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    How to Become a Six Figure $100,000 Notary Public Loan Signing Agent

    I’m constantly asked by signing agents looking to go full-time, “Can you really make $100,000 a year as a notary signing agent? And if so, how is that even possible?” First and foremost, yes! You can. 100%. So let’s break it down. First let’s talk about how you get there mathematically. If you use the industry average of $150 per signing, $100,000 divided by a $150 signing fee equals 667 signings you need to accomplish in one calendar year — or more specifically, you need to do about 13 signings a week. Yes, to make six figures as a signing agent, you need to only do 13 signings a week.…

  • Nomadic Community Living in a Bus in New York City
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    Nomadic Community Living in a Bus in New York City

    I hit the road at 17, just kind of wanted to do my own thing. My mom calls me her Gypsy Child. In order to live in these different places I’ve had to live very economically and I found that living in RVs, sailboats, buses have all been very cheap and affordable and made my gypsy life possible. I’ve lived in seven sailboats, six RVs, and now one bus so total of fourteen mobile homes in my lifetime so far. It’s definitely a lifestyle that fits my, fits my life. I mean I’ve always been mobile and to be able to bring my house with me everywhere I go, it’s…

  • If Google Was A Guy
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    If Google Was A Guy

    Next! Hello, there. Is today tomorrow New Zealand? …Yes. Foot same-length Europe? What? Inch… Same length Europe? Gmail.com! *groans* (under breath) Oh, God. What is “Bitcoin”? Butthole! *kid chuckles* Gross fat butthole dick poop! Is that what kids are into these days? Are your parents home? Miss Pippy. You mean, “Mississippi”? Hey. I’m not a dictionary. My grandson, Nathan! Song that goes… *Repetitive enthusiastic meowing* *ugh* Girls College. College Girls. Nude. *sighs* … Really? Patrick Castles. Pat Castles. Pat Castles… Funny. Bitcoin Market Value. Weed…Amount…Legal… NYC. Patrick Castles. Funny Writer. College Humor. Are you gonna do this all day? What IS Prime Meridian?!?! Heghog cute! Do you mean,”Hedgehogs-” HEGHOG CUTE!…

  • Solar System Dynamics: Orbits and Kepler’s Laws
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    Solar System Dynamics: Orbits and Kepler’s Laws

    The planets orbit the Sun in a counterclockwise direction as viewed from above the Sun’s north pole, and the planets’ orbits all are aligned to what astronomers call the ecliptic plane. The story of our greater understanding of planetary motion could not be told if it were not for the work of a German mathematician named Johannes Kepler. Kepler lived in Graz, Austria during the tumultuous early 17th century. Due to religious and political difficulties common during that era, Kepler was banished from Graz on August 2nd, 1600. Fortunately, an opportunity to work as an assistant for the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe presented itself and the young Kepler moved his…

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    Law Day – 2018

    >>Last weekend, and so for some of us, there were not nearly the level of experiential opportunities that we provide the students today. Here, we have a number of clinical opportunities. One of the ones that is doing amazing work, for example, is the Veterans’ Clinic. We have served over 90 veterans, bringing in over a million and a half dollars or better for veterans whose benefits were denied through the system, and we helped them through the claim system. And so, that’s one of the things I’m really proud of, is the service we provide for our nation’s veterans, for our clinical opportunities. We’ve, of course, got the Prosecution…

  • Reyes Advocates for Seniors; Visits Senior Facilities to Listen to Concerns
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    Reyes Advocates for Seniors; Visits Senior Facilities to Listen to Concerns

    One of the biggest issues has to do with transportation and if our seniors cannot get to wherever it is they’re trying to go to the Department of Aging – it’s the Social Security office – scam stoppers office, then they don’t get access to these benefits, so taking it to them and taking the speakers to them makes a big difference. – Who do I speak to when I call? – When you call you just tell them you’re the important veteran and you need service. – We deal with Medicare fraud and abuse prevention, okay? Trabajo para esta Dugan is as young people a as a present attorneys…