwei , Is you Last name Qin or is it Qin Niu? My Father’s last name is Qin And My Mother’s last name is Niu Because I was born in the year of the tiger I am showing my authority and power – That’s Unique – So kun , you name is , you last name is ? My mother and father’s last names Right , I Thought this way too that Cai & Xu are both Last name , So You Name is just Kun – Right , So I Am just kun – You yourself is just kun , Yes Aired : 12 March 2020 / 20:00 [KST]


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