Встреча Игоря Михайловича Данилова с активными участниками МОД «АЛЛАТРА»
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Встреча Игоря Михайловича Данилова с активными участниками МОД «АЛЛАТРА»

Tatiana: Hello, dear friends, the Week of Solidarity of ALLATRA International Public Movement participants is taking place right now. And we’ve met at the Coordination Center of the Movement with such an international group, in such a sincere environment and atmosphere, an atmosphere of unity to communicate in a circle of friends, in a circle of like-minded people on the issues that concern us and share our experiences. Therefore, I am glad to present the participants of our meeting today. This is the respected Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Igor Mikhailovich: Greetings. Tatiana: Olga.
Olga: Greetings. Tatiana: Alina.
Alina: Greetings. Tatiana: Almira.
Almira: Greetings. Tatiana: Marina.
Marina: Greetings. Tatiana: Vladimir.
Vladimir: Greetings. Tatiana: The participants of the International Public Movement from different countries of the world are present here today as well. Greetings. The participants of the International Public Movement from different countries of the world: Greetings. Tatiana: Igor Mikhailovich, let me, probably, from the very beginning, on behalf of all the people present here and from all the people who are on the other side of the screen, thank you sincerely for your care and your Love, for spiritual help, because it is always very timely, and the answers to the questions that concern us are always very valuable and important. And it’s great happiness to see how people, guided by the inner AllatRa, are transforming themselves, and thus transforming the society as a whole. And it’s great happiness to feel and see how AllatRa is developing within each person and how AllatRa is growing all over the world. Igor Mikhailovich: Again, AllatRa is growing thanks to people themselves, and this is wonderful. And you should thank not me, but people for accepting it, for increasing it. And I thank you all indeed for the fact that today there are more and more free people, really free people, who like true “Free Bricklayers” build solid bridges from heart to heart, from soul to soul. And today, these bridges have been built across all continents, across all countries. Thank you, friends!
And don’t confuse it with “Freemasons.” Tatiana: Thank you sincerely, Igor Mikhailovich! Today even more than ever people understand and feel how much we need to unite on spiritual and moral foundations and how important it is for us to learn to live together, to interact together, how important it is to spread those spiritual values and to promote examples that would help to establish a dialogue between people and unite people. And here we have people who have already moved from this level of awareness and knowledge to the level of action. And there are, say, questions they encounter, the questions regarding both inner work on themselves and about interaction in the groups. And today we would like to raise and discuss these topics with you. So, please, Almira…
Igor Mikhailovich: You are welcome Almira: Yes, Igor Mikhailovich, the following question arises: when a group of like-minded people, let’s put it so, is small, then all the actions inside take place as if in a coordinated manner, that is, participation in projects, everything actually happens…well, it’s clear. But when the number of participants increases, the collectives expand, they become larger, the number of points of effort increases — and here some tensions and disagreements appear, I mean, a desire to manipulate or to dominate arises in people. And in this regard, I would like to ask my question: why is this happening and how can this be avoided? Igor Mikhailovich: This is natural. And it has always happened and, unfortunately, will continue to happen as long as people remain people. For this not to happen, all participants must see the final goal. There is the ALLATRA Movement. What is the goal of the Movement itself? What is the horizon to which we aspire?
A simple question. After all, it is clear that it is based on the spiritual development of everyone. But the main goal of the Movement is a creative and constructive society, the formation of a society in which everyone would like to live. This is indeed the case. And we can all do this, but we can do it together. And when we see this goal, the disagreements disappear. While manipulations… Well, guys, as they say, “Iblis doesn’t sleep.” If we take any religion, it has a lot of trends. Whereas AllatRa is not a religion, and here the private interests of many people will manifest themselves all the more. But that’s what we are all together here for – so that this doesn’t happen. Isn’t that right? (Almira: Of course). We just have to ensure the cleanliness of our glade, of the site, the place where we are responsible — and everything will be fine. And you should communicate with people, you should talk to them, you should explain. Many people do these actions because of delusion, many, say, perform these actions, which are wrong, the ones that separate, or that lead them away from the path under dictation of some forces. All this is actually, let’s say, easy to stop when we see this and not keep silent. The trouble is that when we see someone doing the wrong thing, and we are silent, we are not talking about this. But if we want to build a creative and constructive society… And a creative and constructive society is, first and foremost, a single family, a family called “humanity”, where all are equal and all are free, it means that no one should keep silent. If we see injustice, we shouldn’t whisper behind the corners. After all, just look, that very evil, that very division, that very filth, where does it all happen? It happens where there’s a shadow. If we remove the shadow, all this disappears in the light. So, a lot depends on us. On all of us who understand, and all of us who strive not for an unattainable horizon but for the real goal that we have set for ourselves and that we can achieve together if we want to. Is that right?
(Almira: Of course) But to do that we have to remove the obstacles, we have to remove the things that hinder us. And the main thing is the shadow in which all the dirt is hidden. Let’s make sure that it doesn’t exist. If someone tries to manipulate society for the sake of their personal interests, we should talk about this openly and to everyone — then it will all disappear when everything is revealed in reality. “ALLATRA” is the most open organization to date. Everything that happens, it happens honestly, openly in front of everyone, everyone sees and everyone knows. We have nothing to hide, friends. Isn’t that right? Olga: It is.
Almira: That’s right. Igor Mikhailovich: So why do we keep silent and hide the problems that arise in our groups in different places? Well, this is wrong. Let’s give things their right names and everything will be fine. Right? Almira: Thank you! Tatiana: Igor Mikhailovich, there is another clarifying question, which our guys face: it seems that before they began to openly oppose the system, everything was fine, and they did not encounter manifestations, say, I don’t know, for example, of some competition or envy. And as soon as work on projects begins, then it happens…the system basically slips in such dominant … Igor Mikhailovich: …problems
(Tatiana: Yes). Again, this is natural. When a person lives, as they say, our drab, ordinary, and mundane life, he is manipulated and controlled by the system. This has been known for centuries and described in all religions, all this has been even preserved: that the devil whispers, but he whispers in our heads, not somewhere else. He doesn’t push us and doesn’t grab our hands, he doesn’t do anything instead of us — it’s we who do, while he just whispers, but he whispers in our heads. Isn’t that so?
It is. But when we’re controlled and manipulated by him, he’s calm, and we think that everything is fine. And is it good for us, when we live like animals, when we live according to the consumer-based format, according to the laws that animals live by? Are we animals to live according to such laws: to hate each other, to deceive, to lie, to steal, to take away someone else’s?
Is that the right thing to do? No, it isn’t. And so when a person understands that this is wrong and he is looking for freedom, inner freedom (there’s no freedom in the external, freedom can only be inside), and when a person even tries to find it, he threatens who? The system itself. What is his threat? That he can become free and take the side of, excuse me, light forces that bring good, peace, and love. And this, like any light, is dangerous to the darkness because it illuminates everything that’s going on there, so the system starts to cause problems.
Doesn’t it? But when a person is ready for it… And again, this is exactly the marker that shows that a person follows the right path. When he gets a little bit of freedom, he sees how the system resists. Is there any better proof of the existence of Iblis? And if the devil exists, then God exists too. Isn’t that so, my friends? Therefore, everything is very simple. But if you don’t give in — everything goes away. They break and stoop those who break and stoop. But if a person is free in spirit, then the system will go away. Not a single shadow comes into the light.
Isn’t it so? Everything is simple, my friends. Olga: Igor Mikhailovich, there is another question: women (somehow, there are more women in the groups so far)… And it turns out that there is very strong competition between women up to the point that … Igor Mikhailovich: What are they competing for?
Olga: I don’t know. For power, I guess. Igor Mikhailovich: Over who?
Olga: Over a group or… I don’t know. Igor Mikhailovich: If we take, say, a small bunch of monkeys, what do we see going on there? Olga: Some monkey is always the most important. It draws attention to itself. Igor Mikhailovich: Everyone wants to be the main monkey. Right? (Olga: Yes) So, when people at the first stages try to get rid of their animal nature and to become truly spiritual and free, still at the first steps these herd feelings are manifested, just like in any animal. Anyone, whoever we take, even wolves, even monkeys, all have these laws: the fight for the alpha-female, the fight for the alpha-male, all want to manipulate and control someone — either by force, or by cunning, or, sorry, again, using these shadow games “someone is good, someone is bad.” And why is all that? Because there is a shadow in our groups, my friends. Let us make them full of light! And let’s talk openly. Won’t we ever agree? We will agree, we can always agree, and any dirt will go away. If we have one goal, if we have one and single aspiration, then, excuse me, we won’t pay attention to minutia. When we want to become Alive, when we want to become people, we cease to be beasts. Isn’t it so? Is that simple?
Olga: It is. Igor Mikhailovich: We need to communicate and need to be honest. And AllatRa, first and foremost, begins with honesty. Olga: Igor Mikhailovich, sometimes, you know, some thought skips through and you are, sort of (Igor Mikhailovich: But the thought will always keep skipping through) embarrassed to tell it to another person, somehow… Igor Mikhailovich: Because… Let me explain, you are embarrassed to talk about those thoughts that come because you consider them yours. And when you clearly understand that a thought comes to you, but you didn’t order it, you didn’t strive for this, then where can this stupid and bad thought come from? Olga: From the system …
Igor Mikhailovich: Can it really be from the good? It’s from the bad. But if in a group, a bad thought comes to someone about somebody or about something, is that good? That means that Iblis, or the devil… whatever we call it: the system, the supreme mind — it does not matter, but this creature needs something, and it needs to put this into someone’s head in order to bring discord and separation. How does the devil act? It divides and rules. What kind of thoughts are coming?
Thoughts aimed at separation. If there are three people — two people are always against one. Isn’t that so? Why does this happen? Because we are silent. But when this thought came to you, and you say that “this thought was sent to me”, you’ll be surprised that the bigger the group is, the greater number of people were sent a similar thought. How many times, my friends, have we encountered this in groups? Lots of times. The same thoughts come to different people. But why do they come? It came to you and you hushed it up, it came to another one and she said nothing. Ultimately, you got used to this thought, you defended the devil. Isn’t that so? Which side are you on: on the side of Allah or Iblis; or God or the devil? Whatever we call it, these are different epithets, but the essence is one. Isn’t it so? And when we are silent, and when we do not voice this, we defend satan. Which side are we on and where are we going, and what are we striving for? But when you voice what has come to you, but you didn’t order this, then you already understand that this isn’t yours. Other people also understand that. And when thoughts come to them, they also tell that. Whereas the devil has one weapon — to whisper and impose. But when you put all these impositions, all these intricacies out on the table, he does not have a weapon against you — he is powerless. The devil has neither hands nor feet. His hands and feet are our hands and feet, and his tongue is our tongue, which can sting painfully. But the same tongue, if we as Personalities control it, can speak the words of Love. And our hands can build bridges, not destroy them. Isn’t that so? So, who is to blame: the devil or we are? Olga: We are. Igor Mikhailovich: Therefore, what should be done? We should be honest (Olga: To be honest). Everything is very simple. Olga: Yes, because when you hush up these thoughts, you store them up again and again, and then you don’t want to have anything to do with this person at all — and there is a separation. Igor Mikhailovich: That’s right. And now you are telling how the system works. But doesn’t it happen at home in the family this way?
Olga: It’s the same. Igor Mikhailovich: And then we tolerate, and then we hate each other. And does the devil really want the family to be strong? Does the devil want the group to be strong? After all, it’s a danger (Olga: A danger), a danger to him. But, excuse me, if we want to build a creative and constructive society, if we want this world to be like Eden, and we can really do this, and we feel and understand that we can, then why do we serve satan? A simple question, friends. Olga: Yes, it’s a good question. Igor Mikhailovich: Maybe we should make a choice: either to serve the devil or to serve God. Who do you serve? Vladimir: Igor Mikhailovich, thank you for this advice. In our group, we also faced such a problem: we are implementing various projects together, but somehow it happens that there is no internal unity. What else can be possibly done, in order for the group to somehow act as a single organism? Igor Mikhailovich: You should become a part of the group yourself, first and foremost, see the goal and not notice the obstacles, remove everything that bothers you, guys. Everyone is looking for magic buttons, everyone is looking for some kind of inspiration or something else, some outside power that would push them. While in fact, you have all these powers and everything has been given to you. You have everything, my friends. The only thing is that you need to remove that which hinders — and then everything will be there, and everything will work out. To be honest, to be sincere, to be true, to serve only God and not to serve satan — everything is very simple. Yes, it sounds religious, but, excuse me, today we even have at one table representatives of different religions and of atheism as well, so… Well, isn’t that so?
But we understand each other. And the most important thing is a desire to understand each other. And the most important thing for everyone is not to forget about the main goal. And we can ensure the future for our descendants, we may save civilization, and we may not. Everything depends on our choice. What do we choose: to listen or to feel, to serve the devil or God? This is trite, simple, but true. Only actors in the head complicate. They begin to build tricky schemes, talk about some difficulties in relationships, some misunderstandings. Guys, what misunderstandings can there be if we sincerely want one thing, if we don’t care about ourselves, but about all, we care about ourselves already as part of all? It becomes simple, after all. Isn’t that so?
Vladimir: It is. Alina: Igor Mikhailovich, we also noticed…we have to take strategic actions. We meet, discuss, we have such a brainstorming, we have so many ideas. And there is such a great desire and aspiration to implement them, there is such an expanding flow aimed at action. As soon as we part… we parted, a day passes, then another one, and we really feel: some inertia arises, as if this wave is no longer there, there are obstacles… Igor Mikhailovich: There’s no that power which you have received. And let’s tell the truth. When we gather and we sincerely and frankly discuss and strive to do something good for people, when we take the side of the Spiritual World, we feel this surge of power, we feel this power, and we understand that we can. And then we parted. Everyone went home or to work. And who overcomes a person? Thoughts (Almira: Iblis)
(Olga: Thoughts) that distract to one or another action. And in the end, we become empty, and then it becomes very difficult for us. And let’s take a look at this mechanism, why this happens. We gathered together (let’s translate all this into funds so that it is clear to our friends, those who do not live by something greater, but let’s say, live by what is material — it will be clear to them that these are funds), so we gathered together, sat at the table and decided: “Let’s build a house”. “Let’s do it”. We were given money. While in actual sense, power is given to us for a common cause, and it comes from the Spiritual World. We translate it into the equivalent of finance. We were given money to build a house. This power is enough to implement this project. We divided it among everyone who is sitting at the table now, and everyone left with his or her own responsibility: someone is laying a foundation, someone is dealing with decor, someone else deals with the roof and the like. Everyone must prepare the material and hire workers. We have an architectural plan, we already know what we should do. But the one who was supposed to lay a foundation, left, minding his own business. He went into a store, saw a beautiful shovel, shiny and gorgeous. After all, is a shovel needed to lay a foundation? It is needed. He is buying it. This purchase is right, but it is a souvenir. Why would one need a souvenir shovel? “Guys, we are building a house, we should have it as a decor, as a symbol of building a house, instead of a real shovel.” And then, in addition to this, excuse me, decor piece, to this symbolic shovel he needs to buy something else as well. Right? Well, for example, a new jacket, jeans or something else — after all, he should look good. And the same applies to each of us: instead of buying building materials and tools and doing that, we spend it all on personal interest.
Isn’t that so? While what is our daily life? Let’s consider it because we should accumulate in it.
What is a family? The family is a quiet haven where we come full of strength, and we accumulate these strengths, we do not spend them. But at this point, our other half, our children or something else distracts us — they do not act the way we want them to. And consciousness tells us “he is wrong” or “she is wrong”, “he or she does a wrong thing or in the wrong way” — and we put our attention there. That is, instead of a normal real shovel, we buy it for decor — a souvenir one. Right? And then, when the time comes to build a house, it turns out we do not have the funds. But, guys, it’s not the most important thing. Why do we start feeling bad afterward? Why do problems arise? Because, excuse me, the one to whom we have given this power is used to consuming a lot. But we gave away someone else’s without noticing this, and now he begins to take ours. And here we begin to understand that, it hurts us when he’s taking ours. Isn’t that so? Almira: Exactly. Igor Mikhailovich: And at this point, we begin to suffer, and we understand that something is going wrong. But deep inside, everyone, every person understands when the system takes away his vital forces (and this is really so), when everything begins to collapse, and he becomes surrounded by scandals, when a lot of doubts arise in his head. And why do they arise? And why are we getting involved in these unnecessary dialogues of actors in our heads? That is, we finance an illusion, we even, excuse me, do not buy jeans at someone else’s expense with a souvenir shovel already, we spend what is ours on an illusion, on the empty. After all, we spend much more time, energy, on imaginary conversations that do not exist, on a dispute that does not exist, instead of coming and talking to a person openly. Isn’t that so? And then we have such weird situations in groups, at home and at work, because we are liars, my friends. And we waste both what is given to us, and we do not protect our own. Is that simple? After all, it is really simple. After all, excuse me, the truth is like an open book: it is always publicly available and it is always accessible to you. The only thing is that actors do not let you take it, because simplicity is perceived as a lie, “Such a great and big thing cannot be so simple.” It can, my friends, it can. God is very simple, and his power of Love reaches every one of us, but not all of us perceive it. We don’t perceive it not because little is given to us, but we do not perceive it because we, so to speak, get inclined to the temptations of the devil.
Isn’t that so? We all want to be alpha-females. Right? And we quarrel with others and think…
Who do we think badly about? Let’s start, in a group: about the one who can be a competitor, about the one who seems smarter to our actors… Olga: More beautiful. Igor Mikhailovich: Younger, with longer legs. Right? Why does this happen? We have already answered.
Olga: Yes. Tatiana: The habit of consuming. Of competition… Igor Mikhailovich: Therefore, what should we do, my friends? If we receive, we must preserve and increase. Right? Excuse me, only these people will be pleasing, and more will be given to those who preserve and increase. While those who waste, ultimately, are no longer given. After all, who will give money to a spend-thrift who not only fails to return it but demands from you more and more for nothing? Isn’t that right?
Everything is very simple. Alina: Thank you.
Almira: Great! Olga: Igor Mikhailovich, but there’s also another interesting point (I had this) that our Movement is big and we have a lot of different projects. Right? There are a lot of things to do. For example, someone is behind the camera, someone is in the camera, someone is washing the dishes, and someone, for example, is making tea. And eventually, consciousness began to divide the tasks into important and unimportant ones. In the end, everything got to the point that “now they’ll be put a plus, they will be given a free pass to the Spiritual World, because “we did something”.” Igor Mikhailovich: I’ll put it simply: just because you force yourself to wash the dishes or stand behind the camera, you won’t get a free pass. But when you live sincerely and when you help and understand the whole process… And you can understand the whole process only when you are open, when you do not live in the shadow, and when you are a source of light. Then you understand very well that without washing the dishes and making tea… Those who are behind the camera, they will not be able to stand for a long time, because they need to drink tea. And in order to drink tea, you need what? Clean dishes. And any action is a chain of events that we accomplish. Isn’t that so? It’s not shameful to wash the dishes. Am I saying the wrong thing? Olga: That’s right. Igor Mikhailovich: But why do such thoughts arise? Olga: Because of pridefulness. Igor Mikhailovich: Because of stupidity.
Olga: Because of stupidity, among other things. Igor Mikhailovich: Pridefulness is also human stupidity. This is our weakness, this is not our strength. This is the stupidity which Iblis is imposing on us. In the Spiritual World, everyone is equal, there are no higher or lower ones. There is responsibility. Yes, some religions divide that there are higher Angels, lower Angels and the like. How can an angel be higher or lower? How to measure them — by height? But they have no height. Olga: And not by weight either. Igor Mikhailovich: By weight? They have no weight. How to measure? However, there is a responsibility. Speaking our language, there is work. Someone goes into worse conditions, someone always remains in Love. But if he isn’t always in Love and isn’t in that Infinite World, he will become finite. Isn’t that so? This cannot be. Yet, can we become not like the finite, but the Endless World? We can. Can we build such a world here?
We can. And what is needed for this? Remove evil — and everything will be fine, then good will win. Almira: Yes. Vladimir: Igor Mikhailovich, the following question arises in this context. We have a lot of different projects in the Movement, a lot of tasks, and sometimes (why hide it) we don’t have enough hands to implement certain projects. And often a question arises before the participants: what to devote more time to? Meaning… Igor Mikhailovich: I understood your question. Efficiency factor — coefficient of performance. We have an ultimate goal. In order for us to achieve it, we carry out a lot of different projects. Right? And those projects that are most effective in order to bring humanity closer to our goal, to our free society, to a global free society, first and foremost, of spiritually free people, what needs to be implemented? Those projects that will bring much more useful action. Right? That is, you need to be competent in this matter from the perspective of the economy. Vladimir: And when it’s not quite, sort of… That is, it’s not always possible to predict this. Right? That is, we do not always see how… Igor Mikhailovich: The ultimate goal? Vladimir: The ultimate… How each action triggers a chain of events. Igor Mikhailovich: Guys, this is not true. We do feel and understand. When you are free and far from doubt, you feel and understand, you understand every step you take, what it leads to and where it leads you. After all, if you need to go, let’s say, to your neighbor who lives across the street from you, you don’t leave the house and do not wade through the garden, climb over the fence and do not go in the opposite direction.
Why? A simple question. Vladimir: Because I know the shorter way. Igor Mikhailovich: Don’t you know a shorter way to what we are talking about? Do you not know, when starting one or another project, what it can give, and if implemented, what benefit can it bring to all of humanity? After all, with every step, with every micro-action, in total that which is implemented for the whole society is formed. I’ll put it simply on the example of an economic aspect: if we remove one cent, will a dollar be a dollar?
No, it will be 99 cents. Isn’t that so? Vladimir: It is.
Olga: It is. Igor Mikhailovich: So, in order to get the whole, you need a lot of such cents. Whereas each project is, in its turn, a contribution to the common treasury of good deeds. Right? Vladimir: That’s right. Igor Mikhailovich: Everything is very simple. Marina: While participating in projects, you feel, you really feel spiritual growth, that with each completed action you become freer, and you see it directly. And it is so joyful and motivating. But there are so many kind and good people who are still inactive or have not yet begun to act actively. So, how to help people so that they join and participate too, so that they get this freedom? Igor Mikhailovich: I’ll put it simply: all people are good, it’s satan who makes them bad. How to help them? Simply by your action. Again, to be honest, open, not to lie, tell the truth and correspond to what they want to see in you. And when they see in you a true free honest person, and they, wanting to become the same, they will become ones. And if they do not want to, this is their right of choice. A human being is free to serve satan or to serve God.
It’s his choice. We cannot persuade, we cannot force — we can offer. And the right of a human is to take or not to take, to reject us or to accept. AllatRa is God’s Love. It’s not easy for everyone to live with this Love if a banal, excuse me, piggy interest dominates in them. Piggy interest is the interest of a beast. And a human being should not liken himself to a pig wallowing in a puddle of mud, because he is a human. A human is far above a bird. Let’s not fall below the pig.
Is that right? Marina: It is.
Igor Mikhailovich: Everything is very simple. Almira: Igor Mikhailovich, there is another question. The point is that we currently conduct a lot of social surveys as part of the project “Future is Now”. So one day I was going for this public survey and I understand that I don’t know what to ask. Although I know the list of questions, somehow I just can’t get my thoughts together, let’s put it this way. And I began speaking — and I feel that it’s as if… the speech began to pour by itself. I started talking to a person, and he opened up, and I felt that some kind of flow was coming from him — and we had some kind of resonance. And we began to talk, we actually had an alive conversation. And so… Igor Mikhailovich: That’s why it was alive because the devil did not help you. Isn’t that so?
Almira: Exactly. Igor Mikhailovich: Once upon a time, to a good person who had brought the Knowledge here came his friends, who took over this Knowledge from him, and they said, “But how shall we go and tell people about it?” After all, we still know little, we are not worthy yet.” And He answered them, “Worry not about this, all you need to do is to open your mouth.” Isn’t that so? If you are sincere and if you stand
on the position of the Spiritual World, then you needn’t
worry about what to say. People think and think over their
words and prepare for a speech when they want to
fool or outwit someone. Then their assistant is Iblis. But when a person lives by freedom,
he only needs to open his mouth and remove the devil from the path
— and the speech will flow by itself. But then there is a
response from people’s souls. Yes, you can also come
across a satan’s slave, but these are his problems,
then one can sympathize with him. Well, I would say,
this is a rare case. This is an extremely rare case when
you meet an inevitably dead person because very many
people are potentially alive. Therefore, everything
is very simple. You only need to
open your mouth. Vladimir: Igor Mikhailovich,
in this context, is it possible to
expand the question of resonance with other
people in a little more detail? IM: It depends on what you mean
by resonance with other people. Vladimir: Well, it happens so that…
Almira: On the level of feelings. IM: I’ll put it this way: if
you and I are going to listen to the hardest rock
very loudly now, our cells will begin
to vibrate in unison. Do you mean this
resonance or another one? Vladimir: No, precisely
the internal one. Almira: No, at the
level of feelings. Vladimir: Yes, at
the level of feelings. IM: I was joking. While the resonance at
the level of feelings arises when we have a common goal and when we are
sincere and honest. Everything is very simple. Right?
Vladimir: Right. Almira: Igor Mikhailovich,
also, the following happens… The thing is that I notice that there is, for example,
that very public survey. I have sort of done it,
and you as if want to say, “Whew, that’s it. I
kind of did something.” And suddenly, literally after a
while, maybe even in a few hours, there arises a need
to do something else. I mean, we arrange
a call with the guys, for example, additional
points of effort application arise, and, frankly speaking, you
begin to get confused somehow, thinking, “My God, where
do I get time to do all this? I need to do this thing and
that one, and that one too.” So, once, even our National Library of
the Republic of Kazakhstan addressed me with an offer for
legal services. I went to the meeting. And at the meeting, I was surprised
because I found out that this library has the entire series of
books by Anastasia Novykh. This library is famous
for the fact that different religious denominations, cultural
figures and the like come together from all over the world and tell at their events
about what unites people. And I said that
“I am a volunteer, a participant of ALLATRA
International Public Movement, and I’d like to be directly involved — that
is, to shoot for ALLATRA TV Kazakhstan, that we have our
own television.” And I get permission. Meaning, by this I understand
that through my professional activity I also get an opportunity
to work as a volunteer. That is, to complement it with what
will be useful for our entire Movement. And at that moment
I realized that… You know, when I am
working on the projects, although they become
more and more, it still feels that as if there is
incredible support of the Spiritual World. When we are open and when we
use those funds that are given to us not to purchase unnecessary
things, as we’ve already said, but precisely to build a
house, then, excuse me, we are always
given more and more: again, more funds,
more houses to build. Yes, it gives a little extra work,
consciousness starts to be afraid. But if we are guided by the
fears of our consciousness, then we will not build anything.
Is that right? Almira: Of course IM: It’s very simple. Almira: Great! Tatiana: It is also very inspiring
that when she came to the library, the Knowledge was already there,
people already knew about AllatRa, there had already been people from
the Movement who had sowed seeds. IM: Often, when people… there is a question – whether to go
somewhere to meet people or something else, and consciousness
immediately becomes against, “Well, what will you go for
and how will you do this? Guys, there is advice: when the demons in
your head start raging, that’s why they
are called demons, it means that you
are on the right path. Is that right? (Tatiana: Yes) And those
who step over them, they face what? The fact that new opportunities
are opening up (Almira: Yes). And those people understand
that if you are willing and sincere, despite all the persuasion
of consciousness, when you step over the devil, then the Spiritual World
becomes closer (Almira: …closer). It’s very simple. We must come to him,
while it is always with us. It’s a paradox. Olga: Igor Mikhailovich, and there
is another question about a mistake: consciousness sometimes locks, for
example, my English is not very good. It says, “Now you’re going to
write a letter in your poor English, and a person won’t
answer you, because it’s…” And you’re like, “Oh, what if he’s
such an important person and he’s not…” Or to do something else. IM: Let’s put it simply:
have a look, again, “a person will not answer”,
but you did what you could, you acted sincerely, you did
what you wanted. Didn’t you? Again, we will draw an analogy
with our house so that to make it clear: you have built a house, and whether a person will
live in it or not is his problem. Is that right? However, you did everything that
depended on you (Olga: …depended). Your conscience is clear, you did not
spend on yourself, you built a house. And then this is
already his problem. After all, often when we do
something and consciousness resists, we get exactly the
opposite. Right? People do answer (Olga:
Yes) to your clumsy letter, and it all becomes more
alive. Well, is it so? Olga: It is. And when we doubt or
serve to please a minority, then we get nobody knows
what. So, I want to ask you: you recorded vlogs, and you helped people a lot because you were
sincere, you were real, you did not lie and did not play –
you were exactly the way you are. You had questions
and you voiced them. You found solutions
and you voiced them. And then you were
criticized by some people, and you stopped making them. Do you know that your
pridefulness and your fear have prevented so many people
from understanding the Truth? And you did not serve
the good in that case, but you did evil because
you did not give people who were dying
of thirst, freshwater. Am I wrong? And because of what? Because you
were criticized by a couple of people? Olga: Really, it was
pridefulness and fear, I know. IM: I’ll make it easy for you:
when you stand on this path, be ready for Iblis to rage, he
will be, like a monkey in a zoo, throwing in you everything
he has in his hands. Why? Because it makes him mad,
because you’re dangerous to him. Isn’t it so? It is. Let’s have a look: a thousand
people love you and praise you and a few people
have criticized you. You haven’t noticed a thousand
light ones because of two dark ones. Isn’t your consciousness
criticizing you? So, as Volodya said,
“There was a resonance” between demons, who criticized
you, and your demons in the head? Tatiana: Great Well, isn’t it so?
Tatiana: It is. Did this resonance
overcome what you feel? Really. And why do people suffer? Because of only a few scoundrels
both in the head and in correspondence. You see, it’s easy. Olga: Well, I realized that
it was pridefulness and fear, I understood that. IM: Okay. Igor Mikhailovich, you know,
it’s like some kind of doubt, too. IM: Do you know
what doubt can be? Olga: For example, “What are you going
to talk about? You don’t feel anything. You’re talking and babbling
from consciousness.” IM: And we’ve just discussed… It is
consciousness that tells you about it. While you shouldn’t
talk from consciousness, you should tell the truth
and voice what you have, you shouldn’t invent
and make up stories. There were a lot of vlogs
where you were sincere, you didn’t invent
or make up stories. There were moments, it can be
seen, where you added from you, tried to show off something, but the
essence was true – and people perceived it. Didn’t it help people? Right now we can open
and watch them. It did help. Aren’t people grateful
to you? They are. So why, it’s a question,
(I don’t blame, we are all like that), why do we serve
in favor of Satan, paying attention to
several of his slaves, which resonate with
our consciousness, if we know that our
consciousness is the devil’s tool? It is through it that he whispers
and makes us do bad things. And it is not an
argument, I emphasize, when “it makes us do
good things as well.” It makes us do this
to cover up its dirt, and to cover that
bad that it does in fact. And it starts doing the
good when we control it, when we don’t let it step either to the
right or to the left without our command, when we keep it
on a level road – and then it has to lead
us to the Spiritual World. The devil carries us on
his shoulders to heaven, or we carry him all the way
to hell and enter with him. Think, my friends, who are we –
either we are riders or donkeys? And this is true. And I suggest you think
about whether you’re a goat with short
legs or an Angel? Olga: Why with
short ones? An angel. IM: I don’t know
why with short legs, but last time we
talked about legs. Although yours are
not short, it’s a joke. Olga: I know. An
angel, of course. Tatiana: A good one. IM: That’s
right, it’s better to be an Angel. Right? Alina: Igor Mikhailovich,
I also wanted to ask (we talk with the guys and there are
similar situations) consciousness says, “Why ask questions? All the Knowledge
has already been given: all the videos and books are there. IM: Everything is
there and everything is given to people — Alina: everything is there. ” Where is the
substitution here? IM: And a tremendous help comes to those who are
open and who want it. Everyone around the world,
regardless of religion or anything else – everyone feels and
everyone understands. But again, I’ll put it simply: we are sitting in a clearing, there is a
source next to us, everything is there. But sometimes they are too lazy to
bend over and scoop up some fresh water: they want someone
to give it to them. That’s how it is
(Olga: Yes). But if someone doesn’t give
it to us, we may die of thirst. Therefore, it is better to
give it so that many can live. Right?
Alina: Right. Vladimir: Igor Mikhailovich,
there is another difficulty that we face in
implementing the projects… This is, let’s put it this way, probably,
the adequacy of communication with people. How can we speak such a language
so that society understands us and people don’t
put labels on us? IM: It depends on
what labels they put. Do you mean sectarianism and
everything else? Vladimir: Yes. IM: Guys, in fact,
everything is very simple. The spiritual part is shared by
those who live and who strive for this. But what is the essence
of the Movement? To build a free creative and constructive society
(Olga: …a creative and constructive society). Right? What is needed for this? The implementation of what? First of all, at this stage — to
find out whether people need it, whether we should
spend our time on it or not. But we need to interview a
larger part of the world’s population. If they want this and strive for it,
that means that we can also do it, which means, it will be given. And if they do not want
this and do not accept it, then why should we
spend time on this? Right? Then we forget about them,
forget about all kinds of labels, and we engage in the
spiritual development of ourselves and our
loved ones in order to help. Are we going in
the right direction? What for? So that since we are not building
a creative and constructive society, we create, at least, such a
micro-edema for those who want to live. We won’t talk about it
anymore, it’s clear to everyone. But how to convey to people the very idea
of a creative and constructive society, so that humanity would move from a consumer
format to a creative and constructive one? Talk to people about a
creative and constructive society. Why come up to a person and talk about
the spiritual if he does not want this? If we are talking about the
project for the implementation of a creative and constructive society, we
can talk to a person about a creative society. If we talk about physics — then
we should talk about physics. If this is acceptable
to a person, he will join these projects
and implement them anyway. After all, this is an integral
part of the Movement. Right? But the essence and meaning
of the Movement itself is, excuse me, not
spiritual guidance, it is the will and choice of
each person (Olga: …person). If he wants to — he accepts. Moreover, AllatRa is not a religion,
in it is the essence of all religions. If he wants to — he accepts it. He can remain in his religion, he can
remain anywhere and in any position, he can be an atheist
who rejects any religion, but at the same time
be a good person and strive to change the world
for the better — this is our friend. Right?
Vladimir: Yes. Because he seeks creation. And you need to speak with
people in a language they understand if we are talking about the project
“Creative and Constructive Society”. This is a project for everyone,
it is one. Right? Vladimir: Right. IM: And if we talk about
AllatRa as a spiritual foundation, then this is a bit different. This is intermixed, of course,
and the essence is one. But if people get freedom, if they get free from their material
addictions, they will come themselves. They will come to understand
both God and much more. And we will also
show by our example. Vladimir: We need to throw
away a souvenir shovel. IM: This is already up to you,
Marina: It’s better not to buy it. We have chosen you
just as an example, sorry, not as a real-life fact, so you can
throw it away, or you can keep it. But in general,
on the other hand, even if you purchased a souvenir
shovel at someone else’s expense and you throw it
away, you’ll act silly. Give it to society as a
souvenir of your stupidity. And let it stand as
an example for others, so that people see that they
shouldn’t do so. Right? Vladimir: Yes. IM: Do good. Marina: There is one obstacle on the path
of development, as well as in projects. You feel that you
really can do a lot, and at the same time you feel that
you really want this very very much, you are striving, “I see the
goal and I see no obstacles.” And I have such experience,
and I regularly try this. But what does consciousness say?
It says that “you mustn’t do it this way, you must do it little
by little, carefully, otherwise, if you rush on this speed
pridefulness will cover your eyes and you will not be able to
distinguish the alive from the dead.” So, where is the
point of entry here? IM: Point of entry where? Marina: Well… Tatiana: Into the system? Igor
Mikhailovich: Into the system? It’s just (Marina: No, no…) the point of entry into the system
– it is when you start listening to and start slowing down. Do you understand?
(Tatiana: Doubts) When instead of running, you stop and start
moving slowly and slowly. Well, it says “little
by little.” Does it? Thinking about every step, “What are you
without me? Where are you going without me?” (Marina: “You should consult”) Or
maybe we should get rid of this guide? If you feel and live
by it, then be free. While you should get out of your
way those who slow you down, as we’ve already discussed, and then everything
will work out. Marina: Is it actually that simple…?
IM: And what for? At least in the heads of
such counselors… Right? To achieve the goal, you
have to remove obstacles and then everything
will work out. The main obstacles are in our
heads in a form of such small imps, that whisper, but we
activate their whisper. We should stop being
controlled puppets. We should live free, be
honest and free. Is that right? Then everything will work out. Olga: So, Igor Mikhailovich,
only this whisper hinders us and the fact that we
pay attention to it? IM: No. The fact
that we pay attention and implement this whisper into reality hinders us.
Olga: What it whispers. IM: Of course. Alina: We execute orders.
IM: I’ll put it simply let’s go back to the previous
conversation, to the previous video: just imagine, your
husband comes in, and you sit next to the frying pan,
and voice in your head tells you, “Take the frying pan, hit him.” If you do that, will it be good
or bad? Olga: Very bad. IM: Right. And you
feel and understand that you should cook food for
him in this frying pan and serve it- will it be good or bad?
Olga: Good. IM: Right. So where is it
good and where is it bad? (Almira: Where she invested)
It’s clear. Is it clear that we
shouldn’t listen? It is. So why do we often
do the opposite? Olga: Because we probably
consider them ours after all. Somewhere, “my
thought” will sneak out. IM: And that’s where the trouble
is: “my thought”, “your thought”. You feel one thing
(Olga: …one thing), you observe a stupid thought
and understand that it is stupid and it is not yours,
but you realize it. Just stop. Take this frying pan when you
already start swinging at him, and cook in it for your husband.
Everything is very simple. Vladimir: Not so long ago,
we discussed one issue (I think it concerns
many people): there is such a situation when
consciousness often turns the inner love, the inner feelings
into the external. I mean, many of us are looking
for some manifestations of love, care, goodness from
the outside world. I.M.: Again, you’ve said:
“Many of us are looking for,” but they don’t
seek to be a source. Who is looking for in the head,
and who is selfish in a person? Vladimir:
Consciousness, it’s clear. I.M.: That very Iblis. Perhaps, you should
stop serving him. No matter what it imposes
on you and how it argues, you actually feel and
understand that this is a lie. Who understands that it’s a lie? Vladimir: Consciousness. I.M.: Does consciousness
understand consciousness? Vladimir: It understands
that this is consciousness… I.M.: Or Personality?
Vladimir: It’s like a play of actors. I.M.: The play of actors is
when you hear and observe, and you understand
that the actors are playing. But who is the one
who sees and hears? This is Personality. Is it difficult? Is it difficult to
stand up in the hall when you watch a performance? It’s impolite, indecent, everyone is sitting, watching
the action, while you stand up. Yet, you stand up
because you are free, you understand
that it’s not yours, you turn around and leave. Is it difficult? And everything
starts with honesty (again, we go back
to the same thing), first of all towards ourselves. We shouldn’t lie and shouldn’t
listen to the fairy tales it tells. Just recall (again, we will return
to such a classical example), when the devil was persuading
even, excuse me, God’s messenger, “Bow down before me, and I
will give you the whole world.” But why would he
need this world? Why did he not bow and
become the king of kings? A simple question. Because he knew it was dust. Do you want to be a king
over corpses, over dust? You will lead the dead. Vladimir: Of course, not. I.M.: Why? Vladimir: Because
this is not Life. I. M.: Yet, why in your life do you
strive to be a king over corpses? Why do you listen to what
they tell you, and they rule you? After all, he whispers and tells you
how to become a king over corpses. He provokes this desire in you. And I ask you a straight
question, while you say, “No.” Is it difficult? Vladimir: No. I.M.: …when you don’t lie. So, stop lying and don’t
play in the shadows. Live under the sun and be the sun
— and everything will be very simple, for you actually feel,
know and understand. Yet, why do you not act? Why do you roll down like a lost ball
somewhere under a bush into a shadow? Are you really a ball? Vladimir: No.
I.M.: You are a human. Right?
Vladimir: Right. I.M.: And, as one good person
said in his time, a human is superior to birds. So, you should be superior
to birds, but not inferior to pigs. Vladimir: Thank you. Marina: Igor Mikhailovich,
for the 9th of May we have scheduled a
tremendous conference. And at the previous
conference on May 11th we declared that we wanted to gather
the whole world on the 9th of May. Yet, now we understand that we are not quite at the
point so that really the entire… I. M.: …at which you
wanted to be. Right? Marina: Right, the entire
humanity would come. But… I.M.: Wait. Who told you that the
entire humanity would come in a year? Marina: We really hoped forthat.
Almira: We set the goal. I.M.: You said, “We want it,” but
you haven’t implemented your wish. Where did the problem arise? Doesn’t the rule of
six handshakes work? It does
(Marina: It does). Yet, why has this happened? And here,
we recently discussed, we have discussed today that
you got ignited, you got the power, then you went and spent it
wherever everyone wanted. And it turns out that
the six handshakes that were supposed to
work don’t actually work. And why does it turn
out that they don’t work? Because we get distracted by
earthly, commonplace, everyday things. After all, thousands of
people from all over the world were connected
to that conference. If everyone really used
the six handshakes, and if they used them in order
to convey this love, this power, and this understanding
to other people, but in such a way so that
those people would get ignited and convey it to six more
people each – believe me, there would have been the whole world.
However, this has not happened. Why? Because we
are merely humans. We need to come out of the dirt,
to understand that we are humans, and become humans. It’s not important how
many people will gather, it’s important what kind of
people they will be: alive or dead. The dead ones won’t do anything. Let it be not the whole
world, but a part of it, but let they be
alive and active, and they will be able to
overturn the entire world. Why? Because they are that
point, that pillar as Archimedes said, and that lever which can
turn this world upside down. That’s what is
important, isn’t it? Marina: Yet, now we still
have two months in stock. I.M.: Right. Marina: So, what can we do now in order
to unfold our potential to the utmost and approach our
goal to the maximum? I.M.: You can be honest and open,
do everything that depends on you, and again, not listen
to those who whisper, “Let’s not run, but let’s
walk slowly and reasonably,” as we have talked with
you earlier. Isn’t that so? Marina: It is. I.M.: You should just act
(Olga: Act) – and everything will work out. A: Igor Mikhailovich,
may I ask another question?.. I think it would be appropriate to talk
on the topic of Islam a little bit. The thing is that we have a project as
you know – “Islam: Religion of Love”, and there are a lot
of participants. Lately, a lot of life vlogs have
been released on this topic. Thus, people sincerely share
what they began to understand thanks to the primordial
Knowledge given in the books by Anastasia Novykh and thanks to the videos
with your participation. However, the thing is that once
I attended quite a large-scale meeting and started talking about
this very project, what we reveal and
what we talk about. And I told them straight,
just as it is, that Islam is actually,
let’s say, the religion of Love, meaning, Islam is
reconciliation, it was given to people
as a means of reconciliation, and Islam should actually be
all over the world. To that, the following
question was asked, “Yes, we sort of understand everything,
everything’s logical, everything is right, everything is sort of
really interrelated. However, why isn’t Islam
all over the world yet?” What prevents Islam from
being all over the world? IM: Iblis. And what prevented people,
let’s say, from accepting Islam initially? And what prevented them
from accepting Christianity? And what prevents people
nowadays not from accepting, but from using the opportunity
given in AllatRa? The difference is huge,
the difference is really huge. What prevents a starving
person dying of hunger from satiating himself
and not dying? Nothing except Iblis.
Isn’t it so? Islam is indeed the
religion of Love, it is the last greatest religion. And Islam should have
been all over the world, but people have interfered. People have divided the whole, then they divided it again
and later on again — and it’s no longer the whole. They have forgotten
that the Prophet was appointed by Allah. Allah gave him, He sent
the Qur’an for all people, He sent God’s Love, but they started dividing it
in their personal interests. That’s why there is no
Love all over the world. Isn’t that so? Because human things
have been added there. It’s a pity, but again,
all this is in people’s hands: to cast away all the chaff and do what the Prophet ordered. I just don’t understand: why do people who call
themselves Muslims believe the same people as they are
more than the Prophet himself? A: Right. Why do they do what other people,
often controlled by Iblis, tell them, but they don’t do what
the Prophet entrusted them? I don’t understand this,
how can it be like this? And why in Christianity,
there is what Jesus said, whom they pray to,
and for them He’s a prophet, He is God’s son, but they don’t do what
He entrusted them, yet they behave
completely differently, they behave as other
people told them, those who followed and
distorted what Jesus had said? Therefore, such religions have
been formed in our world, which brought a sea of blood, they brought not Love,
but evil, they seized what belonged to others
instead of giving their own. Yet, they could give what
the prophets were giving, what Jesus was giving. Jesus brought God’s Love, and, pardon me, a lot of various
branches were built on this by dividing the whole into
a multitude of rivers A: …by fragmenting. And they keep dividing
it to this day. Guys, perhaps, it’s time to gather
all these rivers into one ocean? It’s time to stop lying. They say, “These are pagans,
those are pagans…” Do you know who a polytheist
is for me, so to say? The one who says, “My religion has the right God,
while yours has a wrong one.” Yet, pardon me, when we
have mono-religions, when we believe in one God, then how can I deny if I belong to
this religion and believe in one God, and he believes, for example,
and you believe in one God? How can I deny you and
your religions, not perceive and say “yes, we have
our own religion, we believe in one
God, single God, we will get saved,
while you will not”? T: Right, all of us actually
originate from one source. IM: Here’s a simple question: how? If you believe
in God, in single God, then why do you believe
in other gods, endowing other religions with
a status of polytheism, so to say? Don’t they actually
believe in this very God? Or what are we fighting for:
for epithets and names? Let’s just give a
simple example: there is a black colour,
these inclusions are the black colour. How does it sound in English? O: Black. IM: Black. I say chyorny,
in Russian, and she says black. The one who doesn’t know
black won’t understand what she has said.
Isn’t that so? Or the one who doesn’t
know the word chyorny, but knows black. So, will we change colours,
or what? I don’t understand this. A: Black is black. IM: Why do we create lots of rivers? But we do create them,
and we support them. After all, these rivers,
rivulets, streamlets, they are full-flowing just
because we are stupid. Isn’t that so? If we love God,
if we feel His Love, we must become united waters — there is no other way
if God is one for us. Whereas, if we divide Him, what kind of believers
are we then? Whom do we serve? And here,
you shouldn’t lie either: then you shouldn’t call yourselves
either Muslims or Christians, you should honestly
call yourselves satanists because the earthly is
much more superior for you than what the prophets
have brought here. And don’t mention
their names in your prayers — they are too high for you to
mention them with your tongues which you serve the devil with. Am I wrong? Be honest — and then we will understand
how many people serve the devil, and how many people serve God. We know anyway, we don’t even need
to understand this. But our task is to change
the situation, and we do our best
in this regard. Let’s abandon sad things and talk
about something good, not painful. Because when a human body
feels a disease, it’s easy to cure it, but when a disease is felt by, let’s say, that which is
superior to the body, the treatment
is different there. T: Thank you!. Let’s talk about peaceful things and about those opportunities
which we still have. If you have questions,
please ask. T: If there are no questions at the table,
we can ask the guys in the hall: maybe, they have questions. O: Igor Mikhailovich,
so should I continue making videos? IM: This is your choice. It’s your business
and your choice. O: I know. IM: Nobody can
either force you or… We can suggest, we can talk O: Right, suggest. I’ve given you an assessment. After all, thousands of people
have really received help from you. And how many have criticized you,
driven you into doubts and made you quit? Give the numbers. O: Those were rather actors
in my head who criticised me. IM: Absolutely right. What we listen to
is what we are. Don’t listen to stupid things. When you do something
for people and bring benefit, and you want this, just do it. But if you don’t want to,
don’t do it. O: Got it. IM: It’s your right. O: Thank you! IM: It’s your choice. O: Thank you! IM: That’s the point –
to be free, free in everything. M: May I ask one more question? IM:Go ahead. M: “Fine, you are acting. Yet, how will you understand
that you don’t mess it up?” – this very point, that
it’s afraid of mistakes. IM: And you are now answering: it is afraid of mistakes. Let it be afraid. I’ll put it simply: it’s better to make a mistake while
doing something – you can correct it. But when you
haven’t done anything, you even have
nothing to correct. M: Nothing. IM: Everything is simple. Either be free or serve satan.
Don’t lie. M: Right. IM: That’s when everything
will be fine. M: Otherwise,
it’s neither here nor there. IM: Eliminate what hinders
you on your path. Then the path will be
smooth and clear. Right? This is very simple. And your doubts are just
as stupid as thoughts. Do you really have
doubts in yourself? M: No… Yes. Well, no, but I shouldn’t. IM: And we have now seen
the entire phenomenon. And for as long as we listen to
the first, second or third actor, why does a whole circus talk
instead of you in your head? And where are you? You should decide. V: Igor Mikhailovich, may I also
make a little addition? We’ve talked about a group and what to do in order for a group
to work as a single organism. And I would also like to know, how important is it not only to
implement projects together, but also to do those very
meditative practices? IM: I’ll put it simply. All meditative practices,
prayer practices, doesn’t matter what kind of
rituals or something else, they are done by people’s will,
aspiration, and desire. You see? Whereas in our projects,
again, there participate people of various religious views,
beliefs, and trends, as well as atheists. So, do they all need
to sit in some practice? And what practice will we take? Or what prayer will we choose,
that would unite everyone? V: And if these are people who are
united by exactly one goal and who are interested
in the spiritual? IM: Guys, then it’s your choice. If this is pleasant and interesting to
you, and you supplement each other, go ahead, be free and
easy in your actions. If you want this and you like it,
you can act this way as well. And again, on the spiritual path
it’s much more fun… O: Together. V: With someone. IM: …together, right.
It’s cheerful to stride together. O: And easier. IM: …and easier, of course. And again, those very attacks, those very
foolish things that sneak into your head: if you don’t hide them,
if you voice them and understand that
it’s not yours, they no longer sneak because
you bring them to light together, all these games in the shadows – and there is more
light in your head, and practices are better,
and prayers are deeper. Right? V: Right. IM: There is less selfishness, fears go away, doubts and
stupid things dissipate. And again, the horizon
is approaching, and everything becomes clearer. And most importantly, you begin
to accumulate more and more Love which warms you and
gets multiplied. Is this bad? Vladimir: This is very good. IM: That’s what I mean, too. Vladimir: Thank you!
IM: But again, you are free in your choice. Olga: Igor Mikhailovich, I
want to learn to love so much! But how?
I don’t succeed. IM: You love yourself,
but you don’t love others. What do you mean “to learn to love”? A simple question. Many people say, “How
can we learn to love?” Don’t you really
feel God’s Love? And haven’t you reciprocated His Love? So, can you do this?
Olga: I can. IM:Then why are you sitting and lying? Feeling sorry for yourself? Olga: Not anymore.
IM: Or is this greed? Or is this greed:
you want more and more? Who says these words and who sows
these doubts ..Olga: Consciousness, except Iblis?
Olga: Iblis And if we decipher them,
it will sound as follows: “How to make the source inexhaustible
for us to devour and devour to infinity?” Look into yourself. You need to go to the Spiritual
World and make an effort. And the Love that you receive
should be returned by multiplying it, then you will obtain even more:
it will be returned a hundredfold. Isn’t that so? While everything that you give to the devil
– that’s as if you throw it in a trash bin Olga: This is so. IM:He will take yours as
well, not only someone else’s. But he starts screaming and sowing
doubts: “After all, now you don’t love!” Who says you don’t love now? And who has said that you
don’t feel this Love now? Olga: Someone who
has no idea about it. IM:So, don’t you know how to love?
Olga: I do. Everyone does, if they don’t
lie and if they don’t serve satan. It’s enough to turn
around or step over him, to open yourself to the
Spiritual World in your Love, and then it will come to you. Is it difficult? Guys, it’s very easy to Live. You should just be Alive. Tatiana: Great! Guys have
questions too, Igor Mikhailovich. IM: Go ahead. Participant from the
audience: Igor Mikhailovich, your words resonated very
much when in one of the videos you revealed the essence of the
parable “About the Prodigal Son”, and this depth of Love of
the Spiritual World was felt. And so, for those who might
not have watched this video yet, read the books by Anastasia Novykh,
got ignited, but consciousness led
them away into daily routine, into their career or something else, so for those who maybe even
took part in projects, but for some reason left this path,
and consciousness now tells them, “What are you doing?!
That’s it, you’ll never see heaven! Don’t even think about appearing in
front of the participants of the Movement, they will laugh at you.” And what can be said
to such participants? IM: Anyone has the right to
fall, but they also have the right to rise. People are free. And the loser is not the one who
fell, but the one who did not rise. And again, if we talk about ALLATRA,
its doors are open to everyone. They are open even to
those who are full of doubt and those who serve the devil. And who of… does not serve the
devil, a simple question, at least occasionally or from time to time?
Right? So, why are those who have fallen or
who are in greater doubt worse than us? A simple question. Will we close the door to
our sister or our brother? Of course not, if
they are sincere. But if they come to litter our lawn… Guys, we are cleaning up
our lawn, after all. Why litter it? If they come to clean it
with us, you know, like… As cat Matroskin said,
“Joint work for my benefit, well, in this case for our
benefit, brings us closer.” Isn’t it true? It is true. Participant from the audience:
Thank you so much, Igor Mikhailovich! Tatiana: There is
another question. Participant from the audience:
We now have more and more participants in Latin America. And since we know that
there are many volcanoes, glaciers are melting, and there
are already many earthquakes, many people are
concerned about the question: how to live? Realising that everyone’s
normal life will change, people, even if they have already
put aside the alarm, just ask the question:
how to live now? Is it worth living this daily life now? Is it worth making plans, creating
families, giving birth to children, thinking about how to raise children? People just ask a simple question: “What do
we do now? How do we live our lives now?” IM: I have a question for them. You know, I will answer this
question with another question: if we are building a creative
and constructive society and want to build it,
why do we do it? Maybe, we don’t have to do it? Look how much time
and energy we will save. Won’t we? We can spend it on our own
selfish goals of our Movement and on the selfishness of each of us. Well, we can help Volodya build his house, for what he has is not a shovel, but
a damn useless thing, for instance. A simple question: if we are going to build a
creative and constructive society, then who are we
going to build it for? If we are not going to build families, if we are not going to have children, then why do we need this future
if there is no one to live in it? Guys, if these people are filled
with doubt and don’t want anything, it is their choice. But if they strive for the
best and feel they can, why change their lifestyle? If they can improve the future and really create better conditions
for their families and their descendants, is that bad? It’s a simple question. Or we will build the future, but
there will be no one to live in it. What kind of creative and constructive
future is that without people? Neither people nor Angels. Tatiana: Another question, please. Almira: May I ask, Igor Mikhailovich? IM: Of course. Almira: The thing
is that a lot of people ask a question about the value of life, but the
answer is immediately self-evident. Seemingly, what can be
the value of life? Life itself. But maybe something else can be added?
IM: And what could be more valuable? Almira: Right.
IM: And what is life for a human in this world? To propagate, plant a
tree and build a house? And then what — to die? So, what is the difference
between a human and an animal? His cunning, sophisticated mind,
and that’s it? And why is a human dual
as opposed to any animal? Why is there both divine nature
and the inevitably dead in him? After all, it’s a fact and it’s true.
Almira: Of course. But what a person
develops, that’s what he is. Right? And what can be more
valuable than Life? If we spend a lot of time on illusion, then
we don’t fulfil something in this world. If we spend all our time,
energy and attention entirely on this world as on the
reality we perceive, we don’t fulfil the main thing. And it passes just as fast as
the same illusion in the head. Doesn’t it? It’s enough for anyone to look
back and see where yesterday is, where a year, two, three years
ago are and everything else. Everything flies by instantly,
the same way the future will fly by. And then what? So, what is more important? But everyone does feel inside that we are
trapped here, these are not our conditions, that we came here, let’s
say, not to die, but to gain Life. Don’t people feel this? They feel and know this when they
look inside and stop lying to themselves. So, what can be more
important here than Life? Propagation or something
else, building houses? We have built them a lot, there are a lot of houses, a lot of
children, a lot of everything, of trees, well, fewer of them now, we have cut
them down, but we planted them, after all. Yet, where are Angels? Thus, we have to change something. Right? That’s the trouble. And then people have doubts
about it: do we need to build families? Not because they don’t
want to build families, but because they are
afraid for their future, that there are changes in climate
and changes everywhere and all around. And people feel this
despair that is coming. And again, they
themselves create conditions, and they themselves are afraid of this. So change the conditions,
and everything will change. Everything is in our hands. You shouldn’t listen to your enemies, you should listen to
those who give Life. You shouldn’t serve the one who kills —
you should serve the one who gives Life and the one who loves you.
Isn’t that right? Don’t we know that? Yet, why do we act differently? Why do we divide one into many? Because we listen. It’s time to stop,
it’s time to create. The time has come to collect. And we will see what we collect. But then again, it all
depends on people’s choice: we will collect either
the whole or the ashes. Tatyana: Let’s continue then.
Guys, questions… Participant from the
audience: May I ask a question? I feel this desire to somehow bring
joy into this world more, and I myself… to do something good together. But there are such moments when
consciousness is more active too. That is, it says, “Everything
is bad, it sort of won’t work.” And how at these moments, let’s say…? IM: At such moments you can
continue falling into melancholy, love yourself and feel self-pity up to
deep depression, become selfish… Right? Or what should be done? No offense, you do know the answer, and you know what to do. Don’t you know what to do
at these moments? Tell us. Stand up, please,
and say it loudly. Come on, please. If you are too lazy to stand up, I can
stand up with you. Do I not have to? I just…
for you to be seen. Tell us, what should be
done at such moments? Participant from the audience: Well,
just to turn towards Love and not be… IM: You see, friends,
how simple everything is. And it turns out that we know everything,
and it turns out that everything is there. We just need what? All the tools are given.
We just need to use them. Right? Participant from
the audience: Right. IM: You see how wonderful it is. Guys, we all know everything,
and we all understand everything. I mean our ALLATRA, our
Movement and everything else. But what is hindering us? Nothing, actually. There are no obstacles we
wouldn’t be able to overstep. Isn’t it so? Olga: It is.
Almira:It is. IM: And on this cheerful
note, guys, let’s finish our meeting Almira: Thank you. And let’s take it as a rule
to tell the truth, to be honest, first of all, with ourselves
and with our friends. You don’t have to be
honest with your enemies, but with your friends
you should be honest and open. Let us ignore the obstacles on our way, go cheerfully to the appointed
goal and love each other at that. Thank you all! Olga: Thank you very much!
Thank you! Participants from the audience: Thank you! IM:Thank you, my friends! I
understand, there are a lot of questions, everyone wants to
ask, but I have just… Thank you… We have demonstrated together
that it turns out that we know everything and we understand everything. Right? We just don’t want
to use it sometimes. Olga: And why, Igor Mikhailovich? IM: Because we… Alina: … serve the wrong side. Participant from the audience:
Shift responsibility onto someone… IM: Sometimes, correctly, we
shift responsibility onto someone Alina: …onto someone..
IM: and forget about ourselves. You see, we know everything, my friends, and we know how to do everything
Tatiana: No questions. And this shows that we
can do a lot if we want to. Thank you all!
Olga: Thank you very much! Participants from the audience: Thank you! IM: Thank you!


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    Смотрю и радуюсь с первых секунд. Спасибо всем добрым ребятам волонтерам! Спасибо, спасибо, спасибо Игорь Михайлович Данилов за те условия что вы для всего человечества делаете☀️🌏🌍🌎☀️

  • Markéta Vacková

    Veliký dárek jsme všichni dostali. Netřeba poslouchat pochybnosti, nebát se chyb a prostě konat, běžet a neztrácet čas. Protože od každého našeho kroku závisí budoucnost celé civilizace. S každým krokem jsme blíže k Životu – ke svému, i k Životu celého lidstva. Všichni účastníci dostali nepopsatelný dar využít svůj život, svůj čas, svou pozornost a všechno, co mají na to, aby udělali tento svět lepší. Máme možnost využít všechno co máme a zapřičinit se o štěstí, radost a lásku na celém světě – pro všechny lidi. A odměnou za to jsou nám takové dary, jako je tento pořad. Odměnou za to je nám díky z Duchovního Světa. A za to díky! Za možnost prostě se připojit, konat a nepromarnit svůj čas na zemi jen tak… Mnoho od nás závisí. Díky Vám všem!

  • Руслан Петрофф

    Созидательное общество это быль или реальность? Думаю, что мы сами нарисуем там и жить будем. Все мы знаем о чем чаще думаем и чего хотим. И в наших силах, это 100%))), думать больше о добром, светлом и хорошем, а дальше не только думать, но и нести в жизнь через общение, через чувства и любовь. Очень классная передача, простыми словами о простом, потому что о Живом. Советую, чувствуйте о чем говорят, смотрите, не пожалеете.!!!)))

  • Марианна В

    Хорошо пересматривать, чувствуется любовь и вдохновение)!

  • Татьяна Большакова

    На все вопросы нам даны ответы в книгах А. Новых, в передачах с Игорем Михайловичем и ребятами из движения. Так же оти ответы есть у нас внутри. Слушать не ушами тоже можно. Приходят ответы и при просмотре лайфиков, которые записывают участники МОД АЛЛАТРА. Приходят ответы и во время соц опросов. От людей, у которых мы берем интервью, тоже приходят ответы на важные вопросы. Приходят ответы во время участия в проектах, действующих на платформе МОД АЛЛАТРА. Благодарность миру Духовному и всем, кто идет Дорогой Любви!

  • Anastasia Meregko

    Спасибо! За Любовь, за помощь. Одни и те же волнующие вопросы, но ответы всегда звучат по-разному. В этой передаче доходчивей некуда)

  • Antowka Anapreychik

    Спасибо друзья, переслушиваю передачу и понимаю ценность того, что говорит Игорь Михайлович касательно работы в группах. Действительно разрушает казалось бы дружный коллектив зависть и ложь. Нам необходимо научиться не молчать, когда такое происходит с самого первого и малого закидона системы.

  • Катерина Джаман

    Не слушать сознание, не обсуждать с ним ничего. Его задача выполнять то, что намеревается сделать личность. Спасибо!

  • Сергей Гомулин

    Каждый новый раз смотрю и каждый раз – огромная радость внутри!!! Благодарим Мир Духовный за помощь и поддержку!

  • Ольга Федорович

    Очень светлая передача, теплая, поднимаются предельно важные вопросы. Ведь нету ничего важнее жизни. Настоящей жизни. Бесконечное спасибо всем, кто действует!

  • Лариса Кицану

    Знания действительно уже даны, мы знаем ответы, но сознание оправдывает бездействие, внушая нам страх и неуверенность, задавая вопрсы. А Духовный мир просто берет и действует! Прочь сомнения!Нас много и мы такие дружные, у нас все получится!

  • Iryna Kunitsyna

    Благодаря Вам,участники МОД Аллатра, и знаниям,которые изложены в АллатРа,мы на прямом пути к ДОМУ

  • Helen Mishkina

    Большая благодарность, за все вопросы и ответы, за эту вдохновляющую атмосферу, поддержку и заботу. Настоящий праздник. Спасибо!

  • Ольга Чёрная

    Просто срыв масок и шаблонов, Игорь Михайлович, спасибо Вам, большое. Это ценно, особенно для тех, кто все еще за кадром)

  • Elena Mcglone

    Удивительная передача ,все ответы на мои вопросы,огромная Благодарность

  • Елена Николаева

    Спасибо Игорь Михайлович и ребята. Очень нужные разъяснения

  • rodaslav mir

    благодарю за это видео. Казалось бы уже все уловки сознания изучил и в каждом новом видео какая то изюменка находится всё равно, которая приближает меня к Богу и Миру Духовному всё ближе и ближе. Благодарю всех участников АллатРа за такие труды и в особенности Игоря Михайловича за то, что нам передал и передаёт такой багаж исконных знаний, которые каждому человеку особенно в наше время Перекрестия так нужны для Жизни истинной, для приобретения истинной свободы от мыслей сознания

  • Лариса Полищук

    В мире Духовном равны все и есть ответственность.Мы можем находиться в состоянии любви и стать продолжением мира духовного всего лишь убрав зло из этого мира приумножая добро.

  • Лариса Полищук

    С каждого шага с каждого микро действия реализуется то к чему мы стремимся.

  • Ира Кахнич

    Знание сегодня пришла мысль от сознания "А Игорь Михайлович уже Ангел?" ))) Хотя ответ внутренний от меня что да Он уже Ангел. Спасибо Игорь Михайловичу за его участие в моей жизни.

  • Андрей Жаворонков

    Спасибо за передачу. Очень помогла посмотреть на себя с другой стороны. Эта честность и искренность которая идёт от участников встречи наполняет и вдохновляет на дальнейшие действия работы над собой и распространения исконный знаний в мире.

  • Boris Nikolaev

    Просто прекрасно. Мы всё знаем, что делать и всё дано. Спасибо огромное за такие доходчивые ответы

  • Elena McGlone

    Огромное спасибо,столько пришло пониманий,а главное честность

  • Alesja

    Вдохновляющая передача! Спасибо огромное! Да действительно столько всего дано, за что огромная благодарность, потому что с каждой передачей происходит новое понимание, опыт вот этой радости, каждый раз столько любви и надежды дается. В каждого верят, каждому объясняют как 5-ти летнему ребенку)) Просто за все спасибо!

  • Alesia Beniash

    Такой большой подарок для нас! Спасибо большое за поддержку и заботу!

  • Alesia Beniash

    Такой большой подарок для нас! Спасибо большое за поддержку и заботу!

  • Паша Шахрай

    Спасибо за ответы на важные вопросы, спасибо за помощь!!!

  • Татиана Шеховская

    Каждая встреча с Игорем Михайловичем несет радость и много нового. Всякий раз по разному воспринимается та или иная информация: более глубоко, более проникновенно, чуть под другим углом – и открываются новые горизонты восприятия известной, казалось бы, информации. Глубокая благодарность за 27 Зерен Истины, посланных на Землю!!! Имеющий уши – да услышит, имеющий глаза – да увидит… Имеющий открытое сердце – да почувствует…

  • Maxim Msk

    Спасибо! Очень много ответов для каждого идущего в этой передаче. И как всегда много Любви!

  • Дарья Крымская

    Бесценная благодарность уважаемому Игорю Михайловичу за бесценные Знания и любовь

  • Алие Зинатдинова

    Благодарность Духовному миру за любовь и знания. Все дано, нужно только любить и действовать и у нас все получится.

  • joao correia

    Alllatra´s International Solidarity Week was a success, where people from all parts of the world gathered to meet each othe,r to communicate face to face and feel the warmth welcome  , participate in the different conferences held, master classes on technical subjects and get to know all the backstage work done by volunteers  in order to allow us all over the world to have Allatra´s information delivered in time and accurate.big Thank you to all

  • Виталий ВНик

    Спасибо. Все правильно все знаем , а слушаем сознание , что ничего не получится не смогу, да как это. Следует лишь не слушать отговорки в голове, идти и делать, и любить.

  • Марианна В

    Счастлива пересматривать передачу снова и снова! Огромная благодарность всем, всем, всем! И нет слов передать те чувства, которыми я понимаю, насколько сильно нас любит Игорь Михайлович! Наш утешитель!!!

  • Дарья Крымская

    Недели не прошло, а уже очень очень скучаем по Вас…

  • Саня Рябуха

    Спасибо огромное !! Очень важная передача для каждого !) Сознание сказало что "меня не позвали" (так а его и не позвут), а посмотрев передачу понимаешь что и так все вместе ! Главное не слушать тот шопот в голове и не скатываться под куст в тень !)) Спасибо !)

  • Александр Енин

    Хоть всё и сказано в книге "АллатРа" и в передачах с участием Игоря Михайловича о Духовном развитии и как придти к Богу, но Душа радуется , когда Игорь Михайлович нам всё разъясняет и направляет на путь созидания и приумножения Божией Любви.

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